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Help needed, please. Personal Property Tax of Richmond search @ 1819-1823 for Eppy/Eppa Bryant

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Re: Help needed, please. Personal Property Tax of Richmond search @ 1819-1823 for Eppy/Eppa Bryant

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Surnames: Bryant Briant Bryan
I have been researching my Stephen Bryant of Botetourt County (1783-1850) and checked with someone in Boteourt County who researches various Bryan lines. He mentioned Eppa and these other Bryants as possible ancestors of my own family. Just guesses at this point. Checking further now that I am aware of them....



JB wrote:

Hi, good to hear from you. :)

If we are guessing, than I'd guess he looks worthy of greater research if possible. Richmond City isn't located in Richmond County, though. The city is in Henrico County. Richmond County is in the 'Northern Neck' region of Virginia (NE near or on the Atlantic). I looked at that family once awhile back. I like this family as possible ancestor's for Stephen and Richard Bryant of Fincastle. I once found a Bryant connection between Richmond County and Botetourt County (not sure if the Bryant I was looking at was your relative though.....his name was Eppa Bryant).


On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 1:44 AM, GM wrote:

Happy New Year!!

Is it likely at all that these Bryans are related to mine (or yours)?

Name: Richard Bryant
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1651 in England
Death: 15 MAY 1704 in Stafford County, Virginia - Probate
(FURTHER NOTE* On Sept. 9, 1690, John Grigsby was one of the appraisers of the estate of RALPH ELKIN, father of Richard Elkin. "He may have been related to the Ashtons' and Elkins',for in Richard Bryant's will dated 1703, April 5, bequeathed tohis son Nathaniel Bryant, "all my land which I now enjoy in Virginia, his mother to live wholly upon the plantation where I now live, to daughter ELIZABETH ELKIN, 400 # tobacco and RICHARDELKIN to give to my grandson RICHARD ELKIN, a mare (Ref.Virginia Historic Genealogies, "by John Bennett Boddie", Gen.Publ. County, Inc. Baltimore, 1965, pge 69. Contributed by: Barbara Thompson (EFEN).

1703 4th of May - RICHARD BRYAN, Stafford Co. Will: Wife, ANN,executrix. Leaves to dau. ELIZABETH ELKIN 400# tobacco and to RICHARD ELKIN, JR. a mare. (Book Z p227) Elkins Eagle, Vol VI,No. 1 Page 22 Mar 1989, Virginia Chronology.
Contributed by: James Hughes

URL title: Elkins Genealogy
"GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES" Vol. I and Vol IV; indexed by Judith McGhan by Baltimore Publishing Co. page 86:"The Will of Richard Bryan (Book Z, p. 227) dated April 5, 1703. Probate recorded May 15, 1704, Richard Bryant,, bequeathed to his son, Nathaniel Bryant "all my land I now enjoy in Virginia, his mother to live wholly upon the plantation where I now live;" to daughter, ELIZABETH ELKIN, 400 Lb. tobacco, RICHARD ELKIN to give my grandson (under 6) RICHARD ELKIN a mare,...The above mentioned Nathaniel Bryant in his nuncupatative will made March 21, 1732-3, gave unto Mrs. Mary Amees (Meese) all of his estate (M-p. 100). She was the only daughter of John Grigsby.also mentions daughter, Ann, daus. Sylent and Susannah (both under 16), stepson Wm. Redman, and wife Ann. pg.87 "They all lived in that part of Stafford County lying on the Rappahannock above Muddy Creek which, on the election of King George, became a part of that county and remained so until 1777." 18 Jan. 1747 (1748), The Will of Richard Bryan, (son of Richard Bryan) presented to King George County Court and recorded by Richard Bryan his executor. Wife is "Beth" Bryan.
Ancestors of Roscoe Clinton Myers

'The will of Richard Bryan (Book Z, p 227), dated April 5, 1703, probated May 15, 1704, mentions son Nathaniel, son Richard and dau Anne (who are both under 18), daus Sylent and Susannah (both under 16), dau Elizabeth Elkins wife of Richard Elkins and their son Richard (under 6), stepson Wm Redman, and wife Ann.'
James Hughes 2006-08-29 12:11:41
Court Records

