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Looking for relatives of Hans Larson Aas in Hakedalen, Nittedal Parish, Akershus , Norway.

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Re: Looking for relatives of Hans Larson Aas in Hakedalen, Nittedal Parish, Akershus , Norway.

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Here are linkt to the facts found in the Norwegian archives:

Marriage record of Hans Larsen and Martha Hansdatter, his father: Lars Christophersen, her father: Hans Gulbrandsen
Akershus fylke, Nittedal, Ministerialbok nr. 4 (1836-1849), Ekteviede 1849, side 231.

Hans, born 14th of May 1849 , baptised 28th of May 1849
Akershus fylke, Nittedal, Ministerialbok nr. 4 (1836-1849), Fødte og døpte menn 1849, side 46.

Lars, born 18th of May 1851, baptised 9th of June 1851
Akershus fylke, Nittedal, Ministerialbok nr. 5 (1850-1862), Fødte og døpte 1851, side 9.

Marthe’s death certificate,
Akershus fylke, Nittedal, Ministerialbok nr. 5 (1850-1862), Døde og begravede 1852, side 305.

Hans most likely remarries on the 26th of December 1854 to Anne Danielsdatter
Akershus fylke, Nittedal, Ministerialbok nr. 5 (1850-1862), Ekteviede 1855, side 207.

Child of Hans and Anne:
Maren, born 15th of February 1855, baptised 9th of April 1855
Akershus fylke, Nittedal, Ministerialbok nr. 5 (1850-1862), Fødte og døpte 1855, side 82.

The census of 1865,

Most likely Maren working at the farm Kapelsrud in 1875

The churchbook emigration list:
Entry # 17 Lars Hansen, Kapelsrudeie, born 18th of May 1851, confirmation 30th of September 1866, emigrating to the US, 24th of April 1873, attestation of 22nd of April 1873
Akershus fylke, Hakadal i Nittedal, Klokkerbok nr. II 1 (1859-1878), Inn- og utflyttede 1873, side 244.

From the bygdebok: Bygdebok for Nittedal og Hakadal
Author: Birger Kirkeby, Published by Nittedal munipalicy in1965
Volume II, page 268

Passopp (sub-farm of Kapelsrud)
The only known cotter at Passopp is Hans Larsen from Elnes, born abt 1823. The user of Passopp from 1849 when he marries Marte Hansdatter from Kapelsrudeie (might be Passopp) born abt 1825.
Children: Hans born 1849, Lars born 1851, emigrated to America in 1873. Hans was 2nd time married in 1854 to Anne Danielsdatter (widow of blacksmith Erik Eriksen at Verket), born abt 1814. Child: Maren born 1855, emigrated to America in 1876.
Hans 3rd time married in 1872 to Kirstin Olsdatter from Sweden born abt 1842. Passopp was shutt down before 1875.

Hans and Kerstine’s wedding record, married 14th of July 1872
Akershus fylke, Hakadal i Nittedal, Klokkerbok nr. II 1 (1859-1878), Ekteviede 1873, side 161.

Children of Hans and Kirsine according to
Oline Marie, born 4th of April 1972, baptised 23rd of June 1872
Johan born 19th of March 1875, baptised 17th of May 1875
Christian born 4th of January 1878, baptised 10th of March 1878

Hans Larsen with his 3rd wife at Værksbakken in 1875

From the bygdebok: Bygdebok for Nittedal og Hakadal
Author: Birger Kirkeby, Published by Nittedal munipalicy in1965
Volume II, Page 110

Nordre Løstad
7) Lars Kristoffersen married to Mari Gudbrandsdatter
Children: Hans (further information look up Kapelsrudeie), Anne born 1827, emigrated to America in 1853, Berte Maria born 1829, Kristoffer born 1831, Gulbrand (further information look up Lyngås sub farm of Mork), Torger born 1836 married 1852 to Ingeborg Dorthea Gudmundsdatter from Hellerud. Lars moved to a house located below the farm and lived there for many years.

