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Surnames: Gobin De Latibeaudiere, De Latibeaudeire, Lattibeaudiere, Latibeaudiere, Lattiboudeair, Lattiboudeaire
A PLACE CALL(NAME) LATIBEAUDIERE exist in France. It maybe a border town or City. It may mean people of the border or people of opportunity, that is a land of milk and honey. The people obtain their surname from the region like "Gobin of Latibeaudiere" or in French Gobin de Latibeaudiere.

ORIGIN: Aizenay, Vendée; Aizenay is 15 km north-west of La Roche-sur-Yon, 25 km from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie and Challans and 30 km from Les Sables d'Olonne (on the Atlantic Ocean Vendée coast).

Aizenay is bordered by the communes of La Chapelle-Palluau, Maché, Apremont, Coëx, La Chapelle-Hermier, Martinet, Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche, Venansault, La Génétouze and Le Poiré-sur-Vie. Its northern boundary follows the course of the river Vie. The Aizenay Forest is the most prominent natural feature of the commune. SW of Paris, France.

Gobin-Latibeaudière, Jacques Charles, captain of the militia of Jeremiah, in Santo Domingo 1757/1791

Plantation Owners of St. Domingue(1789) Names:

3467 Gobin of Latibeaudière, Charles Jacques

3468 Gobin of Latibeaudière, Stephen Rose

3469 Gobin of Latibeaudière, Jean Charles

3470 Gobin of Latibeaudière, John Rose-Marie

3471 Gobin de Latibeaudière, wife Heureaux Marie-Rose-Hortense

The Royal Indemnity Report for the white settlers of Santo Domingo Who Lost Their colonial-have property partner after the black revolution of 1791-1803 (State detailed liquidations made by the commission to distribute the compensation awarded to former colonists of Santo Domingo) Generally includes the following information about the owners of plantations and other kinds of colonial real estate:

For many French settlers of Santo Domingo, other sources further information on this subject in the Masonic lodge or in the veterans order "Knights of Saint Louis", official functions in the colony or in France , places of residence in France, political activities after 1789 etc.

The research service Domingo makes the above mentioned information available to its customers (Indemnity Report (No. 1-8) and further biographical data as far as available).
Thomas Gobin De Latibeauidiere MP (1774 - d.)

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Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière (1804 - d.)
July 24, 1804
Birthplace: St Mary Parish, Jamaica
Immediate Family: Son of Jean-Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière

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Charles-Jacques Gobin De Latibeaudière (b. - 1805)
estimated between 1706 and 1766 Birthplace: France
Death: 1805 Jeremie, Grand'Anse, Haiti

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Etienne Marie Gobin De Latibeaudière (1772 - d.)

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FROM Fort-de-France, Fort-de-France, Martinique
Jean-Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière (1768 - d.) March 21, 1768
Birthplace: Fort-de-France, Fort-de-France, Martinique

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Marie Rose Hortense Gobin De Latibeaudière (1775 - d.)

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Rose Jean Marie Gobin De Latibeaudière (1769 - d.)

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Thomas Gobin De Latibeaudiere (deceased)

Latibeaudiere History 1700s France to Haiti to Jamaica.

The family name is from French colonists who went by ship to towns of Jeremie & Guinaudeau, Haiti where they lived and settled properties. I believe the Latibeaudiere family later escaped civil unrest in Haiti to settle in Jamaica during the Santo Domingo (Saint Domingue) Haiti slave revolts which began in 1791. Through research I have been able to uncover the name is indeed originally from France. The name has been greatly shortened over the years due to its length. The full last name in the 1700s was actually "Gobin de Latibeaudiere" as listed in pages of a property log book I saw dated 1832 for the town of Jeremie in Haiti.

Charles Jacques Gobin de Latibeaudiere settled in Haiti from France with his family and was a French military captain in Jeremie, Haiti in 1791. My trail is cold beyond that but I believe this family or at least their children relocated to Jamaica during the slave revolts and as white aristocrats, they probably owned slaves and ended up mixing with the Jamaican inhabitants and having Jamaican children. I imagine the is where the mixing of the French and Jamaican blood began.

Africa : Complete for North Africa, Cameroon Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Djibouti (French Somaliland), Eritrea , Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, French Guinea, Upper Volta, Ghana, Liberia, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, French Sudan, Togo.

