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McDonel & Yandel information please.

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Re: McDonel & Yandel information please.

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Surnames: McDonel, Yandell, Garrison,
I am not related to the McDonel's or Yandell's.

Here are census records, birth records, etc. McDonel name will be tricky and will probably find a lot of records as McDonald. There may have been moving between Ok and Tx at times due to location on the Yandell's. Do you have older half siblings ?

Charles David McDonel died in 1963 in Hale county born about 1907 in Texas. The Hale county website on the Texas Rootsweb/Genweb Project has the cemeteries transcribed. I tried to access the records and kept getting error message. I have reported the problem to the person in charge of that website.

Unable to find Pearly Jewel or Jewel Pearly as McDonel who was born in 1910 in OK. Charles Michael had two older sisters born in Texas.

Name: Betty Lois McDonel
Date of Birth: 20 Oct 1927
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Charles D McDonel
Mother's name: Yandell Jewel Yandell transcribed

Name: Frances Charlene McDonel
Date of Birth: 3 Jan 1931
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Charles David McDonel
Mother's name: Jewel Yandell

Name: Charles Michael McDonel
Date of Birth: 30 Aug 1935
Gender: Male
Birth County: Cottle
Father's name: Charles David McDonel
Mother's name: Pearlie Jewell Yandell

Name: Patsy Carrol McDonald
Date of Birth: 23 Nov 1938
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Chas D McDonald
Mother's name: Jewel Yandell

Betty Lois McDonel & Odell Blackwell:
Charles Darryl Blackwell 5 Jun 1952 Crosby Co

20 Oct 1927 - 04 Jan 1990
Last known location not specified in SS Death Index
SS issued Texas

Name: Betty Blackwell
Death Date: 4 Jan 1990
Death County: Wichita
Gender: Female

05 Apr 1924 - 28 Mar 2005
Last residence 67831 Ashland, Clark, KS
SS issued Texas

Charles Darryl Blackwell & Dolores Marlene Brannan:
Russell Dell Blackwell 21 May 1975 Wichita Co

Frances Charlene & James Herbert White:
Reginald Forrest White 29 Jan 1950 Motley
James David White 30 Sep 1952 Winkler

Reginald Forrest White & Angela Gail Smith:
Jeffrey Michael 22 Aug 1976 Brazoria
Justin Keith 28 Dec 1986 Brazoria

Patsy Carrol McDonel & James Clyde Valliant:
Patrice Dawn Valliant 15 Sep 1960 Hale
James Lance Valliant 11 Mar 1964 Hale
Brannon McDonel Valliant 23 Feb 1971 Hale

None of the Valliant children have married in Texas or had children.

Pearly's parents & siblings were in Motley county census in 1930, an uncle and his family and her grandfather Andrew R Yandell. Yandell's in Motley county in 1920 census. Birth years are approximate.

7 Apr 1930; Census Place: Wheeler, Wheeler, Texas; Roll: 2401; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 241.0.
Charlie D McDonel age 23 [transcribed as Ellashi D McDonel] born TX abt 1907, was 19 when he married, parents also listed as being from TX, was renting home on First Street @ 20 month, had a radio, cobbler/shoe shop.
Jewel P McDonel age 20 born OK abt 1910, was 15 when she married, listed father as being from Texas [he was from AR], mother KS [that was correct]
Bettie L McDonel age 2 born in Motley county 1927.

1930; Census Place: Wheeler, Wheeler, Texas; Roll: 2401; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 241.0.
Elva/Alva M Combs age 26 born AR
Dora M YANDELL Combs age 21, OK, married when she was 16, Pearly's sister
Grace Viola Combs born 12 Jan 1926, Motley county
Alva Combs Jr age 3 AR abt 1927
Bonnie Joyce Combs, born 1929, Motley county

1930; Census Place: Precinct 3, Callahan, Texas; Roll: 2304; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 4; Image: 206.0.
Francis/Frances C Garrison...mistranscribed as Garrone, age 56, widow, born TX appx 1874 in TX, father TN, mother MS.
Donnie L Garrison age 14 daughter

I believe Frances C is mother of Charles David McDonel. Frances Garrison died in Hale county in 1964. Frances was consistent on the birth place of her parents in each census 1910-1930.

There was a daughter, Pearly M McDonel born about 1900 but I never could find them in the 1900 record. Pearly M possibly was not a McDonel but that was the name used in the 1910 census. Donnie Lee Garrison is half sister who had a child in Motley county in 1934.

