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1787 Pendleton portion of Rockingham Land tax list

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1787 Pendleton portion of Rockingham Land tax list

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Surnames: Blizzard, Burnes, Dyer, Bushang, Bush, Bennett, Bland, Harmon, Coyle, Castle, Cassel, Clifton, Coonrad, Conrad, Cookhols, Gougols, Carr, Campbell, Cheverant, Cunningham, Davies, Davis, Dyer, Duncle, Dunkle, Dice, Dyer, Wirtmiller, Bookes, Booker, Evick, Friend, Full, Gillespey, Swadley, Gordon, Greg, Gragg, Hoover, Haviner, Hevner, Heavner, Hushare, Hushaw, Hedrick, Johnston, Hammer, Harper, Hincle, Hinkle, Henkle, Harper, Hermon, Hardy, Bland, Wilson, Kiester, Keister, Keplinger, Lough, Moral, Morral, Minnis, Negley, Prope, Propst, Patton, Phenimon, Venimon, Vanemon, Powers, Roleman, Root, Stone, Swadly, Swadley, Smith, Skidmore, Stratton, Shull, Shall, Teeteres, Teter, Vandevender
1787 Rockingham Land Tax list District 6, 7, and 8 [modern day Pendleton County]

The three districts which covered what became the southern 3/4 (roughly) of modern day Pendleton County appear to have been divided according to the three river valleys - 6 was South Fork valley; 7 was South Branch valley; and 8 was the North Fork valley. The names of those who lived in the northern most 1/4 (roughly) of modern day Pendleton County were on the Hardy County Land Tax List for 1787.

The later lists of soon-to-be formed Pendleton County were divided into two halves on the opposite axis of the river valleys - the northern or lower district and the southern or upper district so the lists two years apart from Rockingham's 1787 to Pendleton's 1789 cannot just be 'bumped' against each other for comparison.

* indicates the same information regarding acreage in 1782
[Items in brackets are not in the recording but are spelling variations or illegible or otherwise questionable].

Numbers immediately preceding the names are the districts as explained above. The numbers following the names are the acreage taxed. Multiple older grants may be in one combined acreage.

6 John Blizzard 230a*
6 John Burnes no acreage (partially illegible note indicates that a recent conveyance to Burnes and from him to James Dyer "and there charged")
7 Jacob Bushang [sic] Jr 96a*
7 Michael Bush 95a *
7 Lewis Bush 90a *
8 Joseph Bennett 127a
8 Thomas Bland "Harmon's land" but no acreage

7 Gabriel Coyle 103a* and 12a
7 Valentine Castle [Cassel] 87a*
7 William Clifton 70a
7 George Coyle 501a* and 100a
7 Jacob Coonrad [Conrad] 252a* and 180a*
7 Andrew Cookhols [Gougols] 17a
8 Jacob Carr 73a* and 50a
8 Campbell, [Thomas?] 150a
8 Cheverant, Joseph 62a
8 Cunningham, William 375a

6 Robt Davies [Davis] 292a*
6 Rodger Dyer 507a*, 129a, 55a
6 George Duncle [Dunkle] 231a*
6 John Duncle [Dunkle] 231a*
6 Ditto for his [John Dunkle's] sister 44a
6 Mathias Dice 200a*
6 James Dyer 670a*, 83a and 53a from John Wirtmiller
6 James Davies [Davis] 135a*
7 George Dice from Thomas [Bookes or Booker?] 230a

7 Francis Evick 160a* and 118a
7 George Evick 65a [60a in 1782]*

7 Jacob Friend 229a*
7 Joseph Friend 69a
8 Lewis Full Jr [from? Blizzard? - very faded] 50a

6 Jacob Gillespey from Henry Swadley 102a
7 John Gordon 230a*
8 William Greg [Gragg] Sr from Jno Carr 64a

6 Pursely Hoover [aka Sebastian Hoover Sr] 200a, 275a, 100a, 116a; 65a; 44a, 46a
6 Jacob Haviner [Hevner Heavner] 100a
6 Fredrick Haviner [Frederick Hevner Heavner] 174a*
7 Laurence Hushare [Hushaw] 142a
7 Charles Hedrick 190a and 136a from Arthur Johnston
7 George Hammer 114a*
7 Jacob Harper 136a* and 48a
8 Abraham Hincle [Hinkle, Henkle] 112a
8 Isaac Hincle [Hinkle, Henkle] 150a* and 85a
8 Yost Hincle [Hinkle, Henkle] 175a and 22a
8 Jacob Harper 100a*
8 Philip Harper 100a
8 David Hermon [Harman] Hardy [Bland?] land 125a
8 Ditto [David Harman] Wilson's from same 90a

8 Andrew Johnston 133a* and 417a
8 Arthur Johnston conveyed to Charles Hedrick - acreage and tax scratched out

6 Fredrick Kiester [Frederick Keister] 223a
7 George Keplinger 122a*

6 Adam Lough 80a [88a in 1782]

6 Samuel Moral [Morral] Executors 290a*
7 Adam Mallo where Toops lives 72a
8 Robt Minnis 225a*

8 George Negley 215a*

6 Michael Prope [Propst] Sr. 200a*
6 Matthew Patton 230a*
6 Leonard Propes [Propst] 81a
6 Frederick Propes [Propst ] 100a
6 Michael Propes [ Propst presumably Jr.] 119a
7 Peter Phenimon [sic Venimon Vanemon] 120a and 11a
7 Thomas [Illegible] 250?a scratched through
7 Charles Powers 44a* and 73a

6 Christian Roleman 200a* and 47a
6 Ditto [Christian Roleman] "Orphan's land" 119a
8 Jacob Root 126a*

6 Henry Stone 81a*
6 Henry Swadly [Swadley] 324a
6 {illegible] "land was given in rong [sic - wrong]" name scratched through
6 John Smith 32a
7 John Skidmore 101a, 237a*, 63a, 44a "Orphants [sic] land"
7 Sariah Stratton 160a
7 Ditto [Sariah Stratton] as p. Old Bookes no acreage although tax was paid
7 Joseph Skidmore 195a* and 19a
8 John Shull [Shall] 92a
8 Peter Shull [Shall] 92a*

8 Philip Teeteres [Teter] 113a*
8 George Teeteres [Teter] 120a
8 Rebeccah Teeter [Teter] 40a

8 Jacob Vandevender 137a
Venamon, Vaneman = see Phenimon

6 Lewis Wagoner Sr 329a
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