Haitian Collection, 1714-1916 | Boston Public Library Archival and Manuscript Finding Aid Database

By Rare Books and Manuscripts Department staff, November 2011
Title: Haitian Collection, 1714-1916
Predominant Dates: 1783-1839
Collection Identifier: MS Haiti
Extent: 2000.0 Items
Subjects: Dessalines, Jean-Jacques, 1758-1806., Haiti -- History -- Revolution, 1791-1804.
Languages: French, English

This collection dates from 1714 to 1916 (with gaps) and documents French colonial rule of Saint Domingue, the slave insurrection, the beginning of Haitian self-rule, and the development of the Republic of Haiti.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection dates from 1714 to 1916 (with gaps) and documents French colonial rule of Saint Domingue, the slave insurrection, the beginning of Haitian self-rule, and the development of the Republic.

Important figures include Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture, Henry (Henri) Christophe, Alexandre Pétion, Jean Pierre Boyer, Donatien-Marie-Joseph de Vimeur, and Julien Raimond. Among the most common topics covered are slavery and the slave trade, commercial activities, and colonial life. In addition, there are several letters that contain events that occurred during the American Revolution. Included are correspondence, financial records, and legal documents.

Collection Historical Note

From 1660 to 1804, Haiti, then known as Saint Domingue, was a French colony located on the island of Hispaniola where African slaves were used to work on the plantations that produced tobacco, indigo, cotton, and cacao. Inspired by the French Revolution, Toussaint Loverture, a freed slave, led an insurrection in 1791 that put an end to slavery in Saint Domingue. In order to maintain French control, in 1801 Napoleon Bonaparte sent an invasion force, but all attempts failed. On January 1, 1804, Jean Jacques Dessalines, leader of the rebels, declared independence from France. In 1806, after the assassination of Dessalines, the country was divided in two: a kingdom in the north led by Henri Christophe and a republic in the south ruled by Alexandre Pétion. In 1821, Jean Pierre Boyer reunified Haiti and in 1825, negotiated an agreement with France which stipulated that France would recognize Haiti as an independent nation in return for 150 million francs (later reduced to 90 million francs). A revolt led by Charles Rivière-Hérard overthrew Boyer in 1843 and a long period political and economic instability ensued that ended with the occupation of Haiti by the United States in 1915.

Subject/Index Terms
Dessalines, Jean-Jacques, 1758-1806.
Haiti -- History -- Revolution, 1791-1804.

Administrative Information
Repository: Boston Public Library Archival and Manuscript Finding Aid Database

Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.
Use Restrictions:
Items in this collection may be subject to copyright restrictions. The Boston Public Library does not hold copyright on the material in this collection. Researchers are responsible for identifying and contacting the persons or organizations that hold copyright.

When reproducing material from this collection please include the credit line "Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/ Rare Books."

Acquisition Method: The majority of the collection was bequeathed to the Boston Public Library by Benjamin Hunt in 1877. Additional material was purchased with various funds.

Related Materials:
Rochambeau, Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur, vicomte de, 1750-1813. MS 3127
Rochambeau, Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur, vicomte de, 1750-1813. MS 3128
For books and pamphlets on Haiti, please consult the Hunt Hispanola History Collection finding aid located in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department.

Preferred Citation: Haitian Collection. MS Haiti. Rare Books and Manuscripts Department, Boston Public Library.

Processing Information: Finding aid updated by Tara Maharjan in November 2011.

Charles-Jacques Gobin De Latibeaudière
Birth: estimated between 1706 and 1766  France
Death: 1805 Jeremie, Grand'Anse, Haiti
Immediate Family: Son of Charles-Joseph De Latibeaudière and Gobin
Husband of Marie Boisson

Father of Jean-Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière; Rose Jean Marie Gobin De Latibeaudière; Etienne Marie Gobin De Latibeaudière; Marie Rose Hortense Gobin De Latibeaudière and Thomas Gobin De Latibeauidiere
Folder 200: Richier, Joseph, 18 April 180?

Ms.D.S.: AffIdavit certifying the government's obligation to Periét; Cap Français, 18 avril 180?

