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Wetzel Co. WV General Index and Register of Deaths - SMITH

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Wetzel Co. WV General Index and Register of Deaths - SMITH

Posted: 1177603404000
Classification: Death
Surnames: Smith
More listings from the Wetzel Co General Index and Register of Deaths. I have omitted anything past 1956 for privacy reasons. These listings are in the following order:

Last Name, Given Name, Color, Gender, Date of Death, Age at Death, Place of Death, Cause of Death, Parents, Consort or Unmarried, Person Reporting Death

If there was no information given you will see and empty space between the commas for that entry. All information was transcribed with no changes, corrections, omissions, additions, etc. Reporting deaths doesn't appear to have been an exact science.

Please be sure to check the actual death certificate whenever possible because I have noticed some differences in the index and the actual documents. Certificates for deaths between 1917-1956 are available online free at

Smith, Ellis, W, M, 9/15/1856, 83yrs, Wetzel Co, Old Age, , , Geo Lutes

Smith, John C, W, M, 5/4/1857, 3yrs 7mos 3dys, Wetzel Co, Unknown, John Smith, , Father

Smith, Rachel, W, F, 1/10/1858, 16yrs, Wetzel Co, Typhoid Fever, Isaac Smith & Sarah Smith, ,

Smith, Rachel, W, F, 1/10/1859, 16yrs, Big Fishing Cr, Typhoid Fever, Isaac Smith & Sarah Smith, ,

Smith, Rachel, W, F, 3/20/1859, 16yrs, Little Fishing Creek, Typhoid Fever, Isaac Smith & Sarah Smith, ,

Smith, John, W, M, 6/29/1861, 53yrs, Wetzel Co, Dropsy, John Smith & June Smith, Mary A Smith, Wife

Smith, Ann B, W, F, 5/4/1865, 3yrs, Wetzel Co, Not Known, George Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Louisa E, W, F, 8/1/1866, 8yrs 4mos 3dys, Wetzel Co, Fever, Charles Smith & S Smith, ,

Smith, Ann B, W, F, 12/25/1866, 9yrs, Wetzel Co, Fever, James Smith & M Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Lenora E, W, F, 8/1/1867, 8yrs 4mos 3dys, Wetzel Co, Fever, Charles Smith & S Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Arliva, W, F, 8/12/1877, 9yrs 3mos, Wetzel Co, Diphtheria, C C Smith & M J Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Jane, W, F, 2/10/1879, 23yrs 11mos, Wetzel Co, Accident, J Smith & R Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, A S, W, M, 11/23/1879, 7yrs 10mos, Wetzel Co, Heart Disease, AJ & W Smith, Unmarried, M H Tuttle

Smith, Jane, W, F, 2/10/1880, 23yrs 11mos, Wetzel Co, Accident, J Smith & R Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Anna S, W, F, 11/23/1880, 7yrs 10mos, Wetzel Co, Heart Disease, W H Smith & Anna J Smith, Unmarried, M H Totle

Smith, Samuel, W, M, 2/6/1881, 1mos, Wetzel Co, Croup, W & A Smith, Unmarried, S Smith

Smith, John G, W, M, 1/17/1885, 2mos 2yrs, Wetzel Co, Unknown, Wm Smith & Catherine Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Samuel M, W, M, 10/31/1886, 75yrs 0mos 16dys, Mag Dist, Dropsy & Enlargement of Heart, John Smith & Elizabeth Smith, ,

Smith, Priscilla, W, F, 4/14/1888, 78yrs, Wetzel Co, , Paul M Wood, , J C Smith

Smith, Hugh H, W, M, 2/16/1889, 46yrs, Mag Dist, Gastric Ulcer of Stomach, , Unmarried, Dr Lowther

Smith, Sarah, W, F, 12/14/1889, 84yrs 5mos 10dys, Proctor, Heart Disease, Eve Hudson, Isaac Smith, Husband

Smith, Russell E, W, M, 4/14/1890, - - -, Proctor, Unknown, Geo A Smith & Hannah Smith, , Father

Smith, Archie, W, M, 3/9/1894, 4yrs, Littleton, , , Unmarried,

Smith, Agnes, W, F, 7/30/1894, 33yrs, Hundred, Chronic Diarrhoea, , , Lemley & Cole

