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Thronsons from Kragera, Norway

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Re: Thronsons from Kragera, Norway

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Kragerø is in Telemark county, and you accidentally posted this in Bergen, but we'll keep going from here.

The census that was found for you has some good information about your ancestors, a place to start.

This is the 1900 census.

71 1 Elise Thronds. k b hm g Vadskekone 1847 t n s
4372 Emil Thronds. m f Hovedbyen No 195 hf g murer 1848 Kristiania n s
4373 Hans Ferdinand Thronds. m b s ug Søn 1887 t n s
4374 Thora Amanda Thronds. k b d ug Datter 1889 t n s

the family is living in an apartment building in Kragerø, Telemark, Norway, which is in the south of Norway. The mother is listed first, Elise. She is born in Kragerø bout 1847, and seems to be working as a washer woman.
The father is Emil Throndsen, and he is born about 1848 in Kristiania, which today is called Oslo. He is a bricklayer. (or a mason, as it's more generally called).

Hans Ferdinand Throndsen was born 1887, in Kragerø, and his sister is Thora Amanda Throndsen, born about 1889 in Kragerø.

A parent search at (where you just type in the parents names and no kids) shows that this couple had 4 children. Maybe not all lived to adulthood. And there could have been more born that don't show up on the search.

Martha Caroline Throndsen
Norway, Baptisms, 1634-1927
birth: 16 Jul 1884 Kragerø,​ Telemark,​ Norway
residence: 1884 Telemark,​ Norway
parents: Emil Throndsen,​ Maren Elise Larsdatter

Thora Amanda Throndsen
Norway, Baptisms, 1634-1927
birth: 14 Nov 1889
christening: 22 Nov 1889 Kragerø,​ Telemark,​ Norway
residence: 1889 Telemark,​ Norway
parents: Karl Emil Throndsen,​ Maren Elise Larsdatter

Hans Ferdinand Throndsen
Norway, Baptisms, 1634-1927
birth: 17 Oct 1887
christening: 20 May 1888 Kragerø,​ Telemark,​ Norway
residence: 1887 Telemark,​ Norway
parents: Karl Emil Throndsen,​ Maren Elise Larsdatter

Karen Fredrikke Thronssen
Norway, Baptisms, 1634-1927
birth: 21 Sep 1881 Kragerø,​ Telemark,​ Norway
residence: 1881 Telemark,​ Norway
parents: Emil Thronssen,​ Maren Elise Larsdatter

Notice that for two of the children's birth records, the father is registered as Karl Emil Thronssen, and on the other two, Emil Throndsen.

Karl Emil's father would most likely have the first name Thrond, or Trond.

I find a very good match for Karl Emil Throndsen, living in Kragerø on the 1910 census. But at this time he is living at the "poor Farm" and being supported by welfare. He's not really that old, but he is a widower. So Elise died sometime between the 1900 and 1910 census. Here are the details., 2b&lnr=00

Karl Emil Thronds. Fattiglem e Understøttes av Kragerø Fattigvæsen 09.11.1847 Kristiania

It says Karl Emil Throndsen, fattig means poor. widower. Supported by the Kragerø poor fund. Born 9 November, 1847 in Kristiania.
That birthdate information could lead to more searching in Oslo (Kristiania) and for a marriage search for Karl Emil and Elise.

This marriage record in Mississippi indicates that he was married in 1910, so his emigration from Norway was between that census of 1900 in Norway and 1910 when he married.

Martha Elizabeth Brown

groom's name: Hans Ferdanand Thronson
bride's name: Martha Elizabeth Brown
marriage date: 24 Jun 1910
marriage place: Marion Co , Mississippi
bride's father's name: J. L. Brown
indexing project (batch) number: M74860-5
system origin: Mississippi-ODM
source film number: 903806

From her name, was Martha American? So let's say it takes Hans Ferdinand about 2 years to become fluent in English, and woo her, maybe he emigrated sometime on or before 1908?

The brother was probably not named Pedro, if he had one it would be Peder maybe. More Norwegian of a name.

On the link to Hans Ferdinand's baptism that you were given, I see that his mother's full name is Maren Elise Larsdatter. She was born in Kragerø about 1848 and is found on the census of 1865 in Kragerø, with her parents and siblings.

the parents:
001 01 Lars Jakob Evensen born 1810 Bamle parish, head of household, married Job: Kurvemager
002 01 Maren Magrete Ellingsdatter born 1817 Kragerø parish, his wife, married

003 01 Even Larsen 1839 Kragerø deres Søn ug Matros
004 01 Maren Elise Larsdatter 1848 Kragerø deres Datter ug
005 01 Anne Susane Larsdatter 1845 Kragerø deres Datter ug
006 01 Karen Fredrikke Larsdatter 1855 Kragerø deres Datter ug
007 01 Anne Chistine Larsdatter 1858 Kragerø deres Datter ug
008 01 Knud Fredrik Larsen 1860 Kragerø deres Søn ug

Here is the emigration from Oslo of Hans Ferdinand's sister, Thora Amanda Trondsdatter in 1905 at age 15. I find it hard to believe that she would be emigrating at that young age, unless her mother had died, and she had no other option. Perhaps her mother died in 1904 or 1905.

252680 Oslo 1905 Mars 23 Thora Amanda Tronds. k ug 15 Kragerø New York Lie United States

It says, leaving March 23, 1905 from Oslo, Thora Amanda Trondsen, female, unmarried, age 15, from Kragerø, going to New York, the shipping agent is Lie, and the ship is called United States. It could have been a feeder ship that went from Oslo to England (often the port of Hull) then overland by train to Liverpool, where they took a trans-Atlantic ship to New York.

She is on the Ellis Island website records as Amanda Trondsen.
you can log in for free, and look at the actual scan of the ships register. She arrived in 1905.

The Ellis Island listing indicates that Thora Amanda is going to her sister, Karen Trondsen, (her fare was paid by a K. Trondsen) and Karen's address is given as c/o Mr. Johnson , 129 - 15th ? Brooklyn, New York.

Here is the sister's emigration:

148902 Oslo 00333 1903 Feb. 12 Karen Fredrikke Trondsen f u KXXXXXXX 21 Kragerø New York 1068 Norge Prp,- Oscar Ii

Leaving Feb. 12, 1903, Karen Fredrikke Trondsen, female, unmarried, born? age 21, from Kragerø, going to New York. Prepaid ticket.
coming into Ellis Island, the name is spelled Throndsen.

When I look at the Ellis Island scanned ship's register, it shows that the fare for Karen Fredrikke Throndsen was paid for by her half brother P. Peterson. So Peder? Peter? That's where the Pedro maybe came from ? If his last name is Peterson, then he probably has the same mother as she does? But his father is a man named Peter/Peder?
He lives in Brooklyn.

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