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excerpts from Pages from the History of the Scottish Kirk in British Guiana

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excerpts from Pages from the History of the Scottish Kirk in British Guiana

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Excerpted from "Pages from The History of The Scottish Kirk in British Guiana", by J.Graham Cruickshank ("The Argosy", Georgetown 1930).
I accept all responsibility for any errors of transcription (I have checked it twice, however).

Key to parish abbreviations:
A=St.Andrews Kirk and Parish, Demerara
AS=All Saints parish, New Amsterdam and Left Canje Creek, Berbice
CL=St.Clements parish, East Bank, Berbice river
CT=St. Catherine's parish, West Bank Berbice river
E=Edinburgh Station (part of CL)
J=St. James Parish, Wakenaam and Troolie Island, Essequebo
L=St. Luke's parish, West Coast Demerara
MK=St.Marks parish, West Bank Demerara River (malaria was rampant in this district)
MY=St. Marys Parish, Upper East Coast, Demerara
S=St.Saviors parish, East Coast and Corentyne, Berbice
ST=St. Stephen's church (part of A)
T=St.Thomas' church, Demerara (Part of A)
ACM="West Coast Coolie Mission" at Anna Catherina
CM=Demerara River (Christianburg) Mission
DM=Aroabisce Coast, Essequebo (St. David's Mission)
GSM=Essequibo River (Groete Creek and Saxakalli) Missions
SM=Supenaam river (Indiana and Chalk Hill) Missions
Reverends and Catechists, with primary parish:
ADONIS, John: . Born in Niger Valley (Yoruba tribe), he was a "Liberated African" who had been indentured to Plantation Highbury. Became a catechist at Plantation Edinburg, Berbice circa 1880. Died Oct 1917, over 80 years of age -E-
ANDERSON, Andrew H.: died Jan 1, 1895 -S-
ANDERSON, George: died Apr 21, 1845 of yellow fever at New Amsterdam -CT-
ANDERSON, John: died Jul 6, 1840 at New Amsterdam, age 32. Arrived Feb 1835, native of Nairshire, attended Univ. of Aberdeen and studied theology at Edinburgh; 1st minister at Berbice -AS-
BARBOUR, John: died Oct 12, 1861 -S-
BARNHILL, William: died Oct 22, 1883. Buried at Plantation Friends -CL-
BENONS, A.H.:died Feb 1910 CM
BROWN, Thomas: died May 1917 "at great age". Born Africa, a "Liberated African", indentured to Pln. Marionville, Wakenaam; ordained an elder. Served ca 50yrs. Son Samuel was senior Elder in 1930. -J-
BROWNE, Archibald: died Nov 8, 1843, age 56. Buried Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh. First minister of the Church of Scotland in Guiana. Univ of Glasgow 1810; studied divinity at Edinburgh. Embarked from Glasgow August 1817, arrived Demerara Sep 18, 1817. Married his ward, the widow of Hugh JUNOR (an Essequibo planter), and daughter of the Chief of the Clan Matheson of the Black Isle of Ross, Sep. 12, 1826 in Edinburgh. Mrs. BROWNE died age 62, on 11 APR 1857, and is buried next to Archibald. One BROWNE daughter married Rev. Donald MASSON (Emeritus minister of Edinburgh, died Nov 1913 in Edinburgh age 88), May 1855. Second BROWNE daughter married Captain KELSO of the 3rd Madras Cavalry. Only son, Hugh Junor BROWNE, became a wealthy and influential citizen of Melbourne, Australia. Hugh BROWNE's first daughter married Hon. Alfred DEAKIN, ex-Prime Minister of Australia. -A-