Smith, Rachel Jane, W, F, 10/15/1894, 28yrs 11mos, Lynn Camp W Va, Phthisis, , , W D Wyatt

Smith, Samuel, W, M, 9/15/1895, 1yrs 11mos 3dys, Steels Run, Cholera Infantum, W H Smith & Ella Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, J C, W, M, 12/18/1897, 82yrs, Wetzel Co, Dropsy, Noah Smith & Mary Smith, , Wm Smith

Smith, C C, W, M, 10/6/1898, 54yrs 8mos 1dys, Proctor, Pyemia, Isaac Smith & Sarah Smith, Mary J Smith, Wife

Smith, Leona Gray, W, F, 11/27/1898, 6yrs 8mos 20dys, New Martinsville, Diphtheria, , Unmarried, F P Lowther

Smith, R C, W, M, 03/28/1900, 16yrs 2mos 15dys, Proctor, Accident, Wm Smith & Amanda Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Walter, W, M, 03/28/1900, 20yrs 10mos, Proctor, Accident, Wm Smith & Amanda Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Lillie M, W, F, 07/22/1900, 11mos 3dys, Center Dist, Whoopingcough, T J Smith & S R Smith, Unmarried,

Smith, Rachel, W, F, 09/01/1900, 70yrs, Proctor, Inflamation of Bowels, James Trader, Samuel Smith, Husband

Smith, C A, W, M, 05/06/1901, 23yrs, Grant Dist. , Shot, R Smith & A Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Violet M, W, F, 06/07/1901, 11mos 17dys, Long Drain, Liver & Stomach Trouble, B F Smith & Olive Smith,
Unmarried, Father

Smith, M J, W, F, 04/03/1903, 36yrs, Grant Dist. , Child Fever, , , Husband

Smith, Lizzie, W, F, 03/24/1903, 22yrs, Wileyville W Va, Progrosseve Anemia, , Unmarried, J R Sole

Smith, Mrs A M, -, F, 07/24/1903, 82yrs, Smithfield W Va, Rheumatism & Old Age, , , Dr H C Whisler

Smith, W A Jr, W, M, 09/02/1903, 1yrs 10mos, Grant Dist. , Inflam. Of Stomach, W A Smith & J L Smith, , Father

Smith, , W, M, 03/22/1904, 3yrs, New Martinsville, Measles, , Unmarried, Thompson & Muhleman

Smith, , W, M, 09/10/1904, 1yrs, Smithfield, Inflamation Bowels, , Unmarried, Thompson & Muhleman

Smith, S R, W, F, 03/01/1905, 34yrs, Unie, Unknown, , , Husband

Smith, Sarah, W, F, 03/31/1905, 36yrs 4mos 5dys, Wileyville W Va, Some Brain Trouble, , , W V Teagarden M D

Smith, Alice May, W, F, 01/19/1907, 1yrs 0mos 1dys, Marion W Va, Lung Fever, T B Smith, , Father

Smith, Lewis, W, M, 7/-/1907, 21dys, , , R J Smith, , Father
Smith, Alice May, W, F, 02/17/1908, 1yrs 2mos 8dys, Marion, Lung Fever, Thos B Smith, , Father

Smith, Chas V, W, M, 03/28/1908, 2mos 23dys, Earnshaw, Congestion of Kidneys, F B Smith, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Casie R, W, F, 07/22/1913, 39yrs, Bremen O, Typhoid Fever, , , B B Muhleman

Smith, Ruhana, W, F, 09/20/1914, 58yrs, Robinson Ridge, Rheumatism, , Calvin Smith, Husband

Smith, John, W, M, 11/22/1914, 73yrs, Fairview, Found Dead, , , Joseph Palmer

Smith, Sydney, W, M, 07/18/1917, 78yrs 6mos 6dys, Pt Pleasant, , , , W E Wharton

Smith, , W, M, -/-/1917, - - -, , , , Unmarried, Joseph Palmer

Smith, Martha, W, F, 11/02/1917, 33yrs, Earnshaw, Not Known, , J F Smith, Husband

Smith, Melvin M, W, M, 12/11/1917, 1yrs 9mos 25dys, Proctor Rt #1, Croup, Rachel Smith, Unmarried, Mother