Folder 201: Rigaud Andre(Roger Declaration on debarkation and distribution of 800 slaves in 1795 by order of André Rigaud; Cayes, 16 août 1802). Signed by Lacrose and Louis Chalviré, Daury, 14 September 1800

Ms.D. (copy): Order lifting sequestration on plantation of Marie Jeanne Dautant, his mother; Petit Goâve, 14 septembre 1800. Copy signed by Roboteau and Cupidon.

Folder 202: Riviere, Charles de, 15 October 1794A.D.S.:
Certificate for 35 rations; Leogone, 15 octobre 1794.Folder 203: Rocourt, Jean, 17 March 1796

Ms.D.S.: Affidavit about inheritance from his uncle, Pierre Dutoya; Jérémie, 17 mars 1796. Countersigned by Jean Gabriel Joseph Lepine, Gabriel Lafargue, Thomas Boccassin and Gobin de Latibeaudière.

Salomon was born in 1815 in Les Cayes. His family was influential in the tiny black elite of the south. Prominent and educated, his family often clashed with the relatively more powerful mulatto elite of south Haiti. During the regime of Charles Rivière-Hérard, the Salomons were wanted for arrest after a heated battle with the mulattoes and exiled to Neyba. As Faustin Soulouque came into power, Salomon returned along with other powerful black leaders to serve the new government. Salomon became the minister of finance under Faustin and began to monopolize export transactions in coffee and cotton, run foreign imports through state monopolies, and impose levies on capital. As a result, smuggling and piracy exploded during Soulouque's reign. After the fall of Soulouque, Salomon was exiled to Paris and London, where he read and traveled widely. On August 18, 1879, Salomon returned to Haiti and became president with huge support from the people. His plan as president was to restart public education, fix Haiti's financial woes, restore agriculture productivity, improve the army, and to fix the public administration. Within four months, he established the National Bank, and by 1880 he resumed debt payments to France. The 1880s saw a huge amount of effort by the Salomon administration to bring modernization to Haiti. He adhered to the International Postal Union and issued its first postage stamp. In October, he granted a British cable company the right to connect Port-au-Prince and Kingston, Jamaica, and by 1887 he negotiated to link Môle Saint-Nicolas to Cuba. He restructured the medical school, imported teachers from France for the Lycées, and more. The armed forces were reorganized to 16,000 and assigned to 34 infantry regiments and 4 artillery regiments. Salomon also reorganized the ranking distribution in the Haitian army, which only included privates and generals.Within four months of Salomon’s presidency, Haitian refugees from Kingston were in contact with the elite community in Port-au-Prince in order to stage a coup. When Salomon went to tour the south, general Nicolas headed to St. Marc to plan another coup, but was met with government soldiers. In 1883, exiled Haitian rebels from Jamaica and Cuba, including Jean-Pierre Boyer-Bazelais and Desormes, reached Haitian shores to start another coup against Salomon.

While Salomon fixed some of Haiti's problems, he also drained resources to pay Haiti's debt to France. During 1881–1882, an outbreak of smallpox spread throughout the country and consumed most of the finances in those years. In April 1883, the infamous Cacos from the north rebelled against Salomon and his administration, but were crushed by government troops mixed with former piquets.

From 1884 to the end of his presidency, Salomon faced numerous rebellions from the Cacos. By May, Cacos from the south rebelled in Jérémie, and in July Jacmel rebelled. In October, a huge outburst emerged between Salomon's government forces, the exiled rebels from Cuba and Jamaica, and Cacos from different cities from the south and north. Flames engulfed government records and buildings, and mass murder was being dealt to the elite class, foreigners, and merchants. This conflict was known as the "Bloody Week". Following the rebellion, inflation grew, and a scandal called the "Affaire des Mandays" became known involving the national bank, a French director, a British chief accountant and the Haitian government. In 1886, Salomon was "re-elected" for a seven-year term because of his re-writing of the constitution. In 1887, Port-au-Prince rebelled because of lack of individual freedom and the tyrannical system of the republic. Government officials withdrew support from Salomon and by 1888 Le Cap rebelled in the north. Overwhelmed by the political challenges he faced, Salomon left Haiti and returned to Paris, where he died at number 3 Avenue Victor-Hugo on October 19, 1888.On October 9, 1889, Hyppolite was elected to a seven-year term as president of Haiti by the Constituent Assembly, which met at Gonaives.[2] Hyppolite took the oath of office on the October 17. Former president François Denys Légitime, who had fled to Jamaica, instigated a number of uprisings against Hyppolite, which Hyppolite successfully repressed.[1] To prevent future uprisings, he executed their leaders.[1] It was his policy to exclude foreigners from the island as he claimed they stirred up insurrections. Pierre Nord Alexis (2 August 1820 – 1 May 1910) was President of Haiti from 21 December 1902 to 2 December 1908. Ousted from power on 2 December 1908, Alexis went into exile in Jamaica and later relocated to New Orleans with his family, where he died on 1 May 1910. He is buried in St. Louis Cemetery #2 in New Orleans.

