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The Robert Armstrong Family, and who they married

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The Robert Armstrong Family, and who they married

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Surnames: Armstrong, Calhoun, Cunningham, McKamy, McCamy, Wear, Morrow, Goddard, Kennedy, Campbell, Turbeyville, Gibson, Bell, Davis, Nicodemus, Campbell, Fisher, Merryman, Bounds, McMillan, White, Carter, Monday, Effort, Ault, Weir, Curry, Fulkerson, Washfield, Wi
Surnames in this biography are: Armstrong, Calhoun, Cunningham, McKamy, McCamy, Wear, Morrow, Goddard, Kennedy, Campbell, Turbeyville, Gibson, Bell, Davis, Nicodemus, Campbell, Fisher, Merryman, Bounds, McMillan, White, Carter, Monday, Effort, Ault, Weir, Curry, Fulkerson, Washfield, Willett, Spofford, Webster, Stonewall, Smith, Landes, McDonald, May, McNamee, Luttrell, Shields, Bell, Brooks, Murphey, Moore, Powers, Harmon, Swan, Sullins, Mitchell, Jones, Morrow, Ewing, Hoss, Sevier, Timmons, Post, Anderson, Whiteman, Atchinson, Chrystie, Reeves, Simpson, Mitchell, Moulden, Thomas, Griffith, Gaines, Bearden, Townes, Buffington, Hogan, Hoyle, Payne, Jenks, Bearden, Horn, Newman, Kelso, Bounds, Lovelady, Park, Robbins, Bradley, Parks, Gillespie,


Robert Armstrong, the Second, son of Robert Armstrong the First and Alice Calhoun Armstrong, was born in Ireland in County Antrim, Province of Ulster, in 1731. When he was four years old he emigrated to America with his father and mother and at least one older brother, John Armstrong, in the year 1735, and settled with them in an interior County of Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna River. The party had landed in Philadelphia. Some time previous to the year 1760, the exact date not being given, they followed the Calhoun; to Abbeyville District South Carolina, where the Calhoun's had established a settlement.

In August of 1767 being thirty-six years old, Robert Armstrong, the Second married Margaret Cunningham, whose mother was a McKamy or McCarny and whose father resided about sixty miles above Charleston. S. C. on the Little River. Robert Armstrong the Second served in the Revolution, and probably before that time, in the Colonial Army. It is of him that the Family Bible speaks in the quotation already given, "He was of patriotic spirit.' He was prominent in the military affairs of the state (South Carolina) for many years, In Hertman's Historical Records, Page 66, Robert Armstrong's name appears as First Lieutenant of the First South Carolina Regiment. This was the regiment made famous by such officers as Colonel Charles Pinckney and Major (afterwards General) Francis Marion. In the year 1784 with his wife and children, Robert Armstrong the Second, moved from South Carolina to the waters of the Holston, to what is now Washington County, Tennessee. There he lived for three years. In the spring of 1787 he moved again and this time for the last time. He settled on a place fire miles east of the present site of Knoxville, Knox County. Tennessee. On this plantation eleven years later, February 28, 1798 he died, leaving his widow, Margaret Cunningham Armstrong who survived him forty years. He is buried in the old family cemetery. His grave though unmarked is the oldest in the lot and a somewhat newer mound beside it is that of Margaret Cunningham Armstrong. Major Shed Armstrong (Ethelred W. Armstrong) remembered being present a boy of ten, when his grandmother, Margaret Cunningham Armstrong was buried in the grave beside her husband, who had predeceased her forty years. This establishes the location of the two graves. Margaret Cunningham Armstrong whose father _______Cunningham "resided about sixty miles above Charleston on the Little River and whose mother was a McKamy," was a person of strong and splendid character. She lived to see all her children grown and performing valuable service to the world and to see many of her grandchildren grow up. She had red hair. She died June 3, 1873 being ninety-two years of age. This would establish her birth in the year 1745 and would make her fourteen years her husband's junior. At the date of her marriage 1767, she would have been twenty-two, while Robert Armstrong was already thirty-six. In some of the records she is given as being ninety-seven at the time of her death. The Cunningham's had removed from Augusta County, Virginia, in 1 7_____to their home on the Little River where they were established in August 1767, the date of Margaret's marriage. (A family of McKamy settled in Virginia in the Lexington District, before the Revolution. A McKamy Francis McKamy was a native of Ulster and emigrated to America like so many of the Ulstermen in the early part of the eighteenth century. He was the, first Presbyterian minister in America. He helped to organize the first Presbyterian Church and planted the germs of the Presbyterian Church in America).

