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Nocona News June - September 1921

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Nocona News June - September 1921

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The Nocona News
Nocona, Montague County, Texas

Friday, June 3, 1921

Local and Personal
Com. TAYLOR C. DAVIS and A. J. ALDRIDGE of St. Jo were here.
W. C. GILL has been spending the week with old Nocona friends.
Little BERTHA MAY LASSATER celebrated her birthday Monday afternoon with 15 guests.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. MCNEW returned to their home at Electra.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. PHELPS of Denison visited here.
Miss IMOGENE MCINTIRE of Canyon City, Texas visited her grandmother.
Miss ETHEL HUMPHREYS, who taught school during the past school term, returned home.
Misses GRACE CARMICHAEL and GLEN ALLEN left to visit relatives at Dallas, Garland, Trenton, and Leonard.
Dr. S. T. HUMPHREYS is expected home from Chicago where he has attended lectures.
Prof. E. O. COLTHARP attended the State Normal Homecoming at Denton. Mr. Coltharp attended the first session of that school when the bell rang the first time.
At noon Monday, fire destroyed the building known as the old creamery. It was occupied by Mr. HUBBARD and family.
Mrs. LULA MILLER and little daughter MABLE of Belcherville will attend a family reunion at Durant at her brother and sister’s home.

W. M. RICE had business at Wichita Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE WEISS returned to Wichita Falls.
Mrs. WILLIE HARBISON and children of Ringgold visited her mother Mrs. W. S. RICH.
Mrs. J. P. COLLINS and daughter spent the past week at Fate with Dr. D. G. COLLINS and family.
Mr. FITCHWATER of Bonham gave a Farmers Union lecture.
Mr. and Mrs. HARDY SEAY went to Nocona.
LEE CRENSHAW, W. B. RICH, and L. P. CRENSHAW Jr. were in Nocona.
ROY and A. L. FITTS were at Electra.
FLOSSIE RICE was at Wichita Falls.
The young people enjoyed a nice social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. JEFFIE DUNAWAY.
Mr. and Mrs. G. O. HENRY visited their daughter Mrs. A. TRAVIS at Ringgold.
Doc LOWE of Ringgold had business here.
Sheriff WALKER was here.
Mrs. ANNIE MCWHORTER of near STANFIELD’S Ranch was a guest at W. A. HENSON home.
Miss FLORENCE DOYLE has been sick.

Rock Springs News
Mr. and Mrs. JOHN GREEN and FRANK QUILLIN left for New Mexico.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. FOWLER and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. FOWLER at their ranch home.
T. T. BENTON and family visited TAYLOR BENTON.
S. L. FOWLER of Fort Worth visited his brother C. C. FOWLER and family.
HAL QUINN family, T. T. BENTON family, and C. C. FOWLER family went to Belknap fishing, caught no fish but killed 11 squirrels.

Rev. J. DOSIER was born April 8, 1846 and died April 23, 1921. He was converted at age of 23 and united with the M. E. Church South of which he was a prominent and useful member. Later he withdrew and united with the M. P. Church and was licensed to preach.

DAVE HODGES, now of White Deer, came to visit.

Our old friend, R. P. BLACK of near Ryan, Oklahoma, visited here.

Lost cap off gasoline tank of a Nash car, near the CRITES farm. Finder please return to E. A. SHELTON of Route 1, Nocona.

JOE ALLEN and BILL BONDS, two Nocona boys who are making good in Dallas, visited home folks. Joe is with the shoe department of A. HARRIS & Co. while Bill is with a big lumber company.

At the pretty new home of Mr. and Mr. B. BEASLEY north of town, the following guests were entertained: Mesdames C. M. MCNEW, THOMSPON, ROBERTS, KEMP, R. M. MCNEW, GOLDSMITH, C. MCNEW; Messrs. R. M. MCNEW, JESS THOMPSON, RILEY GOLDSMITH, CECIL ROBERTS, CLARK MCNEW, young CECIL ROBERTS Jr. and B. M. MCNEW and the host and hostess.

