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William E.& Elizabeth (Finley, Childers) Shelton

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William E.& Elizabeth (Finley, Childers) Shelton

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Surnames: Shelton, Finley, Childers
Seeking anyone working on the family of Wm. E. Shelton, born 6/30/1836, TN; died 6/30/1890, TX, buried Dodson Cemetery Near Blum, Hill County, Texas along with his wife Elizabeth Finley who was born 9/12/1840 in Arkansas and died 8/23/1903. Children found in census records: Sarah M., born abt. 1866; James O, born Aug 1869; Martha, born abt 1871; William, born April 1872; Harrison, born Mar 1872; Mary, born abt 1877; Marion Mariah, born July 1879; Sanford L., born July 1881and one unknown child born & died before 1900.

Census records found:

1870 Lawrence County, Arkansas, Campbell Township/Walnut Ridge PO, 20 Aug 1870, pg. 257B/4 (image 42):
33/33 Shelton, William E., 32, m, w, Farmer, $400/$400, TN
Elizabeth, 28, f, w, Keeping House, AR
Sarah M., 4, f, w, AR
James O., 10/12, m, w, AR (Aug)
Elizabeth, 60, f, w, TN

1880 Hill County, Texas, ED 76, 8 June 1880, pg 394C/11 (image 11):
88/88 Shelton, William w, m, 44, head, married, Farmer, TN,TN,TN
Elizabeth, w, f, 40, wife, married, Keeping house, AR, KY,VA
James, w, m, 10, son, single, at home, AR,TN,AR
Martha, w, f, 9, dau, single, AR,TN,AR
William, w, m, 8, son, single, AR,TN,AR
Harrison, w, m, 6, son, single, AR,TN,AR
Mary, w, f, 3, dau, single, TX,TN,AR
Mariah, w, m, 11/12, July, son, TX,TN,AR

1900 Hill County, Texas, North part of Justice Precinct 6, Div 9, ED 48, 15 June 1900, pg. 117B-118A/8B-9A (image 16-17):
145/145 Shelton, William, head, w, m, Apr 1872, 28, m/6, Ar,TN,AR, Farmer
pg. 118A Dasie C., wife, w, f, Jan 1876, 24, m/6 2 children/2 living, TX,TX,AL
James R., son, w, m, Feb 1896, 4, single, TX,AR,TX
Grace E., dau., w, f, Apr 1899, 1, single, TX,AR,TX

146/146 Shelton, Bettie, head, w, f, Sept 1840, 59, widow, 9 children/8 living, AR,KY,KY
Marion, son, w, m, July 1879, 20, single, TX,TN,AR, Farmer
Sanford L., son, w, m, July 1881, 18, single, TX,TN,AR, Farm Laborer

147/147 Shelton, Harry, head, w, m, Mar 1872, 28, m/5, AR,TN,AR, Farmer
Ophelia, wife, w, f, July 1870, 29, m/5, 3 children/2 living, TX,TN,TN
Eldredge, son, w, m, May 1886, 4, single, TX,AR,TX
Bessie, dau., w, f, Aug 1898, 1 single, TX,AR,TX

1920 Lynn County, Texas, Precinct 2, ED 180, 31 Jan 1920, pg. 75A/41 (image 7):
FM/45/46 Shelton, Harris R., head, owns/mortgage, m, w, 45, married, reads/writes, AR,TN,AR, Farmer
Ophelia C., wife, f, w, 47, married, reads/writes, TX,TN,TN
Bessie, dau, f, w, 20, single, reads/writes, TX,AR,TX
Otti (?) J., son, m, w, 16, single, TX,AR,TX
Alma M., dau, f, w, 14, single, in school/reads/writes, TX,AR,TX
Alvin W., son, m, w, 12, single, in school/reads/writes, TX,AR,TX
Bertha E., dau, f, w, 9, single, in school/reads/writes, TX,AR,TX
Olin A., son, m, w, 6, single, TX,AR,TX

1930 Lynn County, Texas, Princinct 1, ED 2, April 23, 1930, pg. 159A/13A (image 25):
230/240 Shelton, Harrison R., head, owns, m, w, 56, married at 21, AR,AL,AR, Farmer
Ophelia, wife, f, w, 47, m@22, TN,TN,TN
William A., son, m, w, 22, single, TX,AR,AL (Alvin W.)
Bertha, dau, f, w, 19, single, TX,AR,AL
Olan O., son, m, w, 17, single, TX,AR,AL

1920 Lynn County, Texas, Precinct 5, ED 1??, 29-30 March 1920, pg. 31A/20A (image 9):
The print is VERY faded and hardly readable:
FM 341/350 Shelton, Sanford L., head, m, w, 35(?), married, TX,AR,AR
L, wife, f, w, 33, m, TX,GA,TX
Leola(?) dau, f, w, 12, TX
Milton A., son, m, w, 10, single, TX
Homer(?), son, m, w, 6(?) single, TX
Estelle, dau, f, w, 3 2/12(?) single, TX

1930 Lynn County, Texas, Precinct 5, ED 10, 10 April 1930, pg. 244A/5A (image 9):
83/84 Shelton, Sanford L. head, owns, m, w, 48, m at 23,TX,AR,AR
Lena R., wife, f, w, 43, m at18, TX,GA,TX
Milton P., son, m, w, 20, single, TX,TX,TX
Henson L., son, m, w, 16, single, TX,TX,TX
Estelle, dau, f, w, 13, single, TX,TX,TX
Travis, son, m, w, 9, single, TX,TX,TX
Avis L., dau, f, w, 9, single, TX,TX,TX
Marshall, son, m, w, 1 5/12, single, TX,TX,TX

1920 Jones County, Texas, Justice Precinct 1, ED 124, 5 Feb 1920, pg. 32A/20A (image 39):
FM 355/373 Shelton, Marion M., head, rents, m, w, 39, married, reads/writes, TX,TN,AR, Farmer
Hattie, wife, f, w, 24, married, TX,TX,TX
Nina, dau, f, w, 17, single, TX,TX,TX
Alton, son, m, w, 15, single, TX,TX,TX
Odell, dau, f, w, 12, single, TX,TX,TX
Odis, son, m, w, 4 8/12(?), s, TX,TX,TX
Lucile, dau, f, w, 2 1/12(?), s, TX,TX,TX
Leal(?), son, m, w, 1 4/12(?) s, TX,TX,TX

1930 Fisher County, Texas, Precint 2, ED 4, 24 April 1930, pg. 45A/14A (image 27):
286/294 Shelton, Marion M., head, rents, m, w, 50, married at 22, TX,AR,AR, Farmer
Hattie, wife, f, w, 34, married at 19, TX,TX,TX
Odis, son, m, w, 14, single, TX,TX,TX
Lauciel(?), dau, f, w, 12, single, TX,TX,TX
Loal, son, m, w, 11, single, TX,TX,TX
Rudene, dau, f, w, 8, single, TX,TX,TX
Willie D., son, m, w, 6, single, TX,TX,TX
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