Robert Armstrong, the Second, and his wife Margaret Cunningham Armstrong had seven children, four sons and three daughters, namely:

(1) Robert Armstrong, the Third.
(2) Moses Armstrong.
(3) Aaron Armstrong.
(4) John Armstrong.
(5) Mariah Armstrong.
(6) Margaret Armstrong.
(7) Elizabeth Armstrong.

(1) Robert Armstrong, the Third, born 1774, married 1798 Elizabeth Wear. A sketch of him follows:

(2) Moses Armstrong, born August 3, 1787, married Amelia Morrow. His descendants live on the East bank of the Holston River, one mile from the place where his father settled at the Armstrong Ferry. His children were: Lucy (who married William Goddard); Martha (who married James Kennedy), John D. (who married Cynthia Campbell); James Newton Armstrong (who married first Amelia Armstrong and second May Turbeyville); Moses Houston Arm strong (who married Mary Jane Gibson); Aaron Armstrong, (known as Tip, who married Nancy Bell); Margaret Armstrong (who married first Jack Davis and second Jesse Nicodemus); Elizabeth Armstrong, (who married Jack Campbell); Robert Armstrong (who married Polly Fisher); and Alexander Armstrong (who married Patsey Merryman). (3) Aaron Armstrong, born August 3, 1787, a twin, to Moses Armstrong, married Elizabeth Bounds and settled in Tennessee on his father' homestead. His children were Moses Armstrong, the Second (who married Elizabeth J. McMillan) Frank B. Armstrong (who married Eliza White); John W. Armstrong, who married Eliza McMilan); Ethelred W. Armstrong (known as Shed, who married Mattie Carter); James M. Armstrong (who married Pricey Monday); Eliza Armstrong (who married Richard Campbell); Wallace Armstrong (who married Emma Effort); Margaret Armstrong (who married Alfred Ault); Betsy Armstrong (who married Andrew McMillan); Amelia Armstrong (who married her cousin James Newton Armstrong as his first wife); and Martha Armstrong (who married William Kennedy). (4) John Armstrong born 1777, married 1800 Nancy Weir a distant kinswoman of Elizabeth Wear, whom his brother Robert Armstrong married, and settled in Indiana. His children were Ambrose Newton Armstrong, Married first Nancy Weir and married second Ellen Curry; Alfred Weir Armstrong (who married first Margaret Fulkerson and married second Jane Washfield and married third, Jane Willett); Pleasant Armstrong, (who was killed by Indians): John C. Armstrong (who married first -Spofford and second ______ Webster); Margaret Armstrong (who married John Stonewall); Nancy Armstrong (who married Wilson Smith. but had no child); Martha Armstrong (who married Joseph Lands); Lethia Armstrong (who married Felix Landis); Amanda L. Armstrong (who married Joshua McDonald); Alvira Jane Armstrong (who married Reverend J. P. May); Mary Emmeline Armstrong (who married Thomas McNamee); Robert Edwin Armstrong. (5) Martha Armstrong, born 1783 married James Churchwell Luttrell (see Luttrell Family) and had six children namely: James Churchwell Luttrell, Fourth; Annie Luttrell who married Joseph Shield Luttrell, Robert Armstrong Luttrell, died young, and Fannie Luttrell, died young. Of the foregoing: James Luttrell the Second married Eliza Bell and had six children, (1) James Churchwell Luttrell, Third (who married Josephine Brooks. (See McMillan Family) and had James Churchwell Luttrell, Fourth, Annie Luttrell who married Joseph Shields and had Josephine Shields who married Leonard Murphey, Libbie Luttrell married Benjamin F. Moore and has Margaret Moore and Benjamin F. Moore, Second; Fannie Luttrell, married _________Powers; Samuel Bell Luttrell, Jr who died unmarried; Ernest Luttrell; and Sophy Luttrell named Harry Harmon, Second, and has Harry Harmon, Third); (2) Samuel Bell Luttrell (who married Margaret McClung Swan and had Samuel Bull Luttrell, who died young; Margaret Luttrell, married William E. Sullins and has Samuel Sullins and David Sullins; Jennie Luttrell, married Charles M. Mitchell and has Margaret