June 10, 1921

Old Timers Visit Nocona
Mr. and Mrs. B. T. PARR, better known as Uncle Berry and Aunt Alice, of Mallard visited Mr. and Mrs. SAM HODGES of near Alcorn. While here Uncle Berry called on old friends and said that he was in good health, though 86 years old, he seemed as spry as he did many years ago. Mrs. Parr has been bothered with rheumatism. They lived in Nocona for many years.

Dock Gibbons died at his home in Nocona, May 28, 1921, age 43 years. Mr. Gibbons had suffered from pellagra and had been in ill health for several months, yet his death was a shock to the family and friends. In the passing away of Mr. Gibbons, Nocona has lost one of its good citizens and, and the wife and children, a dutiful husband and father.

Misses ETHEL and EVA FINCHER of Chillicothe visited Mr. and Mrs. E. A. FINCHER. Miss Ethel just finished a successful term of school at Chillicothe. The young ladies left for the summer normal at Denton.
INEZ LANGFORD was in Montague, writing the teachers’ examination.
WILLIE CHIDDIX of the Valley visited friends here and attended the Holiness church meeting.
BILL AYERS visited his brother JIM AYERS at McCollum.
Mrs. EDD LANGFORD accepted the position of principal of our school. Starkey has won the commendation of the state and county school officials.
Mr. and Mrs. CLAUD AYERS attended Sunday school at Bonita.
BONNIE CASH left to attend the Normal at Denton.

A letter from Mrs. J. B. REEVES about the trip to Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley. J. B. Reeves, wife and daughters WILMA and BERTIE LEE, and C. C. SEWELL of Dallas started from Corpus Christi to the Valley…

Ladies Bible Class wit Mrs. M. E. WARREN as teacher of the M. E. Church South entertained the Men’s Bible Class with F. L. WHITE as teacher at the church, the occasion being the birthdays of M. E. WARREN and Mrs. RANDALL and Mrs. JOHN HAYCRAFT. M. E. Warren, known as Uncle Marcus, gave a talk on his experiences in early life, stating he came to Texas in 1847 when it was a rough country. Those present were: Mesdames W. L. HOSKINS, H. T. HELMUND, DICKEY, C. P. MARTIN, M. E. WARREN, RANDALL, A. C. SMITH, GRANT ALCORN of San Francisco, RHODES, ETTIE PARRISH, BARGE and Miss AMY MCCULLOCH, Messrs. BARGE, RANSELL,W HITTINGTON, M. T. WALLACE, W. L. HOSKINS, RHODES, F. W. NOEL, F. L. WHITE, M. E. WARREN, A. C. SMITH and C. P. MARTIN. Uncle Marcus was 82 years old on May 10, 1921.

Stray mule came to my farm about two weeks. Owner call at The News and pay for this ad and get your mule. J. A. GARRISON at Nocona.

June 24, 1921

District court proceedings
Bank vs J. A. JOHNSON
Gas Co. vs S. H. HIPPS
L. E. CANTRELL vs W. W. CANTRELL, divorce granted
VIRNA DOWNS vs RUSH DOWNS, divorce granted
S. H. FLEMING vs insurance co.
M. F. LEONARD vs pipe line
City of Bowie vs W. H. PAINTER
ETTER MILLER vs oil co.
G. E. PATTERSON vs railroad
MARY ESSLINGER vs telephone co.
VELMA ELKINS vs CLAUD ELKINS, divorce granted
VIN HIGHT vs E. M. HIGHT, divorce granted
OPAL PARR vs ELMER PARR, divorce granted
NEVE MAXWELL vs L. B. MAXWELL, divorce granted
W. S. COX vs PEARL COX, divorce granted

The story going around that J. A MESSER of the Farmers Union Grocery has absconded is false in every particular. He left with ELLIS JACKSON and others for a fishing trip to Wichita Lake and Medicine Park.

