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Franklin County surname list

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Anthony Platt

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I don't have any info on Anthony's early years. Here is what I have on the 1st two generations of the family. Sylvia Platt Taylor d/o Robert & Charlotte (Poland) is my grt grt grandmother. I also relate to Robert's 2nd wife Alvira through her aunt Susan Stratton Taylor - a 1/2 sister of Philander. Susan's son Orange married Sylvia Platt.

I'm most curious about Charlotte's family.

Descendants of Anthony Platt

Generation No. 1

1. ANTHONY1 PLATT was born September 6, 1795 in France, and died June 19, 1882 in Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin. He married (1) EUNICE REYNOLDS Abt. 1822. He married (2) ALMIRA JONES, WIDOW June 3, 1863. He married (3) JEAN M. 1870 in Wisconsin.

Little is known about Anthony Platt prior to 1850 Fletcher VT census. At that time, all children, with the exception of Robert and Mary, were living with their parents. It is possible that there were older children, espeically females, who may have married or living in Maine.

It is unknown at this time when Anthony came to America. He married Eunice Reynold who had been born in Belgrade, Maine but his two oldest sons, Robert & Benjamin were born at Vermont. He lived for a time at Belgrade, Maine where Mary, Judith & Eunice were born. They then returned to Vermont where they settled in Fletcher.

Anthony was a laborer, unable to read or write on the 1850 Fletcher, Vermont census.

Anthony Platt moved his family westward and he appears on the 1855 census at Vernon, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin. It appears that they followed or traveled with daughter Judith and her husband and children to this area. That year the census listed 5 males, 3 females, 1 foreign born. (The 3rd female is Benjamin's wife, Ann)

In 1860 Anthony appears on the rolls of Muskego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin. He rented his farm. In his household were, Eunice, age 60 (erroneously listed as b. in France), Alexander (15, ME) Josiah? (18, VT) James 20 & his wife, Elizabeth, 18. Alexander's name here coincides with the name Landus on the 1850 census and Landis on the 1870 census just as Josiah & Joshua are the same age and person.

Eunice Platt died in February 1863. On June 3, 1863 Anthony married Almira Jones, widow of Samuel. Two years later his son Alanders married Almira's daughter, Christina.

In 1870, Anthony appears on the Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI census with an entirely new family. Almira Jones was living with Anthony's son and her daughter Christina at the time of her death in June 1870. It is possible they had divorced earlier. The woman who appears on the census with Anthony that year is listed as Jean M., b. NY abt 1811 and there are three males who are presumably her sons from a previous marriage -- their last names are not given. Andrew b. ca 1840 NY; Charles b. ca 1849 WI & Edwin, b. ca. 1854 WI

When his son, Alanders married Almira's daughter, the son was listed as the son of Anthony & Almira Platt; the bride as the daughter of Samuel & Almira Jones.

When Alanders remarried in 1879 he is listed as the son of Anthony & Emily Platt.

2. i. ROBERT2 PLATT, b. August 7, 1824, Fairfield, Vermont; d. October 6, 1901, Fletcher, Vermont.

ii. BENJAMIN PLATT, b. Abt. 1828, Vermont; m. ANN, Bef. 1855.

Benjamin is listed on the 1850 Vermont census as being a laborer at Fletcher, Vermont, born about 1828.

In 1860 he appears on the census of Vernon, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin with a wife, Ann, b. New York, also abt 1828. This census again states his birth place as Vermont. He owned his farm at that time. However when he appears on the 1870 census there it give his age as 44 (b. ca. 1826) and his birthplace as Maine. It lists his wife, Anna, as age 36 (b. ca 1834 NY) I am not certain which is correct for Anna but think the 1860 is more accurate as it does coincide with the 1850 census.

Benjamin & Anna were most likely married prior to 1855. At that time Anthony & Eunice Platt were listed as living in Vernon, Wisconsin, 5 males, 3 females in the household. As Judith had already married so she is not the 3rd female.

Benjamin served in the Civil War in the 14th Infantry, Co. A, Wisconsin

Apparently this couple had no children.

3. iii. MARY PLATT, b. September 23, 1830, Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine; d. April 1, 1913, Putallup, Pierce Co., Washington.
4. iv. JUDITH PLATT, b. August 5, 1832, Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine; d. March 23, 1919, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

v. EUNICE PLATT, b. Abt. 1834, Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine; m. UNKNOWN, Bef. 1860, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

Eunice married (or died) in Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI between 1855 & 1860. She appears with her parents on the 1855 census but not on the 1860.

vi. JAMES E. PLATT, b. Abt. 1840, Vermont; m. ELIZABETH GRANT, April 8, 1860, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

Notes for JAMES E. PLATT:
James & Elizabeth appear on the 1860 census within his father's household in Muskego, Wisconsin, age 20 and 18. The census states they had married within the past year.

