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Laymance & Lindsey

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I am not related. Van Zandt Texas Genweb has transcribed marriages beginning in 1848. No match found Lindsey/Laymance-Lamance.

Texas death certificates shows a Thomas Eugene Lindsey born 11 Jun 1885 in Brownsboro died in Caldwell Co 1955 lived in Martindale, Hays Co at the time, buried in Itasca Cemetery, Hill Co; father listed as A L Lindsey and mother Margarett Lamance. Mrs. Thomas Lindsey informant. He was a police officer.

City/county match says there are two Brownsboro's one in Henderson Co one in Caldwell Co. Don't know how reliable this information may be but research says it was Henderson county where his mother was also born.

Texas death certificates 1890 - 1976, most US census records, soundexes all names.

A match for this Thomas E Lindsey is found in Justice Precinct 1, VZ county 1910 census. He married Sallie Bell STILLWELL born 1884 AL; 07 Sept 1902 in VZ County, Joseph Ernest/Earnest Lindsey 1907 and Mary E M Lindsey in 1909. Their son Thomas Earl Lindsey born 10 Sept 1911 died in Rankin Upton Co 20 Jan 1962. Sallie, Earnest, Mary and Earl Lindsey listed in 1920 census JP 7, VZ Co. Sallie told enumerator she was a widow and Thomas Eugene Lindsey nowhere to be found. Sally Bell Stillwell Lindsey Davis born 23 May 1882 AL died in Galveston 14 Feb 1967, father Joseph Stillwell, Mrs. Tulip Robb informant, buried Brooksides Mem Park in Houston. Tulip Robb born 1926 died 2008 in Galveston and might be dtr from Sallie's marriage to Mr. Davis.

Earl Lindsey age 18 found in Crockett Co TX 1930 census.

Thomas Earl Lindsey - Mary Eva Langford; Barbara Loyce Lindsey 05 Aug 1938 Upton Co. Barbara Loyce Lindsey - James Richard Fisher; Debra Kay Fisher 08 May 57 and Jerry Dale Fisher 24 June 59 Tarrant County.

A L and Margaret "Lamance" Lindsey and Margaret's mother Amanda "Mandy" E GARNER Lamance are in JP 7 VZ Co in 1910 census.

03 - 04 May 1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 7, Van Zandt, Texas; Roll T624_1596; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 120; Image: 1041.
Abe L Lindsey 46 1864 Texas married 28 years abt 1882 to Margaret father born AL mother USA rented farm property. Abe L "Linsey" born TX Cherokee Co 1863.
Margaret L Lindsey 50 Henderson Co Texas father GA mother SC had 4 living children - Margret LAYMANCE born 1859 TX listed in 1860 and 1880 Henderson Co census.
Amanda "Mandy" E Lamano/Lamance 70 widow born SC bore 12? children 7 living parents claimed to be from SC

03 May 1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 1, Hill, Texas; Roll T624_1564; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 150; Image: 24. - 1930 Pct 2, Hill Co
Edward Waldie 1886 TX married abt 1909
Junie LINDSEY Waldie 1893 TX
Edward Waldie 1914 married Travis Belle McMahan; Elaine Kay Waldie 7 Nov 1951 Tarrant County. Kirby Marcus Basham 05 Oct 1971 Hill Co; Elaine Kay Waldie - William Beauford Basham.

12 June 1900, Justice Precinct 7 [voting precinct 11] Van Zandt County, Texas
Abraham "Abe" L Linsey born Aug 1863 Texas married 1881 parents - - - -. A. L. Lindsey born 13 Aug 1863 TX died 24 Mar 1950 Itasca, Hill Co, lived in Osceola Hill Co buried Itasca Abe Lindsey father, "Samonthy" Parker mother of MS per son T E Lindsey. His father was Abraham L Lindsey of AL but mother was Mahala Jane Parker of Texas. They married in Cherokee Co 1848. Samantha was a sister of A L Lindsey.
Margret "Maggie" Lucinda "Laymance" Linsey born 01 March 1860 Henderson Co TX father GA mother SC bore 10 children 4 are living in 1910. Widow Margaret Lucindie Lindsey died 21 Dec 1950 in Osceola, Hill Co TX buried Itasca Cemetery, J R Laymance father, Mandie Garner mother, Junie LINDSEY Waldie informant.
Thomas E Linsey born June 1885
Mattie L Linsey born Jan 1890 - one Mattie Lindsey married C L Turner 28 Mar 1909 V Z County [ ? Connie L Turner Thomas J father, Sarah M mother Justice Precinct 2, Van Zandt, Texas Mar 1891 Texas White Son]
Junia A Linsey born June 1892 - married Edward "Ed" Waldie [not in VZ Co] he was born Hill Co 04 Jul 1886 died in Fort Worth 1959 lived in Hill Co buried in Itasca; he was married at the time; son James W Waldie born 20 May 1910 died 12 Sept 1964 Fort Worth Texas lived in Rural Erath Co buried 14 Sept 1964 Itasca, Texas
Arka O Linsey born July 1895 - this must be your Ophelia "R K"
John R Lamance Sept 1879 TX bro in law

Ophelia Lindsey married Jeff Mitchell 09 Mar 1910 VZ Co.