July 1, 1921

District Court Proceedings
Criminal cases

Civil Cases
Nocona Cotton Oil Co vs C. C. MAYS
H. J. EVANS vs city national bank
OBIE RANDELL vs G. C. RANDELL, divorce granted

Mrs. T. R. STUMP and little daughters JOSEPHINE and JOY arrived from visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. GATY and other relatives at Mamou, Louisiana.

CARY ABRAM of Ennis, a brother of Mrs. G. W. HUMPHREYS, died after an operation for appendicitis.

Grayson Items
A large crowd attended the ball game at Mrs. H. P. BOWERMAN’S.
JOE VAUGHN was riding through the Valley.
LAWTON JENNINGS of California is visiting the GEORGE C. GRAY family.
LEWIS VANNOY of Lone Star visited GEORGE C. GRAY.
HORACE GRAY and LESSIE BOWERMAN attended church here.
CLARENCE and LEONARD CAMPBELL of Ringgold were guests of BUD and ANDY BROWN.
DEWEY HARRINGTON attended the ball game at Mrs. Bowerman.

Mr. and Mrs. J. U. DENHAM and son and family of Forestburg visited their son J. F. DENHAM and family.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. HARRELL and family of Uvalde are guests of Nocona relatives. They came from Tioga and will go to Oklahoma. Her brother at his Denton County home and was buried last week; after attending the funeral, they were at Tioga then came here.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. HICKS were guests of Mr. and Mrs. LANGFORD.
Bro. SMELLEY, assisted by Rev. ARNOLD of Montague, will begin a protracted meeting at Loy Union.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. SIGMAN of Nocona were guests of Mrs. VERNA HARRISON.
VIRGIL HARRISON and FLOYD BROOKS are taking a hobo trip to west Texas.
WILLIE PRICE of Portales, New Mexico was see at the Blue Horse.
Misses ETHEL HICKS and FINIS HARRISON were guests of Misses RONES.
ED BELL said he planted a big crop of poultry in the spring but the chickens ate it up.

July 8, 1921

The marriage of HARVEY GENTRY of Nocona and Miss LOIS TAYLOR of Bellevue was solemnized Sunday, July 3, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. TAYLOR. Rev. LEM HODGES of Nocona officiated. The house was prettily decorated with Shasta daisies and marigolds. The bride carried a bouquet of daisies. The attendants were AMOS DUNCAN and MARTHA KEUHL. The groom is a son of R. W. GENTRY. He is now in the tailoring business, one of Nocona’s highly respected young men. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. I. TAYLOR of Bellevue, a charming young lady. They have their home in Nocona.

July 15, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. PRIDDY and family of Portales, New Mexico returned home after visiting his mother, Mrs. H. C. MOODY and relatives.

Surprise Party
On July 6, the Gray family surprised their mother and grandmother, Mrs. J. N. B. GRAY of Nocona, by coming to see her on her 70th birthday. They were the families of GEORGE GRAY, W. T. GRAY, J. D. GRAY, JOHN ED GRAY, J. E. BURNETT, J. B. SPIVEY and Mrs. CLARA WILLIAMSON. Other guests were LAWTON JENNINGS of Los Angeles, California, Mr. and Mrs. PARRISH JENNINGS, Mrs. MORRIS, STONEY MCLAUGHLIN, Grandma ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. LEWIS, ANNA BURTON, LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. FORD FRY, HERMAN FRY, WAYNE FRY and Mr. ad Mrs. W. D. CARMICHAEL. Mrs. Gray is a pioneer settler of Montague County, moving from Kentucky in 1859, later locating at Red River Station when it was a government post. She related stories of frontier life, having witnessed Indian raids.

Mrs. W. A. HENSON and grandson LEON SWEARINGIN are visiting her son at Oklahoma City.
Mrs. AUTIE TRAVIS of Ringgold visited her father G. A. HENRY.
Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE WEIST of Wichita Falls visited the W. M. RICE family.
RALPH DOYLE and ELMER ROGERS were in Amarillo on business.
Mrs. JOE BITER and children visited her sister at Hobart, Oklahoma.
Miss RUTH BROWN of near Nocona visited Mrs. CLYDE MATTOX.
IDA MAY TRAVIS and sister visited the G. A. HENRY family.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. STEPHENSON and other Ringgold people attended church here.

