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Joseph Abballe or Abbo, Rome, Italy

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Joseph Abballe or Abbo, Rome, Italy

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Surnames: abbo, abballe, parisi, paris
I have been stuck for nearly a decade on trying to find my great grandfather Joseph Abbo (possibly his actual last surname was Abballe) birth record or a record of his parents marriage either. Though most documents say Abbo, I believe that his actual surname may have been Abballe, based off his draft reg listing it as Abal, plus seemingly matching passinger manifests I've found.

He was born in Rome, Italy according to his obituary. I believe his birthplace is likely the Monte Sacro quarter of Rome, Italy, based off his draft registration which lists it as Scro, Rome, Italy. Plus his obituary states that he was born in rome. I was told by someone that because of what his ssp app says, (it says Aladri, Rome, Italy) his actual birthplace might be the town of Alatri, which is near Rome. However, based off the fact all the other information contradicts that and that the SS Ap is very inaccurate with his mother's surname, I personally don't think that's the case. Though if Alatri records are online I'd love to take a quick look, last I checked years ago they were only on microfilm. but perhaps that's changed now. Though I doubt his record is there, given every other document points to him being born in the Monte Sacro quarter of Rome, Italy.

From his marriage record It looks like his parents names were Dominico Abbo and Mary Paris (possibly Maria Parisi?)

A few years ago, I tried to contact the church to get their actual marriage licence record, but unfortunately, they told me they don't do copies. I suppose that doesn't really matter as I doubt their info would be more informative then the county one. I live several states away, so going there to view it in person and take pictures with my phone is not an option.

His birthdate on his draft registration here is for some reason different than the birthdate he gives on his SS ap. he lists it as being December 23, 1896. However, on this draft registration he lists his birthdate as September 25, 1894! I am sure however that this draft registration must be his. The city matches and more importantly, the occupation listed is the same one his obituary mentions.

The SS application is mostly worthless to me (I paid for it too!) as they refused to send me the original and I only got the typed up copy but I am posting below anyway with the other documents. On it his parents are listed as Dominico Abbo and Maria Pretrain. So it at least roughly matches the info from the marriage record.

Also, the only Ellis Island records I can find that seem to match his name, age,
departure location and arrival location, don't match for fathers or wifes name which has me very confused. The one arriving in 1913 especially, as everything fits, except fathers name . From his obituary, I know mine arrived in 1913 and that mine arrived/stayed near Rochester, NY just as this one did when he arrived. There is also this record here Age is 10 years off, however, could be a mistranslation. He appears to be traveling with a cousin, Antonino Abballe

I'm really wondering if this could be my Joseph Abbo, and if it's not, where is the record of mine arriving and why does everything but fathers name match so well? I've searched and searched and not found any other matching records. Is it likely Luigi could actually be his cousins fathers name and that things got somehow messed up in translation, etc?

Can anyone help me find his birth record or his parents marriage record or any arrival record, or tell me if they think the 1913 one is him and if so perhaps help me find more info on who he was traveling with? Basically, anything other than US records for him at this point would help!

I've even looked for his birth on and cannot find any that seem to match, but it's possible I misread as I have trouble reading some of the writing.

I also cannot find his parent's marriage record in this index: Perhaps I am looking in the wrong rome index?

I did also find a Thomas Abballe in the census living in Rochester, NY with an eldest son Dominico and I believe he may be a cousin or brother of my Joseph, this here is his passenger manifest.

I've had trouble finding more regarding him though to determine if he is a brother, or cousin or neither. I did find this: And the fathers name matches mine, as does the mothers, but the surname is listed as Simone instead of Paris or similar. Would love peoples opinions of if this Thomas is abother to my Joseph or not. I uploaded this too below. If not, it's very odd that all other info matches except mothers surname. I'd like to remind too that his manifest, just like the one that seems likely to be my Joseph Abballe's lists a father of Luigi, in spite of his SS reg listing father Dominico (and both Joseph and Thomas first born sons are Dominico) To me this leads even more credit to the Joseph Abballe in the manifest being my Joseph Abbo and the surname being changed..

If anyone could help me find Thomas Abballe and his wife Sarah's marriage record perhaps it would help?

Attached are my Joseph Abbo's draft reg, ss card, marriage, and obituary. I believe I have all his census records too. I just need help finding any brothers or cousins of his or a birth or marriage cert for his parents or confirming Thomas's relation to him.

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