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 4, Ellis, Texas; Roll T625_1800; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 140; Image: 1143.
Jeff J Mitchell 29 1891 said from TN parents TN - Joseph Jeff Mitchell born 04 June 1891 TN registered WW I Draft Ellis county died 14 Feb 1958 Milford, Ellis County, John Mitchell and Laura Brewer parents, Mrs. J J Mitchell informant.
Afellia LINDSEY Mitchell 26 1894 TX TX TX
Jaunita Mitchell 9 1911
Marion Mitchell 7 1913
Bond Mitchell 5 1915
Jenette Mitchell 3/12 1919

Unable to find Jeff and Ophelia Mitchell in 1910 census.

1930; Census Place: Precinct 2, Hill, Texas; Roll 2357; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 13; Image: 358.0.
Jeff J Mitchell 39
Retha Mae SEVIER Mitchell 30 TX TX MO was 17 yrs old first time she married
Marion Mitchell 16
Boyd Mitchell 14
J C Mitchell 12
Loreta Mitchell 10
Lila M Mitchell 9
W B Mitchell 8
Robert E Mitchell 2 8/12 - Joseph Jeff ?
Elizabeth Ann Mitchell 8/12 - 17 Jul 1929 Hill County
Joseph Clark Mitchell 28 Jul 33 Hill - Joseph Jeff Mitchell - Retha Mae "Sevien"

Joseph Jeff Mitcehll 21 Jul 1927 Hill - Joseph Jeff Mitchell - Retha Mae "Revien"

Alton Horace Mitchell 30 July 1924 Ellis Co - 24 Aug 1927 Itasca, Hill Co, J J Mitchell of Wayne Co TN and Retha May Sevier Texas. Alton Horace Mitchell buried Milford, Texas.

1920;Census Place: Hillsboro Ward 1, Hill, Texas; Roll T625_1818; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 35; Image: 740.
Abraham L Lindsey 57 1863 TX USA USA
Maggie Lindsey 59 TX GA SC

1930; Census Place: Precinct 2, Hill, Texas; Roll 2357; Page: 12A; Enumeration District: 13; Image: 354.0.
Abe L Lindsey 66
Margaret L Lindsey 70
Siney/Sinia Lamance Brown 60 sister in law 26 Mar 1868 Brownsboro TX - 11 Feb 1943 Brownsboro, Henderson Co

1930; Census Place: Precinct 2, Hill, Texas; Roll 2357; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 13; Image: 345.0.
Thomas E Lindsey 44
Ora L Lindsey 32
Jack Lindsey 10
Bernard Lindsey 8

1860, Beat 2, Henderson, Texas
Jacob Lamance 1835 GA
Amanda GARNER Lamance 1840 SC
Sylvany Lamance married a BROWN 1859 TX dtr
Margaret Lamance 3 months old TX dtr

1880, Henderson, Texas
Jacob "Rajun" Laymance 1835 GA
Amandy Laymance 1838 MO
Saveney Laymance 1859 TX
Margret Laymance 1859 TX
Fibby Laymance 1868 TX - Phoebe Lamance married Sidney Brown
Lettie J Laymance 1868 TX
P Laymance 1870 TX - Jacob Laymance
Pepie Laymance 1872 TX female
Georgia Laymance 1875 TX
John Laymance 1879 TX
Mary Susan Laymance/Lamance Melchirson 1866 TX - 08 Mar 1937 Glen Rose, Somervell, married O T Melchirson
Nora M Lamance Brown 22 Feb 1881 Henderson Co - 04 Feb 1963 Brownsboro, Henderson Co

"Jam" Laymance 1848 GA TN TN
Mary Laymance 1847 TX wife

Name: Abraham L. Lindsey
Marriage Date: 6 Jul 1848
Spouse: Mahala Parker
Marriage County: Cherokee
Marriage State: Texas
Source: Texas Marriages, 1814-1909 Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005.

Family Trees - "Mayo" "Donaho Family" " Riha Family" "Borchardt/Rouse" " Wood Family" " Erben" "The Schoonover Family of Texas"

Mahala Jane Parker 27 Apr 1823 TX dtr of Matthew Arnold Parker and Mary Isaacks, married Abraham L Lindsey, she died 1882 Rusk, Cherokee Co

Twelve trees for Abraham L Lindsey born 1827 Alabama son of Thomas Jefferson Lindsey and Bathsheba Sudduth. Abraham L Lindsey died 03 or 08 Sept 1863 Palo Pinto County.