Contributed By: Sondra Foley


Court held 12th June 1690
page 65-67

RICHD. BRYANT complains against THOMAS FOLIO in plea of Trespass for that whereas by the 125th act of assembly (re killing hogs) .. Now as it is Thomas Folio of this County Planter on or about the 28th of December last killed a hog which hog was seen dressing at his dwelling house within this County .. And the said Thomas Folio by RICHARD GIBSON his attorney .. for plea saith not guilty .. Therefore tis ordered that the Jury Enquire the Fact: AUGUSTINE KNEATON, XTOPHER HERRINGS, JOHN MATHEWS, WILLIAM RUSTALL, Wm. HAMBLETON, JAMES MAN, JAMES MONKS, WILLIAM BURTON, GEORGE SHEPARD, JOHN BEACH, THOMAS PORTER, HENRY THOMPSON which said Jurors Elected Tryed and Sworn to say the Truth of the Premises doe say upon their Oaths we find for the Deft noe cause of action Therefore tis ordered that Judgment be Entered on the Verdict of the Jury and that Richard Bryant be nonsuit and pay fifty pounds Tobacco unto THOMAS FOLIO with all costs .. Ordered Thomas Folio pay the Jury seventy two pounds of Tobacco with costs. Ordered Thomas Folio shall make payment sum forty pounds of Tobacco unto FRANCIS HUNT for one days attendance in Court in a Suit depending betweern him and Richard Bryant with costs .. Ordered Richard Bryant shall make payment of one hundred and twenty pounds of Tobacco unto DANAH SMITH, EVAN JONES, THOS. KILBOURNE, JOHN ROWLEY and ANNE his wife, EDWARD ROAD and his wife per peece and eighty pounds of Tobacco to WILLIAM VINE for their attendance in Court in a Suit depending between him and Thomas Folio with costs ..
pp. 242- 242a- TO ALL XPIAN PEOPLE to whom these presents shall come I RICHARD BRYANT of the County of Stafford DR. ye Sixteenth day of March 1691 for ye sums of Nine thousand poundes of Tobacco & Caske paid by WILLIAM FITZHUGH of Stafford County have sold unto ye said WM. FITZHUGH his heires two hundred acres of lande sold to me ye said RICHARD BRYANT by MALACHY PEALE Merchant by Deed 7th of September 1 685 granted to ye said MALACHY PEALE by JONATHAN RALLDALL late of this County deced by Will in writeinge under his hande & seale beareinge date 20th November 1683 and purchased by ye said RANDALL of Capa. WM. HEABEARD of ye aforesaid County by Deed bearinge date ye 10th day of April! 1678 bounded begininge at a Corner marked red oake standinge in ye line of land of RICHARD ROSIER & bein ge alsoe a Corner tree of a line that divideth this lande & ye lande belonginge to ye lande of JOHN GARDINER deced extendinge from ye said oake South Easterley to a Stoop standinge in an old field thence W.S. to a marked Corner pohickory beinge another Corner of ye line that divideth this lande and ye lande of the Orphan of JOHN GARDINER, finally up ye said line to ye first station In Witness whereof I have sett my hande and Seale In presence of JOELL STRIBLINGE. RICHARD BRIANT ELIZABETH SAMPLE
The above Sale of Lande was by RICHARD BRIANT acknowledged in County Court of Stafford unto WM. FITZHUGH on the 10th day of May 1692 and was then recorded
pp.243- 244 THIS INDENTURE made betwixt WM. FITZHUGH of Stafford County of ye one part and RICHARD BRYANT of aforesaid County DR Wittnesseth this 30th day of March 1692 that said WM. FITZHUGH hath lett to farme two hundred acres of land in PASBETANZY FORREST in Stafford County bounded beginninge att a Corner red oake standinge in ye line of RICH ROSSER and beinge alsoe a corner tree of a line that divideth this Lands and ye lande of the Orphan of JOHN GARDINER deced extendinge from said Oake to a Stoop standinge in an old field thence N.W: to ye first course to a corner marked pohickory finally up said line to ye first station consideration of ye Rents hereafter mentioned dureinge ye terme of ye natural! lives of RICHARD BRYANT and RICHARD BRYANT Sone of ye said RICHARD BRYANT & NATHANIEL BRYANT Sone of said RICHARD BRYANT or longest liver of them To Have and To Held paying yearly upon said Plantation and from thence Rowle it to a Convenient Rowlin ge House upon ye Water side alt ye Feast of St. Luke beinge ye 18th day of October next neat sums of five hundred pounds of Tobacco and Caske to containeye same as alsoe yearely four Capons henns or pullets In Wittness whereof have sett their handes and Scales