and Mary Mitchell; Mary Luttrell manned Dr. Thomas R. Jones and Charles Luttrell died unmarried); (3) Elizabeth Saunders Luttrell (who married Dr. William Morrow and had nine children, James Morrow, Frank Murfree Morrow, Lillie Morrow, Emma Morrow, Sallie Hooper Morrow. Libbie Luttrell Morrow, Ada Murfree Morrow, Walter S. Morrow and Margaret Bell Morrow. Of the foregoing: James Luttrell Morrow married Jane Ewing and their children are: Irene Ewing who married Dr. Essler Hoss, a descendant of John Sevier, Elizabeth Morrow, who married Arthur Timmons, William Morrow, Third. Jane Morrow and Orville left one son William Leigh Morrow, who married Dolly Post. Lillie Morrow married Judge James M. Anderson and has one daughter, Emma Morrow Anderson who married Harold B. Whiteman. Emma Morrow married John B. Atcheson and has Thomas Ayres Atcheson, Lillian Morrow Atcheson and Emma Morrow Atcheson. Sallie Hooper Morrow married F. Ludlow Chrystie and has Elizabeth Ludlow Chrystie, Thomas Walter Chrystie and Frances Nicholson Chrystie. Libbie Luttrell Morrow is not married; Ada Murfree Morrow married D.F. Reeves and has Joseph S Reeves and Daniel F. Carter Reeves, Second. Walter S. Morrow is not married. Margaret Bell Morrow married Clarence B. Simpson and has Isabel Simpson and John Morow Simpson, (4) Martha Armstrong Luttrell second daughter of James Churchwell Luttrell and Eliza Bell Luttrell married Stokeley Donelson Mitchell and had three children: Mabel W. Mitchell, William M. Mitchell and Libbie Luttrell Mitchell, who married John McMillan Moulden and has John McMillan Moulden Jr., and Margaret Luttrell Moulden. (5) Eliza Bell Luttrell, daughter of James Churchwell Luttrell and Eliza Bell Luttrell married Jesse H. Thomas and had Jesse H. Thomas, Jr., and James Luttrell Thomas. (6) Mary M. Luttrell daughter of James Churchwell Luttrell and Eliza Bell Luttrell roamed Charles E. Griffith and had four children Charles E. Griffith, Jr., Sallie M. Griffith, Lillian Bell Griffith and a child that died young. Margaret Luttrell married Matthew Ambrose Games, son of Ambrose Gaines (see Gaines Family) and had five children namely: Matthew M. Gaines, Martha Gaines, who married Richard Bearden, Mary Gaines who married_______ Bearden, Ambrose Gaines, Third, who married Mary Winston Townes and has six children: (1) George Gaines, married and has Ethel Smith Gaines and Katherine Woodville Gaines; (2) Margaret Gaines, married Garland Buffington; (3) Etta Gaines, who married H. B. Hogan; (4) Blanche Gaines who married F. J. Hoyle; (5) Mary Townes Gaines, who married Reuben S. Payne, and (6) Ambrose Gaines, fourth who married Edith Lucie Jenks and has Margaret Gaines, Ambrose Gaines, Fifth, Edith Gaines, and Mary Townes Gaines, James Luttrell Gaines, (son of Matthew Ambrose Gaines and Margaret Luttrell Gaines) married Belle Porter. He was a gallant officer in the Confederate Army. He had five children namely: Ambrose Porter Gaines, Matthew Gaines, Lillian Gaines, who died young, and James Luttrell Gaines, Second. Martha Luttrell daughter of James Churchwell Luttrell and Martha Armstrong Luttrell married Richard Bearden. Amanda Luttrell, daughter of James Churchwell Luttrell and Martha Armstrong Luttrell married Reverend George Horn and had three Children, Sarah Horn, married James Newman, James Horn, unmarried, and William Horn, married Kate Kelso. (6) Margaret Armstrong married John Bounds and supposedly married Thomas Lovelady for her second husband, they moved to Oregon and all trace of the family is lost. (7) Elizabeth Armstrong married William McKamy and had Robert McKamy who married Jemima Park; Barton McKamy married __________? Robbins; John Armstrong McKamy (who married Margaret Bradley); Peggy McKamy (not married); and William C. McKamy the Second (who married Polly Parks.) This completes the List of children of Robert Armstrong, Second, and Margaret Cunningham Armstrong.