Folder 339 Item 1: Haiti. Consulate. Jamaica., 29 September 1883 Ms.L. (copy) to A.E. Burke, Haitian consul at Kingston stating that a search of the "Alene" had revealed no smuggled arms or ammunition; Kingston, 29 septembre 1883. [With French translation]Item 2: Haiti. Consulate. Jamaica., 9 October 1883 Ms.L. (copy) to President Salomon concerning Haitian exiles in Jamaica and the reports of local papers concerning the Haitian government; Kingston, 9 October 1883. [With French translation]Item 3: Haiti. Consulate. Jamaica., 15 September 1883 Ms.L. (copy) from Leech Harrison & Forwood to A.E. Burke concerning their Captain Sansom, who may have delivered goods to the Insurrectionary Party in Jérémie Liverpool, 15 septembre 1883, [With French translation]Item 4: Haiti. Consulate. Jamaica., 9 October 1883 Ms.L. (copy): translation of letter from A.E. Burke to C. Fouchard, Ministre des Relations Extérieures, concerning Haitian exiles in Jamaica; 9 octobre 1883.Folder 340 Item 1: Haiti. Finances, Dept. of, 19 October 1848 Ms.L.S. (Aug. Nan?) to registrar of Léogâne reprimanding him for failing to present his report to the public treasury; Port-au-Prince, 19 octobre 1848.Item 2: Haiti. Finances, Dept. of, 11 March 1849 Ms.L.S. (Salomon) to V. Richié sending letters and packets relating to his department of which Richié will be in charge during Salomon's absence; L'Ascaole, 11 mars 1849.

The extractions in this section contain records from the Parish Registers for the Church of England, as well as some entries from Dissenter Marriage Registers, Civil Registration records, tombstones, Wills, and other sources. There are records of baptism, birth, marriage, death and burial. The sources cited will indicate the church or civil record in which the entry was found. All entries identified as being from 'Parish Registers' are from Anglican (Church of England) churches. The records of soldiers and seamen which are included will interest those researching ancestors in the military. Please note that this site does not claim to contain all the indexes, Parish Registers, and Civil Registration forms that are held by the Registrar General's Department, as those contain several million names. What you will find here are selected names that have been extracted from those records. Do a Search to see if your surname appears on any of the pages from the Registers.CHURCH OF ENGLAND REGISTERS







Descendants of ? Latibeaudiere

1. ? Latibeaudiere He met Elizabeth Levien. She was born Abt. 1842.

Child of ? Latibeaudiere and Elizabeth Levien is:

2 i. Emma Maria Latibeaudiere, born June 11, 1867.

More About Emma Maria Latibeaudiere:

Baptism: March 14, 1870, St. Catherine (Source: B0018 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XX & XXI, 1860-1871, XX, p. 18 #285.)

Residence: 1870, Bella's Gate

Descendants of Thomas [Latabodiere] Latibeaudiere
1. Thomas [Latabodiere] Latibeaudiere was born Abt. 1845. He married Margaret (Latibeaudiere). She was born Abt. 1845.

More About Thomas [Latabodiere] Latibeaudiere:

Residence: 1870, Bella's Gate

Child of Thomas Latibeaudiere and Margaret (Latibeaudiere) is:

2 i. Bilzalena Thomas Latibeaudiere, born June 30, 1870.

More About Bilzalena Thomas Latibeaudiere:

Baptism: July 14, 1870, St. Catherine (Source: B0018 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms XX & XXI, 1860-1871, XX, p. 48 #605.)