This above Lease of Land was by WM. FITZHUGH acknowledged in County Court of Stafford unto RICHARD BRYANT on ye 10th day of May 1692 and was then recorded
STAFFORD COUNTY VA DEED & WILL BOOK 1699 - 1709; THE ANTIENT PRESS pp. 227-229 Will of RICHARD BRYANT. I Richard Bryant of Stafford County in Virginia being sick and weak of body .. give unto my son NATHANIEL BRYANT one horse colt that came of the mare called Black Bess & one cow & calf when he shall arrive to age of twenty one .. give unto my son RICHARD BRYANT all my land which I enjoy in Virginia his Mother having her life holy upon the Plantation where I now live as long as she lives .. give my son Richard Bryant all my wearing cloathes and my books and medicines & the mare called Fox and my bridle & saddle & the ffeather bed I purchased when I was a batchelour and the furniture belonging thereto and that he shall be free the Christmas day after he is 18 and for himself then to receive his legacys and if his mother again and he and her Husband cannot agree then for my son Richard Bryant to remove to the Plantation where SAMUEL BURTON liveth on it is my will Samuel Burton hath lived there four years rent free but it is my will if Samuel Burton lives there any longer to pay 450 pounds of Tobacco for rent & the Quit-rents for 100 acres of land having neither paid Quitrents nor planted the orchard according to bargain and that he shall live no longer there but till my son RICHARD BRYANT shall at year at 18 .. give my daughter ANN BRYANT the mare Phillis that runs with the mare Phoenix & one cow & calf to be delivered when she shall arrive to the age of eighteen years .. give my Daughter SYLENT BRYANT the next mare colt that shall fall from any of my mares .. and one cow & calf when she arrive at the years of 16 .. give to my daughter SUSANNAH BRYANT the next mare cult that shall fall from any of my mares .. and one cow & calf when she shall come to the age of 16 .. & 4 yews & a ram .. I give unto my daughter ELIZA. ELKIN 480 pounds of Tobo. which ABRAHAM DIPREE turned into my land for building RICHD. ELKINS Tobo. House the said Tobo. to buy her a Gown & Petticoat with .. it is my will that Richard Elkin should buy his son RICHARD ELKIN my grandsou a mare of 3 years old and enter it upon the records in lieu of the Martinico mare he lost of mine .. and I hope the Worshipful Court will see it performed .. it is my will Richard Elkin should have 2 yews and a ram to be delivered at six years old to put him to school .. my will my son in law WILLIAM REDMOND if he will shall live upon the Plantation whereon his Mother lives seven years rent free or upon the Plantation where SAMUEL BURTON now liveth .. my will the land I give to my son Richard Bryant if he should dye without issue to fall to my son NATHANIEL BRYANT and if my son Nathaniel Bryant dye without issue then amongst my daughters .. my will my son Richard Bryant should have one large iron pot & pothooks one chest that which is commonly called mine two pewter dishes four plates & half dozen new spoons one frying pan .. it is my will that my wife be solely Exectx. to all the rest & residue of my goods and chattels .. this fifth day of April Anno 1703.
Presence John Creek, Richd. Bryant
Diana x Smith, Rebecca x Owen
The above will was produced in open Court by the oaths of Dyana Smith and Rebecca Owen witnesses thereto subscribed who declared they saw John Creek an Evidence thereunto subscribed witness the same and a probate thereof is granted to ANN BRYANT Exectx. she giving security WILLIAM BURTON & JOHN ROWLEY became securities & with her signed Bond accordingly and was ordered sd Will
should be recorded Recorded 15th die May 1704.
Willm. Fitzhugh Cl Court 
