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Manny Yaw and Nelson Yaw

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Manny Yaw and Nelson Yaw

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Surnames: Bentick (Bentinck), Harry, Jacobs and Yaw

Pardon this intrusion – will you? I am hereby seeking data leading to the identity of the relatives of Manny Yaw and Nelson Yaw. I am referring to their maternal relatives thought to be people of Sancho. It is further understood that the mother of Manny Yaw and Nelson Yaw is sister of the mother of Rebecca (Jacobs) Harry (1870-1956) and Emily (Jacobs) Harry. Also, the husbands of Rebecca (Jacobs) Harry and Emily (Jacobs) Harry, Joseph Harry and Thomas Harry, and their brother Edward Harry are descendants of Bentick (Bentinck). All the kinships mentioned herein were resident in Buxton and Friendship district.
To that end I am requesting you facilitate me with contact information of the relatives of Vibert Yaw, Superintendent , British Guiana Police Force, 1961; and Cyril Yaw, Bugler, Band, British Guiana Police Force, Eve Leary, Kingston, Georgetown prior to May 26, 1966. I am told Cyril Yaw has four children; Lorna Yaw, Lubert Yaw, Berkley Yaw and Dennis Yaw. Lubert Yaw died in Guyana. His three siblings are all likely in New York City.
The following are also considered persons of interest are; 4350 Yaw, 4570 Edgar Yaw, Eileen Esme Yaw, Joseph Yaw (Lusignan), John Yaw, Shondel Yaw, Aaron Yaw, Adeola Yaw, Andrea Yaw, Benson Yaw, Cheryl Yaw, Colette Yaw, David A. Yaw, Errol Yaw, Fitzgerald Yaw, Isakwana I. Yaw, Jacqueline Yaw, Joan Yaw, Karen Yaw, Selwyn Yaw, Leon Yaw, Lloyd Yaw, Louis A. Yaw, Lyndon Yaw, Magnel Yaw, Magzel Yaw, Marvin Yaw, Mary A. Yaw, Monica Yaw, Monty Yaw, Ned Yaw, Nicola Yaw, Patricia Yaw, Royston O. Yaw, Sean Yaw, Sherlock G. Yaw, Sherlock Q. Yaw, Shirley Yaw, Simon Yaw, Stephen A. Yaw, Veronica Yaw, Vibert Yaw, Vibert F. Yaw, Victor Yaw, Warren Yaw, Wendell Yaw, Winifred Yaw, Yonette Yaw, Dexter Yaw, Tiffany Yaw, 17657 Constable Mark Yaw, Batson Yaw, Millicent Yaw, 4305 Yaw, Christopher Yaw, Erania Yaw, Susan Yaw, 7799 Sergeant Berkeley Yaw and Betsy (Yaw) Wills, the wife of Overseer John Eleazer Wills of Buxton and Friendship Village District.
Miscellaneous –Adriana Yaw, Feleahus Yaw, D. Yaw, Agatha Yaw, and John Yaw were all charged by Rebecca Arthur, with having on the 4th inst., (December 4, 1888) assaulted and beaten her at Beterverwagting. First and second defendants were discharged; third and fourth fined $3, or 5 days, each; and the fifth ordered to received six strokes with Tamarind Rods
James Yaw twelve years old was charged by Rebecca Arthur, with having used abusive words to her. Defendant told complainant she was a prostitute. Ordered to receive six strokes with Tamarind Rods.
The need is to ascertain the people of Yaw who are also members of the kinship of Sancho…
Who do you recommend I contact and consult – soonest?

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