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Rybold--Martin, Emma, Martin John, etc.

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Rybold--Martin, Emma, Martin John, etc.

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Update: Martin Rybold and his family.

On this message board, messages from Tim Erin, Joe Seidel and me all concern this same family. Tim and I put the family history together, and Tim can correct whatever might be wrong:

The father is:

MARTIN REIBOLD, later spelled RYBOLD. He was born in about 1828. He came to America from Hesse-Darmstadt. He lived in Buffalo, New York, in 1849 to 1850; in Lockport, New York in 1851 and then in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from at least 1857 or 1858, possibly continuously until his death on September 1, 1891. His parents were ANTON RYBOLD and SUSANNA RYBOLD. He was a stone-cutter and sometimes saloon operator. He ran as a Democrat for Councilor in the Eighth Ward, Milwaukee and lost on April 3, 1867. Other spellings are: REIBOLT, RIBOLT, RIBOLD, REYBOLD, etc. His religion was Catholic.

His wives were:

1. RACHAEL LENGFELDE RYBOLD, born in about 1831. She was married to him from at least 1849 until at most 1865, when he married again. There is no evidence in Milwaukee of a divorce between Rachael and Martin. There is no civil death record that I can find. Her grave cannot be found. Martin is in the Milwaukee city directories for the civil war years. She sometimes was known as REGINA RYBOLD, once even VIRGENA. Her religion is unknown. Birth places for her on various census forms have been inconsistent, some giving her birth place as New York and some as Germany or Hessen. I look for her under LANGFELD, LANGFELDER, LENGFELDER, even LINGFELD and various possibilities. We have only seen her last name once as LENGFELDE.

2. SOPHIA HUEBSCHLE RYBOLD, born May 15, 1833 (Daughter of ANTON and MARIA HUEBSCHLE). She married Martin on July 5, 1865. She died December 19, 1879. She is buried in Forest Home Cemetery. Her religion is unknown. On a set of 1870 birth registries, her name was written out as SOPHIA KREBSOHTE.

3. ANNA SUSANNA LAUBACH KUNZ RYBOLD, born October 4, 1834. Daughter of Dora Catherina LAUBACH, nee GOETJER and Friederich LAUBACH. She married Martin August 16, 1880. She was a widow. She died October 31, 1898 and is buried with MARTIN RYBOLD in the Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee in the Kunz family plot.

Martin Rybold's children are as follows:

birth years 1849-1860:

1. Elizabeth Rybold (Jacob) KLEBER , born February 5, 1849 in Buffalo, New York. Jacob is the son of John and Margarett Kleber. He was born in Baden, Germany. Jacob and Elizabeth married on June 29, 1865 in Milwaukee.

2. Emma Rybold (George) DAGENDESH (also spelled DEGENDESCH, DEGENTESH, DEGENDESH), born November 10, 1851 in Lockport, New York; moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Died October 3, 1832. Buried in La Crosse's Catholic Cemetery. George is the son of George and Catherine Degendesch of Switzerland. Emma and George married on January 19, 1869 in Milwaukee.

3. Anna Mary Rybold (Otto) RIESTERER (Hiram W.) HOLMES, born January 23, 1855 in Reidlinger, Wurtenberg; buried in Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee with Otto. Otto is the son of Columban and Katherine Riesterer. Otto was born December 10, 1847 in "Dukdom Baden, Prussia." Anna and Otto married Jan. 23, 1872. Otto died October 6, 1891. Hiram Holmes is the son of Jackson Holmes and Annie E. Warren. Hiram and Anna married June 10, 1897. Hiram was born in New York. Anna died in the 1920s; her stone is hard to read.

4. Martin John (or John Martin) RYBOLD (Fredericka BUSSE), born June 22, 1858, Third Ward, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Died May 25, 1934, buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, La Crosse. Fredericka is the daughter of John and Carolina Busse. Fredericka and Martin married on October 21, 1879 in the Town Of Campbell, La Crosse County.

5. Sarah RYBOLD (once married to August MARHOFER), born December 13, 1860, Third Ward, Milwaukee. Living in Rochester, New York in the 1930s and known as "Miss Sarah Rybold" in Emma's obituary. August and Sarah married January 12, 1879. In the 1880 census, Sarah Rybold was back living with her father. I can find no trace of August Marhofer.

birth years 1866-1879:

6. Anton RYBOLD (Katherine or Katie REICHERT), born September 2(?), 1866 in Milwaukee; buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee. Died August 20, 1896. Katie is the daughter of Michael and Mary Reichert. Anton and Katie married June 5, 1886 in Milwaukee.

7. Richard RYBOLD (Cecilia GAUBATZ), born May 18, 1868 in Milwaukee; Richard was living in Milwaukee at the time of Martin John's death in 1934. Cecilia's parents were: Joseph and Sophia Gaubatz. Richard and Cecilia married June 15, 1897 in Milwaukee.

8. Louis RYBOLD, born in Wisconsin in 1869 or 1870. Living in New York at the time of Martin John's death in 1934.

9. Ida RYBOLD, born in Wisconsin in 1871 or 1872. Living in New York in 1934 at the time of Martin John's death. No married name given in his obituary.

10. Paulina Rybold (George) HEILL, born in Wisconsin in 1874 or 1875. George is the son of Ernest Heill and Augusta Reilsohn(?). George and Paulina married in Milwaukee on May 4, 1892. Pauline was living in Milwaukee at the time of Martin John's death in 1934.

Now here are the problems: in 1870, Martin Rybold registered the births of Elizabeth through Richard, and someone recorded Sophia Krebsohte as the mother of all the children. According to the marriage records, Martin married Sophia one week after Elizabeth married Jacob, making it unlikely that Sophia adopted Elizabeth. Elizabeth reported Rachel as her mother when she married. Emma reported Regina. Martin John reported Virgena.

Anna reported Sophia as her mother for both her marriages. Sarah reported Sophia as her mother.

Rachael is listed as Regina in an 1850 Buffalo census, where Elizabeth is present, and as Rachael Lengfelde on Emma's baptism certificate out of Lockport, New York.

The children's information and father's information all match and is consistent with the family of Martin Rybold. Sophia and Rachael have become confused with each other. Added to this is my inability to locate Rachael's grave despite extensive searches by every possible cemetery in Milwaukee. However, many early burials in Milwaukee are either unrecorded or otherwise forever lost. Finally, even though Martin reports in 1870 that the children were baptised, I have not found the baptism records for any births yet in Milwaukee despite going through records for four churches--two St. John's, Old St. Mary's and Trinity (all Catholic). I know I need to keep looking and backtrack.

According to the librarians, Martin Rybold does not appear in the city directories of Lockport and Buffalo so we do not know when he got to America. I have found no ship records and no naturalization record so far. Nor have we found any close matches for a family that was present in New York in 1831 when Rachael might have been born.

We need help from someone with some family history. Which children belong to Rachael and which to Sophia? We have concluded that Rachael and Sophia are two different people; are we correct? What does the family think happened to Rachael and where is she buried?

We have more on the descendants of the ten children. There may also be a Philisea, listed in the 1860 census as being two at the time. I can find no further record of her. She is living with Martin and Rachael. In 1880, a B. Reibold, female, age 46, lived with Martin, probably following Sophia's death.

Thank you. I would be grateful to find anyone in the world who can tell me where Rachael Lengfelde Rybold is buried. She is our ancestor.

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