BUCHANAN, Andrew: died Sep 28, 1839 at Georgetown. Had arrived Jan 1839 -CL-
CAMPBELL, J. Allan: died Jun 25 1903 at Georgetown; was in charge of Supenaam mission pre-1891;
"the building parson" -MK-
COLTART, Robert: died Jun 22, 1840 after illness lasting 1 day. Widow and children left almost immediately for Scotland -MK-
CRUICKSHANK, John G.: died Dec 13 or 15, 1905; drowned on a boating trip together with Rev. J.D. MACKAY of Canadian Presbyterian Church. Buried in churchyard. Sister carved communion table. -J-
DALGETTY, James B.: joint minister St. Andrews March 1866; All Saints' ca. 1878 -AS-
DEVONISH, John E.: died Jul 1881 -DM
DICKSON, John R.: died Aug 9, 1896; was in charge of Good Hope mission pre-1874 -MY-
DRAYTON, David F.: died 1919. Ordained March 1906; associated with St. Stephen's Church -A-
DUFF, Robert: died Aug 1878, age 70, at Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice. Published "Notes on the Natural Productions of British Guiana" (Glasgow: 1866). Retired March 1869; son in law of Dr. Struthers. -AS-
EASTON, Andrew E. : died Dec 29, 1859; minister of St. Marks pre-1845 -MY-
FORBES, Francis: died Dec 9, 1855; wife died 1847; buried next to each other; arrived Jul 1837; ordained at Presbytery of Aberdeen May 1837; 1st minister at St. Saviours -L-
GALBRAITH, Peter: died Feb 3, 1884 -CT-
GIBSON, John: died Nov 1888; buried St.Luke's parish churchyard; had arrived 1885 from Canadian Presbyterian Church, Ontario, Canada -ACM
GILCHRIST, Neil: died Dec 1850; drowned while bathing -SM-
GLADSTONE, William: died Nov 27, 1836 -MK-
GRAHAM, William: died August 1842. Had arrived Jan 1840; lived at Pln. Brothers -CL-
GRAY, J. Meikle: associated with St. Andrews ca 1924; retired to Scotland Jan 1927 -A-
GUNN, Aeneas: died May 18, 1830, age 37, at sea while on leave of absence, aboard the "Rosalind" which had departed Apr 24, 1830 for London. Had arrived Aug 18, 1825 on "Clyde", 45 days out from Glasgow. -L-
HAIG, William: died Jul 27, 1837.Previously minister of a Kirk on the island of Grenada 1833. -L-
HARDIE, Robert: died Oct 24, 1837. Had arrived Demerara with wife on "Glasgow", 52 days out from Clyde, in Sep 1837. Died at Plantation Bohemia (see also "Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanea") -CL-
HARPER, William: died Aug 8, 1887, age 52; fell from a wagon; buried in churchyard; started Groete Creek mission ca 1880; 18 years in parish; entomologist; published articles in The Argosy -J-
IRVING, Joseph: catechist 1919 (ST)
JARDINE, Fergus: died Oct 8, 1877. Had been assistant to Rev. SLATER at his old parish of St. George in the Fields, Glasgow. Also served in Jamaica pre-1872 -T-
JOHNSON, James: died a few days before John GIBSON (who cared for him in his illness); buried St. Luke's parish churchyard; from Canada-ACM
LEES, William: minister 1930 -T-
LESLIE, George N.: minister St. Andrews 1930 -A-
LEWIS, Robert L.: died Jul 26, 1880; buried at Ithaca -CT-
MAC INTOSH, Donald: died Jun 23, 1837 at Mahaica; 1st Scottish minister Jun 1829 -MY-
MACKIE, James: died Apr 14, 1876, "elderly" -MK-
MACNIE, Robert L.: died 1929 in Scotland; retired Feb 1922; at St. Marys pre-1909 -A-
MAITLAND, David: died Feb 17, 1875 -MK-