Smith, Ray, W, M, 03/06/1918, 6yrs, Smithfield, Croup, , , Assessor

Smith, Mrs. Charlotty, W, F, 05/28/1918, 55yrs 5mos 19dys, New Martinsville, Nephritis, , , W E Wharton

Smith, Okey, W, M, 06/18/1918, 19yrs 8mos 12dys, Proctor, , , Unmarried, Joseph Palmer

Smith, John C, W, M, 10/09/1918, 22yrs 0mos 20dys, New Martinsville, Bronchial Pneumonia, , Unmarried, W E Wharton

Smith, Rebecca, W, F, 11/29/1918, 42yrs, Pt Pleasant, Influenza, , Unmarried, W E Wharton

Smith, Liza, W, F, 03/01/1920, 67yrs 4mos 4dys, Proctor, , , , Joseph Palmer

Smith, Jas B, W, M, 07/29/1921, 22yrs 10mos 21dys, Paden City, Drowned, Geo Smith & Lorane Heslep, Unmarried,

Smith, Jack Clifford, W, M, 04/30/1922, 1mos 27dys, Paden City, Pneumonia, Norton Smith & Frances Sexton, Unmarried,

Smith, Bessie M, W, F, 01/16/1923, 10yrs 7mos 17dys, Proctor Dist, Pneumonia - Scarlet Fever, John F Smith & Cecil Bland, Unmarried,

Smith, Mary Louise, W, F, 05/11/1923, 2mos 24dys, Paden City, Whooping Cough, Odell Smith & Violet Spencer, Unmarried,

Smith, Catherine S, W, F, 05/13/1923, 39yrs 3mos 27dys, Mag Dist, Pneumonia, Gramison Lemasters & Elizabeth A Powell, ,

Smith, , W, M, 05/14/1923, 8dys, Mag Dist, Malnutrition, Wilkes Smith & Caterine Lancaster, Unmarried,

Smith, Emma, W, F, 01/02/1924, 52yrs 9mos 12dys, New Martinsville, Heart Dilation, Anthony Howell & Elizabeth Hoskins, ,

Smith, Thomas P, W, M, 03/03/1924, 63yrs 2mos 25dys, Proctor Dist, Cancer of Stomach, Sam Smith, ,

Smith, Leu Ellen, W, F, 03/28/1924, 31yrs 10mos 28dys, Church Dist, Pneumonia, Linsy Smith & Elizabeth Calvert, Unmarried,

Smith, Wm F, W, M, 08/24/1924, 77yrs 6mos 25dys, Church Dist, Nephritis, John Smith, ,

Smith, Chas L, W, M, 09/09/1924, 62yrs 10mos, Proctor Dist, Heart Failure, Sam Smith & - Trader, ,

Smith, Robert, W, M, 11/25/1924, 84yrs, Wheeling, Cardiac Failure, Isaac Smith & Sarah Hudson, ,

Smith, Sarah Jane, W, F, 01/10/1925, 85yrs 7mos, Paden City, Pneumonia, James Shook & Zelphia Brown, ,

Smith, Mary Ruth, W, F, 03/03/1925, 1yrs 6mos 15dys, Smithfield, Acute Indigestion, R E Smith & Cartha Ensminger, Unmarried,

Schmidt, , W, F, 08/10/1925, - - -, Paden City, Stillborn, James J Schmidt & Daisy McQuay, Unmarried,

Smith, Albert G, W, M, 01/03/1926, 49yrs 3mos 10dys, New Martinsville, Strychnine Poison, John C Smith & Caroline Berrisford, ,

Smith, Nellie Evelyn, W, F, 01/31/1926, 7yrs 11mos 15dys, Paden City, Burn Accidental, Fountain Smith & Flora Chaplin, Unmarried,

Smith, Wm Grover, W, M, 09/29/1926, 33yrs 10mos 25dys, New Martinsville, Fractured Skull, Wm Smith & Amanda Long, Unmarried,

Smith, Gertrude, W, F, 12/06/1926, 33yrs 7mos 2dys, New Martinsville, Tuberculosis, Wm M Chesney & Emma Belle Fry, ,

Smith, Wilma Grace, W, F, 02/27/1927, 17yrs 5mos 4dys, New Martinsville, Diabetes Milletus, Frank B Smith & Josephine Olive Barr, Unmarried,

