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Searching for Finnish Birth Father

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Searching for Finnish Birth Father

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I am a 76-year old adoptee born, raised, and living in SoCal and I am trying to identify my birth father of Finnish heritage. I don't know his first or surname - only that he was living in Los Angeles County, California, area in 1940.

My 89-year old maternal uncle met my birth father when my uncle was around 12 years old and my birth father was dating my 14-year old Scot-Irish birth mother, who was living in Venice Beach, California, with her parents and 5 younger siblings. My uncle described my birth father as 18 - 22 years old, tall, with Scandinavian appearance and sandy blonde hair, and that he often wore cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and went by the nickname of "Tex." Cowboy films were very popular in the 1940s and were filmed in SoCal. Hence, the potential reason for my birth father's attire and nickname.

Because my birth father was so much older than my birth mother, her parents said that she could have no further communications with him. Several months later, it was discovered that my birth mother was 5 months pregnant with me. While I was adopted, I reconnected with my birth mother later in her life. She died 10 years ago and never revealed the identity of my birth father due to painful memories.

I had DNA testing with 3 different companies, around 6 years after her death. It was, then, that I learned that my birth father was predominately Finnish with a small amount of Volga-Ural Russian and my maternal uncle revealed what information he had about my birth father. I now have around 2,000 Finnish DNA cousins living in Finland and very few living in the United States. I was told that this is because my Finnish grandparents were recent immigrants to the US - probably 1890 - 1910.

All of my Finnish DNA cousins are 4th cousins are greater, while my closer DNA cousins matches are maternal. I was hoping to, potentially, identify my birth father through the 1940 US Federal census by entering all males born between 1918 - 1922, living in Los Angeles County, with Finnish-born parents. Unfortunately, the 1940 census is the only recent census not inquiring where the respondent's parents were born - only the respondent. I went back to the 1930 US Federal census for a national inquiry and there were almost 11,000 young men with Finnish-born parents. From there, I have to trace which ones of them were living in Los Angeles County in 1940. This has proven to be a formidable task as many can't be located in the 1940 census, since Finns often changed their first/surnames. And my search goes on...

Based on my physical appearance, I'm definitely my father's daughter! I would kindly appreciate any information or suggestions that members of the Finnish community can provide as I am eager to know about my Finnish ancestry, as are my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.


~Nancy Kingston

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