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Jean-Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière
Birth: March 21, 1768
Fort-de-France, Fort-de-France, Martinique
Immediate Family: Son of Charles-Jacques Gobin De Latibeaudière and Marie Boisson
Father of Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière
Brother of Rose Jean Marie Gobin De Latibeaudière; Etienne Marie Gobin De Latibeaudière; Marie Rose Hortense Gobin De Latibeaudière and Thomas Gobin De Latibeauidiere

Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière
Birth: July 24, 1804
St Mary Parish, Jamaica
Immediate Family: Son of Jean-Charles Gobin De Latibeaudière

I grew in a Jamaican-Ashanti Home for nine(9) years and the Queen of that show was my Grandmother in Warsop, Trelawney and her home town was Craighead, Manchester that I visited many time. My grandfather of my mother was from Alligator's Pond in Manchester and I was born in Mona, St. Andrews. My grandmother would always say to me, "Boy, I want you to know that I am Thirteenth Generation Ashanti and she would rehearse her genealogical records right in front of my face as though she was reading a book...she was not my direct Grandmother but the only mother I knew, as my mother was in Canada and my mother's mother who is my real Grandmother was Madras Indian in Pepper, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. My Ashanti-declared grandmother was a great woman who taught me many things. However as my life evolve, I think she might have thought that I would wander away from my home life, culture and forget the many Jamaican Origins(so she re-entrenched it in my head! I never forgot!) such as slaves from Ghana....Ashanti.. Aeithiopos... Abyssinia was a kingdom that spanned a geographical area in the current state of you know that the Ashanti at once was the foremost Akan people...The Ashanti Empire was an Akan empire and kingdom in what is now modern-day Ghana from 1670 to 1957...and as though she was delinating differences she would call me and my brother Bakra Pickiney - The word Bakra means in British. (ˈbækrə ) Caribbean. noun plural -ra or -ras. a White person, raw back esp one from Britain. (of people) White, esp British. In other words she was reminding me that my group was different and of different people and is interracially bred and mixed bred. It did not matter to me, I knew I was different but not that much different, all I wanted was my real mother.

"Naun"(1885 - 1968)
Daughter of Thomas De Latibeaudière, Sr. and Elizabeth D'Latibodier
Wife of Egbert Nathaniel Bogues Mother of Geraldine Pamella Bogues; John Bogues; William Bogues; Glenford Gerald Fitz Arthur Rae Bogues and 8 others
Sister of Collister D'Latibodier; Margaret Elizabeth D'Latibodier; Amanda Alexandria McCalla; Thomas D'Latibodier, Jr. and 2 others Half sister of Emma "Emmy" "Emeriah" Maria McCalla

Hi all,
I am Bogues in Jamaica. I also am a descendant of de Latibeaudiere. I live here in Jamaica. I can trace my roots back pretty far. I have a substantial info on my Great Grandfather Sydney Uriah Bogues born in 1880. His father William Benjamin MacDuff-Hart-Bogues owned alot of property in Bellas Gate St. Catherine. His wife was Anna Rebecca Bogues nee de Latibeaudiere who came from up there also. I'm told they were lawyers and Bogues was into Geology (or vice versa.) Bellas Gate is where they owned a copper mine. Besides my Great Grandfather they had other sons and daughters. Two more of the sons are buried up there.

I have been up there recently, and there are quite a few de latibeaudiere buried up there also. I plan to do alot more research into this.

Glad to have met everyone.