MANSFIELD, John: born at Christianburg; died Jul 5, 1914. At St. Stephen's March 1878. Ordained 1894. Published "St. Mark's Parish, British Guiana: A Brief Sketch of its History" (Edinburgh: 1912) together with his daughter Mildred MANSFIELD -MK-
MARSHALL, David: St. Thomas' ca. 1920; left colony sick Jun 1929 -T-
MC CLELLAN, Alexander:died May 17, 1868;wife died ca 1866; buried next to each other in churchyard -J-
MC CUNE, Thomas: died Jul 3, 1845 of yellow fever at New Amsterdam -CT-
MC DONALD, Alexander: died Aug 16, 1841 -MY-
MC GILL, Stevenson: died Jan 31, 1921 -S-
MC PHION, Peter: died Jun 2, 1852. Ordained Glasgow Jun 1830; arrived Demerara Dec 3, 1830 on "John Scott" from Greenock. Married sister of the late Joseph FLEMING (a Water St. merchant) in Georgetown Dec 1837. Left colony ill with wife April 1852. Died on his way home, in Dalemain, Cumberland, England, age 53.; 1st minister of St. James; served 22 yrs -J-
MENZIES, Robert: died Aug 18, 1844. Licensed at Edinburgh, arrived Demerara Feb 1837, lived with wife at Pln. De Resolutie in Berbice; buried in churchyard; 1st minister at St. Catherines -L-
MILLAR, James: died Oct 5, 1914. St. Lukes ca 1890; St. Thomas ca 1895 -T-
MUIR, James: died Dec 5, 1892 at Georgetown. Previously Minister of Scots Kirk on island of Grenada -J-
MURRAY, Archibald D.: died Dec 6, 1863 of typhoid; buried in churchyard; formed Presbyterian Missionary Society -A-
PIETERS, Walter Theophilus: died May 1911. 1st schoolmaster at Essequibo and Supenaam missions 1902; published "A Voice from the Woods or Three Years among the Indians of Groote Creek, Essequebo" (Georgetown, 1886) -GSM
PRINGLE, Alexander C.: died Sep 14, 1896; drowned at sea -CT-
RAMSAY, John A.: associated first with St. Mark's and then St. Luke's between 1923 and 1930 -L-
RANNIE, John:died 1909 in England, age 82.From Canadian Presbyterian Church.Retired Jan 1904.-AS-
RIACH, Alexander: died Apr 19, 1855 at New Amsterdam. Wife died in March 1855. Had resigned in Feb 1842, and became minister of Lutheran Church in Berbice; St. Saviors 1839; St. Catherines 1840. -CL-
RITCHIE, W.B.: died Jul 1918, in Edinburgh. Published "From Religion to Revelation" (1894) and "Revelation and Religious Certitude" (1907). Retired Oct 1909 -A-
ROBERTSON, William: joint minister St. Andrews ca Mar 1866 -A-
ROSS, Francis A.:died 1930 in Nova Scotia, age 83.Founded 2 missions and 4 public elementary schools. Also ministered on island of Grenada post-1890; Army Chaplain in South African war. -CT-
SHARPLES, Daniel E.: died 1921. Primary schoolmaster St. Thomas Church School for over 25 years -A-
SHAW, John G.: died 1853 -S-
SIMSON, Alexander G.: died Sep 11, 1830, age 28, after brief illness. Had arrived on "Leonora" with James Struthers; 1st minister St Marks -MK-
SLATER, Thomas: died Apr 1905, age 76, in Barbados. Former parish was St. George in the Fields, Glasgow. Retired March 1887 due to ill health ("lung weakness"). Involved in Presbyterian Missionary Society. Worked 10 years after retirement at Better Hope Mission (East Coast) -A-
SPEIRS, James: died Apr 23, 1904, 2 days after returning to England ill. Buried at Rothesay. Founded Berbice Library (defunct 1930). Published "The Proverbs of British Guiana" (Demerara: 1902) ; edited the Scottish Church Record for 2 yrs; inducted Apr 1884 -CL-
STEPHEN, George: St. Thomas 1877, scholar -T-
