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Children of Ezekial Baird and Susannah Blodgett Baird

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Re: Children of Ezekial Baird and Susannah Blodgett Baird

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And thank you for your information, especially about the pronunciation of Beard. One has to be careful assuming Bairds/Beards are related because they reside in the same geographical area though. Fermine Baird Catchings old book BAIRD AND BEARD FAMILIES; A GENEALOGICAL, BIOGRAPHICAL, AND HISTORICAL COLLECTION OF DATA, which was reprinted in paperback in 2010,is quite an eye-opener. It will dispel any ideas that only a few Bairds came to America from which all the present ones resulted. If we are confused by our multiple Blodgetts, Bedents, Williams, and Zebulons in the line descending from Old John Baird who settled around Monmouth County, New Jersey, Catchings' book is even more mind-blowing. BUT, for some concept of the vast numbers of Bairds who set out across this land, the book is excellent. One also can follow the moves from location to location of some specific families and their descendants. I can tell you that a few years ago a huge branch which included hundreds of people was removed from the Old John Tree after DNA tests showed those people aren't even remotely related. They are the Bairds who settled in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. They have gone to Ireland and other locations abroad with DNA tests seeking their source. I don't know if they have ever located it. Many of the Bairds who settled in Canada are also not related to Old John. After reading Catchings' book I am convinced many throughout the country aren't related either because their ancestors came directly into colonial ports up and down the coast instead of migrating down from New Jersey as our family did. If you know you descended from Dr Ezekial Baird, then you ARE from the Old John line.
There is a Baird Family DNA Project through Family Tree DNA in Texas which can tell you if you are in the Old John line. If you don't know much about DNA (and I don't), go on-line to and read some. (They define "recently related" as 1000 years or 40 generations!) For surname relationships, the person tested must be male WITH the surname. If your family has only one elderly man with the surname, you should get him tested because after he is gone you'll have no one who is testable. Mention that you want to test for the Baird Family Project and you'll get the test kit at a lower rate. When DNA tests showed the Utah Bairds don't belong in our tree, I believe I heard that at least 5 different Baird DNA lines have been found in the US. (My memory is getting bad, so I may be wrong on the number, but I was astounded when I heard it.) Please understand for a line to be different, there is no common ancestor for many, many, many generations.
A major point made by FamilyTree is the importance of family history research before answers are sought in DNA tests. My brother was tested several years ago, based on over forty years of history research done by our mother. I can not tell you how relieved I was to find validation for Mother's work, though she didn't live to see it herself.
I know that some of the Baird families in Tennessee and other states come from Old John's other four sons and some come from Andrew's sons, including Dr. Ezekial Baird, but DNA tests clearly show that there are others out there who are not "recently related." I do so much appreciate the research that so many of you have done and continue to do, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sharing it through this venue.
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