Robert Armstrong, the Third, son of Robert Armstrong the Second and Margaret Cunningham Armstrong, was born in Abbeyville District South Carolina, December 13, 1774. When he was ten years old he accompanied his father and mother on their trip to the then unsettled territory, which is now Tennessee. This adventure was undertaken in 1784. Their first location in Tennessee was only temporary and three years later they moved to a place near Knoxville, upon which members of the family still reside. Robert Armstrong the Third, as the family Bible says of his father and grandfather was of patriotic spirit." When he was eighteen years of age, in 1792 he served a term of three months under Captain Hugh Beard and was stationed near Nashville. He was one of the "gallant thirty-eight" who in September 1793 defended Knoxville against fifteen hundred Indians, being then a lad of not quite nineteen. Ho was also one of the detachments of eight or ten whom by order of Colonel White and under Captain Gillespie, after lying in the pass to defend Knoxville, went over to Buncombe County, North Carolina, scouting for Indians, after the burning of Carter's Station. He also served in the United States Regular Army in a Cavalry Company under Captain Nathanial Evans in the winter of 1793. And not content with service while he was still a young man, Robert Armstrong was a member of Captain Davis' Company of local militia in 1828 when he reached the age of forty-nine. October 19, 1798, Robert Armstrong, Third, married Elizabeth Wear, born 1780, died 1820, daughter of the distinguished Tennessee pioneer, Colonel Samuel Wear. Robert and Elizabeth Wear Armstrong established themselves on a plantation one mile north of his father's borne on the West bank of the Holston River. Their old home- stead is now in existence on this old plantation. Robert Armstrong was an expert surveyor and was surveyor for Knox County for forty years. In 1819 his cousin, John C. Calhoun then Secretary of War, appointed him United States Surveyor in the famous Cherokee Treaty of 1619. Robert Armstrong Houston (his first cousin) was at the same time appointed United States Commissioner for the same Treaty by John C. Calhoun. Elizabeth Wear Armstrong died February 13, 1820. After the death of his first wife, Robert Armstrong married Charlotte Perry by whom he had no children. Robert and Elizabeth Wear Armstrong had twelve children, five Sons and seven daughters namely:

Drury Paine Armstrong.
Addison Wear Armstrong.
Robert Horace Armstrong.
James Houston Armstrong.
Samuel Thompson Armstrong.
Maria Armstrong.
Rubella Armstrong.
Charlotte Armstrong.
Dialthea Perry Armstrong.
Malinda Armstrong.
Margaret Cunningham Armstrong.
Betsey Armstrong.

It is said that Robert Armstrong returned from a journey in connection with his appointment as United States Surveyor October 19, 1819 to find his wife dangerously ill and three of his children dead. They were: Robert Horace Armstrong, Samuel Thompson Armstrong, and a newborn child, Betsey. The death of his wife Elizabeth Wear followed this tragic event in a few months, April 5, 1820. Robert Armstrong the Third died February 13, 1849.

I am not researching this family, I found this and thought I would post. These were loose, in a folder named Southern Genealogies in the LDS.

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