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Children of Ezekial Baird and Susannah Blodgett Baird

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Re: Children of Ezekial Baird and Susannah Blodgett Baird

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Surnames: Baird/Beard
Sorry for the delay in replying. Had a TV station go off air in Detroit and had to get them broadcasting again. Now I have to leave for Kansas City in the morning. Tell Aunt Mae we all said happy birthday. Grandma went home on Aunt Mae's birthday.
Pleased to meet you Tom. My Great Grandfather, William Wesley Moore (grandson of Eliza Baird and William Moore) is the big brother of Lois’s mother, Essie Mae, making Mae my Great Grand Aunt and Lois my 1st cousin, 2 generations removed (gotta love those relationship calculators in genealogy programs). Mae just had her 97th birthday, making her second in longevity in the family that we know of. Still has to top 102 to beat James Summers, which I am confident she will do). Lois, her husband John and Aunt Mae are the types of relatives you want to find buried in the old skeleton closet. Very good people.
To the Bairds.
I believe Ms. Hathaway is correct, which I will try to explain in the coming paragraphs. I would, however like to know where she came up with Mary Whittington’s name. I have it in my database for want of having somebody listed as Blodgett’s wife.
There was another Blodgett Baird, born about 1775, in between Dr. Ezekiel and our Trigg County Blodgett. I feel very confident, absent a DNA test or birth certificate, that he is the father of our Blodgett and his brothers, Ezekiel, Zebulon and John.
Let’s start at the beginning, the 1790 census of Wilkes County, NC (Wilkes was formed from Surry County in 1777, and was in turn divided to form Ashe County in 1799). Please ignore the census references to Burke or Buncombe counties as these were cousins of our branch, but not germane to what we are discussing here. Also, I have taken the liberty of transposing known and suspected children of the individuals in question, which you will see the utility of the further you read. We have:
home of Ezekiel baird
2 males over 16 Ezekiel-1737.......Bedent-1770
3 males under 16 Blodgett-1775......unknown son.............P. William-1784-1790
2 females Susana Blodgett Baird-1750........unknown daughter

next door is Ezekiels’ brother Samuel Beard:

1 male over 16 Samuel-1727
1 female Susana Rogers Baird-1740
4 males under 16 Samuel-1773…..Alexander-1778….Andrew-1780……Bedent-1782…..

We know this about Samuel:
Samuel moved to North Carolina after 1775 and lived in Wilkes County in 1790. Both Samuel and Ezekiel are listed in the 1790 Census for Wilkes County. After 1790 and before 1796 Samuel and his family moved to Sumner County, Tenn. We know that because his daughter Rebecca married Samuel Hog in 1796. He and his sons signed a petition to make Smith County a new county from Sumner in 1799. Samuel finally died in Smith County in 1815. Samuel Baird Jr. and Bedent were living in Breckenridge County Kentucky in the 1810 Census. Samuel Jr. died in Breckenridge Co. Ky. in 1817. In 1816 or shortly thereafter, Bedent and his brothers Andrew, Jonathan, and William moved on to Perry County and Spencer County Indiana (which are the surrounding counties for where I live).

Then we have the 1800 census of Ashe County (individuals are listed alphabetically instead of in order of visitation, don’t forget that Ashe was formed from Wilkes in 1799, and both Ezekiel and Blodget have surname spellings of Biard in this instance instead of Baird), which has:
home of Ezekiel Biard,. Morgan, Ashe County, North Carolina.
male over 45 Dr. Ezekiel Baird, born 1737
female over 45 Susana Blodget Baird
male 26-44 Bedent E. Baird, born 1770
female 16-25 (since Bedent married in 1799, this is could possibly be the young wife of Bedent, Mary Harmon Baird, born 1773)
male 16-25
male 16-25
male 10-15 P. William Baird, born 1784-1790

the only other Baird in the county is suspected son Blodget Biard who shows:
male 16-25 1775-1784 Blodget Baird, born 1775
female 16-25 1775-1784 Mary Whittington Baird, born 1777
male under 5 1795-1800 John Baird, born 1795-1800