I'm hoping that someone could help me with the name Lattibeaudiere. The only information that I have is that I could be related to a Stephen de Lattibeaudiere who was married to a woman called Louise (don't know maiden name) but she is i believe from Belgium originally but then moved to Jamaica. Luise had 3 sisters Edith, Gladys & Clarisa and maybe a brother called Alfred. With the name Lattibeaudiere being French sounding i thought my ancestors originated from France but with the new info that i have maybe Stephen de Lattibeaudiere or his father is also from Belgium. Any help would be much appreciated.
Iain Lattibeaudiere.
Hi Myriam, My Name is Iain Lattibeaudiere and iam interested in tracing my family tree and have got nowhere until seeing your message. I’m from Leeds in England and my father is called Jacinth Lattibeaudiere. His father, my grandfather is called Adolphus Lattibeaudiere. As well as my dad Jacinth is 2 brothers Carlton & Hollman (could be more) and a sister (My Aunty) i would ask my dad but he is actually on holiday in Jamaica in St Thomas,Yallohas bay.
I would love to receive a reply to see if you have got mine but the area that you said St. Elizabeth might ring a phew bells with my father as he does not remember his father's father ie my great grand father.
I'm hoping that the name De Lattibeaudiere is from my ancestors so your reply would be greatly appreciated.
For now though the only other information i could give you now is i think Adolphus moved to England from Jamaica around either the late 1950's or early 1960's.
I hope this helps and i await your reply.
I also have another email address which you might want to use which is
Hope to hear from you soon,
Hi Iain! Just wanted to say, consider searching the La Touche line as you research your family tree. I have been told that La Touche and Lattibeaudiere come from the same line-- that one name was a corruption of the other. My family is from St. Mary, Jamaica.
Hi Iain, I don't know if this will be of any help to you, but this is all I know of the Lattibeaudiere's.
The ones that I knew, lived on Dumbarton Ave/Rd in Kingston Jamaica. They had a little school in their converted garrage, when I attended there in 1953-1954 there were just a handful of children. They don't think they had any children of their own (or they were grow up). A few times they took us to Special occasions at their church Holy Cross Catholic at Half-Way Tree Road.
When I left the school I lost contact with them....I will never forget them as Mr Lattibeaudiere would always send us girls outside to play when it was time to do math, he said "girls do not need to learn math" LOL.
Good luck with your search
im not a member,but there is a large family in st mary with that surname, possibly same family. not far from my family, also theite prefix was de.
I am looking for my father john Paul Whyte and grandmother. my grandmother's maiden name maybe de Lattibeaudiere. do you know if any of them came from Haiti? my grandmother was borned in Haiti, and moved to Jamaica with her husband William Whyte. later she remarried a Richard jones from st. Elizabeth.
My grandfather last name is whyte and is stepfather last name is jones and they are from st. Elizabeth Jamaica
yes i heard about the French connection too my grand aunt was married to one they have three sons in Enfield st Mary and the sons have plenty children too some live in st Thomas. my name is jumaane Latibeaudiere i am looking for my father his name errol Latibeaudiere don't know where he lives only information is that he has family in jamaica,that lives off Waltham park road.

Hello, I've got a friend at work with the same surname (Lattibeaudiere) no De in front of it. She tells me her dad is Jamaican and her mum is French. We both live in Bristol. If you would like to send any information you have to me, I know she would me most interested in seeing it!
Hope to hear from you soon, Anna

Hi Karen, my name is Iain Lattibeaudiere, I have read your post regarding the latti's, it was good to read I found a bit of info from the Gleaner newspaper and it seems that in 1791 in Haiti which was French-owned and a Lattibeaudiere from there and i believe to be a free slave, had taken part in a revolution joined the French army in a war against the British and to cut a long story short escaped to Jamaica. Maybe he is the start of all the lattis in Jamaica.

Hello my name is Jephunneh Lattiboudeaire. I'm 15 years old and according to what I've been told by my grandparents and aunts and uncles we are French and even though there are variations in the spelling we're all related. But I don't have the "de" in front of my name.
c ya

I have recently started a similar search. I was born in Jamaica, my father is Albert Latibeaudiere and my grandfather was Edward Nathaniel Latibeaudiere. I have been told that my great-grandfather (or great great grandfather was from France and that our name started out being "de Lattibeaudiere". I also has an uncle named Caleb (or Kaleb) Latibeaudiere. Any leads you can offer would be most appreciated. Good luck.