Elnes Page 244/245
XI) Hans Gulbrandsen from Langlia in Sørkedalen user 1783-1789 payed 1400 dlr for Elnes. He was married to Mari Hansdatter. Abt 1786 he sold half the far for 699 rld and abt 1789 he sold the rest of the farm to his son-in-law at the price of 299 rld. The two of them sold the following palces in 1789 Bråtan, Elvika and Jordbærbakken as on lot at the price of 300 rld.
XII) Kristoffer Larsen, brother of Amund Larsen from Sandum in Gjerdrum. Kristoffer uses the farm from 1789 to 1799 when he dies. Married to Anne Hansdatter abt 1764-1846.
Children: Marthe born 1787 married in 1808 to Gulbrand Hansen from Øvre Kirkeby, Hans (further information look up Nedre Elnes), Lars born 1791 got married in 1816 to Mari Gudbrandsdatter from Kapelsrud, Kari born 1794 died 1808, Helene born 1797 got married in 1918 to Jens Andreassen from Kirkebyeiet (Petterstua), Mari born 1799 died 1812.
XIII) Mari Hansdatter remarried in 1800 to Torer Gulbrandsen fra Kapelsrud 1771-1840, used the farm until 1839. Children: Berte born 1801 got married in 1821 to Lars Hansen from Kirkeby, Gudbrand born 1808 most likely lived at Botn sub farm of Kapelsrud, Kristoffer born 1810 died 1812. Torer sold half the farm in 1816 to his oldest stephson Hans at the price of 255 rld. and in 1839 he sold the rest of the farm to Hans’ oldest son at the price of 400 rdl.

More informatin on Hans Kristoffersen’s descendants on page 245, Nedre Elnes gnr 47, bnr 6

Øvre Elnes gnr 47, bnr 7, page 247, The part Torer sold to Han’s son Kristoffer

Lyngås gnr 52 bnr 8 (sub farm of Mork), page 327
Berte Marie Gulbrandsdatter of Nordre- Mork sold in 1877 the farm with a clausul that the buyer should lease a plot of land at the annual price of 40 øre.
1) Gulbrand Larsen was a carpenter and logger at Ås born 1834 at Løstad, died 1923 got married in 1858 to Thea Olava Pedersdatter from Nord-Mork born 1836, died 1919.
Children: Ludvik born 1859, Jens born 1864, both carpenters in America. Borgine born 1867, got married in America to the tailor Anton Thoresen from Østfold. Kristine born 1869, died young. Hilda born 1872 got married to Kristian Nilsen Huseby in Oslo. Martha (Se nex user).
A son-in-law took over the farm
2) Karl Emil Kristiansen from Vålvannet in Eidskog, 1881-1960, married in 1904 to Martha Mørk born 29th of December 1877.
Children: Hilda Elida born 18th of August 1905, got married to raiload worker Aksel Ryen born 12th of February 1904 in Hakadal.
In 1831 the property was spit from Mork and valuated and taken over by the daughter Elida.
Children: Ingjerd born 16th of January 1932 got married to Leif Waldrop in Oslo. Yngvar born 16th of April 1933 and got married to Karin Andersen in Nittedal, Kjell born 11th of October 1936 got married to Karin Aune, lives in Trondheim.
Martha Mørk bought the land in 1930 (got the legal papers in 1933). She runed the farm an had 2 cows, some sheeps and hens. At the same time she worked as a seemstress, witch she is still doing. She got a diploma from ’Ny jord’ for her excelent work clearing the land. Lyngås is not an old place, but cleared and farmed in the forrest in the upper part of Nord-Mork.
The farm consist of 18 ’mål’ wich of 10 ’mål’ is farmed. (1 mål is abt ¼ acre) The son-in-law took over the farm in 1953.
Martha Mørk still remembers the the tradion of ’fønn’ (the neibouring farms bringing food to weddings and funurals). In Ole Mørk’s funural befor 1900 the ’fønn’ delivered contained 6 wheate breads and 6 ’merker’ (1 mark=250 g=8,81 oz). A ’fønn’ basked could also contain a roast. Her mother made ’munker’ ( for the ’fønn’ funural baskets. Her father was often used as a toastmaster in various arrangements in the neibourhood.
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