Next we have the 1810 census of Ashe County, North Carolina. We only have a W. Baird and a B. Baird in this census and Ezekiel is no longer listed. He would be about age 73, and Susana would be about 59. I believe he and Susana are, however, listed in the household of his son Bedent (B. Baird) and his family. Blodgett’s family could also be interposed but his children do not fit as neatly into the available age groups, and I suspect he is already in Montgomery County, which I will get into next:
male 26 to 44 (1766-1784) Bedent Baird 1770
female 26 to 44 (1766-1784) Mary Harmon Baird 1773
female under 10 (1800-1810) Delilah Baird 1802
male under 10 (1800-1810) Alexander Harmon Baird 1804
male under 10 (1800-1810) Franklin Baird 1807
male under 10 (1800-1810) Euclid Baird 1810
male over 45 (before 1765) Dr. Ezekiel Baird 1737
female over 45 (before 1765) Susan Blodgett Baird 1752
male 16 to 25 (1785-1794) P. William Baird 1784-1790
male 10 to 15 (1795-1800) unknown

Now we get to why I think Blodgett and family have already left for Tennessee. According to "Record of Commissions of the Officers in the Tennessee Militia 1796-1811 by Mrs. John Trotwood Moore" and “Red River Settlers, Records of the Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson, and Sumner Counties, Tennessee by Edythe Rucker Whitley”, a Beand Blodgett was commissioned a Captain in the 28th Regiment (Montgomery County) Tennessee Militia on March 26, 1810. Even though the listing says “Blodgett, Beand” it is obviously an error by the clerk, who reversed the surname and Christian names when he made the entry. Consider the following:
• There were absolutely no persons with the Blodgett surname (or any variation thereof) listed anywhere in the Montgomery County area or in the state of Tennessee prior to 1850. This includes militia records, census records, land records, etc.

• the 1820 Census of Montgomery County, Tennessee which shows the home of Bludgett Baird:

male 45 or over Blodgett Baird 1775
female 26 to 45 Mary Whittington Baird 1777
male 18-26 John Baird 1794-1800
male 16-18 Ezekiel, born before 1802-1804
male 10-16 Zebulon, born 1809
female 10-16 (1804-1810)
male under 10 Blodgett, born 1812

Now we already know that uncle Samuel had migrated to Sumner County with his family from 1790 to 1796. And we know that P. William Baird had migrated around 1817 with his family. This would have Blodget migrating between 1800 and 1810.

This Blodgett (1775) was said to have died in 1831.

Page 280 A History of Watauga County, North Carolina: Sketches of Prominent Families by John Preston Arthur states that:

BAIRD FAMILY. -- Ezekiel Baird was the father of Bedent and William Baird, and came to North Carolina from New Jersey. William went West, where he died.

Blodgett (1812) and Zebulon (1809) are listed together in the 1837 and 1838 tax lists of Stewart County, Tennessee. As well as in the 1840 census of Stewart County and the 1850 census of Trigg County.
1836 Tax List: Stewart County, Tennessee. Tibela (Zebulon) Baird, 1 white poll, Dist. 8.
1836 Tax List: Stewart County, Tennessee. Blodget Baird, 1 white poll, Dist. 8.

1837 Tax List: Stewart County, Tennessee. Tibelan (Zebulon) Baird, 1 white poll, Dist. 8.
1837 Tax List: Stewart County, Tennessee. Blodget Baird, 1 white poll, Dist. 8.

1840 Census: Stewart County, Tennessee Zebulon and Blodgett Beard live right next door to each other.

1850 Census: Trigg County, Kentucky Zebulon and Blodgett Baird live right next door to each other.
Ezekiel had died 2 years earlier in the Mexican War.

1860 Census: Trigg County, Kentucky Zebulon and Blodgett are both in the Cadiz Postal District.

1870 Census: Trigg County, Kentucky Zebulon lives in the Linton Postal District, Linton Precinct
Blodgett lives in the Golden Pond Postal District, Futrell Precinct

1880 Census: Graves County, Kentucky Zebulon had moved to Graves County.

Census: Stewart County Cannot locate Blodgett who was to have died in 1891. Blodgett’s wife and 2 of his sons are in Stewart County, daughter Eliza is in Trigg County.