Hi Charles, I saw that Myriam has been in touch with you I was in contact with her last year or the year before then lost contact. At the moment i do not get to go on a computer as much as i used to as it is my father's.Once i have sorted out a computer for myself I will relay all the email names I have received concerning our family name.I have been told the same info as you have and we also have something in common which I will get back to. I have a brother called Robert and my father is called Jacinth Lattibeaudiere, my mother Edna-May Lattibeaudiere. My Grandfather was called Adolphus and my Great grandfather was called Lewis Lattibeaudiere. I think he used 'De' before his surname. My Grandfather is dead now and it was his wife, my grandmother who told me who his father was ie Lewis, but does not know his date of birth.I'm not sure of my grandfathers D.O.B but my fathers is 19/07/45 and mine is 10/06/67. I hope you get back in touch with me I'm sorry it has taken awhile for a reply but once i've sorted out my own PC I would be able to communicate with a lot more people as well as yourself. Before I go my father was born in Kingston, Jamaica and I was born in Bristol, England but now live in Leeds. I hope I have helped in anyway and hope to get back to you as soon as possible, Good Luck in your search and say Hi to Myriam for me, she was the first to reply to my message. You can reply to me on Good luck cousin.

Dear Fellow Lattibeaudieres
i have learnt that four brothers came to Jamaica who were French and they were all Lattibeaudieres they splitted up and went four directions of the island learnt all of this from my grandfather who also said that all Lattibeaudieres in Jamaica are related

Hi there Guys!
I know a few Lattibeaudieres, however there are no "De" attached to their names and in fact I slightly related to some of them on my Mother's side...There are 2 set of families I know of, one is very much more "White European" appearance and are residing in upper St Andrews, upper Kingston & St. Andrews area of Jamaica..., we were neighbors and close family friends in the 70's. They are very good decent, generous,respectable, Catholic family; have very good childhood memories of them. I would perhaps suggest French or Belgium background...really nice folks!
The other is darker but clearly mixed raced featured, which happens to be the ones connected with my mother (grandparent's side) and they are from St. Mary region.
I personally know addresses for both families from the past and although some have since dearly departed, many had migrated over the years to the USA and UK . My Mom would know much more as she has attended funerals over the years. By the way, I now live in the UK but still have some Jamaican links, should be able to obtain some contact details if ness!
Kind Regards!
Happy Hunting!

Hi there i am also looking for some Lattibeaudieres my dad’s name i have been told is Errol George Latibeaudiere his mother is called Miss. Harper or Miss Fanny and lives in st Mary I can be contacted at 18764348303 or thanks.

Hi Myriam:
I am Karen Lattibeaudiere and was born and raise in St. Andrew, Jamaica. I did not grow with my father, but now I am older and I know my father. Because of him, I have come to know a little bit of his Lattibeaudiere roots.(We now live in the United States). He was born in Linsta (not sure if that's the right spelling),a town on the border of St. Andrew and St. Mary in Jamaica. In this town, there are many Lattibeaudiere's. It's incredible. I got to experience it when his aunt who raised him died and I went up there for her funeral. I met many Lattibeaudieres and once I told them my father's name (Stanford), they claimed I was related to all of them.

I have heard that the name has been corrupted. You have people in Jamaica with the surname De Lattibeaudiere, Lattibeaudiere, Latibeaudiere, Lattiboudeair, Lattiboudeaire and Latiboudeaire. This is comically true for my family as I have five brothers and a sister and there are three different spelling of our surname in the family. Hence, when we are filling out formal documents we sometime have to put "otherwise spelt....". That at times just makes me smile.

From what I have gathered there are pockets of Lattibeaudiere's throughout Jamaica. There are some in Clarendon and some in St. Elizabeth along with the ones in Linsta (border of St. Andrew/St. Mary). The most prominent Lattibeaudiere in Jamaica that I have known is Derrick Lattibeaudiere who was Governor of the Bank of Jamaica for 13 years until late last year (2009). His name appeared on all Jamaican paper currency until then.

I also learned that the last Maroon Chief in the St. Andrew/St. Mary area was a Lattibeaudiere and that he was my great great grandfather.

Now how they came to Jamaica, I have never gotten to the bottom of that. I have heard, but cannot prove that they came to Jamaica from France. They were aristocrats who fled the French Revolution (around the time when they were be-heading wealthy French aristocrats in Paris)...heard they paid a large sum of money to board the next ship leaving Paris and it just happened to be a ship coming to Jamaica to pick up rum and sugar. Once they came here, they bought alot of land in Upper St. Andrew into St. Mary where they apparently must have own plantations. It was said that somewhere along the line sons of the Lattibeaudiere's had children with Maroon women and that started the mix of Lattibeaudiere's in Jamaica.