July 22, 1921

The T. H. FIELD and Co. closed business.

MARK HARBOUR and family of Pomona, near Los Angeles, California, have been guests of the C. MCCALL family this week. They will return home via Lehigh, Oklahoma to visit his sister, then to Kansas City then California. They visited relatives at Iowa Park and Grandfield, Oklahoma.

July 29, 1921

Montague County faces quarantine for livestock ticks.

Twenty-Seven Years Ago
Recently Mayor RITTER dug up an old paper that gave returns of a city election held April 3, 1894. J. P. STONE was manager of the election; J. S. BLACKWELL and G. W. HOWARD were judges. S. M. CUNNINGHAM and D. L.ROY were clerks. Of 158 votes, J. H. WILSON received 158 for mayor; J. F. BRIGANCE 57 for marshal; J. W. PHILLIPS 74 for marshal; J. B. DICKSON 27 for marshal; for city attorney, W. J. CUNNINGHAM 83 and W. H. ADMIRE 6. For city alderman, J. B. MARCH 117, G. W. BAREFOOT 115, M. E. WARREN 71, W. A. WILSON 144; H. F JONES 99, T. J. PERKINS 96; L. L. FATHERRE 22, A. A. CROXTON 2, C L. MCCOWN 1; for school trustee, W. H. WILSON 75, J. J. BERRY 74, R. B. MATTOX 4.

CAL STEWART, a well known farmer just west of town, was found dead in bed Sunday morning. He was in bad health and neighbors had not seen him in for several days, so RUFE MCCOOL sent a boy over to see about him and found him dead. The burial and funeral were held at the Nocona cemetery. He is survived by his wife and daughter Mrs. L. PEMBERTON. Mrs. Stewart was with her daughter who had been seriously sick for some time. Mrs. A. S. MCMAHAN of Nocona is a sister and a brother resides at Lawton, Oklahoma.

NED CROXTON, who made his home with his sister, Mrs. M. F. KIRBY, shot and killed himself Sunday. He had returned from a visit to Rockwall County and had complained of not feeling well. He was born December 7, 1874 at Dangerfield, Arkansas and died at Nocona July 25, 1921. The burial and funeral were held at the Nocona cemetery. Rev. J. P. HUMPHREYS conducted the service.

The following young ladies enjoyed a slumber party at the home of ROWENA NEWMAN last Friday night: CLARA CRAIN, LALIE CRAIN, PAULINE DAVIS, VIRGINIA WOOD, VIRGINIA HOOD, KAZALETTE RUSSELL, FLORENCE FADOS, MARJORIE BERRY of Hollis, Okla. and LOUISE FLENNIKEN of Sherman, Texas.

August 5, 1921

Mrs. C. M. MCNEW gave her husband a surprise 64th birthday party. Attending were Messrs. and Mesdames CHARLES MCNEW, H. W. SIGMAN, CLARK MCNEW, MAC PORTER, WREN, COCHRAN, SMITH, JESS THOMPSON, Mrs. WILL PORTER, and Mrs. GRIMSLEY.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. FLETCHER arrived at Nocona after a wedding trip to Galveston. They were married at Basin Springs Church at Saddler, Texas on Wednesday, July 29, 1921. Mr. Fletcher is local Katy agent. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. BLASSINGAME. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher have rooms at the home of Mrs. J. R MODRALL.

Miss EULA SIMMONS, who had visited her sister Mrs. B. B. WILSON, returned to Quitman, Texas.