• a John Baird witnessed a deed between John McNairy and Richard B. Owen. Stewart County, Tennessee. 177 John McNAIRY (Davidson County) to Richard B. OWEN (Davidson County), 1000a for a $500 Dare Devil mare, on HICKMAN Creek adj. HICKMAN's NE corner; wit: L. A. PARKER, John BAIRD; 24 Jul 1811

• a John Baird witnessed a deed between John McNairy and George Bell. Stewart County, Tennessee. John McNAIRY (Davidson County) to George BELL (Davidson County), 1920a in 3 tracts on the Piney Fork of the Little West Fork of Red River: (1) 640a (grant #3252, 6 Dec 1797), (2) 640a (grant #3254, 6 Dec 1797), (3) 640a, adj. the other 2 tracts; wit: John BAIRD, D. MOORE, Thomas SHACKLEFORD; recorded in Davidson County Jul 1813 term, registered 9 Nov 1813 in Stewart County

• Ezekiel, Zebulon, and Blodgett Baird were buyers at the estate sale of James Hamilton. Stewart County, Tennessee. page 343 “inventory and sale of the estate of James Hamilton by administrator W. C. Jones; buyers include Thomas L. Chewning, Thomas Shaw, Zebulen Beard, David Jones, Ezekiel Beard, Kinchen Lassiter, John Cazzery, Willie Sills, Joseph Carr, W. C. Jones, Jenkins Futrell, Phillip Herndon, Abraham Brinson, Wesley Brandon, John M. Willis, Thomas B. Powell, Alexander Cobb, Jesse Vinson, Blodget Beard, Littleberry Belisle; 17 May 1839”

• Ezekiel Baird was a buyer at the estate sale of Cornelius Anderson. Stewart County, Tennessee. page 388 “ sale of the estate of Cornelius Anderson by administrator W. C. Jones; buyers include widow, Moses Lynn, David Jones, John Anderson, Franklin Rolls, Allen Elliott, Joshua Whitehurst, Henry Jackson, James Taylor, William Vick, John Pinner, Robert Miller, J. H. Walker, Charles Watson, Orvil Champion, Joseph Pinner, F. S. Clark, Ezekial Beard, Robert Vick, W. H. Clark, F. H. Clark, W. C. Jones, Joseph Page, A. J. Luton, William Pitts, Samuel Leggett, W. H. Pugh, E. D. Kelly, Wesley Brandon, Jesse Vincent, Z. T. Shemwell, Nathaniel Miller, Joel Bennett, Lewis Sayers; 2 Nov 1839, returned to Nov. term 1839.”

• Ezekiel Baird marries Susan Wallace on April 22, 1841 in Trigg Cty., KY.

• “Shortly after Wiley Futrell, also in the late war under Col. Suggs of the Fiftieth Tennessee; James Thomas, Fifer; Alfred Boyd, Quartermaster, George Boyd, his son; Reuben Nance, Commissary; Owen McGinness, Gilliam M. Ezell, Alfred Martin, Robert and Frank Husk, Ezekiel Beard, George Orr, Griffin Lackman and Archie Bowie made application and were accepted in Company E, Fourth Kentucky Infantry, then being organized at Hickman, Ky. The officers of this company were George Cook, Captain; John Snyder, First Lieutenant; Edward Barbour, Second Lieutenant; Benjamin Egan, Third Lieutenant. Six others, Edward Spiceland, Linn Bell, Alfred Sumner, Harrison Frizzell, John Ward and John Farleigh, arriving shortly afterward and finding the company full, engaged as wagoners, and in this capacity accompanied Gen. Taylor on his campaign into the interior of Mexico. The organization of Capt. Cook's company being complete in October, 1847, it embarked with Company C, of Caldwell County, on board a steamer and proceeded to join Col. John S. Williams, Fourth Regiment of Kentucky Infantry at New Orleans. The officers of the Fourth were John S. Williams, Colonel; William Preston, Lieutenant-Colonel; and William T. Ward, Major. From New Orleans without delay, the regiment was embarked on a fast-sailing ship for Vera Cruz, where on their arrival they were assigned to duty in the brigade under Gen. William 0. Butler. Gen. Butler began his march to the City of Mexico in November, but before they could reach that point it had surrendered to the forces under Gen. Scott. With the fall of the city the war closed, and after a few days the troops were disbanded and returned home. Though not in any engagement the company lost heavily from measles, dysentery and other "camp" diseases. Griffin Lakeman died and was buried at Jalapa, Alfred Martin and Ezekiel Beard died on their return to Vera Cruz (the date of Ezekiel’s death was March 11, 1848), George Orr died and was buried at the head of Wolf Island, and Robert Husk died at Smithland. The body of the latter was brought on to Trigg, where it was buried with appropriate honors by his comrades and a large concourse of sorrowing citizens. The balance of the company was mustered out at Louisville, August, 1848, and on its return was welcomed home with a splendid banquet spread in a grove near the town of Cadiz.” History of Trigg County Kentucky by William Henry Perrin

I have more material but do not have time to get it all written down for you at the moment.
Gotta Go and Take Care, Bobby
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