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?2nd Childers/Goolsby marriage ~1755-60 Albemarle/Amherst Co VA?

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?2nd Childers/Goolsby marriage ~1755-60 Albemarle/Amherst Co VA?

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Surnames: Childers, Childress, Goolsby, Goldsby
Was there a 2nd Childers/Goolsby marriage ca 1760 Amherst/Albemarle Co VA?
See QUERY and RESPONSE below:
posted 2013 by Warren Forsythe – genealogy126 (at)

BTW: The (FIRST) well-documented Childers/Goolsby marriage ca 1755 there concerns family ancestries posted at

!2013nov in response to a QUERY, as a post-em note, of about 2 Nov 2013
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It is known that a Henry Childers (a great-grandson of Philemon Childers "I" and Mary Evans) married Susannah Goolsby. Note: quite a few files on the internet show incorrectly that it was an Abraham Childers who married Susannah Goolsby, but that Abraham was actually the second husband of the widow Mrs. Susannah (Lax) Childress (a daughter of William Lax)....the first/earlier husband of Miss Susannah Lax MAY have been a Benjamin Childers/Childress, per one researcher. Is there any documentation that truly proves that a Joseph Childers also married a Miss Goolsby? There was a Joseph Childers (born 1743) who supposedly married a Mary Farris, and the ongoing "James River Viking Childers Clan" research team has a living male Childers DNA donor who shows his lineage back to that Joseph and Mary (Farris) Childers. The DNA results from that DNA donor show an "association" with the line of Abraham Childers "I" (who married Jane Ann Howard) versus with the line of the related Phi!
lemon Childers "I" (who married Mary Evans). This DNA result could be "off"....since using DNA to show "who is more closely related to whom" in cases like this is not always 100% accurate....but almost all of the other DNA donors from this overall Childers family have DNA results that "associate" those donors perfectly with the "expected ancestor." It APPEARS that the Joseph Childers who married Mary Farris had the following ancestors (despite what the DNA is showing us): 1) Philemon Childers "I" (married Mary Evans), 2) Thomas Childers (married Mary Holmes, Mary Cannon and/or Mary Milner), 3) John Childers (married Mary Royall/Royal) and 4) Joseph Childers (married Mary Farris). IF the DNA is an accurate reflection of the correct line, however, then this Joseph Childers was instead out of Abraham "I" versus out of the Philemon "I" shown above. As to the other/separate (I PRESUME) Joseph Childers who supposedly married a Miss Goolsby....I wonder if he was the true/actu!
al son of John and Mary (Royal) Childers (out of Philemon "I")!
, and in
that scenario, perhaps the Joseph Childers who married Mary Farris was instead out of one of the descendants of Abraham "I" (as the DNA result implies)? If this "scenario" should actually be correct, however, I have no idea at this time as to who the father (out of Abraham "I") of the Joseph Childers who married Mary Farris could have been. Comments on any of this? Thanks!
REPLY TO QUERY from Virginia Childers Hanks author of
several family trees from the Childers-Childress Family Association, such as
- These links worked 8 Nov 2013:
!2013nov response to above Query by Virginia Childers Hanks
(1)First Category of questions: Should you change your family tree?
You should await the Childers DNA test instigated by Lorlei Jane Keep (widow of Harry D. Metke) and the results might become available any day now: during Nov. was the prediction; although evaluation of results might take longer. Tommie “Tom” Lee Childers of Oregon, an apparent descendant of Henry Childers of Amherst Co VA in late 1760s, submitted his DNA to Lorlei’s daughter for evaluation. The resuts could possibly change our thinking on Henry Childers’ forbears.
(2)Question section two:
While you used the word “known” concerning descent of Henry Childers born ca 1730 from that particular Philemon Childers—
HOWEVER that descent of Henry from Philemon is not proven. Enough circumstantial evidence might be considered a preponderance of evidence:
The circumstantial situations in this case include:
The date of the settlement of the estate of Abraham Childers of Roundabout Swamp in VA coincides with the mid 1750’s time Henry Childers of Amherst Co VA 1760s married and moved upriver in vA with the Goolby family.
DOCUMENTATION includes a court case: Albemarle Co VA court papers 1744-1785 page 13, seen in the abstract book of those court records published by Benjamin B. Weisiger.
2nd DOCUMENT CITED: is a Land Acquisition: VA Land Patent Book 31: 20 Sep 1751 – Sept 1775, part II
3rd DOCUMENT CITED, or continuation n of 2nd citation: Records of the sale of the father Abraham Childers’ land are in THE PLEASANT VALENTINE PAPERS.

(3)Question section three:
Speaking of Goolsby family:
Mary Goolsby: did she marry Joseph Childers of AmherstCo VA (roughly near 1760)?
The late Mark Childress of CA claimed that Joseph Childers did not marry Mary Farries, but instead married Mary Goolsby. His reasoning against the bride being Mary Farris is that her father’s will named only the one son Joseph Childers (Jr.) and did not mention the other children of Joseph and Mary. Frankly I (Virginia Childers Hanks) question Mark Childress’s reasoning. The law of primogeniture was strong in colonial VA and some men listed only their eldest son of grandsons in their wills, even though the younger children were alive and well.
So when Mark Childress stated that Joseph’s wife was Mary Goolsby, I wrote to him for confirming evidence—but he died before I received an answer. I understand that Mark Childress had hired a researcher in Albemarle Co VA to go through the courthouse records [maybe of Amherst Co VA and/or Albemarle Co VA] to gather records of surnames like Childers and variant spellings. I asked cousin Tom Childers [of Oregon mentioned above – of email address: user633879 (at) ] to check on Mark Childress’s results on Mary Goolsby & Joseph Childers. I gaveTom Childers the email address of the brother of the late Mark Childress. The borther replied that Mark’s papers were voluminous, unsorted, and unfiled, and were ot be given, or had been given, to a library. The borther said that he had not looked at the papers, and did not have the time to sort and file them. So that is as far as I got with the Mary Goolsby & Joseph Childers puzzle.
(4) Goolsby family of Albemarle Co VA area IN GENERAL
The Goolbys either did not make will or they have not survivied time and wars; so I have not learned a lot of family information, especially not in regards to female members of Goolsby family. There are about four generations of Thomas Goolsbys from circa 1650 to Susannah Goolsby’s father who did make a will and did name his daughters. Any of those earlier Thomas Goolsby families could have had a daughter named Mary; Susannah’s father did not have a daughter Mary. Any Mary Goolsby married that Joseph Childers of Amherst Co. VA ca 1760s—would have been a contemporary of Susannah Goolsby and probably not contemporary of an earlier generation. This [Mary Goolsby as bride?] is possible but I have seen no record of such.

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