August 12, 1921

After a long illness, J. M. LONG died Saturday afternoon, Aug. 6. He had lived in this immediate country for many years and well known. He is survived by his wife and two young daughters, an older daughter, Mrs. J. D. SIGMAN, and son SAM LONG. He was a Mason and the funeral was held Sunday afternoon with the honors of the order and the burial was at Nocona cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. C. O. SHACKELFORD and family of Trenton, Missouri are guests of the families of his brothers, Z. W. and R. G. SHACKELFORD. Mr. Shackelford is a machinist for the Rock Island RR and is on a 60 day vacation.

J. H. CONE and son L. Z. CONE went to Gainesville and brought back a new style Dodge Touring car which is on exhibit at Cone & Daniel’s Dodge Service Station.

M. SWEARINGIN, a thrifty and prosperous farmer of Route 2, Montague, was here with a load of fine pears. He will have about 200 bushels.

The Good Luck Café, previously owned and managed by JIM RICE and PAUL COCHRAN, is now owned and managed by W. T. ROLLS and POKE SMITH.

J. H. CONE tells us that A. P. HOWARD and himself made a trip cross country to Sherman and while there met several old time friends, talking of times of some 40 years ago.

Miss EULA MCKAY of Park Springs is visiting here.

Messrs. BREEZE and GIBSON of 1 ½ miles east of town are in the syrup making business. They ordered 1000 gummed labels from The News.

A.A. TEMPLE died at Austin Sunday afternoon after a long illness and the body was shipped to Nocona where the funeral service and burial were held Tuesday, conducted by Rev. NATHANIEL JACKS of Dallas of the Central Christian Church. AUGUSTA A. TEMPLE was born in Missouri Feb. 26, 1863 and died in Austin August 7, 1921. He was a faithful member of the Central Christian Church. He is survived by his wife and son, PRESTON TEMPLE, of Nocona, a son and daughter from a former marriage, the son is stationed at Port Isabel, Texas, but is recovering from an operation and could not attend. The daughter lives at Spokane, Washington. J. A. TEMPLE, a brother of Chickasha, Oklahoma, attended, also JOE HARMON and sons CHARLEY HARMON of Manitou, Oklahoma. Mr. Temple was well known in Nocona, having been with different hardware firms for many years, and was recently the city water commissioner.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. CARTER of Childress visited the W. S. MILES family.
Mrs. LEE CRENSHAW and Mrs. W. B. RICH were called to Ringgold where little MELVIN KETCHUM was sick with congestion.
Prof. CRAWFORD and family of Bowie were here.
Mrs. RACHEL RICH returned from visited the C. C. SCOTT family in Duncan, Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. MENTOR JOHNSON of Bowie visited here.
Miss LUCY BUSSEY, who has been in El Paso, Mr. and Mrs. SOUTH BUSSEY of Fort Worth and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. BUSSEY and family of Wichita Falls visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. BUSSEY.
Misses ANNIE MAE and JOHNNIE MANLEY of Nocona visited the W. S. RICH family and returned home accompanied by RUBY RICH.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. HILL and Mrs. N. A. SEVIER, for the past few months at Humphrey, Oklahoma, are here for a few days.
Mrs. LENA CARSON and children moved to Fort Worth.

ROY HARRIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. HARRIS, who was killed while in the service in France in 1918, is being shipped home for burial. Mr. Harris received a telegram that the body landed in New York and he expects the body within a few days.

JOHN ROWLAND, who accompanied his wife to the sanitarium at Dallas, returned home to say his wife is getting along fine.

SAM ROPER of Route 2 was operated on Saturday for appendicitis by Dr. LAWSON of Bowie and Dr. CRAIN of Nocona.

August 19, 1921

ROY HARRIS, a member of the Co. L 360th Infantry, 36th Division, who was killed in France Sept. 14, 1918, was sent home and buried in the Nocona cemetery Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1921. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. HARRIS of Nocona, born at Saint Jo April 21, 1891… The funeral was conducted by Elder F. S VANCE of the Church of Christ. The HARRIS-HEDGEPATH and the Bowie Posts of the American Guard furnished a guard for their comrade.

