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Kraemer and Marriage and ancestors

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Re: Kraemer and Marriage and ancestors

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Salut - Hello once more,

In genealogy, one thing leads to another. I decided to follow-up on the informations that I sent to you previously to verify spellings of the Alsatian names (variations are common) -- and to find the marriages of the parents of your groom and bride (which I have attached below for you).

(If you have found these already, please ignore the rest of this message.)

I examined numerous birth, mariage, and death records of Kaltenhouse. First, I found that the correct spelling of the name of the mother of Antoine Martin should be: Marie Anne or Marianne GRAD (not "Grace"), -- which sometimes had the German feminine ending "-in" ("Gradin") which should be ignored.

Also, I found the correct spelling of the name of the mother of Barbe Kraemer is: Barbe DIEFENBRONN, -- also sometimes with the German feminine ending ("Diefenbronnin") also to be ignored.

Please make the appropriate notations in your genealogy records. (You may verify my conclusions by going to the website of the Departmental Archives of Bas-Rhin that I gave to you in an earlier message and making an examination yourself. Also, please review the databases at and GeneaNet.)

For the new index entry and the actual marriage certificate of Jean Adam Kraemer & Barbe Diefenbronn (both records attached), I found an interesting error when I compared the two. The index states the marriage took place on « le 6 ventôse an V » (24 February 1797), but the certificate states the it was on « le 6 vendémiaire an V » (27 September 1796). Please note: The certificate is quite brief because the wedding occurred during the historical period called the « Directoire », during the turmoil following the French Revolution.)

Since the marriage of Jean Adam Kraemer and Barbe Diefenbronn are written in German, which I am certain you must read (and they are quite brief), I will not bother to translate them.

(Note: It appears the parish records before 1792 for Kaltenhouse are mostly written in Latin. You probably learned Latin in school, as we all did, so you can have fun using it again to find you and your wife's oldest ancestors.)

However, since you said your French is not good, I am providing a translation of the wedding certificate of Mathieu Martin and Marie Anne Grad to you as a courtesy. (Note: It includes several Alsatian/German spellings.) Here it is:

Page 3

No. 4 Mathieu (*Alsatian/German = Mathias*) Martin and Marianne Grad

On 10 pluviôse Year 13 of the Republic (*30 January 1805*), in front of me, François Joseph Steiner, secretary to the mayor serving the function of Mr. Mathis Kalmer, mayor of the town of Kaltenhouse (*Alsatian/German = Kaltenhausen*), department of Bas-Rhin, canton of Haguenau, Officer of the Civil Registry of this town,

APPEARED Mathieu (*Alsatian/German = Mathias*) Martin, age of minority (*= unable to marry in his own right*), son, supported by Adolphe Martin, mason, his father;

AND Miss Marianne Grad (*Alsatian/German feminine = Gradin*), age of minority, daughter, supported by Catherine Eberle (*Alsatian/German feminine = Eberlin*), her mother, only, her father is deceased, as acknowledged by the certificate of death delivered to Kaltenhouse for the mayor on 30 pluviôse (*30 January*), which I required to proceed with the celebration of marriage between them; and the wedding announcements were posted on the front door of our city hall, as known, the first on 30 nivôse Year 13 (*20 January 1805*) at noon, and the second on 7 pluviôse Year 13 (*27 January 1805*) at noon;

No opposition to the wedding having been indicated according to the law, and after all of the certificates mentioned above were read aloud, as well as Chapter 6 of the Civil Code entitled Marriage, I asked the groom and the bride if they want to take each other as husband and wife. Each of the two having replied separately and affirmatively, I state in the name of the law, that Mathieu (*Alsatian/German = Mathias*) Martin and Marianne Grad (*Alsatian/German feminine = Gradin*) are united in marriage.

Everything in this act has been complied with in the presence of Andrés Kraemer, 65 years old, farmer living in Kaltenhouse; Jean Durstheimer, 27 years old, farmer living in Kaltenhouse; Antoine Klausser, livery, 42 years old living in Kaltenhouse; and Pierre Letscher, farm labourer, 35 years old living in Kaltenhouse; who, after also having been read to aloud, have signed with me; and the contracting parties: the groom and the bride, and Catherine Eberle (*Alsatian/German feminine = Eberlin*) have stated that they do not know how to sign (*their names*).


Again, if you have not already found these documents at the website of the departmental archives, I hope you find them useful.

Bonne quête ! (Bon Super-Bowl !)
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