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Savedge Family of Surry County, Virginia

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Savedge Family of Surry County, Virginia

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When my mother died several years ago, this newspaper clipping was in her papers. It is from THE DAILY PRESS, Newport News - Hampton, Virginia and dated July 19, 1970.

An additional clipping was dated July 26, 1970. I will copy the columns as they were printed even though they are sometimes difficult to understand. Perhaps they will be a help to some of you.

The column was CLIMBING THE FAMILY TREE By Hugh S. Watson, Jr.

"SAVEDGE FAMILY OF SURRY COUNTY, VIRGINIA. The following data was sent to this writer from records that she had collected throughout the years; the records are from Mrs. Samuel Watson White, known to all who know her as "Miss Lizzie" all over Surry Co., Va. and to many many persons for whom she has done genealogical work. "Miss Lizzie" has been quite and does wish to receive letters, since she has requested that this be known. She resides at Elberon, Surry Co., Va.

Please note the spelling of the name as "Savedge" for this appears to be different from the family of the same name in the area of the Eastern Shore, Virginia, the area which encompasses Accomac and Northampton Counties.

At the top of the records sent to this writer were these names: William Savedge, wo had,
William Savedge, Jr. (there were no dates by these names).

"Miss Lizzie" White goes further, but does not connect the above William Savedge and William Savedge, Jr. with the following:

"Nicholas Hezekian Savedge and Henry Talbott Savedge were brothers." (Note by this writer: From where did the given name of Talbott come? As many researches know, the name of Talbott is from the Maryland family of the name. Since the given name of Talbottt was here among this family, could it be at all possible that these brothers could have come from the Eastern Shore of Virginia with some origin of Maryland connection?)

This the apparent first knowledge of the Savedge family that "Miss Lizzie" has been able to work out from the records in the Surry Co., Va. area.

1. Nicholas Hezekiah Savedge m.-(1st Sally Batts on Feb. 25, 1795-6; by this marriage had issue:

(1) Dr. William Ackerel Savedge
(2) Sally Evans Savedge m.-John S. Davis
Nicholas Hezekiah Savedge married (2) Keziah Phillips (English girl) and by this marriage had,
(3) Richard Tush Savedge.
Dr. Wm Ackerel Savedge, son of Nicholas Hezekiah and Sally Batts, married twice, like his father. He married (1st) Ursula Warren, and had issue:
(1) Emeline Savedge, who married John coke
(A) (2) Eliza Savedge, who m. - Jesse King. Apparently from the note under the group of children, this couple had issue: Jesse King, who married Rosa Skinner; and Mollie King, who married John Ingram, but this does not add up for "Miss Lizzie" gives the following children of Eliza Savedge and Jesse King; they are:
(a) William King, m-Maggie Dewell
(b) Ida Wallace King, m-Joseph James; this couple had:
Leonard Wallace James, who was the father of Mr. Eldon James of Hampton, Va.
Eddie James
Charles Fleetwood James
Ralph E. James
(B) Wingield Scott Savedge, m.-Mrs. Martha Pond; they had issue; Florence Savedge, died in infancy; Idella Savedge, died in infancy; Clifton died in infancy; Ellen Savedge, m.=T. Jeff Faison; George Lee Savedge, m.-Sadie Seward; and Hunter Savedge D.S.P. (a young woman),
Ellen Savedge, who married T. Jeff Faison, had issue:
(1) Ashton Faison, who married Mabel Shumann.
(2) Roy Faison, m.-Nellie Hall.
George Lee Savedge, son of Wingield Scott Savedge and Mrs. Martha Pond, married (Saidei (Seward) and had issue:
(1) Henry Scott Savedge, m-Mabel Seward; had issue:
(a) Anne Cromwell Savedge
(b) Henry Scott Savedge, Jr.

(2) Marjorie Savedge, dau of George Lee Savedge and Sadie Seward, married Robert Warren James and had,
(a) Virginia Warren James, who married Fred Turner.

