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Family of Johannes Holm of Hjarnarp Sweden

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Re: Family of Johannes Holm of Hjarnarp Sweden

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They are found at Förslöv number 3 in AD Förslöv AI:6 (1833-1837) Image 8 / page 12 (AID: v99138.b8.s12, NAD: SE/LLA/13104):

- maid Maria Pehrsdotter, born 1811-03-11 Förslöf.
- illeg. s. Johannes, born 1833-12-19 Förslöf.

She had come 1833 from Lyngby number 2, and is found there in the previous volume, AD Förslöv AI:5 (1827-1833) Image 44 / page 84 (AID: v99137.b44.s84, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

She moves 1832 to page 7, where she is found with her parents retired soldier Pehr Hjelte and wife Elna Persdotter.

They are also above her on the page in AI:6 (1833-1837) page 12.

Her birth-date is difficult to read in the household records, it seems she was born 4 Feb 1811, parents the hussar Pehr Hielte and wife Sissa Pålsdotter of Förslöv.
AD Förslöv CI:2 (1749-1828) Image 186 / page 329 (AID: v99155.b186.s329, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

So Elna Persdotter would be Maria's step-mother.

The family is at Förslöv in AD Förslöv AI:4 (1822-1827) Image 10 / page 16 (AID: v99136.b10.s16, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

Before that in AD Förslöv AI:3 (1817-1821) Image 7 / page 10 (AID: v99135.b7.s10, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

Before that in 1816 in AD Förslöv AI:2 (1804-1816) Image 217 / page 208 (AID: v99134.b217.s208, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

There is a wife Sissa born 1775-10-05(?) Nötte(??), she is crossed out and a new wife Elna is recorded

In 1812 they are on page 138, in 1810-1811 on page 116, in 1809 on page 84:

- hussar Pehr Hjelte born 1781.
- wife Sissa, born 1775.
- son Påhl, born 1806.
- son Hans Peter born 1809.

In 1805(?) on page at Förslöv you find this family:

- reserve dragoon Pehr Appelgren, age 25.
- wife Sissa, age 30.
- son Påhl, age 1/2(?).

One can speculate that Pehr Appelgren changed from being dragoon to hussar, and also changed name to Hjälte. Above them is retired dragoon Appelgren age 53, who dies here.

The son Hans Peter is recorded as born 29 Mar 1809, parents hussar Pehr Hjelte and wife Sissa Påhlsdotter, in AD Förslöv CI:2 (1749-1828) Image 181 / page 319 (AID: v99155.b181.s319, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

The son Påhl is recorded as born 25 May 1806, parents line dragoon ("Linie Dragon") Pehr Hjelte and wife Sissa Påhlsdotter, in AD Förslöv CI:2 (1749-1828) Image 174 / page 305 (AID: v99155.b174.s305, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

In 1804(?) on page 3 there is at Förslöv a "ryttare" (cavalry soldier) Apelgren age 51, with a son Pehr Appelgren age 23 with wife Sissa age 30.

One can speculate that Pehr took over his father's place in the regiment.

The marriage is recorded 6 July 1805, reserve dragoon Pehr Appelgren from Förslöv and maid Sissa Påhlsdotter from Olstorp.
AD Förslöv CI:2 (1749-1828) Image 342 / page 767 (AID: v99155.b342.s767, NAD: SE/LLA/13104).

This looks like the father in the Central Soldiers Register:

Died: 1806-10-09
Accepted: 1778
Retired: 1805
Document number: SH-07-0054-1791
Regiment: Skånska Husarregementet
"Rote": Ranarp 1-3
Parish: Förslöv
"Torp" number: SH-07-0054

The document number means he was soldier number 54 of 7th company, recruited 1791.

// Bo Johansson
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