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German roots of Johann Joseph and Nicolaus BORN - from Dorweiler to Sheboygan

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German roots of Johann Joseph and Nicolaus BORN - from Dorweiler to Sheboygan

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In 1884 Nicolaus Born and Jacob Etzkorn, two young men from the village Dorweiler (today Dommershausen-Dorweiler) at the Hunsrueck mountain ridge (Rhineland), emigrated to Sheboygan. They are on the passenger list of the steamboat "Westernland" from Antwerp to NY. (arrival 22 March 1884).
In 1885 or 1886 Nicolaus' brother Johann Joseph Born followed with his family (wife Christina, sons Philipp, Nicolaus and Jacob). Both brothers settled down in Sheboygan county. Johann Joseph and Christina Born can be found on the census lists of Sheboygan until 1940.

If there are still decendants of the Born brothers living there, here are some of their german roots:

The roots of the Born brothers (only the fathers line):

The Born family originally came from the region of Fulda in eastern Hessia. They moved to Dorweiler in 1772 when Johann Adam Born became the forester and gamekeeper of the barons Boos von Waldeck which were the lords of Dorweiler in these times. (The barons Boos von Waldeck owned an independent microstate as “big” as the place of the old castle of the family and three small villages with less than 1500 inhabitants in total. You can compare it with the recent “microstate” of San Marino in Italy.) The Born family first lived on a farmyard of the noble family outside the village of Dorweiler that was used as a hunting lodge. In 1794 the French revolution troops conquered the region, liberated the farmers and drove away the once ruling aristocracy. The barons Boos von Waldeck managed not to be dispossessed but they sold their properties at the Hunsrueck and went to Czechia. Clemens Born bought the house of 1697 they lived in, deconstructed it and reconstructed it on a new place in the village. (The timber-framed houses are more or less “mobile”. You can pull them down in one place and use the timber to reconstruct them in another place.) From that time on the Born family lived as farmers in the village. The house is still standing today.

1st gen.:
Johann Georg Born, forester from Blankenau near Fulda, Hessia
Elisabetha Ax
Johann Adam Born (see below)

2nd gen.:
Johann Adam Born, b. 1739-01-22 at Blankenau, d. 1806-10-17 at Dorweiler
forester and gamekeeper of the barons Boos von Waldeck at Dorweiler
oo 1772-02-04 at Koblenz
Anna Catharina Frank, b. 1747-11-29 at Mues near Fulda, d. 1821-12-21 at Dorweiler, daughter of Heinrich Frank and Elisabeth Keller from Mues
Clemens Born (see below)
Josepha Elisabeth, b. 1793-08-01, married to Peter Wilbert at Dorweiler (no kids)

3rd gen.:
Clemens Born, b. 1788-11-?? at Dorweiler, d. 1848-01-18 at Dorweiler
oo 1822-02-19
Anna Margaretha Heinermann, b. 1799-01-07 at Zilshausen, d. 1850-01-03 at Dorweiler, daughter of Johann Peter Heinermann and Anna Margaretha Pies of Zilshausen
Joseph (see below)
Maria Catharina, b. 1828-08-07 at Dorweiler, married to Philipp Loch at Dorweiler (Their daughter Anna Maria Loch bought the farm of the Borns in 1885 or 1886.)
Johann Peter, b. 1831-09-25 at Dorweiler
Maria Anna, married to Johann Seibel
Nicolaus, b. 1844-11-06

4th gen.:
Joseph Born, b. 1825-12-03 at Dorweiler, d. 1875-12-05 at Dorweiler
oo 1852-02-17
Elisabeth Leusch, b. 1820-08-27 at Buch, d. 1877-09-16 at Dorweiler, daughter of Jacob Leusch and Anna Maria Heinz from Buch
Johann Joseph (see below)
Maria Anna, b. 1856-07-16 at Dorweiler, married to Philipp Platten at Dorweiler (Their descendants still live at Dorweiler)
Nicolaus (see below)
Jacob, b. 1862-03-22 at Dorweiler

5th gen.:
Johann Joseph Born, b. 1854-08-03 at Dorweiler, d. after 1940 at Sheboygan
oo 1881-02-24
Christina Gertrud Wagner, b. 1857-11-25 at Schnellbach, d. after 1940 at Sheboygan, daughter of Johann Wagner and Anna Maria Graef from Schnellbach
Philipp, b. 1881-12-23 at Dorweiler
Nicolaus, b. 1883-10-31 at Dorweiler
Jacob, b. 1885-11-20 at Dorweiler
(all emigrated in 1885 or 1886)
Joseph, b. ab. 1888 at Sheboygan
Christina, b. ab. 1890 at Sheboygan
Robert, b. ab. 1893 at Sheboygan

Nicolaus Born, b. 1858-12-15 at Dorweiler, d. in the USA
(emigrated in 1884)
oo 1887-12-26 at Wisconsin
Maria Haack, b. ab. 1864 in Germany, d. in the USA
Gustav, b. ab. 1886 (not sure if Nicolaus was the father)
Anna Maria, b. 1888-07-15 at Wisconsin, d. 1892
Lilli Ella, b. 1890-03-29 at Wisconsin, d. 1891
William, b. ab. 1894 at Wisconsin
Elizabeth, b. ab. 1902 at Wisconsin
Joseph, b. ab. 1909 at Wisconsin

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