STEVENSON, Alexander: assistant to Dr Struthers pre-1837; minister 1837-1839 at St. Luke's; All Saints ca 1840; later St. Andrews -A-
STEWART, Donald: died Nov 29, 1831. Had arrived Demerara April 1831 -MK-
(memorial to him at the Kirkyard at Balquidder, Perthshire, Scotland says he was 27 years old at death)
STEWART, William: died Sep 1837 of fever -MK-
STRUTHERS, James: died Aug 1858 at Edinburgh. Had arrived Apr 14, 1826 on the "Leonora", 34 days out from Glasgow. Son of the late celebrated "Pulpit Orator" and a nephew to Dr. BRIGGS, Prof. of Medicine at Univ. of St. Andrew. Wife was a sister of Dr. BURNS of St. John's, New Brunswick. Doctor of Divinity conferred by St. Andrew's University. Owned Caracaba Island. -A-
TRAIN, Joseph W.: died Aug 28, 1841 -MK-
TROTMAN, Thomas H.: died Aug 12, 1891, while on leave in England; joint minister St. Andrews -MK-
VAN GRONIGEN, Abraham: died Jan 1926; ordained as elder 1886; nephew of Liverpool VAN GRONIGEN, one of the first elders, who was ordained 1844 -CM-
WALKER, James P: died Nov 1870 at Aurora; owned and occupied house there. Previously Elder of the Presbyterian Church in Baltimore; his son John P. WALKER was ordained as a missionary 29SEP1896, worked nearly 50yrs at Supenaam Mission and died 31 OCT 1901. -DM-
WALLACE, James B.: died Aug 21, 1921, buried in churchyard; served the parish 28yrs -L-
WATTS, John: died May 20, 1845. Minister of Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, a "dark coloured man", also associated with St. David's (1841) and Supenaam Missions -MK-
YEARWOOD, William: died suddenly 1905, buried at Saxakalli Mission- GSM
Miscellaneous churchmen:
AIKEN, James: associated with St. Catherine's 1904 and St. Thomas 1914; accepted parish in Scotland in 1917.
BANCROFT, H: Catechist at St. Davids mission 1930
BELL, Thomas: lived at Lonsdale, associated with All Saints, St. Catherine's, St. clements 1849; retired ca 1866; brother was John BELL
BELL, John: All Saints ca 1840; built schools at Lochaber and Bleyendaal on left Canje Creek; opened colony's first agricultural school; retired Apr 1852 -AS-
BERNAU, J.H.: missionary of Anglican church on Corentyne coast ca 1836; lived at Auchlyne
BILES, Charles E.: ordained and inducted Jun 1922, minister 1930 -J-
BINNIE, J.M.: associated with St. James' parish; resigned Sep 1917
CAMERON, C. McKay: minister after 1923 -AS-
CAMPBELL, J. Allan: belonged to Wesleyan Church prior to induction 1889, in pastoral charge of mission churches at Good Hope and Aurora (St. David's Mission)
CAMPBELL, Patrick: associated with St. Clement's 1842 and St. David's Mission; left B.Guiana Mar 1848
COSSOU, Mortimer A: St. Catherines and St. Clements 1930
CROPPER, JB: missionary 1896 at "Coolie mission"; from Presbyterian church in Canada
DATHORNE, T.W.: catechist at Troolie Island 1930 -J-
DICKSON, J. Richards: Wesleyan minister pre-1872; in charge of Good Hope 1872; St. Marys Sep 1874
DUNCAN, Thomas O.: interim minister Sep 1928 -A-
DYETT, A.E.: May 1921-30 at St. Saviours; late 1917 at St. James -S-
ELCOCK, C.C.: Ordained Oct 1929 -MK-
FARLEY, B.: 1930 schoolmaster-catechist at Canje Creek mission -AS-
FERGUSON, Alexander: St. Luke's ca 1856; returned to Scotland after wife's death -L-
HARPER, George: associated with St. Clement's 1857