The first bale of cotton was brought in Thursday by C. D. SYKES of Route 2, ginned by W. D. CARMICHAEL and sold to J. H. CONE, weight 360 pounds at $13.65 and first bale premium was $37.25.

Miss AGNES BALL spent her vacation here then returned to work at Dallas where she has been for two years.
Miss NONA JOHNSON returned to College Station after visiting her father and brother.
Mr. KILCREASE has a new Ford.

DOC STRIPLING and wife, and Mr. JONES are on a fishing trip.

GROVER LASSETER and children visited her brother, J. R. SULLIVAN at Petrolia.
Miss FERRELL WILSON of Archer City, who graduated from the Kidd-Key College this year, is a guest of Miss WILLIE JANE MCCARTER.
Mrs. A. S. MCMAHAN returned from a visit with her brother, J. M. STEWART at Lawton, Oklahoma.
Mrs. O. M. ALLISON and children accompanied Miss LILLIAN BIGGS to her home at Palestine, Texas where Mrs. Allison will also visit her mother.
After a visit with the S. M. DAVIS family, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. JUNKER returned home to Wichita Falls.

J. O. MCELROY, en route home to Davidson, Oklahoma, from Norman, Oklahoma, stopped to visit his mother, Mrs. S. M. DAVIS, and family. He had been to Norman to attend the funeral of a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HERMAN CAMPBELL, who was killed in an airplane accident at Norman.

C. L. SELLARS, manager of a produce house at Clifton, Texas, former manger of the White Produce Co. at Nocona, came to visit.

Miss MOLLIE WOMACK, who is a Methodist deaconess and stationed at Welch, West Virginia, and her sister, Mrs. J. J. MORRIS of Jacksboro, visited Nocona relatives and friends. She was en route to Dinuba, California to visite Mr. and Mrs. M. E. WARREN and Mrs. C. P. MARTIN.

CLARK A. HOOD and family visited Mrs. Hood’s sister, Mrs. STRINGER, at Randlett, Oklahoma, last week. Then the two families visited the Medicine Park.

August 26, 1921

Little RUBY EATON Killed
The sad news came late Sunday of the tragic death of little RUBY EATON, daughter of Mrs. MARLON BANDY of the Eurika (Waurika?) community. It seems the family were on an outing near Ryan, Oklahoma, camping, fishing, and hunting. The little girl pulled a shotgun through a fence and so shot herself. The funeral and burial were at Ryan Monday. She was eight years old, a bright, lovable little girl. She attended school here last term, a member of the Methodist Sunday School.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. CUBINE, formerly of Nocona, returned to live here. For years they lived at Hollis, Oklahoma then moved to Burkburnett, Texas.

Fatal Accident
MARVIN MCCARTY, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. MCCARTY of Fletcher, Oklahoma, was thrown from a horse Aug. 11 and died from the effects of the fall last Saturday. He was visiting friends near Illinois Bend when the accident occurred and was taken to LEE DAVENPORT’S home. The funeral and burial were held at Illinois Bend Sunday.

B. B. MCCOLLOUGH and Miss OVAL / OPAL SANDERS were married in Henrietta last Monday, Judge R. LOFTIN performed the ceremony. From the Henrietta Independent.

Card of thanks for help and sympathy from the R. M. HARRIS family, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. LATHAM, Mrs. W. P. HARRIS and daughter CECIL, and Mr. and Mrs. LEE HOLCOMB.

Belcherville News
Judge HATCHETT of Tulsa, Oklahoma was here on business.
J. R. MILES is visiting his mother Mrs. M. O. MILES, and his brothers W. S. and W. E. MILES.
Rev. H. F. JONES was a guest of the W. A. HENSON family.
G. A. HENRY gave his residence a coat of new white paint.
Miss BESSIE DAVIS of Buffalo Springs was the guest of Miss JESSIE LAWRENCE.
Mrs. N. A. SEVIER will visit a brother at Mangum, Okla.
W. B. HILL and family went to Humphreys, Okla.
L. W. SPIVEY of Montague was here.
Mr. and Mrs. JEFFIE DUNAWAY entertained the young people with a singing.
MAURICE M. JOHNSON, evangelist and singer of Fort Worth, conducted two services at the Methodist Church.
Mrs. E. J. FITTS is adding a new room to one of her buildings here.
W. L. TOOMBS, for years a resident of this county, now at New Mexico, is visiting old friends.
BROOKS FITTS and family of Anadarko, Oklahoma is visiting his mother Mrs. E. J. FITTS.
Rev. FINIS BEAKLEY has been sick.