(3) George Lee Savedge, son of Wingield George Lee Savedge and Sadie Seward, m.-Frances James and this couple had
(a) Gertrude James Savedge, m-Charles Wesley Barlow
(b) James Lee Savedge, m.-Evelyn Corker
(c) Mary George Savedge, dau of Dr. William Ackerel Savedge, m.-Thomas Joseph Holloway; and this couple had,
(1) Joseph Holloway, m.-Emily Hearne
(2) Elmo E. ("Coot") Holloway m. (Mary) Ramsey
(3) Oneida Holloway, m.-Thomas Lafayette Dashiell; this couple had issue:
(a) Herbert Dashiell, m.-Ann Easley, he having died from an injury from a horse in 1934.
(b) Thomas Lafeyette Dashiell, Jr., died Feb. 20, 1967; he m.-Nancy Warner.
(c) Harry Garland Dashiell, d. 1967; m.-Segar Cofer
(d) Pauline Dashiell, m.-1914 Parke Sepherd Rouse (see later for issue)
(e) Sarah Dashiell, m.- Rufus Starke
(f) Nancy Dashiell
(g) Ashby Dashiell, m.-Mienette Vellines
(H) George Dashiell, died in World War I, immediately after the Arminstice was signed.
Pauline Dashiell, who married in 1914 Parke Shepherd Rouse (above dau. of Thomas Lafayette Dashiell and Oneida Savedge, had issue:
(1) Parke Shepherd Rouse, Jr., born 1915, m.-Elizabeth (Betsy)Marshall Cole of Richmond, Va.
(2) Randolph Dashiell Rouse, born 1916.
(3)John Dashiell Rouse, born 1919, killed during the Korean War having died 1950; m.- Anne Nottingham Colonna.
(4) William Dashiell rouse, born 1925, m.=Florence Irene Munson,

(A) Victoria Savedge, dau. of Dr. William Ackrell Savedge, m.-William Oliver Perry Gwaltney, March 3, 1859 ; they had issue

(1) James Edward Lewis ("Dock") Gwaltney, son of William Oliver Perry Gwaltney and wife Victoria Savedge, married Rosa Hall; this couple had issue:
(1) Edward
(2) Oliver who had issue Jimmy Gwaltney
(3) Armistead who had issue Doris Gwaltney and Evelyn Gwaltney
(4) Hugh who married Maud Duck and had issue "Mac" Gwaltney
(5) Blance Victoria who married Lloyd William Spivey who had issue, Betty Barbara Spivey who married ( Robert Phillip Sellers) July23, 1960:.
who had issue Robert Phillip Sellers, Jr. who married Angeliki (Angie) Ganus who had issue: Jessica Chloe Sellers and Kathleen Demitra Sellers):

and Elizabeth (Betsy) Blair Sellers who married Robert Wilkins Given who had issue: Robert Parker Given and
Phillip True Given
(6) Marie who married Leonidas Cutchins
(7) Sarah Gwaltney who married J.D. Edmondson
(8) Margaret Gwaltney who married Lacey Paulette
(9) Norfleet Gwaltney who died when he was eleven from an accidential gunshot while hunting, to the arm and he bled to death.
(10) girl Gwaltney who died at a very young age from whooping cough.

(2) William Dudley Gwaltney, son of William Oliver Perry Gwaltney, married Elizabeth Barham; this couple had issue:
(1) Henry O. (Oliver?) Gwaltney, m. -Gracie Betts.
(2)William Dudley Gwaltney, Jr., b 1900, m.-Eunice Stephenson.
(3) Hunter Davis Gwaltney, a daughter, born 1903, m.-William A. Walton
(4)Sarah Emily Gwaltney, born 1905, m.-Dwight Stafford
(5) Belle Gwaltney, born 1907 Elliot Warren of Georgia.

(3) George W. Gwaltney, son of William Oliver Perry Gwaltney and wife Victoria Savedge, married Mattie Batten; they had:
(1) Fred Gwaltney, married Mattie Batten; they had:
(1) Fred Gwaltney, married 3 times; 1st to Indie Bett Pittman; the 2nd and 3rd marriages are not given here.
(2) Perry Gwaltney, m.-Fay Edwards; married 2ndly, name not given here.
(3) Viola Gwaltney, married twice; 1st to Tom Norfleet; m.-2nd, a Mr. Doggett
(4) Tommy Gwaltney
(5) Mattie George Gwaltney, m - one Mr. Vaughan.