1850 Cherokee Co Texas
A Lindsey 1827 Alabama
Mahala Lindsey 1825 Texas

Tho Lindsey 1793 GA
Bathsheba Lindsey 1793 GA

1860; Census Place: Beat 2, Cherokee, Texas; Roll M653_1290; Page: 440; Image: 192.
A L Lindsey 30 1830 Alabama
Mahala Lindsey 35 1825 Texas
Mary Delilah Lindsey 9 16 Feb 1850 Texas - "StewartHicksonDopsonCoxBrownClan" family tree dtr of Abraham L Lindsey and Mahala Jane Parker. Married ? 04 Jan 1877 Cherokee Co died 15 Dec 1935 Pilot Knob, Washington, Illinois
J J Lindsey 7 1853 Texas female Samantha J
B F Lindsey 4 1856 Texas male
Belzora Lindsey 1 1859 Texas

Grantee: Abraham L. Lindsey
Patentee: G. S. Doty
Patent Date: 14 Apr 1862
Acres: 100
District: Nacogdoches
County: Cherokee
File: 838
Patent #: 503
Patent Volume: 9
Class: Nac. Scrip

1870; Census Place: Beat 2, Cherokee, Texas; Roll M593_1578; Page: 215; Image: 434.
Mahala Lindsey 43 1827 TX
Mary D Lindsey 17 1853 TX
Samantha J Lindsey 16 1854 TX
Benjamin F Lindsey 14 1856 TX
Belzora Lindsey 11 1859 TX
Sarah A Lindsey 10 1860 TX
Abram Lindsey 7 1863 TX

1880, Precinct 3, Cherokee, Texas
Abe L. Linsey 1863 listed in household of Zemiron or Zemeriah Burnett 1853 TX, wife Tex, son Willie, son Ben, dtr Nora L

Known Confederate Soldiers Buried in Henderson Co., TX
submitted by: Pauline Mitchell Pierce
Lamance, Jacob R., b. 29 Mar 1835, d. 11 Nov 1896 - 13th Brigade, 13th
Militia CSA. Buried Friendship Cemetery, Henderson Co, Tx.

Old Rock Hill Cemetery, Henderson
The first known burial in this cemetery is that of Thomas Clark, dates back to 1851, he was buried on land that was Public Domain until 1857, when A.J. Lamance was awarded title to a tract of land of more than 292 acres. The Old Rock Hill Cemetery consist of nearly an acre of land and lies in the southeast corner of Lamance Survey. Earlly settlers along the Horn Branch and the Kickapoo Creek waters are buried here. Martin Horn, for whom, Horn Branch is named and his wife Minna are buried here. The last burial occured here in 1913 and was Era Tindel, when roads to this site became impassable due to bad weather. A new cemetery was established nearby and named The New Rock Hill Cemetery in 1953. The Old Rock Hill Cemetery was deeded to the Rock Hill Cemetery Association, which owns and maintains both sites. (Taken from Historical Marker)

From Athens, take US 31 east to Brownsboro, west of town take FM 3204 and get on FM 3204 go approximately 4 miles to FM 3405, turn right on FM 3405 go approximately 1/2 mile (you will pass Rock Hill Church and Rock Hill Cemetery, also Terrell Cemetery) to FM 3406 turn right on FM 3406, go appriximately 1/2. You will come to an old white house, just pass this house is a double gate which is the entrance leading to Old Rock Hill Cemetery. Old Rock Cemetery is approximately 1/2 miles through a pasture back in the woods. You will need someone to show you the way to the cemetery once you get in the first gate. You also have to have a key to get in the first gate at the road. Contact County Commission Ronny Lawrence for the key. You need to call ahead of time so he can meet you. (Peggy Trammell Allen and Barbara Trammell Black visited this cemetery on Dec. 15, 2004 to update the directions and information)
Submitted by Peggy Trammell Allen, Dec. 2004

Laymance, Jacob Reagan 29 Mar 1835 - 11 Nov 1896 spouse Amanda E. 13th Brigade TX Militia CSA
pension application file by wife Amanda E., rejected, middle name from this record Lindsey, Argent

30 public trees regarding Jacob Ragon Laymance born Murray Co GA 29 Mar 1835 son of Isaac J Laymance and Elizabeth Ragon, married Amanda Ethel Garner 05 July 1857. Amanda Ethel Garner Laymance 07 Jan 1840 SC - 04 Jul 1914 dtr of James Garner 1806 SC and Levana/Lavana 1819 SC found in 1850 Pickens Co SC census one of eleven children.
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