James Platt, 20, b. VT, worked as a laborer on a nearby farm owned by Billings Grant. This is possibly his father-in-law.

James served in the Civil War in Co. D. 19th Infantry, Wisconsin. As he does not appear on the 1870 census he apparently left Wisconsin or died (he does not appear on casuality lists from the War.)

This could be a clue to Elizabeth's family and to what became of them by 1870!

My great-great-grandfather was Benona Grant, b. 1838 in Washington Co., New York (Glen Falls), d. Dec. 7, 1898 in Ottertail Co., Minnesota (in Maplewood Twp, which is near Fergus Falls). He was the son of Billings and Elisa Grant (I have no information about them).

I'm sure there must be a connection with Charles Grant--perhaps he was a brother or nephew of Benona. (Benona was also a second cousin of Ulysses S. Grant and served in the Civil War, too.)

Note: Posted by Connie Meek [] In Reply to: Charles Grant/New York/ Minnesota posted by Cindi Grant on Grant genforum November 23, 1998 at 23:18:17:
Connie Meek
37445 Grand Ave.
North Branch MN 55056

The 1870 Census info I have for James Platt is as follows:

(1) 1870 St. Louis County, Mo Page 075
10W St. Louis Subd. #18
ID# MO300107835

(2) 1870 Clinton County, Mo. Page 146
TWP 56, Range 31
ID# MO301141872

Check this out. It may be your James Platt who married Elizabeth Grant

Carol Grant 8/99

vii. JOSHUA PLATT, b. Abt. 1842, Vermont.

In the 1860 Wisconsin census, Joshua appears as Josiah, age 18, b. VT. I am uncertain which name is correct.

He does not appear on the 1870 census in Waukesha County, WI under either name. A Josiah Platt, b. NY ca. 1834 does appear at Lima, Sheboygan Co., WI with a wife Henrietta, 29, b. NY & Holly, 4, WI. Also in the household were Elizabeth Chapin, 27, b. NY, Josiah, 2 WI, & Emma Reber, 66 b. Germany. While it is unlikely that these two men are one and the same, it is possible so the data is included here.

5. viii. ALANDERS PLATT, b. Abt. 1845, Vermont.

Generation No. 2

2. ROBERT2 PLATT (ANTHONY1) was born August 7, 1824 in Fairfield, Vermont, and died October 6, 1901 in Fletcher, Vermont. He married (1) CHARLOTTE POLAND Bef. 1847, daughter of THOMAS POLAND and ALMINA. He married (2) ELVIRA G. STRATTON May 6, 1859 in Fairfield, Vermont, daughter of PHILANDER STRATTON and ELIZABETH.

Robert appears on the 1850 census in Fairfield, Vermont with wife Charlotte, daughter Sylvia and an 11 year old named Esther Poland who I assume was Charlotte's sister. Robert was a laborer.

He spent his last years living with his daughter Polly Flanders and died at her Fletcher home at the age of 77. As he had eleven daughters and all of his brothers moved west, the Platt name died out in Vermont.

Note: Those Platts who do appear on local censuses are NOT related to this family but instead trace back to early Connecticut settlers.


i. SYLVIA J.3 PLATT, b. May 30, 1848; d. April 9, 1886, Fletcher, VT; m. ORANGE TAYLOR, JR., October 1868, Fletcher, Vermont.

Notes for SYLVIA J. PLATT:

Sylvia was the sister of Polly Platt, wife of Charles Lewis Flanders (see related families.)


Orange is buried in Leach's Cemetery in East Fairfield, VT.

ii. POLLY ANN PLATT, b. 1851, Fairfield, Vermont; d. 1904, Fletcher, Vermont; m. CHARLES LEWIS FLANDERS.