September 2, 1921

Little ERNESTINE TRIPP was hostess to some little friends in honor of her eighth birthday. Attending were HELEN HILL, GAIL HUMPHREYS, LILLY HAGGERTON, FAY HAGGERTON, JOSEPHINE STUMP, OREAN COBB and ROY WEISS Jr.

J. G. CLARK died at Austin and the body, accompanied by the family, arrived in Nocona Sunday evening and the funeral service and burial were at the Nocona cemetery Monday afternoon. Rev. W. R. MCCARTER conducted the services. J. G. CLARK was born Nov. 17, 1881 in Arkansas and died in Austin Aug. 27, 1921. he was reared in Nocona, married Miss GERTRUDE BELLAH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. BELLAH. Mrs. Clark and several children mourn his loss.

J. H. ELROD of Route 2, who has been in bad health for some time, died Friday of last week.

G. W. EVANS, who lived about two miles south of town, died Thursday of last week and was buried Friday. He is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son.

Starkey News
Rev. BULLARD is conducting a meeting at the Baptist Church.
Rev. RAY HALLENBACK, pastor of the Nazarene Church at Ryan, Oklahoma, held a two weeks meeting at the Starkey Nazarene Church.
Miss THELMA PIERCE and little brother of Irving visited their aunt Mrs. CLINTA SALBY.
The five year old child of GEORGE RHONE fell out of the barn and broke his collar bone. In falling the child struck a pet mule which happened to be standing in the stall, probably prevented serious injury.
Mr. and Mr. E. A. FINCHER are in west Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. GRISSOM PRATHER of Walters, Oklahoma visited the MCCRAY and PRATHER families.
Miss ROSA RODES / RHODES of Clarendon, Texas is visiting here. She was principal of our school last term.
Mr. and Mrs. FRANK ETTER of Nocona visited the J. S. ETTER family.
GEORGE RHONE returned from visiting friends at Wilbarger County.
Mrs. CLINTON SELBY visited her mother Mrs. W. M. GRAMMAR at McCollum.
J. W. TIMS returned from attending the teacher normal at Montague. He will be first assistant teacher in the Bonita school.
Miss INEZ LANGFORD will teach at the Dixie school.
RONNIE CASH will teach the primary grades at the Farmers Creek school.
P. W. WATTS and daughters Misses DOVIE and MARY of Brownslow visited here.
Mrs. W. S. ETTER and daughter Mrsa. IDA PINSON visited.

Mr. and Mrs. P. T. HARRELL and Miss ZETTA were at Bowie.
Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT and children of Denison visited the L. G. MUNSEY family.
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. CLAY, who visited at Vernon, are visiting their son HENRY CLAY here.
Mrs. BYRDIE TRAVIS of Ringgold visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. G. A. HENRY.
LEE CRENSHAW and W. B. RICH were at Ryan, Oklahoma and visited the LEE STOUT family.
The first bale of cotton was gathered by O. B. HENRY and ginned Thursday.
Mrs. PEARL WALSTON of Handley visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. L. KENNEDY south of here.
AGNES RAGSDALE of Wichita Falls visited BESSIE MITCHELL and other friends here.
Mrs. OMA HARRIS returned home to Hobart, Oklahoma, accompanied home by FLOSSYE RICE.
Rev. N. B. HARALSON of Bonita preached here.
LEE FITTS, W. A. HENSON and E. C. CAMERON were at Montague and Nocona.
Mrs. LENA MENASCO of near Quanah visited her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. ALEX BOREN.
Miss MAUMETT STOUT of Fort Worth is at the Red River Ranch.
Mrs. JOHN DOWNY of Ringgold is visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. W. COLEMAN.

