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Ead Family Cornwall to Australia

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Ead Family Cornwall to Australia

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Hi Good People,
Thanks for visiting my Topic Post, Ok now just to clarify a matter re My own Cornwall Ead Family. There are 2 [TWO] not 1 [ONE] similar Cornwall Ead Families. Unfortunately to add more "corn fusion", to the whole box and dice, the Male Headship has the same Christian Name as the other[Male Headship], plus to add more hubble, bubble and trouble. Involving some of the Siblings, you guessed it, have the same Christian Names. Apparently, it was quite common in Cornwall back in the 1800, and 1700's don't you worry about that.

It just makes, accurate, researching, of Cornwall Family's just that touch more difficult.

The very last thing you want, is some way down the track to find out, that all your hard work going back to the day dot following a Family Blood Line, is not the correct line at all, but the line of a Cousin or worse a Distant Cousin's Line !

It simply means, a lot of wasted Time, Effort, and Money, expended on a Useless Project, I already went through that Nightmare last year following several dogmatic people from a part of our Ancestory Forums Advice. I scarcely believed in myself !

Never, ever again !

The only self evidant redeeming feature is that they [the prior mentioned Ead's] both have Spouses with ..... >>>Totally Different Christian Names.<<< [Thank God for Little Mercies !!]

I am aware that some person by a Forum Name or Real Family Name, apparently from "Utah - LDS / The Mormans stomping grounds", has a Tree up on the Internet, featuring an Ead Branch....

That Family of Eads are "NOT" My / Our Ead Family !

Suspition is, they are "only possibly" distant Cousins, but I finally discovered that there is an additional tiny, weenie small problem !

It's at least a 2 [TWO] Horse Race to the finish line. Perhaps more on the Ead Camptown Races later, for us there can only be one real winner. Not forgetting both could finally run backwards or end up stone motherless and fatherless in a Dead Heat for Last Place !

So for the benefit of all those who may have become caught up, at some much earlier Research Time Frame, in any Cornwall Ead swamp, it appears that where our Ead Family is concerned that both Head Family Males "may" even have married in the same year. If not the same Decade, Year or Month. It was some many months ago now, when I did see 2 [TWO] Male Persons Ead with the same Christian Name who seemed to Marry in the same year, possibly same Month !

So just be a little careful and don't dive in, where angels fear to tread, tooooo quickly, that way you "won't" get burnt, and won't attach yourself to the wrong Ead Branch, or Cousin, Uncle or Aunt !

My undieing thanks to a Lovely Lady Researcher, who is an Ancestry Forum Member [our Cathie] who is heavily researching a complete English County Hereself, re her popular Family Name, and Her many now, Private Emails to Me. About data re several of My Families and My UK Family Members, I am researching. What would We all do, without such amazing and dedicated people. It makes some Forum Life a little more bearable, amongst the Thorns, Brambles and Wait a Whiles !

It was actually our Cathie who drew My attention to the fact, that much earlier Census Data contributed by and given to Me by yet another Ancestry Forum Member contradicted itself !

The Spouses were different, I saw it but,,, overlooked it !

Here is an Edited Version of one of Cathie's Emails to Me....

[start quote]
Here is a start on the Ead/Eade family of Cardingham, Cornwall.

It would appear that William Ead and his wife Elizabeth Davey (Married 13 April 1766) had several children.

* These included 2 sons, Thomas Ead and John Ead.

* Thomas Ead, a carpenter, married Jenifer Harris in 1804, and they had 11 children, including a Jonathan Ead born in 1815.

* This is NOT YOUR[Edit: My] JONATHAN [Edit : Ead].

* This Jonathon [e: Ead] married someone named Charlotte Levis.

* Another son of William Ead and Elizabeth Davey was John Ead.

* John had 2 wives....married Ann Courts in 1798, and Elizabeth Aunger in 1811.

* Their son Jonathan Ead, born 1812, IS YOUR JONATHAN [edit : Ead].

* This is the Jonathan [edit: Ead]that married a Susanna.

* She "may", "possibly", be, Susanna of the children has Moet as a middle name.

I need to investigate all this a little more closely.

[/end quote]


Due to ongoing problems with several Top of My Own Big Tree, Key Ancestors, and too many dead ends, with any Forum Related Information. Late Last year, I engaged several Human Flesh and Blood Groups who I Pre paid to do, all of the Hard On The Ground UK Research Yards for Me.

Sadly, My Milage very, very greatly varied, but I / We, did have one or two big wins, and very sadly in several very important key cases, a lot of dead ends, and at best Inconclusive Results. Far worse,, at both County and Parish Levels !

I was already painfully aware, Particularly where the UK GRO is concerned, with several of my Key Family Tree Headships, they were not on the UK GRO at all !

Further Pre Paid Research Ventures, to try to find the Key Tree Members, will have to now move to other UK Countys. under advice from UK Professional Researchers, in just the "thin hope" now, of a Hit rather than Miss, successful effort. My own personal hopes involving these matter of success, are not high !


Matters I raised with both my Pre paid UK Researcher and our Cathie re a discovered "Susanna Hamley Ead".

Re : A Lady called Susanna Hamley Ead at Her Death Aged 66 Years of Age, who Died in Bodmin Cornwall, UK in the year 1875.....

It now does appear to be the case, that "Susanna Hamley Ead" is the Spouse of My Jonathan Ead. Bodmin was already known to us, as well as Blisland Cornwall, UK.Which would make her, at least, My Own, Great Grandmother Ead. Further Research is continueing on the ground in the UK, at this time.

Official Certified Aussie Historical Paperwork has our "Susanna" born on the Channel Island of Jersey. Interestingly enough the "Hamley" Family were "apparently", well known on Jersey, and, I am informed in Cornwall, UK, also.

To make matters worse in the Ead Bullpit, it has been now discovered, that there is not 1 [ONE] Ead Tree up on the Internet but 2 [TWO] "both" show certain "Same Parents", both show "a" Sibling and "a" Marriage but "both" show a "Different Spouse" involved.

We have further decided in Australia, after finding several other additional Internet Web Sites, that carry references to the odd Members of My / Our "known" Family with Hellish Data Errors. After further helpful Professional Advice, on the prior matters, to go it alone, and on our own more totally accurate way of doing business. With more further, on the ground, in the UK accurate Research, pinpointing our very Own "Ead Ancestors" at this time.

The last UK, advice I received, was that after some very successful Ead Research, the purchases of Certified Extracts of Births Deaths and Marriage Certificates was proceeding to our prior well laid out plan, as well as more ongoing Prepaid Research, steadfastly, but slowly, and confidently continueing.

Attached are some Census Images of My Own Known and already proven Ead Family Ancestors.

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