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Help identifying Kvinnherad, Hordaland, farm name

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Re: Help identifying Kvinnherad, Hordaland, farm name

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Concerning professions to be mentioned in a christening entry, this was rather rare in rural Norway at that time.
As you mention, if so, they are mentioened before the name.

However in this Kvinnherad churchbook you will also find _Skoleholder_ as a secondname without any patrionymicon or farmname. See below here:

_Erich Skoleholder _ has a daugther _Eli_ beeing christened in June 1781. See mid rigth page. There is no patrionymicon or farmname. But the 1801 census reveals his patrionymicon and later wherabout.

You will also see he is mentioened as _udtient skoleholder_ in the 1801 census (764) his daughter Eli( 766 ). However now he is named Erik Eliassen living at Kiaerland as a cotter.

The second witness when Ole was Christened is also named _Erich Skoleholder_ this may be the same person as mentioned above.

2.nd July 1776 Hans Scheijes (Skeie) son was christened . I think this is Hans Olsson Skoleholders son Hans.

In addition to that I am sure the word is _Skoleholder_ ? ;O)

So I assume Hans Olsson and his wife Mari Heljesdatter were living at Skeie ( Scheie) when they christened their son Ole in 1770.
The distance between Skeie and Omvik (Åmvik) is abt 3 km ( 2 miles). I see there are several teachers mentioned there after 1800.

I can`t neither find Kari Hansdatter christning in 1782 +- . I have also checked the neighbour parrishes.
The vicar may have forgotten to write her name in the churchbook. I have came across of such a failior in a a neighbour parrish ( Os parrish 1757)
The parents and witnesses were mentioned but there were no name of the child.

Hans Olson may be this one (m ost likely): parents Ole Olson Fugleberg 1717- funeral 8.Th August 1751 and Anna Hansdatter Ulvenes b 1724- funeral 29.Th Oct 1752.

Hans Olson Fugleberg christened 8.October 1746.

Dito Ole Olsson Fuglebergs b - Hans

His father Ole Olson Fugleberg was first married to Guro Olsdatter Tufta (1711-43.) They had a son

Ole b. 1743.
Hans had a sister Guro b 1750.

Hans mother, Anna Hansdatter Ulvenes 1724-52 later ( 10.Th June 1752) married Lars Larsson Fugleberg (1727-62. )

She gave birth to the twins mentioned below her in beginning of October 1752 and she dies a couple of weeks later:
Anna christened 11.Th October 1752-?
Kari christened 11.Th October 1752- d 1778

According to a “new” Bygdebok showing the Fugleberg farm, Hans is mentioned at Fugleberg as probably married to Mari Heljesdatter Skeie.
Since the author says _probably- there are most likely no source to this statement. There are two probates after Hans parents.
But they both died years before Hans married Mari Heljesdatter so the probate tells us nothing about his later wherabouts.

His fathers probate dated 13.July 1751 rigth page mid first column:

23.April 1717 in Kvinnherad:
Ole Olsson Fuglebergs b Ole rigth page second mid column .
Item Ole Olsson Fuglebergs b Ole.

Left page mid column 10.Th June 1724 . Hans Olss Ulvenes b Anne. ( The child previous to Anne was christened in Strandvig church. I am not sure if Anne was.

There are however some sircumstential evidences. Hans first daugther is named Anna, so most likely his mothers name was Anna.
They seem to have died in 1751 and 1753 36 ys and 29 years of age.

The next sircumstential evidence I have found may be more valuable and I found this is in Hans Olssons Store Omvig (HOSO) probate (HOSO dies in 1801) see left page 2nd column line 19-20 ( HOSO s probate begins at bottom 1st column :

In this probate is mentioened a _ morbroder_ ( a brother of his mother ) named Hans Hansson Bougland (Bogland/ Boland In Strandebarm Skibreide however it is situated in Kvinherrad parrish (Skibreide was the legislation area)
He is no 1293 i nthe 1801 census here his age is 53 ys.

So this Hans Hansson Bogland is 53 ys in 1801 hence b 1747-48 and according to HOSO probate he should be a brother of Hans Olsson Store Omvigs mother Anna Hansdatter Ulvenes 1724-1752.

Hans Hansson Ulvenes ( aka Bogland) his christning rigth page first column in 1747. His father is Hans Olsson Ulvenes, hence Hans Hansson Bogland (aka Ulvenes) is a brother of HOSO s mother Anna Hansdatter Fugleberg (aka Ulevenes) 1724-52

Actually I think this is an evidence concerning who Hans Olsson Omvik 1746-1801 (Aka Fugleberg) was. But this source is not mentioned in none of the Kvinherrad Bygdebooks of the area.


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