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Search for Male Descendants of John Baker, d. 1853, Henderson Co. TX

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Search for Male Descendants of John Baker, d. 1853, Henderson Co. TX

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Surnames: Baker, Neeley, Pratt
I am trying to trace the descendants of John Baker of Sangemon Co. IL and Henderson Co. TX down to the present day. I recently had the DNA of a Baker Cousin who is a descendant of Henry B. Baker, Sr. from Sevier Co. TN tested, and I have been told that he may be the grandfather of Jim Baker the Mountain Man. However, I can locate only secondary sources for this information, a county history of Sangamon Co. IL, and would feel more secure in making this claim if their connection to Henry B. of Sevier could be proven through DNA testing. John Baker of Henderson Co. TX was the brother of William Baker of Sangemon Co. IL, father of the Mountain Man. If I am able to locate a current male descendant from this line of Bakers, I would love to contact him and do everything possible for him to participate in the DNA study.

I have just recently completed a study of the census , cemetery and pension records for Henderson Co. TX from 1850 to 1980, and I am fairly certain that the Grover Baker, James Bailey Baker and Tracy Dean Baker who were living in the vicinity of Tool in the 1970’s - 80’s are the direct descendants of John Baker, d. 1853. Are there any Baker researchers who know of the present day descendants of these gentlemen? Does anyone have knowledge of any of the other descendants whom I lost track of along the way? If so, please post a response, and if needed I will post my email address so that we can correspond.

Here are the census, pension and cemetery records I found. Please forgive the formatting, or lack of it, which makes this data harder to read. The formatting I had simply will not transfer into this posting.

CENSUS: 1850 Henderson Co. TX, Sept. 25, 1850, p. 129
HH# 109 John King 28 TN Farmer
Mary 21 IL
Margaret 1 TX
HH# 110 John Baker 51 TN Farmer
Eliza. 41 TN
Emeline 17 IL
Joseph 13 TX
Eliza 9 TX
John 6 TX (See records on this John Baker m. M. J. Pratt below)

CENSUS: 1860 Henderson Co. TX, Malaki P.O., Aug. 24, 1860, p. 56a
HH #530 King, John 40 TN Farmer & L. Raiser
Mary 29 IL (Sister of Joseph)
Margaret 11 TX
Louis G. 9 TX
Julitt 7 TX
William R.T. 7 TX
Samuel N. 1 TX
Baker, Joseph 22 TX (must be the son of John Baker, dec., brother of Mary King)
(These are the only children of John Baker that I can find in the census in 1860, but I believe John A. is still there.)

CENSUS: 1870, Henderson Co. TX, Athens P.O., July 26, 1870, Page 281:
HH# 60 Baker, John A. 25 TX Farmer
Margaret J. 23 AL
Hattie J. 4 TX
John W. 2 TX
Springer, Josephine 23 AL
James W. 8 LA

CENSUS: 1880 Henderson Co. TX, 5th Precinct, June 23 & 24, 1880, p. 171
HH# 292 Baker,John A. 35 TX IL IL (both parents born in TN)
Margaret J. 31 AL GA AL
Hattie 13 TX TX AL
Eddy 9 TX TX AL
Joseph 3 TX TX AL
Springer, Adeline 34 AL GA AL Sister in law
James W. 19 Nephew

CENSUS: 1900 Henderson Co. TX, Precinct 6, June 14, 1900, p. 164
HH#196 Almond,W. 56 Jan 1844 m. 12 yrs TN VA TN
Penie 55 Apr 1845 m. 12 yrs 2/1 AL GA GA (sister of Marg Jo Pratt Baker)
Thaddeus 10 Feb. 1890 TX TN AL
Baker, Joanna 55/Apr. 1845 W 0/0 AL GA GA sis in law (inaccurate relationship notated for children & # child.)
Edward 26/Mar 1874 S TX TX AL bro in law
Joe 21/July 1878 S " "
Yake(m)16/Nov. 1883 S " "
Paddy(m)19/Dec. 1880 S(gender has to be wrong)

CENSUS: 1910 Henderson Co. TX, Justice Precinct 6, Aley P.O., May 5, 1910
HH#15 Almond, W. B. 67 m 21 yrs TN VA TN
H. J. 65 m 21 yrs AL GA AL
Thad 20 TX TN AL
Williams, Jessie 22 Grandson
Baker, Pattie 25 S TX TX AL Niece (male Paddy above?)
HH#16 Baker, Joe 31 M 8 yrs TX TX AL
Willie 23 M 8 yrs TX MS TX
William 6 TX TX TX
James 5 " (Jimmie B. below)
Walter 8 mos "
HH#17 Baker, Ed 38 S Brother TX TX AL
J. C. 23 m. 5 yrs Brother TX TX AL
Annie 23 m. 5 yrs TX TX MS
Maud 4 TX TX TX
John C. 11 mos. "

