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Gunder Johnson& Synve or Susan Brynildson

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Gunder Johannesen& Synneve Brynildson (Spilde) in Ulvik, Hordaland

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You also should probably include their birth dates or years, and where they went to. Their emigration records should be in the Digital Archives, (maybe) but they may also be on the census of 1865, not married yet most likely, but as kids. Do you know ANYTHING else at all about them?
Are they on the 1880 census? What state?

On the 1865 census there are about 11 women whose first name starts with Syn and the last starts with Bryn
Most around the Bergen areas.

with the following information, repost this query at the Hordaland site, requesting information for Ulvik parish for these people:

Here they are leaving Bergen in 1874, with baby Johannes.

253 Bergen 264 1874 April 13 Gunder Johannesen Spilde m gift Arbeidsmand 1853 21 Kinservik Ulvik Bergenslinien
(leaving April 13, 1874, Gunder Johannesen Spilde (farm name) male, married, worker, b. 1853, age 21, b. in Kinservik. Currently living in Ulvik. Kinsarvik is in Hordaland, near Bergen. Ulvik is also in Hordaland, straight east of Bergen, and SW of Voss.

254 Bergen 265 1874 April 13 Synneve Brynjelsdtr Spilde f gift 1853 21 Ulvik Ulvik Bergenslinien
(also b. 1853, in Ulvik. Age 21, Synneve Brynjelsdatter (so her father is named Brynjel)

255 Bergen 266 1874 April 13 Johannes Gundersen Spilde m ugift 1874 Ulvik Ulvik Bergenslinien

Spilde is the name they are using, it is a farm name in Ulvik. Probably where they came from or had just been living. There are actually 3 main farms named Spilde, with each main farm having been divided into subfarms also.

Here is a possible for your Synneve in 1865 on the census. She's a lodger at a farm named Moe, if I translated Lægdslem right. Maybe someone will correct me. She is only about 12 at the time, so maybe like a foster child?

Information on domicile
Data on domicile:

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Ulvik
Municipality number: 1233
Name of domicile: Moe
Number of persons in this domicile: 11.

Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Birth place Ethnicity
Anders Svendsen hf g Selveier 1821 Ulviks Præstegjeld
Maria Iversdatter Hans Kone g 1818 Ulviks Præstegjeld
Styrkaar Anderssen ug Bestyrer Gaardsbruget paa Faderens Regning 1845 Ulviks Præstegjeld
Torstein Olsen ug Tjenestekarl 1841 Voss Præstegjeld
Hermund Olsen ug Tjenestekarl 1834 Voss Præstegjeld
Gunilda Torgilsdatter ug Tjenestepige 1834 Voss Præstegjeld
Elisabeth Aslesdatter ug Tjenestepige 1839 Vigør Præstegjeld
Synva Bryngelsdatter ug Lægdslem 1853 Ulviks Præstegj.
Andreas Eyvindsen Logerende g Veiarbeider 1844?? Lands Præstegjeld
Ivar Nilsen Konens Fader e Føderaadsmand 1784 Ulviks Præstegjeld
Henrik Larsen Logerende ug Rentenist 1802 Voss Præstegj.

This is your Gunder (Gunnar), I believe, in 1865 on the census, living in Ulvik with his family. They moved to Ulvik from Kinsarvik after 1855, according to the kids birhtdates. Also, his father is a tenant farmer, and a smith, born in Ulvik, named Johannes Torkelsen, b. 1831. His mother is Anna Gunnarsdatter, b. 1827 in Kinsarvik. They are living at a tenant farm called Sæimsbroen, Seim's bridge I think the translation is.

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Ulvik
Municipality number: 1233
Name of domicile: Sæimsbroen
Number of persons in this domicile: 6.

Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Birth place Ethnicity
Johannes Torkelsen hf g Husmand med Jord Smed 1831 Ulviks Præstgjeld
Anna Gunnarsdatter Hans Kone g 1827 Kinserviks Præstgjeld
Gunnar Johannessen Deres Søn ug 1853 Kinserviks Præstgjeld
Torkel Johannessen Deres Søn ug 1858 Ulviks Præstgjeld
Kristi Johannesdatter Deres Datter ug 1855 Kinserviks Præstegjeld
Marta Johannesdatter Deres Datter ug 1862 Ulviks Præstegjeld

On the census of 1875, the year after Gunder and Synneve left, there is evidence that his parents are still there in Ulvik. Here is the 1875 census showing them.

Census year: 1875
Municipality: Ulvik
Municipality number: 1233
Name of domicile: Seimsbroen
Number of persons in this domicile: 5.
Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Birth place Ethnicity
Johannes T. Spilde hf g Husmand med Jord Smed 1830 Ulviks P. Gravens S.
Anna Gundersdatter Hans Kone g 1827 Kindserviks P.
Martha Johannesdatter d 1862 Graven U.
Hellena Johannesdatter d 1867 Graven U.
Martha Haldorsdatter Holven hm e Daglønner 1796 Vos P.

His father is using the last name Spilde, but they are still living at Seimsbroen, so I wonder if Seimsbroen is a subfarm at the main farm Spilde. Johannes T. (Torkelsen) Spilde is still a tenant farmer with land to farm and also a smith. Ulvik is the main parish, and the local parish church seems to be called Graven church. So the young couple probably lived at Spilde with his parents before they emigrated. One of the census records lists the Seimsbroen farm as being farm # 40.
But I think it is a subfarm under Spilde Nedre, Spilde lower.

Here is Gunder's sister Marthe leaving Bergen in 1887.

748 1887 572 21/4 Marthe Johannesdatter Spilde 24 1863 f Ulvig Ulvig ug Stjerne Linie Husmandsdtr

Here is the other sister Helene, also leaving, but in 1892.

30115 Bergen 634 1892 April 7 Helene Johannesdtr Spilde f ug Husmandsdtr 1868 24 Ulvik Ulvik

I think this might also be his sister who is with him on the census of 1865, going to Wisconsin.

54033 Bergen 669 1905 Mars 23 Nils Nilsen Spilde m g Skomager 1841 64 Ulvik Ulvik Amerika? Wisc Billet Reiser til sine i Amk bosatte børn Ubestemt StjL pp
54034 Bergen 670 1905 Mars 23 Kristine Johannesdtr Spilde f Forr Hustru 1855 50 Ullensvang Ulvik Amerika? Wisc Billet Reiser til sine i Amk bosatte børn Husmoder StjL pp
54035 Bergen 671 1905 Mars 23 Anna Nilsdtr Spilde f Forr Barn 1894 11 Ulvik Ulvik Amerika? Wisc Billet

Knut Hildal is also doing genealogy work in this area. He lives in Norway.Find his contact information on this page:

Good luck,

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