Will of SIMON THOMASIN. I Simon Thomasin of Stafford County being sick & weak of body .. give that piece of land the forest of Pass by congee which I bought of DANL. MACKARTY to my son JOHN THOMASIN .. I give my land I bought of Dr. RICHARD BRYANT which was taken out of the Motes land on the branches of Rappahannock & joining to the land of THOMAS ELLZEY which is out of the same Patent of Mots to be equally divided between my two Daughters ISABELL THOMASIN & MARGARET THOMASIN .. I give to my first Daughter Isabel one Down bed which I now have in the house with the furniture thereto belonging .. I give all the rest of my estate real and personal both in this country & in England or elsewhere to be equally divided betwixt my loving wife and three aforesaid children by my said wife PATIENCE THOMASIN who I make my sole Executrix .. 9th day June 1700.
Presence Thomas Ballard, Si. x Thomasin
Thomas Gregg, Jane Gregg
April 9th 1701 The will was proved in open Court .. witnesses thereto subscribed.
1702-1704 Richmond Co VA Order Book 4; Antient Press: (Page 188)
Richmond County Court 5th of November 1702 
- This day HENRY HAWES confessed Judgment to Doctor RICHARD BRYAN for Six hundred pounds of tobbo: and casks due by Bill wch: is ordered to be paid wth: cost of suit alsExo.
1753-1765 King George County Deed Book 4 (Antient Press); pp. 23-29
Indenture 20th/21st December 1752 between RICHARD BRYAN of county Culpeper and parish Brumfield and FRANCES his wife and JOHN CHAMPE of parish Brunswick in county King George Gent. .. by deeds of lease and release .. for sum Two hundred and Fifty pounds current money of Virginia .. sold all that tract of land and plantation containing 344 acres being in parish Brunswick in county King George, 295 acres part thereof being purchased by Richard Bryan late of Stafford County deceased Grandfather to said Richard Bryan party to these presents of JAMES LUNSFORD & SARAH his wife by deed dated 7th May 1694 .. corner to land of WILLIAM ROWLEY JUNR. and WILLIAM GRICSBY .. marked trees that divide this land from Rowleys land and land belonging to the Estate of THOMAS MONTEITH deceased .. land of Widow Somerton .. west side of branch called the Cabbin Branch .. branch which divides this land from WM. & JOHN LUNSFORD .. land now in possession of BENJAMIN ELKIN .. survey made by JAMES KENNY Surveyor of county King George 18th June 1752 .. which 295 acres of land descended from aforesaid RICHARD BRYAN the purchaser unto RICHARD BRYAN his son and Heir, late of King George County deceased and was by Decedents will dated 18th January 1747 devised to Richard Bryan his son party to these presents who is likewise Eldest son and heir at law to said Testator and 49 acres of land the other part of said tract of 344 acres which was granted to Richard Bryan late of County King George deceased, Father of said Richard Bryan party to these presents by deed from Proprietors office dated 22nd October 1740 .. except one half acre of land part of Premises where Richard Bryan deceased is interred which is hereby reserved to said Richard Bryan as a Burying place .. also reserving to SETH BRYAN widow the use and benefit of the plantation whereon she lives during her natural life pursuant to the last will and testament of her late husband •
Presence Jno. Battaley, Richard Bryan
Elliot Bohannon, Ann x Bohannon Frances Bryan
At a court held 3rd May 1753 .. Deeds of lease and release admitted to record.

Father: Virginia Bryant

Marriage 1 Anne Meese
• Married: ABT 1672 in Stafford County, Virginia
• Elizabeth Bryant b: ABT 1679 in Hanover Parish, Richmond County, Virginia
• Nathaniel Bryant b: ABT 1681 in Richmond County, Virginia
• Richard Bryant b: AFT 1686 in Hanover Parish, Richmond County, Virginia
• Anne Bryant b: 1687 in Stafford County, Virginia
• Silent Bryant b: 1689 in Richmond County, Virginia
• Susannah Bryant b: AFT 1690 in Hanover Parish, Richmond County, Virginia

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