CENSUS: 1920 Henderson Co. TX
Justice Precinct 6, Poynor P.O., p.207
Line 14: J. C. Baker 35 TX TX MS (John C. above)
Annie 32 OK TX MS
Clifton 11 TX TX OK
_______ 9 TX TX OK daughter (Cannot read name. Must be Edna L. below in 1930)
Lottie 7 TX TX OK
Line 20: E. L. Baker 49 S TX TX AL
Margaret J. 74 W AL GA AL
Patie May 37 S TX TX AL
Justice Precinct 3, Payne P.O., p 121
HH# 102 Joseph M. Baker 40 TX U.S. U.S.
Willie 34 TX TX TX
Willie D. 16 TX TX TX
Jimmie B. 14 "
Walter 9 "
Leona 8 "
Grover 1 mo. "

CENSUS: 1930 Henderson Co. TX, Justice Precinct 6,
Justice Precinct 6, Northeast Part, April 2, 1930, p. 104
HH#17 James C. Baker 46 TX US TX
Annie 47
Edna 19 S
J. 21 m. 1 yr. (this is John Clifton)
Hattie J. 21 m. 1 yr. Daughter in Law
Justice Precinct 6, Northeast Part, April 17, 1930, p. 113
HH#183 Ed Baker 59 S TX TX MS
Pattie 46 S Sister TX TX MS
M. Joan 84 W Mother MS GA GA
(all of a sudden, Marg. Joanna thinks she was born in MS)
Justice Precinct 6, Southeast Part, April 7, 1930, p. 115
HH#36 Joe Baker 59 TX TX TX
Willie 43 Wife "
D. 26 Son " (must be Willie D. in 1920)
Grover 10 Son "
Justice Precinct 6, Southeast Part of Precinct, April 4, 1930, p. 115
HH#32 J. B. Baker 25 m. @21 TX TX TX (Jimmie B. from 1920)
Lois 17 m. @14 "
Tracy 2 son "

CENSUS: 1940 Henderson Co. TX, ED 107 – 21B, Sheet 7A, Tool P.O., Oct. 6, 1940
HH#119 Joe M. Baker 62 farmer
Willie 54
Jim B. 35 son
Tracy 12 grandson
Grover 20 son (this entry is an addendum on last page of this ED107- 21B)
HH#120 J. Walter Baker 30 laborer in construction
Ada 28
Clyde 5
(Note: All Burials in Baker Cemetery, Tolosa, Kaufman Co. TX, except for Emeline)
John Baker
Birth: Dec. 26, 1778, Sevier County, TN (Date of birth wrong on tombstone. Born in 1798.)
Death: Jun. 17, 1853, Henderson County, Texas

Spouse: Elizabeth Neely Baker
Birth: Jan. 11, 1809, Illinois (born in Davidson Co., TN)
Death: Nov. 22, 1852, Henderson County, Texas
Emeline Baker McAnally (married 1st: William Langham & 2nd: D.T. McAnally)
Birth: Nov. 2, 1833, Illinois
Death: Apr. 30, 1905, Rice, Navarro County, Texas
Burial: Rice Cemetery, Navarro County Texas
James Baker
Birth: Nov. 3, 1837, Texas
Death: Jul. 20, 1853, Henderson County, Texas
Elizabeth Jane Baker Hall, wife of M. M. Hall
Birth: Dec. 30, 1841, Texas
Death: Feb. 10, 1917, Texas
William Baker
Birth: Jan. 11, 1848, Henderson County, Texas
Death: Jan. 20, 1848, Henderson County, Texas
Margaret Joann (Jo) Pratt Baker, wife of John A. Baker, son of John & Eliz. Neeley Baker
Birth: April 19, 1845 Alabama or Mississippi
Death: May 5, 1932 Kemp, Kaufman Co. TX
Baker, M. J.(Mrs.) 06326 Baker, John A. (This is Margaret Joanne Pratt Baker)
Aley, Texas; Applied Sept. 30, 1899; Pension approved March 12, 1900; Dead March 11, 1932 (on tombstone May 5, 1932)
They were married Feb. 14, 1866 in Henderson Co. TX; He died April 10, 1889
Husband served in the 12th Texas Regiment, Capt. Kyser’s Company
Application for Mortuary Warrant: signed by son E. L. Baker His address: Malakoff, Rt. 1, Texas
At time of death on March 5, 1932 Mrs. M. J. Baker was residing in Kemp, Rt#2, Texas
Physician certified her last illness as influenza
Tracy Dean Baker(22) married Jessie Mae Jones(18) 6/30/1950
Baker Mattie M. 02-16-1905 04-04-2000 Wife of Willie D.Baker
Baker Willie D. 05-03-1903 06-14-1932
Baker Joe M. 1875 1962
Baker Willie 1886 1964
Baker Grover 12-31-1920 10-27-1975
Baker Jim Bailey 1905 1982 Pvt. U.S.Army WWII
Baker Tracy Dean 09-19-1927 08-02-1982
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