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HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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The search for relatives is sometimes made easier if the parish/municipality has a bygdebok. A farm and family history book that gives the history of the farm and often of the families/people owning those farms.

In the 1875 census, the sister Hilberthine Henriksdatter is still on the farm, with the nickname Tine. (Like we would pronounce Tina.)

5 Brønnøy 2 Reinfjord 127b Household Given name Last name Sex Family pos. Marital status Occupation Year of birth Birth place Resid. status Horses Cattle Sheep Pig Barley Oat Potatoes
2231 1 1 Hans E. Andreassen m hf g Gaardbruger, Selveier 1836 Brønø Pr. b 1 6 12 1 1 3 7
2232 2 Oline Olsdatter k Kone g 1815 Brønø Pr. b
2233 3 Tine Henriksdatter k d til Oline ug Hjelper Forældrene 1853 Brønø Pr. b
2234 4 Rafael Abrahamsen m tj ug Tjenestekarl 1854 Velfjords Pr. b
2235 5 Johanna Aronsdatter k tj e Tjeneste 1831 Brønø Pr. b
2236 6 Adolv Jensen m s af Johanna 1869 Brønø Pr. b
2237 7 Anna Eriksdatter k Til opfostring hos H. Andreass. 1860 Lekø Pr. b

The only other relative seemingly, is the mother Oline Olsdatter.
The rest are hired help, the son of one of them, and a foster daughter Anna.

This census does give some indentifying information for this farm, which might help if there is a bygdebok.

It is in Nordland fylke (county) the parish of Brønnøy. The main farm name is Reinfjord Lille, (little) and the main farm number is 74, but at that time it has a subfarm number of 127b. also it is the 2nd residence there, later that becomes the subfarm number. The numbering system changed. So depending on the years you are searching this farm:
127b Reinfjord Lille
or main farm Reinfjord Lille # 74, subfarm #2.

(an even older number for tax and census purposed was # 123.) Confused yet?

When I look at that farm on the 1886 farm owner tax census, I see that it is a Children's home??

Fylke: Nordland
Kommune: Brønnøy
Sogn: Brønnø Sogn K: Alm. skr. Brønø.
Gårdsnummer: 74
Gammelt matrikkelnr: 123
Navn på gård: Reinfjord lille
Antall bruk registrert på matrikkelgården: 4


Bruksnr Gammelt
løpenr Bruksnavn Brukers navn Skyld i
Mark-Øre Skyld i
Daler-Ort-Skilling Merknad
1 127a Reinfjord lille Børnehjemmet 2-40 0-4-14-14
2 127b Reinfjord lille Børnehjemmet 2-52 0-4-14-14
3 127c Reinfjord lille Børnehjemmet 2-40 0-4-14-14
4 127d Reinfjord lille Martinus Mikkelsen 2-40 0-4-14-14

Could it be possible that the family followed their son P.M. over to USA?

Where in the USA did Peder start? There is an 1880 census in the USA which might show them, and an 1885 census in North Dakota which might show something.

A search of both the 1875 and 1900 online census in Norway doesn't find any good match for the brother Hartvig.

Here is the emigration of Peder Myre Henriksen from the port of Trondheim, in 1869, with wife Hermine.
Their daughter Julie is 1.5

3909 5 1869 96 35 1121 1 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Peder Myhre Henriks. m 25 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus 39

3910 5 1869 96 36 1122 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Hermine Kone k 34 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus

3911 5 1869 96 37 1123 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Julie Fyhn Datter k 1,5 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus

Going to the port of Quebec. The ship is Neptunus.
Registering to leave 29 April, 1869, departing on 4 May 1869.

Here is the brother Hartvig, leaving the same day, same ship.

3965 5 1869 98 6 1177 1 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Hartvig Henriks. m 22 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus 15

Sometimes the parish recorded departures from the parish when people left.

There is a Helbertine Aune, married, also born about 1852, the same as the sister, who emigrates from Brønø through Trondheim to the port of entry of New York, but she is later found in Polk county, Minnesota on the census (Northern Minnesota) in 1895.
Their tickets were pain in America, so someone sent for them. They left on May 23, 1883, on the steamship Tasso.

36893 5 1883 157 33 1837 1 22.05.1883 23.05.1883 Jens Aune g Arbeidsm m 26 Brønø New York Cunard Dampsk Tasso Bill. bet. i Amerika

36894 5 1883 157 34 1838 22.05.1883 23.05.1883 Helbertine Aune g Kone k 26 Brønø New York Cunard Dampsk Tasso Bill. bet. i Amerika

36895 5 1883 157 35 1839 22.05.1883 23.05.1883 Helga Aune Datr. k 2,5 Brønø New York Cunard Dampsk Tasso Bill. bet. i Amerika

Daughter Helga Aune, age 2 1/2.

This page of the scanned church records books verifies that the sister Helbertine/Hilbertine is the one shown above.
Go to the lower right hand corner of the page, I think Peder Myhre is there too?

Back to what happened to the farm:
On the 1950 tax census, it shows this page:

And I think that when the farm was sold (or whatever happened) sometime between the 1875 census and the 1886 tax census, it was taken over or purchased by the church/state church for use as missions, a children home or something.
Maybe googling Reinfjord Lille will show something.

Matrikkelutkastet av 1950
Brønnøy herad, Brønnøy sokn
74 Reinfjord lille
1 Reinfjord lille 5 mark 08 øre Nordland indremisjonskrets og Helgeland krets av d.n. Indremisjonskrets
2 0 mark 00 øre Sammenføyet med bnr. 1 (their farm)
3 0 mark 00 øre Sammenføyet med bnr. 1

It shows that subfarms 1,2,3 are all taken over by the Nordland Inner Mission group, maybe someone will add to this post about it.

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