HUSKIE, James: associated with St. Clement's 1872 and St. Saviour's
JACOBUS, Frederick: an Arawak Chief, appointed Deacon at Supenaam River Mission Nov 1843
JAMES, Francis: local elder, ordained 1844 at Christianburg
JEFFREY, J.E.A.: associated with Christianburg and St. David's
KINNISON, John: associated with St. Mark's 1854 and St. Catherine's 1866; retired March 1875
LILLIE, Gordon: minister ca 1860; left colony 1874 -MY-
MAC FARLANE, Andrew: assistant minister of St. Andrews; died ca Sep 1839
MAC GILL, Stevenson: post-1904 minister at St Clements
MAC GILL, J. Whyte: at St. Catherines late 1896, All Saints 1904; retired Feb 1923, last minister on clergy list
MC GUFFIE, John: associated with St. Saviour's ca 1845; later accepted parish in Scotland
MC ILRAITH, John: minister ca 1852; left colony after death of wife by yellow fever -AS-
MC WHIRTER, William: 1914 at St. Catherines; resigned 1917
NICOLL, Peter H.: minister after 1923 -AS-
NIMMO, James: minister ca 1860 -L-
OBERMULLER, Mr.: Dutch Reformed Consistory member Apr 1871
PETRIE, George: post-1904 minister at St Clements
RAE, James: minister from island of Grenada; associated with St. James; St. Saviour's Parish Oct 1895. Retired Apr 1917 after 24 years in BG.
RAMSAY, John A.: associated with St. Mark's 1915 and St. Luke's 1923; previously in charge of a Presbyterian church in Colorado, USA
REDWAR, T.R.: Church of England minister ca 1820 -AS-
ROBB, George: St. Mark's ca 1875. Returned to Scotland Mar 1879 -MK-
RYK, Gabriel: predikant of Dutch Reformed Church in Demerara Aug 12, 1811 (died by Oct 1812)
SCHWEIRS, Conradus: predikant of Dutch Reformed Church Jul 1818; retired to The Hague ca 1820
SCRIMGEOUR, JA: of Canadian Presbyterian Church, temporarily in charge of St. Catherines ca 1917
SEYMOUR, George: associated with Supenaam and Christianburg ca 1917-1930
SMITH, G.A.: associated with Saxakalli/Supenaam missions ca 1920; over 80 yrs old in 1930.
SPOONER, B.: Church of England clergyman ca 1842; lived at Mara
STEPHENS, Charles: associated with St. Mary's Parish ca 1909; previously minister of Scots Kirk on island of Grenada; returned to native Scotland at end of 1920
STRONG, Leonard: Church of England clergyman ca 1826, rented house at Pln. New Beehive ; seceded to Plymouth Brethren-MY-
STRUTHERS, George: from Nova Scotia, at St Mark's ca 1830. Departed colony 1833 -MK-
WALLIS, James: associated with St. James Essequibo; minister MY late 1859; retired after a few months of ill health
WILSON, A.F.: ca 1872 -L-
YOUNG, James: associated with St. Catherine's 1842; resigned and returned to Scotland March 1844
STEWART, Matthew A.: Sep 10, 1835. Native of Lochridge, Ayrshire NB; buried at Dankbaarheid (tomb was in near-perfect condition in 1917)

Feb 9, 1820 at Plantation Meerzorg (Wakenaam): Donald MC DONALD and Ann CLARK (both natives of Scotland), married by Rev. Archibald Browne

Jan 9, 1826 at Plantation Palmyra:
Wolfert KATZ married Susan Barclay FRASER
Charles McKenzie MATHESON married Margaret Nicholson FRASER
both marriages performed by Rev. Archibald Brown

Nov. 15, 1829: Plato and Margaret, slaves of Plantation Good Hope, were married by Rev. MacIntosh

Approx Nov. 22, 1829: Caesar and June Rose, slaves of Plantation Baillie's Hope, were married at Beehive church .
