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looking for the parents of Joseph Marshall (1823-1895)

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Oh, my distant cousin, are you in for a surprise - Re: looking for the parents of Joseph Marshall (1823-1895)

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Surnames: Toft, Scarburgh (Scarborough), Richardson, Marshall, Bray, Wallop, Murphy, Glynn, Hagius, Cannarella
Hi Steve,

My name is Ron Cannarella, and I too have taken the DNA test but I haven't contacted anyone with a locked Family Tree. But through my own research (and with the help of a few DNA matches), I believe that I too am a direct line descendant of Annabella Toft (1662-1720) and John Marshall (1666-1734).

Hang onto your hat; these may be some of your most "interesting" ancestors yet.

Annabella Toft was one of of three daughters of Ann (also spelled Anne) Toft. Ann Toft's three daughters were Annabella Toft, Atalanta Toft, and Arcadia Toft. Your Annabella's mother Ann Toft was the mistress of one Edmund Scarburgh (often spelled Scarborough). Edmund and Ann were quite the power couple in the founding days of the Virginia colony. They are well represented in the official State Archives of Virginia and Maryland, because Annabella's mother and father (Edumund Scarborough - I prefer the Scarburgh spelling but "Scarborough will result in more hits on a search engine); they literally moved the state line between Maryland and Virginia on that little tip of the DelMarVa peninsula northward, so that their land could remain in Virginia and not become part of Maryland. (Maryland was the last of the 13 colonies to sign the Constitution, only because they agreed to sign in exchange for Scarburgh and Ann Toft's extortion scheme to grab more land for Virginia).

Ann Toft came to the Virginia colony from England, but she must have been quite a woman. Think of Mae West. Scarburgh kept a wife in England, but his real love was Ann, and his real home was the colony of Virginia (long before the Revolutionary War). He deeded to Anne 5,000 acres, including Chincoteague Island, when she was only 21 years old. Together, they "acquired", i.e., stole, a total of 11,000 acres which became a very profitable plantation named Gargaphia. (Gargaphia is a reference to a Greek play as the place where the nymphs would go to replenish themselves, take a shower, shave their legs; whatever it is that nymphs need to do to go back to work.) Gargaphia was a well known first stop on that long nasty haul from England to Virginia, and the Chesapeake Bay. In short, what happened in Gargaphia stayed in Gargaphia. Ann Toft kept her maiden name, and so too did her three daughters. Ann eventually did marry Scarburgh (who was also one of the founding fathers of Virginia), but he died of the pox shortly after they were married. By then, Ann Toft was the richest woman on the entire Atlalntic coast of North America. She then married Daniel Jenifer (of Maryland) in 1671, and he became an overnight millionaire. But they had a prenup; Ann Toft made sure that her wealth would go to her three daughters (the will and all of this stuff is on line if you know where to look). But Ann had two conditions for her daughters to inherit their share of Ann's Gargaphia, slaves and silverware; 1) they had to be married, and 2) they had to be at least 17 years old. All three sisters adhered to that rule, at least on paper.

So our GGGGGGG....grandmother Annabella Toft was the daughter of America's most successful businesswoman. The girls took their mother's "maiden" name, Toft, even though their mother eventually did marry their real father, E Scarburgh, and technically they were "adopted- did they do that back then" daughters of Ann's second husband Daniel Jennifer.

Annabella (1662-1720) married John Marshall (1666-1734) and they had six children who survived long enough to be recorded in the history books, one of whom was Daniel Marshall (1702-1775). The Widow John Marshall then married Mary Richardson, and they had five children (one of whom was born before Annabella died; I told you, this was a wild bunch of people).

One of Annabella and John Marshall's sons, Daniel Marshall (1702-1775) married one Sarah Wallop (look at a map of Chincoteague Island and the Virginia tip of the DelMarVa peninsula, and there you will see Wallop's Island. Same Wallop family); and Daniel Marshall and Sarah Wallop gave birth to Sarah "Sary" Marshall.

So here it is Ann Toft (1643-1666) & Edmund Scarburgh (1617-1671)-> Annabella Toft (1662-1720) & John Marshall (1666-1734)->Daniel Marshall (1702-1775) & Sarah Wallop (1672-1774) -> . . . me.

Your DNA results confirm what my research has so rigorously documented; John Marshall had two wives; Annabella Toft and Mary Richardson. But John had a daughter with Mary Richardson before Annabella died. In fact, while they were still married.

And this was no secret. These were the wild side of the first settlers in the Colonies. And Ann Toft's "business partner" Edmund Scarburgh developed a deep hatred for the "good guys", the Virginia and Maryland Quakers. They were at each others' throats. In fact the pious and industrious Quakers had problems with the wild and industrious Protestant settlers throughout the Mid Atlantic Colonies. The Quakers were very anti-war, while the Virginians and Carolinian Protestants were hung-ho and fought for their independence from the British Crown. This caused the Quakers to lose a lot of political and economic power, so they faded away into the mountains and out of the history books. That same fighting spirit is what caused the War Between the States in 1865, but they lost that one to the Union. We know what happened after that; General Sherman destroyed the capital of the Confederacy, and a whole lot more than that. And Virginia and took their half of Washington, DC out of the District of Columbia, which is now Arlington, VA.

As for Chincoteague Island and Gargaphia, they are now a popular summer resort area and national wildlife refuge. Wallop's Island is now a launch pad for NASA.

And you and I are here to tell the story.

My family tree is public, so help yourself. I urge you to go to the Media Galleries for these folks and see what got me going. Since then, I have become a fan of Ann Toft. She was an excellent business woman, obviously had good "people skills", and proudly kept her head up, kept her own name, hid nothing from anyone, came from England with nothing but chutzpah and became the richest woman in America. Her daughters also kept their mother's name. The men they married inherited their wealth, but not before prenuptial agreements were in place to assure that their wealth stayed in their families. The husbands did as they were told, and in all probability, their husbands' wills were drawn up by the Toft women, and presented to their husbands and witnesses for the formality of their signatures.

What amazes me most however, is that nobody has made a movie about these historic figures. Ann Toft MOVED THE BOARDER BETWEEN VA AND MD! (Actually, Edmund had quite a hand in it, and it took a bilateral commission several decades to settle the question.) Take a look at John Marshall's will (attached); bearing in mind that Ann Toft was his mother-in-law.

And for fun, here is what Wikipedia has to say about Annabella's father, Edmund Scarborough (the alternate spelling, same DNA).

Hope this info helps more than it hurts. But cousin, I did not make this up.

And I might just write the screen play for "Gargaphia, America's First Las Vegas"

All the best,
Ronald Joseph (Toft-Scarburgh), Marshall, Marshall, Wallop, Marshall, Bray, Bray, Murphy, Glynn, Hagius) Cannarella.

You can call me Ron.
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