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Enger, Gjestvang, Simonstad

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That Wisconsin Scandinavians obituary website sure has your family history posted there.

Funeral services were held at the Chimney Rock Lutheran church Saturday for Martin Matson, 85, who died at the home of his son, Morris Matson, Wednesday, December 20. A paralytic stroke, which he suffered December 18 was the cause of death. Mr. Matson was born in Solar, Norway, September 27, 1855. In the year 1879 he married Karen Erickson and in 1892 they came to America, reaching Chimney Rock on May 27 of that year. They settled on a farm there, where Mr. Matson remained for the balance of his life. His wife and four children preceded him in death, while surviving are the son with whom he lived and four daughters: Mrs. C. Anderson, Mrs. O. Strand and Mrs. G. Torsfelt of Minneapolis, and Mrs. A. Johnson of Chimney Rock. There are also 17 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. THE WHITEHALL TIMES - DECEMBER 28, 1939

So some of the dates are given, and would just need some verification. There are quite a few descendants, so chances are, someone else must be or have worked on genealogy for this family. The challenge is to find who.

It's too bad the obituary didn't name their kids, although the census of 1900 might??

I did find this couple that fits your names, approx. ages, and emigration year to the obituary. they are emigrating from Värmland (it says Wermland) in Sweden, but Solør (misspelled Solar) is right on the border with Sweden, so it's possible that they had lived over the border in Sweden for a while. It happened quite often on the bordering counties. Still does today, depending on work.

121101 1892 483 3 1 05.05.1892 06.05.1892 Martin Mathis. g Arb. m 38 Wermland Montreal A. Sharpe Montebello Ppd. Svensk
(Leaving Oslo on May 6, 1892, Martin Mathisson, married worker, male, age 38, Värmland, going to Montreal, on the A. Sharpe shipping line, the ship Montebello, Swedish.)

121102 1892 483 4 05.05.1892 06.05.1892 Karen Mathis. g k 31 Wermland Montreal A. Sharpe Montebello Ppd. Svensk
(Karen Mathis. married, female, age 31, etc.)

121103 1892 483 5 05.05.1892 06.05.1892 Emil Mathis. B. m 10 Wermland Montreal A. Sharpe Montebello Ppd. Svensk
(Emil Mathis. child, male, age 10, etc.)

121104 1892 483 6 05.05.1892 06.05.1892 Karen Mathis. P. k 13 Wermland Montreal A. Sharpe Montebello Ppd. Svensk
(Karen Mathis. female, age 13, etc.)

121105 1892 483 7 05.05.1892 06.05.1892 Mathilde Mathis. B. k 7 Wermland Montreal A. Sharpe Montebello Ppd. Svensk
(Mathilde Mathis. child, female, age 7, etc.)

121106 1892 483 8 05.05.1892 06.05.1892 Gustav Mathis. B. m 4 Wermland Montreal A. Sharpe Montebello Ppd. Svensk
(Gustav Mathis. child, male, age 4, etc.)

121107 1892 483 9 05.05.1892 06.05.1892 Marius Mathis. B. m 2 Wermland Montreal A. Sharpe Montebello Ppd. Svensk
(Marius Mathis, child, male, age 2, etc.

I'm wondering if this could be the son Morris Matson that is mentioned in the obituary???

online 1890 census for Värmland,

I did get this to show up:

ANNO 1890. Folkräkningen 1890. Norra Finnskoga kapell församling
(Year 1890. Folk Census 1890. North Finnskoga (the forest area bordering Norway and Sweden) Parish.)

Martin Mattsson f. 1855 Södra Finnskoga, Verml l
(Martin Mattsson born 1855, South Finnskoga Värmland.)

Norra Finnskoga kapell (they are living in Norra Finnskoga parish)
Aspberget, Badstugknappen. (the name of the place, sort of like an address, where they are living is Aspberget, Badstugknappen)
Kontrakt: Elfdals
Län: Värmland (swedish County, Värmland)

Födelseår: 1855 (birth year)
Födelseort: birth place, not given
Födelseförs: Södra Finnskoga, Verml l (birthparish, Södra Finnskoga)
Yrke: Jordbruksarbetare (farmworker)

Civilstånd: G (marital status, married)
Kön: M (sex, male)

Hushåll nr: 34 (household number)
Familj nr: 1 (family number)

The census or parish books this information was recorded in, including the volume, page, row, etc.:
SVARvolym: 000321 Kort nr: 9
Sida: 3 Rad: 49

Personer i hushållet: (people in the household)
Fam nr: 1
Martin Mattsson f. 1855, Jordbruksarbetare (farmworker)
Karna Eriksdotter f. 1861 (his wife)
Karna f. 1878
Matilda f. 1885
Emil f. 1882
Gustaf f. 1887
Marius f. 1890

so that gives his wife's maiden name, and it matches what you have.

I think the parents of Karna (Karen) Eriksdotter are also in that same place living there.

Erik Ersson f. 1815 Lima i Falu l.
(The father Erik Ersson was born in 1815 in Lima parish I think near Falun in Dalarna Sweden.)

They live the same neighborhood/place as Martin Mathisson and his wife.

Hemförsamling: Norra Finnskoga kapell (parish)
Hemort: Aspberget, Badstugknappen. (farm area name)
Kontrakt: Elfdals
Län: Värmland (Värmland county in Sweden)

Födelseår: (1815 Birthyear)

Födelseförs: Lima i Falu l. (birthparish, Lima in Falun land. (now called Dalarna I think)

Yrke: Torpare (Erik is a tenant farmer, a sort of sharecropper existence, another word is cotter.)

Civilstånd: G (married)
Kön: M (male)

Hushåll nr: 31
Familj nr: 1

Where this census record was recorded from:
SVARvolym: 000321 Kort nr: 9
Sida: 3 Rad: 34

Personer i hushållet:
(People in the household:)

Family number 1:
Fam nr: 1
Erik Ersson f. 1815, Torpare (tenant farmer)
Karin Kristiansdotter f. 1820 (the census shows that she is born at Vaaler i Norge. That is also spelled Våler, and is in Hedmark.)

Family number 2, I believe is their son and his wife and kids. The way he is named seems to follow the naming customs.

Fam nr: 2
Kristian Eriksson f. 1850
Kajsa Halfvardsdotter f. 1852
Emma f. 1876
Hilda f. 1879
Karna f. 1882
Karl f. 1884
Olof f. 1887
Hanna Maria f. 1890

So you could post this query about Martin Mathisson, Mattson and his wife on the Värmland query page:

Finnskogen is an area on the border of Norway and Sweden, and called the Finn Woods because early on, 1500's or 1600's quite a few immigrants moved there from Finland. So many of us with roots in the are of Norway or Värmland have Finnish Ancestors too. I do.

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