Charles & Polly lived at Fletcher, Vermont. Her father, Robert Platt, was living with them at the time of his death in 1901.[flander.FTW]

Charles & Polly lived at Fletcher, Vermont. Her father, Robert Platt, was living with them at the time of his death in 1901.

iii. EUNICE MARIA PLATT, b. July 5, 1853, E. Fairfield, Vermont; d. January 3, 1938, Elmore, Vermont; m. LUTHER ADIN GREENE, July 11, 1871, Bakersfield, Vemront.

iv. SARAH E. PLATT, b. August 19, 1856, Fairfield, Vermont; d. February 19, 1858, Fairfield, Vermont.
at 18 months of lung disease just a month before his or her mother died of the same thing.

v. ELLA PLATT, b. Bet. June 1857 - March 1858, Fairfield, Vermont; d. 1931, No. Cambridge, Vermont; m. (1) BURTON BRADISH; m. (2) EMERSON BRADISH, July 2, 1873, Bakersfield, Vemront.


vi. EMMA L.3 PLATT, b. May 23, 1860, Fairfield, VT; d. March 31, 1902, Fairfield, VT; m. EDGAR ALLISON FLANDERS.

vii. SALINA AUGUSTA PLATT, b. March 21, 1864, Fairfield, Vermont; d. December 18, 1929; m. HIRAM PETER WRIGHT, October 7, 1883.

viii. ADDIE PLATT, b. December 27, 1867, Fairfield, Vermont; d. October 20, 1897; m. FRANK MARSHIA.

ix. MINNIE E. PLATT, b. April 28, 1869, Fairfield, Vermont; d. March 26, 1893; m. CHESTER MONROE FLANDERS.

x. LILLIAN PLATT, b. 1872; m. PATRICK LOUGHMAN, July 7, 1896, Fairfield, Vermont.

xi. BERTHA ELIZABETH PLATT, b. August 5, 1874, Fairfield, Vermont; d. October 14, 1893, Fairfield, Vermont.

3. MARY2 PLATT (ANTHONY1) was born September 23, 1830 in Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine, and died April 1, 1913 in Putallup, Pierce Co., Washington. She married MERRITT WHITE November 9, 1848 in Fletcher, Vermont, son of WATSON WHITE and HORTENSIA GOODRICH.

Notes for MARY PLATT:
[All descendants of Mary are from the research of Roberta Meyers, PO Box 4299, Tequesta FL 33469]


i. ALICE LUCRETIA3 WHITE, b. November 2, 1849, Fletcher, Vermont; d. December 31, 1934, Puyallup, Pierce Co., Washington; m. ACHILLES CLARKE, January 14, 1868, Muskego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

Marriage also recorded as Muskegon, Michigan although I can find no place by that name.

4. JUDITH2 PLATT (ANTHONY1) was born August 5, 1832 in Belgrade, Kennebec, Maine, and died March 23, 1919 in Waukesha Co., Wisconsin. She married KIES WHITE January 15, 1851 in Fletcher, Vermont, son of WATSON WHITE and HORTENSIA GOODRICH.

They moved to Wisconsin about 1855 with two children.

Children of JUDITH PLATT and KIES WHITE are:

i. LUCY ELLEN3 WHITE, b. Abt. 1852, Fairfield or Fletcher, Vermont.

ii. ELMON WATSON WHITE, b. Abt. 1855, Fairfield or Fletcher, Vermont.

iii. HENRY ANTHONY WHITE, b. Abt. 1857, Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

iv. ESTHER WHITE, b. Abt. 1859, Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

v. WILLARD ALANDERS WHITE, b. Abt. 1863, Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

vi. MERRITT EMERSON WHITE, b. Abt. 1867.

vii. EUNICE HORTENSIA WHITE, b. Abt. 1869, Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

5. ALANDERS2 PLATT (ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1845 in Vermont. He married (1) CHRISTINA JONES October 17, 1865, daughter of SAMUEL JONES and ALMIRA JONES. He married (2) FLORENCE GRANT June 1879 in Muskego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin, daughter of WALTER GRANT and DELINDA MEVIS.

Landus appears in the 1850 Vermont census as Landus, in the 1860 Wisconsin census as Alexander and in the 1870 Wisconsin census as Landis. His service records are in the name Alandus; his marriages are under Alanders.

ALANDUS PLATT served in Co. H. 14th Infantry, Wisconsin, during the Civil War. He is also on the rolls of Co. H. 14th Missouri Sharpshooters

Almira Platt lived with Landis & his family until her death in June 1870 of stomach cancer, age 62. She had been a VT native; and was the mother of Alander's first wife Christina Jones, and also Landus' step mother.

Landus remarried in June 1879 to Florence Grant, dau of Walter & Delinda Grant. Witnesses: Warren & Harriet Jones


i. EMMA E.3 PLATT, b. Abt. 1869, Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

ii. SYLVIA PLATT, b. Abt. 1872, Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

iii. ROBERT PLATT, b. Abt. 1875, Musekego, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

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