Smith, Myrtle Selma, W, F, 01/08/1928, 50yrs 10mos 24dys, New Martinsville, Fractured Femer, Geo Smith & Rhoda Hitchcock, Unmarried,

Smith, America, W, F, 05/17/1928, 89yrs 4mos 17dys, Hundred, Old Age, Eli Anderson & America Anderson, ,

Smith, Harold, W, M, 07/23/1928, 16yrs, New Martinsville, Accident, Oscar Smith & Lulu Huff, Unmarried,

Smith, Hellen Marie, W, F, 08/18/1928, - - -, Smithfield, Premature Birth, Dortha Smith, Unmarried,

Smith, Dorothy Louise, W, F, 08/23/1928, 19yrs 3mos 4dys, Smithfield, T B, William Smith & Lidda Trader, Unmarried,

Smith, James W, W, M, 10/18/1928, 53yrs 0mos 3dys, Burton, Cancer, Daniel Smith & Mary J Laughlin, ,

Smith, Colenius Shipman, W, M, 10/23/1928, 28yrs 11mos 14dys, Jacksonburg, Pneumonia, William H Smith & Mary Yoho, Unmarried,

Smith, Draper R, W, M, 11/08/1928, 55yrs 3mos 18dys, New Martinsville, Apoplexy, John Smith & Victoria Dotson, ,

Smith, Eva Hazel, W, F, 11/16/1928, 46yrs 10mos 3dys, Hastings, Heart Disease, E S Smith & Rhoda Price, ,

Smith, Lyda, W, F, 03/15/1929, 69yrs 10mos 23dys, New Martinsville, Cancer, Randolph Easly & Anna Blazier, ,

Smith, William Riley, W, M, 07/15/1929, 46yrs, Littleton, Accident, Ugenius Smith & Margaret Bartrug, ,

Smith, Francis Berrisford, W, M, 03/23/1931, 57yrs 4mos 26dys, North View Cemetery, Phenol Poisoning, John Smith & Caroline Berrisford, ,

Smith, Benjamin Yanek, W, M, 11/24/1931, 74yrs 29mos 14dys, Farr, Valvular Heart Lesion, Isaac Smith, ,

Smith, Washington, W, M, 02/14/1932, 59yrs 6mos 15dys, New Martinsville, Chronic Nephritis, Samuel Smith & Mary Myers, Unmarried,

Smith, Alma Gran, W, F, 11/17/1932, 23yrs 0mos 29dys, Burton, Pulmonary T B, Frank Smith & Marth Curry, Unmarried,

Smith, Evelyn Marie, W, F, 12/30/1932, 2mos 7dys, Jacksonburg, , Floyd Smith & Iris Arnett, Unmarried,

Smith, Mary J, W, F, 02/21/1933, 88yrs 7mos 6dys, New Martinsville, Arteriosclerosis, Isaac Wingrove & Sara Jane Gobbler, ,

Smith, Delia Jane, W, F, 10/19/1933, 81yrs 11mos 28dys, Pine Grove, Pneumonia, Thomas Hawkins & Mary Ellen Paugh, ,

Smith, Chester, W, M, 10/20/1933, 18yrs 6mos 28dys, Reader, Lobar Pneumonia, B Smith & Martha Winland, Unmarried,

Smith, Isaac, W, M, 03/12/1934, 81yrs 1mos 19dys, Pine Grove, Heart Failure, Samuel Smith & Rachel Trader, , Wm Smith

Smith, Ugenis, W, M, 07/10/1934, 81yrs 9mos 1dys, , Carcinoma of Liver, Raleigh Smith, , Martin Smith

Smith, John L, W, M, 11/10/1934, 96yrs, Mag Dist, Senility, , , Infirmary Records

Smith, Thomas, W, M, 03/07/1935, 85yrs 0mos 9dys, Proctor Rt #3, Chronic Endocodite, Isaac Smith & Sarah Hudson, Cora A Smith, Marion Smith

Smith, Thos Jefferson, W, M, 04/10/1935, 64yrs 3mos 22dys, Brooklyn, Broncho Pneumonia, John Smith, Elizabeth Agnus, Elizabeth Smith

Smith, Harrison Edward, W, M, 12/30/1935, 70yrs 3mos 23dys, Smithfield, Apoplexy, Church Smith & Frances R Wyans, Rhoda M Smith, F B Smith

