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evidence for mixed-race Wayland's

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evidence for mixed-race Wayland's

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I do not know if my Wayland's descend from the Germanna Colony or not. I read on Spartanburg County, South Carolina website where it said many early settlers came from the region of Virginia where the Germanna Colony was located. My Newvil Wayland is first found around Spartanburg where he was in teh South Carolina Militia (Wagoner and driver/drover of cattle and horses in the Revolutionary War. After the war he remained in Sc until 1797 when he moved to SAcott County, Virginia (SW corner of Va) where they lived in a very well known "Melungeon" Community at Stoney Creek.

For the last few years -- since I heard of the Stoney Creek Church minutes, I have been investigating the possibility of a Melungeon/Wayland connection. Looking at the Melungeons it appears they were mixed with Piedmont Catawba. I think some researchers might think I am crazy for considering this, I don't know. :) Had I hit a dead end I'd have stopped, but that never happened. Here is some circumstantial evidence --

i.] An early explorer of the region where the Melungeons are later found was named "Wallen". In "Melungeons, examining an Appalachian Legend" by Pat Spurlock Elder she has the names Wallen and Wayland side by side as tho they might both be derived from a common origin.

ii.] Just a few miles from the Germanna Colony in about 1740 a group of over 40 Saponi Indian (also known as Piedmont Catawba) men were ordered to move out of the county for scaring a farmer, setting the woods on fire, and hog stealing. 5 or 6 of these Saponi Indians are named and one was a "Collins" -- one of the known Melungeon surnames. There were only a few Saponi mentioned, and only a coouple of them were given last names in the account.

iii.] Thomas Gibson, a known Melungeon ancestor, mentioned in his will a daughter "Cusiah" and a wife "Mary". Also mentioned in this will are a Joel and Humphrey Gibson. If you look at early records of Arkansas, a Humphrey Gibson was in NE Arkansas even before our Nevil's 4 sons, Nevil Jr, (called Sr in Ark), William (my direct line), Henry, and Francis (moved to Arkansas a few years after his 3 brothers and mother). I think it is possible our "Keziah" Wayland and this "Cusiah" Gibson (daughter of Mary and Thomas) might be the same person, and the Mary Gibson mentioned in the minutes of Stoney Creek Church might have been Nevil Jr's maternal grandma. Francis, the last to rmove to Arkansas, paid taxes for their land on behalf of John Gibson, who had earlier gotten 15 of their 50 acres and lived amongst them. James Gibson was their next door neighbor. When they moved to Arkansas, my direct ancestor, William Wayland, lived next door to another "James Gibson" in 1840 Arlkansas census.

iv.] My family has always had stories of Indian ancestry but we are not sure where it came from -- always thought Cherokee but maybe it isn't.

v.] I just took a Autosomal DNA test from GeneTree -- this test gives percent of ancestry per 4 races -- Sub Sahara Africa, American Indian, ast Asia, and European. My results were partly expected and partly a surprize. 90 % Caucasian. 3% American Indian -- I thought it would be the ENTIRE other 10 %. The surprize was 7% Sub-Saharan African -- never would have expected that. In fact I can't believe it as it means 1/16th African. I have or have seen photos of all my great grandparents and only one of them "might have any African ancestry -- that being Jeffrey Hoten Richey (b. Ar1851-d. Ok 1926). The Wayland in my ancestry was Jeff's mother Sarah Ann Wayland, William's daughter, William being the son of Nevil Sr. And we have noone if either the Richey or Wayland family that I know of that will claim any African American blood -- I don't see how it is possible to have 1/16th African ancestry (1/16th is 6.35%),altho I concede Jeff might be 1/8th from his photo. I mention this Autosomal DNA test because Melungeons are said to be bi or tri racial mixed people in the Appalachians.

None of this proves anything, put had I run into a dead end I would stopped long ago -- and that hasn't happened yet. After this DNA test I felt I ought to bring this out. I also have a photo I found of my Sarah's cousin, Jonathan Wayland that I found and copied and pasted from "A Centennial History of Methodism in Arkansas" If anyone wants to see it email me at

vi.] Rcently while emailing other Wayland cousins I found a descendant of William's brother, Henry Wayland. He took the same autosomal DNA test I took and it came back 100 % Caucasian. However his aunt took the test and it came back 95% Caucasian, 5% sub-Sahara African. My children would probably come gack 100 percent Caucasian as well so had we waited ONE generation this information about our ancestors might be lost forever. Now it is possible we both mixed race somewhere other than through the Waylands, but the fact we both have proven mixed race ancestors is some vindication for my research.

Again, I don't know if we connect to the Germanna Waylands or not - but we might.

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