COSSOU, Mortimer A.: ordained 1914, associated with Christianburg
CRUM EWING family: proprietors of Pln. Vryheid's Lust ca 1890; maintained Better Hope Mission.
CUMING, Lachlan: "The Patriarch of Scotland in Guiana", chaired meeting to establish Presbyterian Church Sep 23, 1815; owned Pln. Craigmill 1798
EDELMANN, JE: organist at St. Andrews 1821-5
EDMONDSTONE, Archibald: a woodcutter of Hobabo Creek who aided St. Mark's ca 1827 and mission on Pokorero ca 1838. Returned to Scotland ca Jun 1841
EDMONDSTONE, Charles: native of Dumbartonshire, son in law of William REID, became father in law of Charles WATERTON. Owned Pln. Warrow's Place in Mibiri; attended meeting to establish Presbyterian Church Sep 23, 1815
JEFFREY, William: from Ross-shire; he and his brother had a woodcutting grant on Supenaam River ca 1841; built mission churches in 1845 and 1873
NICHOLS, Benjamin: owned coffee plantation Tweedside, Right Bank Demerara 1759
PATTERSON, William: early Scot on Demerara river
PATTERSON, John D.: owned woodcutting establishment at Christianburg (formerly a sugar estate belonging to Christiaan FINET); 3 of his children were baptized by Dr. Struthers along with 93 slaves in March 1832. Wrote request for clergyman 17AUG1841.
REID, William: had timber-grant in the Camoonie Creek
STEWART, Donald: owned Pln. Dunoon, Left Bank Demerara 1759
Other Names:
BOODE, Andries Christian, owned Pln. Uitvlugt, gave land to St. Lukes Jun 1830
BROTHERSON, Edward: a teacher at Supenaam mission in Nov 1841; got food and lodging from William JEFFREY at Indiana Mission on Supenaam River; received stipend from Presbytery
CAMERON, Donald C.: kirk session elder in New Amsterdam Jan 1839.
CAMERON, John: member of "Council of Government" Oct 1831
CARRUTHERS, John: awarded contract to build Berbice church Nov 1818; supplied building plans as late as 1838 in Berbice
CHALLENOR, Miss: owned land at Mahaica Village ca 1830
CROAL, John: owned Pln. Palmyra Jun 1838; bought abandoned cotton Pln. Goodhope at the mouth of the Supenaam River, sold lots to ex-slaves, and donated land there to set up a mission ca 1838
HAYLEY, William: awarded contract to build church 1843
HEYLIGER, V.A.: deacon of Dutch Reformed Church at Demerara Aug 12, 1811
KATZ, Wolfert: wealthy planter, donated clock to All Saints
KENDAL, Jacob Lewis: headman and schoolmaster at Pln. Wales Oct 1838
KOTWYK, JJ: elder of Dutch Reformed Church at Demerara Aug 12, 1811
MAC ADAM, William; awarded building contract for chapel at St. Clements 1838
MC KEAND, William: Attorney at Pln. Baillies Hope 1829
MC KENZIE, Roderick: awarded building contract for church at St. Clements 1838
MEERTENS, Jacobus: an attorney; became a vestry layman at St. Marks, West Bank Demerara, Mar 1827
NIEWENKERK, J.G. de: member of "Council of Government" Oct 1831
PINKERTON, James: awarded contract to build church ca 1831 -J-
REVERS, Mr.: at Pln. Maria Jun 1838
VAN ROSSUM, L.: deacon of Dutch Reformed Church at Demerara Aug 12, 1811
VERNEDE, FA: elder of Dutch Reformed Church at Demerara Aug 12, 1811
VIJFHUIS, Adam: Attorney for AC BOODE 1839
WHITE, F.: Deputy Secretary at Berbice Oct 1818

Archibald Browne
St. Andrew's, ca 1823 and ca 1860
St. Luke's, Mark's, Mary's, James', Clement's, Saviours, Catherine's
All Saints

Hope this helps someone!
Best Regards

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