Now all of that is here say and again as I have said, I have not proven it to be true or a false. Maybe someone will see this and find out the real "Monty".

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that just like the pockets of Lattibeaudiere's in Jamaica; there are pockets of Lattibeaudiere's in England; in Leeds, Manchester and other places. Now, what would be interesting to me about these pockets would be to find out if these pockets were formed from Lattibeaudiere's migrating from Jamaica to England? or did they come from elsewhere? and, if they came from elsewhere-where?

Has anyone heard of this French connection regarding the Lattibeaudiere's? I would definitely like to find out my ancestral tree.

Hope this somehow helps.

am searching for members of the Thompsons and de Lattibeaudieres'. Ivan Thomson married Lucille De Lattibeaudiere. They had 6 children: Pauline, Doreen, Calamaceta, Grace, Charles and Hershell. Ivan is the son of Charles and Irene Thompson and Lucille is the daughter of Stephan and Luise De Lattibeaudiere. They are from the St. Elizabeth area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
LATIBEAUDIERE, Bernard E. - Peacefully passed away at home on Monday, August 19, 2013 in his 97th year. Husband of the late Phyllis (D'Aguilar). Father to Beverley DaCosta, Joan Mclntosh (Ray), Marjorie Moeser (Barry), Audrey Olsen (Peter), Carole Dekoker (Gilbert), Robert Latibeaudiere ( Dora - both deceased), Marcia Rennie and Peta-Gaye Latibeaudiere (Michael Hoskinson). Cherished grandfather to David and Andrew Sanguinetti, Lee-Ann Fields (deceased), Stacy Granat, Inga Buigas, Karen Kinch, Kelly Olsen, Wendy Petterser,, Delia Wright, Rachael Rufino, Cathy and Justin Rennie. Honoured great- grandfather to Alexis, Taylor, Bianca and Megan Sanguinetti, Taylor and Madison Fields, Ryan and Zachary Granat, Kylie and Christian Buigas, Jordan and Julian Kinch, Dylan and Sierra Pettersen, Matteo, Paul, Roman, Christopher and Mario Rufino. Formerly C.E.O., J. Wray & Nephew, where he had a lifetime career. He will be dearly missed. A Funeral Mass was held on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at Church of the Good Shepherd (21 Simonston Boulevard, Thornhill). Interment followed at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Charles Latibeaudiere was born in 1969. Charles currently lives in Hermosa Beach . Before that, he lived in Los Angeles , CA from 1996 to 2004. Charles Latibeaudiere attended Cornwall Central High School in Cornwall, NY and graduated class of 1987. May be related to: Katherine Latibeaudiere, Charissa Latibeaudiere, Charissa Latibeaudiere, Charles Latibeaudiere, Marie Latibeudiere, Monique Ereaux, Timothy Latibeaudiere. Charles Latibeaudiere, a Co-Executive Producer of TMZ and a Co-Host of TMZ on TV. TMZ on TV is an American syndicated entertainment and gossip news television show that premiered on September 10, 2007. The program is generally aired on Fox, The CW and MyNetworkTV affiliates, though a majority of the stations that carry the series are Fox affiliates. It is essentially a television version of its sister operation,, a news website with a heavy emphasis on gossip of celebrities' personal lives, such as Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, and Michael Jackson, which debuted in December 2005. The TV show and website are produced in a studio facility at the 3rd Floor of the "8000 Sunset Strip" Shopping Center on 8000 W Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. TMZ is an insider term ("thirty-mile zone" or studio zone) referencing the movie studio area of downtown Hollywood.

On Thursday, August 28, 2008 TMZ Executive Producers Harvey Levin and Jim Paratore named Charles Latibeaudiere and Evan Rosenblum to the post of Co-Executive Producers of TMZ. Latibeaudiere helped launched the freshman season of TMZ, where he served as Supervising Producer. Prior to TMZ, Latibeaudiere spent eight years at Extra, the pop culture news magazine strip produced by Telepictures Productions where he served as Senior Producer. Before joining Extra, Latibeaudiere worked at KTVK-TV in Phoenix, then the ABC Television Network affiliate, where he served as Producer of the nightly 10:00 pm newscast.

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