(4) Joseph Gwaltney, son of William Oliver Perry Gwaltney and wife Victoria Savedge, m. - Ida Batten, sister of Mattie Batten; this could had:
(1) Allie B. Gwaltney, m. - Serena Batten
(2) Jennings Gwaltney;
(3) Carey Gwaltney;
(4) Scott Gwaltney
(5) Harry Gwaltney
(6) Robert Gwaltney;
(7) Mary Gwaltney

Virginius Ackrell Savedge, married twice; 1st to Joa?? Porter; m.-2nd Harriet Minerva Zook in 1891; they had
(1) William Ackrell Savedge, m-LaBerta Florence Conway and they had:
(a) Emily Cullen Savedge, m- J. Herbert Rogers;
(b) William Porter Savedge & twin sister died in infancy;
(c) Joanne Elizabeth Savedge, m.-E. Vernon Ellet;
(d) Virginius Ackrel Savedge;
(e) Bryon Conway Savedge;
(f) Grace Simpson Savedge; m.-Carol Dunlop
(2) Evora Henora Savedge, m.-Richardson Glazebrook.
(3) Avlona Savedge, died in infancy
(4) Virginius Ackrel Savedge, Jr., died in infancy

Richard Rush Savedge, half brother of Dr. William Ackrel Savedge, and son of Nicholas Haezekiah Savedge & wife Keziah Phillips, married in 1876 to Rosa Emma Lane, who was born in 1840 and died in 1919?. The mother of Emma Lane was Hannah Elizabeth Warren, sister of William Thomas Warren, who married Sarah Elizabeth Lane, daughter of John Darden Lane and Cherry (Wall). John Darden Lane was born in 1801 and died in 1873; Bherry (Wall) Lane, was born 1795-6 and died in 1880.

Richard Rush Savedge and wife Emma (Lane) had issue:

(1) Nicholas Hezekiah Savedge, m.-Annie Judkins. They had issue:
(a) John Savedge, m.-Louray Edwards
(2) Annie Savedge, dau. of Richard Rush Savedge, m.- William Elonza Seward. They had:
(a) William Elona Seward, Jr., m. -Sarah Yates
(b) Louise Seward, m.-George Ackrell Gwaltney, Jr.
(c) Alma Seward, m. - Joseph Lane.


This data continues from the previous issue of this feature. It was so generously given by "Miss Lizzie" White, widow of the late Samuel Watson White of Elberon, Surry Co., Va. As stated previously, "Miss Lizzie" has assisted many persons with her untiring assistance with records from Surry County Court House, Va., however she cannot at this time aid others due to her sickness. It is therefore requested that persons not try to contact her by writing, since she does not answer letters.

Your attention is invited to the spelling of this Surry County name as being "Savedge".

So we now continue.

(c) Keziah Elizabeth Savedge, dau. of Richard Rush Savedge and wife Emma (Lane ) Savedge; D.S.P. 1960
(d) Virgie Savedge, dau of Richard Rush Savedge and wife Emma (Lane); ;m.-William ("Willie") James. This couple had: Grace James, who married (1st) Willard Holland, m.-(
(2ndly) Ashton Steward, Grace James and Williard Holland had: Peggy Holland, who married Frank Ralph Logan.
(e) Grace Savedge, dau. of Richard Rush and Emma (Lane) Savedge, who D.S.P., when young,
(f) Ray Savedge, son of Richard Rush and Emma (Lane) Savedge was single in the year 1969 and in Patrick Henry Hospital in Newport News, Va., however he had remained in the old home and his birthplace as well as that of Dr. Willima Ackrell Savedge and Richard Rush Savedge. There is a family burying ground there.

Othere Data sent by the named "Miss Lizzie" White was;

Henry Talbott Savedge, brother of Nicholas Hezekian Savedge, who married Sarah Gray and had issue;
(a) Rillia Savedge
(b) George Savedge
(c) Claude Savedge
(d) Blanche Savedge, m. - Mr. Peterson.
(e) Bertha Savedge.
(2) Ellen Savedge, dau of Henry Talbott and Sarah (Gray) Savedge, married Jesse Thomas Andrews; this couple had Percy, D.S.P. and Jesse Thomas Andrews, Jr.
(3) Amma Savedge, died young
(4) Dona Savedge, m.Miles Ellis
(5) Nannie Savedge, m-Junius Barlow
(6) Virginia Savedge d.S. P.
(7) Belle Savedge, D.S. P. ( a young girl)
(8) A son, Savedge, D.S. P.
(NOTE: This ends the data on the Savedge family of Surry County, Va. for which we wish to thank "Miss Lizzier" White of Elberon, Surry County, Va. for her kindness in rending this for our readers. This much data on the name of Saqvedge has never been put together on this family before. Therefore this was a contribution to those doing research on Surry Co, Va.).

Copied from a column in The Daily Press - Newport News - Hampton Va. 1970

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