Smith, Margaret, W, F, 01/23/1936, 84yrs 11mos 8dys, Smithfield, , Robert Daily & Hannah Hashman, Robert Smith, Sarah I Fowler

Smith, Elizabeth, W, F, 04/05/1936, 60yrs 5mos 5dys, New Martinsville, Hypertension etc, Cornelius Dennis, Jasper Smith, Jasper Smith

Smith, Mary Virginia, W, F, 06/19/1936, 88yrs 0mos 18dys, Paden City, Myocarditis, Bennett Francis & Mary Cooper, Joshia F Smith , Mary Voegtty

Smith, Geo Alexander, W, M, 12/08/1936, 89yrs 11mos 27dys, Proctor Dist , Senility, J J Smith & Mary Katherine Ryan, , I J Smith

Smith, Mary Ann, W, F, 01/30/1937, 24yrs 0mos 25dys, New Martinsville, Cerebral Emboli Etc, James Franklin Goodyear & Ada Pearl Grayham, Keith S Smith, J F Goodyear

Smith, Barbara Anne, W, F, 02/01/1937, 2mos 7dys, New Martinsville, Broncho Pneumonia, Keith S Smith & Mary Anne Goodyear, Unmarried, Father

Smith, Joseph W, W, M, 02/24/1937, 83yrs 5mos 15dys, New Martinsville, Arteriosclerosis, Isaac Smith & Nancy Moore, Lydia Isaly, Mrs H W Smith

Smith, William Harvey, W, M, 03/21/1937, 69yrs 4mos 10dys, Jacksonburg, Chronic Endocariditis, Charles Smith & Sarah Davore, Mary Ellen Smith, Floyd Smith

Smith, William, W, M, 07/21/1937, 83yrs 5mos 9dys, New Martinsville RFD #2, Myrearditis, Samuel Smith & Rachel Trater, Amanda Long, Anna Smith

Smith, Calvin, W, m, 10/29/1938, 77yrs 1mos 21dys, Littleton, Chronic Myocarditis etc, Robert Smith & Armenia Anderson, Ruhanna Newman, Myrtle Hill

Smith, Angeline, W, F, 01/04/1939, 57yrs 1mos 18dys, Burton, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Asa Taylor & Elizabeth Renner, Frank Smith, Frank Smith

Smith, Hazel, W, F, 05/26/1939, 18yrs 10mos 17dys, New Martinsville, Cerebral Hemorrhage, G C Johnson & Margeurite Smith, Kermit Smith, G C Johnson

Smith, Amand Elizabeth, W, F, 12/26/1939, 82yrs 10mos 17dys, New Martinsville, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Charles Long & Sarah Jane Cabbler, William Smith, Anna Smith

Smith, Mary Ellin, W, F, 04/08/1940, 72yrs 8mos 4dys, Smithfield, Uremic Coma Chronic Nephritis, Samuel Yoho & Catherine McBride, William Harvey Smith, Floyd Smith

Smith, Rachel Ellen, W, f, 04/28/1940, 75yrs 3mos 25dys, Proctor, Pneumonia, William F Smith & Hanna Smith, Thomas B Smith, Francis M Smith

Smith, Rhoda E Hitchcock, W, F, 02/19/1941, 84yrs 4mos 28dys, New Martinsville, Endocarditis, George Hitchcock & Rohanna Ferrell, George Smith, Delbert Smith

Smith, William Leroy, W, M, 09/01/1941, 81yrs 3mos 23dys, New Martinsville, Fracture of Skull, Henry Smith & Lucinda, Effie Belle Griffith, Mrs W L Smith

Smith, Katie Lea, W, F, 01/02/1942, 60yrs 1mos 27dys, Proctor, Apoplexy, George A Smith & Hannah Parsons, Unmarried, Pearl Smith

Smith, George Washington, W, M, 02/02/1942, 85yrs 8mos 17dys, New Martinsville, Bronchial Pneumonia, Thomas Smith & Perrie Smith, Rhoda Hitchcock, Delbert Smith

Smith, Blanche M Whiteman, W, F, 09/28/1942, 24yrs 6mos 2dys, New Martinsville, Tubercolosis of Liver, Prelsy E Whiteman & Dessie D Winland, Paul David Smith, Clara Whiteman