September 16, 1921

Wednesday night BEN QUINN shot and seriously wounded TOM STANSELL, through his stomach and intestines. Drs. HUMPHREYS and DAVIS attended Mr. Stansell. It happened at the home of J. W. QUINN, father of BEN QUINN, also father of Mrs. STANSELL. Quinn was arrested and taken to Montague.

Mrs. E. C. COFFEE and son of Denison are visiting her sister Miss IRENE WEDDINGTON.

C. A. LUPER and Miss MINNIE QUINN of Bowie drove to Nocona and were quietly married at the Baptist parsonage, Rev. LEM HODGES officiating.

Ringgold School Opens
The Ringgold Public School opened Sept. 12 with one of its largest attendance. Teachers; SAM A. ASHBURN, KATE BALLENGER of Alvorado for domestic science and art and music; primary, Misses GARLINGTON of Bowie; Miss PADDLEFORD of Fort Worth for the Grades; Mrs. C. O. YOUNG, Prof. MORRIS of Bellevue.

Mrs. BEAL ALLEY was born in Montague County in 1898 and spent most of her life here. She joined the Methodist Church at Starkey Chapel in 1914. She married BEAL ALLEY Dec. 31, 1919 and was the mother of a son born six months ago. She died at her home here Wednesday, Sept. 7, 1921. Her remains were interred in the Starkey cemetery Wednesday. Rev. ATCHLEY, pastor of the Methodist church at St. Jo, conducted the services. Mrs. ALLEY was the former Miss ADDIE WATTS, a well known and successful teacher in the county public schools and at Channing in west Texas. She was a student for several terms at the Denton Normal College and at the East Texas Normal at Commerce….

Mr. and Mrs. COUNT SOUTH and son ERNEST and Mr. and Mrs. CLAUD SOUTH of Lawton, Oklahoma are visiting her father E. W. HENDRIX.

September 23, 1921

J. T. STANSELL, who was shot by BEN QUINN Wednesday night of last week, died Saturday noon. The funeral was held at the Church of Christ Sunday afternoon. Elder WHEELER of Gainesville conducted the rites and burial was in the Nocona cemetery. J. T. STANSELL was born in Russell, Alabama Dec. 16, 1873 and died in Nocona Sept. 17, 1921. He is survived by his wife, one son BERLEY, one daughter Mrs. C. E. MCCARLEY, his father, D. W. STANSELL of Hamilton, who arrived Saturday evening for the funeral. A brother at Decatur could not come on account of the illness of his wife.

Two Children Drowned
A picnic party of folks from Wichita Falls turned to tragedy late Sunday afternoon when MARY LOISE YOUNG, 10 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. YOUNG of 1302 Scott St., and SAMUEL RIGGINS, 9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. RIGGINS of 1300 Scott, were drowned in the Wichita River near the bridge south of Iowa Park. Two small sisters of the Young girl narrowly escaped a similar fate and were rescued with difficulty by their father. … The body of the Riggins boy was taken to Bowie for burial. The funeral of MARY LOUISE YOUNG will be held at the First M. E. Church South Tuesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. KNICKERBOCKER, with burial at Riverside cemetery. Mrs. Young, mother of Mary Louise, was formerly NELLIE DORSEY, a Wichita Falls girl, who moved to Oregon some years ago, recently returned to Wichita Falls. From the Wichita Daily Times.
Mrs. RIGGINS, mother of SAMUEL RIGGINES, is a sister of Mrs. A. D. LUNN, vice president of the Farmers & Merchants National Bank.

Last Friday evening, EARL MOODY of Tescutt, Texas and Miss NELL BROOKS of the Long Branch community, were quietly married at the Baptist parsonage, Rev. LEM HODGES officiating.

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