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WHAT'S IN A NAME? Seeking HELP in my research!!

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Louis/Lars Hogan/Haagen(sen) Swanson/Svendsen from Voss, Hordaland

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You did a nice job of doing your Wisconsin research work, getting some other facts, parents probable names, etc. It certainly is confusing. I've been working on Norwegian genealogy (obsessively?) for 10 years, and this is what I recommend:

There is a good article on Norwegian naming traditions on this website. The tradition seems complicated, but it sometimes helps in a genealogy search once you understand it, if you can believe that!

Norwegian naming practices
by John Føllesdal

To add to the confusion, there are spelling variations, vowel and consonant changes, that have obviously happened in your family.

The Hogan in your family most likely came from the first name which can be spelled Haagen, Hågen, Haakon, Håkon, Haagon, Hågon. K and G have a similar pronunciation, and the Norwegian alphabet letter å sounds like the long o in boat or toast, and is also spelled aa, sometimes o. Add to that coming to America, and "Americanizing" the spelling and the name, and you end up with Hogan.

Ready for more? Louis was probably really Lars in Norway. sometimes the immigrants "Americanized" their names, sometimes it was done by their employers, coworkers, census takers who didn't know Norwegian, or other government entities on paperwork.

Using those clues that you have, and knowing that Sarah is also not really a Norwegian name, but assuming the mother's name started with an S, I find this very good candidate who certainly must have LEFT from the port of Bergen, but was really from Voss parish nearby. Found on the website, it shows the baptism date.

Lars Haagensen, male, baptised July 14, 1850 in Voss parish, Hordaland county, Norway. (not far from Bergen)
Father Haagen Svendsen, mother Sigrid Brynnildsdatter.

Here is the same family on the 1865 census, when Lars was 15 years old or so, and only about 4 years before your information says he left Norway. They are tenants on the farm Opqvitne, renting from the owner, whose family is listed first.

Data on domicile:

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Voss
Municipality number: 1235
Name of domicile: Opqvitne
Number of persons in this domicile: 14


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity

Farm Owner's family:
Svend Knudsen ug Gaardbr og Selveier 1844 Vos Prgj.
Mattias Knudsen hans Broder ug 1852 Vos Prgj.
Martha Størksdatter ug Tjenestepige 1839 Vos Prgj.
Niels Størksen Inderst ug Dagleier 1840 Vos Prgj.
Segvor Mattiasdatter g Føderaadskone 1814 Vos Prgj.
Kari Olsdatter hindes Datter ug 1858 Vos Prgj.

Your family:
Haakond Svendsen Husfd g Forpagter 1819 Vos Prgj.
Sigri Brynildsdatter hans Kone g 1824 Vos Prgj.
Lars Haakondsen deres Søn ug 1850 Vos Prgj.
Bryngel Haakondsen deres Søn ug 1853 Vos Prgj.
Svend Haakondsen deres Søn ug 1861 Vos Prgj.
Ivar Haakundsen deres Søn ug 1865 Vos Prgj.
Synneva Haakonsdatter deres Datter ug 1856 Vos Prgj.
Anna Haakonsdatter deres Datter ug 1858

They are living with another family, perhaps in a separate house, on the farm called Opqvitne in Voss parish. (maybe now spelled Opkvitne, since q and k were interchangeable)

The father is a forpagter (forpakter) which means tenant, so at that time, they did not own any farm, which meant that of course, if Lars really wanted a future, he had no hope of inheriting a farm, even as the oldest son traditionally could. So he went to Wisconsin I imagine.

One of the biggest proponents of emigration, Minnesota's Senator Knute Nelson was from Voss, so there was quite a bit of encouragement for emigrants to leave Voss, knowing that Knute Nelson had become so successful in the United States. By 1869, the Civil War was over, and Lincoln had earlier signed the Homestead act, which gave free land to anyone who could live on it and improve it for 5 years, so there was a good chance Lars had heard about these opportunities over and over again in Voss.

I can't seem to find the online materials for Voss that would show the exact birthdate of Lars Haagensen. I'll keep checking.

He emigrated too early to be on the Emigrant registers that are on the Digital Archives out of the University of Bergen, but I think I have found him on the Solem and Swiggum ship index.

If you would like to see the website:

But the page Lars Haagensen is listed on is here:

It appears that he may have emigrated with another family from Voss, as their employee/servant. The age is good, name is good, home parish of Voss for the people he's traveling with matches. He's traveling with the Vinje (Winje in the USA) family, from the farm Winje Nedre, (Lower Winje) in Voss. They are of the Quaker religion, according to the census of 1865, dissenters from the Norwegian State Church. It doesn't seem that they are related to Lars, maybe it was a way for him to pay his way across to America. Here is the family with Lars Haagensen listed last as a servant.

23 Mons Knudsen Vinje 38 m Residence Røldals Prgj. 1865 Voss census - name Winje nedre - household all listed as Desinter Kvæker (Quaker)
24 Ingeborg Vinje* 47 f wife - Residence Voss Prgj. 1865 Voss census - Davidsdatter
25 Tosten Monsen* Vinje* 21 m son - Residence Voss Prgj. 1865 Voss census - Thorsten Johannesen
26 Knud Monsen* Vinje* 16 m son - Residence Voss Prgj. 1865 Voss census - Knud Johannesen age 14
27 Gurie Monsdatter* Vinje* 12 f daughter - Residence Voss Prgj. 1865 Voss census - Guri Johannesdatter age 11
28 Aad Monsen* Vinje* 12 m son - Residence Voss Prgj. 1865 Voss census - Aad Johannesen age 9
29 Inger Monsdatter* Vinje* 3½ f daughter - Residence
30 Lars Haagensen 20 m servant - Residence

the ship
Passenger list 1869 - ship Heros
Captain: Tønnes Olsen
Departure: Stavanger May 3
Arrival: Quebec June 1

Quebec arrivals were common for people who were going to Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Dakotas, etc.

There may be a Quebec information site online, for their arrival lists, but I don't know the website. I've only seen someone refer to it in their query replies.

But this does tell me that the whole family of Lars Haagensen did not emigrate with him.

There are some resources for Voss - and lookups volunteers.

some books and lookups volunteers are shown on this website, go to the Hordaland section and look for Voss in bold faced print.

another website with Voss sources listed where you can also email someone who owns those sources, is

the Vossa Boki is the collection of farm and family history volumes for Voss. The challenge for you is that the books are organized by farm name, not people name, so the only farm name I can give you is the one where they were living on the census of 1865, Opqvitne.

Voss parish is not the same as Vossastrand parish, so don't confuse their resources.

Finally, here are your Lars (Louis) and Lena (Nicoline) on the 1880 census, his age is right, she is quite young!

13153 Lars Hogan m 30 f N N N 167 Wauzeka Crawford Co.
13154 Lena Hogan f 18 N N N 167 Wauzeka Crawford Co.

Lena (nickname for Nicolene) was also born in Norway. Maybe you know more about her though. It is possible the census taker was non-Norwegian speaking, and just wrote it for what it sounded like to him.

Lars should be on the 1870 census in Wisconsin. Try searching for first name Lars, and second name beginning with H. The Winje/Vinje family might be close by. But WHO KNOWS what spelling or last name they are using???? :)

Good luck with your search, ask me if you need any help.

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