Smith, Robert, W, M, 07/04/1943, 76yrs 2mos 29dys, New Martinsville, Fractured Skull, John Smith & Matilda Whitten, Emma Howell, Ann Smith

Smith, Jasper, W, M, 07/25/1943, 62yrs 7mos 13dys, New Martinsville, Embolism Mesenteric, Robert J Smith & Elizabeth Guthrie, Elizabeth Davies, Oscar Smith

Smith, Dorothy Irene, W, F, 02/18/1944, 10yrs 11mos 23dys, New Martinsville, Toxema and Shock, Okey Smith & Rosa Evelyn Kocher, Unmarried, Rosa Kocher Smith

Smith, William A, W, M, 04/29/1945, 74yrs 7mos 5dys, New Martinsville, Accident, Geo W Smith & - Pitman, Widowed, Luther Smith

Smith, William H, W, M, 07/27/1945, 65yrs 8mos 26dys, New Martinsville, Myocardial Enlargement, Joseph Smith & Lydia Islay, Emma Mae Smith, Mrs Wm Smith

Smith, Simon T, W, M, 11/10/1945, 68yrs 5mos 24dys, Proctor, Drowning, William Smith & Hannah Smith, Allie Smith, Eunice Cannon

Smith, John Friend, W, M, 07/28/1947, 69yrs 11mos 16dys, Paden City, Rheumatice Heart Disease, Jobe Smith & Sarah J Shook, Sadie E Smith, Delbert Smith

Smith, William Howard, W, M, 12/28/1947, 3mos 5dys, New Martinsville, Dead on Arrival, Okey Smith Jr & Dolly P Anderson, Unmarried, Mrs Okey Smith

Smith, Harold Arthur, W, M, 06/18/1948, 46yrs 0mos 29dys, New Martinsville, Hanging in Outhouse, William Smith & Amanda Long, Toy Elson Smith, Mrs Anna Ward

Smith, James Merrill, W, M, 07/08/1949, 49yrs 1mos 6dys, New Martinsville, Punctured Lung, William Smith & Amanda Long Smith, Married, Mrs J M Smith

Smith, Charles Cornelius, W, M, 01/01/1951, 64yrs 2mos 7dys, New Martinsville, Bronco-Pneumonia, Charles Smith & Emma Cool, Married, Lelia Smith

Smith, , W, F, 04/29/1951, (Stillborn), New Martinsville, Premature Placenta Separation, Harold Eugene Smith & Lena May Blatt, Unmarried, Harold E Smith

Smith, Dolly, W, F, 05/23/1951, 29yrs 9mos 22dys, New Martinsville, Dead on Arrival, Friend F Ancerson & Mary E Slider, Married, Mrs Okey Slider

Smith, Deaune Burl, W, M, 09/13/1951, 16yrs 5mos, New Martinsville, Fractured Skull, Rube Smith & Mamie Richmond, Unmarried, Rube Smith

Smith, William, W, M, 11/23/1951, 84yrs 2mos, Silver Hill, Senility, John Smith & Rosa Postlethwait, Married, Caroline Baresford

Smith, Toy W, W, F, 06/11/1952, 48yrs 2mos 11dys, New Martinsville, Coronary Occlusion, James Elson & Sarah E Cattlet, Widow, Mrs Anna Ward

Smith, Sarah Riel, W, F, 07/03/1954, 77yrs, New Martinsville, Diabetes Milletus & Nephrites, Franklin Riel & Angeline Daugherty, Widowed, Mrs Rachel Speece

Smith, Myrtle O'Della, W, F, 06/06/1954, 75yrs, Porters Falls, Senility, George Carder & Mary Underwood, Widowed, Mrs Pearle Myers

Smith, Quince J, W, M, 01/05/1955, 84yrs, New Martinsville, Coronary Thrombosis, Charles Smith & Mary Jane Wingrove, Married, Sidney Smith

Smith, Earl Robert, W, M, 08/03/1955, 66yrs, Wetzel Co, General Carcinomatosis, Robert Smith & Margaret Dailey, Married, Cartha Smith

Smith, Ova Violet, W, F, 07/28/1956, 64yrs, Littleton, Carcinoma of Rectum, Lake Roberts & Ethel Jane Nickels, Widowed, Shirl Johnson

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