1930; Census Place: Roaring Springs, Motley, Texas; Roll: 2378; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 649.0.
David L Yandell age 43 AR, owned home, shoemaker/own shop
Della C Yandell age 42 death record found in Texas
Leonard L Yandell age 18 TX
Raymond L Yandell age 15 TX
Laura Jane Yandell age 11 TX
Wesley Yandell age 8 TX
Leslie Yandell age 8 TX
Dorothy M Yandell age 6 TX
Junior Yandell age 3 3/12 TX

Andrew J Yandell 47
Rosa Yandell 42
William G Yandell 20
Ina or IVa B Bliss 17 married/widowed daughter
Lucy M Yandell 16
Ida B Yandell 13
Andrew B Yandell 11
Helen R Yandell 9
Albert C Yandell 7
Calvin D Yandell 5
R J Bennie Yandell 2 3/12
Andrew R Yandell 79

Unable to find Albert R Yandell and family in 1930 census.

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 4, Motley, Texas; Roll: T625_1833; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 187; Image: 1088.
David L Yandell 33 born abt 1887 AR, parents AR
Della C Yandell 32 wife born abt 1888 KS, father MO, mother IN
Dora R Yandell 11 abt 1909 OK
Jewelle Yandell 9 abt 1911 OK
Leonard L Yandell 8 abt 1912 TX
Ramond L Yandell 5 abt 1915 TX
Laura Jane Yandell 1 0/12 abt 1919 TX

Andrew J Yandell 1884 AR
Mahalie Yandell 1889 OK
Nettie M Yandell 1907 OK
William G Yandell 1909 TX
Iva B Yandell 1913 TX
Lillie M Yandell 1915 TX
Lola B Yandell 1917 TX
Andrew B Yandell 1918 TX

Albert R Yandell 1879 AR
Luce M Yandell 1878 OK
Annie E Yandell 1909 OK
Jesua? Jessie? Yandell 1911 OK son
Ranna A Yandell 1913 TX dtr
Lemie E Yandell 1916 TX dtr
Mary E Yandell 1917 TX

Andrew R Yandell 1852 AR
Mary L Yandell 1857 AR

Possible 1910 McDonel record, mother named Frances; Charles and Pearly named a daughter Frances.

1910; Census Place: Cottonwood, Callahan, Texas; Roll: T624_1534; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 12; Image: 1010.
Francis/Frances C McDonald age 36 born TX abt 1874, widow, 2 living children of 4, father from TN, mother from MS
Pearly M McDonald age 10 dtr born abt 1900, father TX
Charles D McDonald age 3 son born abt 1907, father TX

Unable to find Frances and "Pearly" in the 1900 census with Mr. McDonel.

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 3, Callahan, Texas; Roll: T625_1783; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 34; Image: 710.
Frances C Garrison age 46, owned her home/farm, widow, born TX, father TN, mother MS
Charles A McDonel age 13...looks like a funny "D" not A, father TX.
Donnie L Garrison age 4 daughter born abt 1916, father TX

Donnie Lee Garrison has a child in Callahan co in 1932 and in Motley county in 1934.

19 May 1910; Census Place: Poarch, Beckham, Oklahoma; Roll: T624_1243; Page: 20B; Enumeration District: 13; Image: 390.
David L Yandill age 24 born AR, married 4 yrs, parents AR, occupation: cold drinks/soda fountain
Della C Yandill age 22 born KS, 4 children of the marriage, 2 living, father MO, mother IN
Dora E Yandill age 1 OK
Pearly J Yandill age 3 mos OK...born Feb/Mar ?

1900; Census Place: Black Fork, Scott, Arkansas; Roll: T623 75; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 107.
Andrew Yandell age 49 born 2/1851 AR, married 9 yrs [appx 1891], father KY, mother TN, farmer, owned farm no mortgage
Mary T Yandell age 44 born 10/1855 AR, no children, parents MS
Albert R Yandell age 22 born 7/1877 AR
George W Yandell age 20 born 5/1880 AR
Andrew J Yandell age 17 born 3/1883 AR
David L Yandell age 13 born 12/1886 AR

Andrew's first wife was from Arkansas, died? 1886-1891. Most of the 1890 census burned in 1921.

The McDonel's were not enumerated in Callahan county census in 1900 and unable to find Frances and a Donnie Garrison in the 1930 census. You will need to obtain death certificate for Charles David McDonel to see if it has his parents names are on it.

Texas began requirement of recording birth's and death's in 1903. The law was not enforced for several years, many records will not be found. No record found for Charles D McDonel born appx 1907. One listed as Chas McDonnald Jr born 3 Sep 1907 Knox county. If you can see the cemetery records in Hale county and it shows Charles birth date, if it is 3 Sep 1907 then this will be the right person.

There are only 12 McDonel deaths record in State records and do not provide year of birth.

Name: Charles David McDonel
Death Date: 25 Oct 1963
Death County: Hale
Certificate: 63543

No Pearly/Pearlie Jewel McDonel

No McDonel or similar spelling in Callahan county at any time.

Name: Frances Garrison
Death Date: 10 Feb 1964
Death County: Hale
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Widowed

Name: Andrew Ross Yandell
Death Date: 6 Apr 1931
Death County: Motley
Certificate: 20023

Name: David Lunsford Yandell
Death Date: 15 Oct 1958
Death County: Garza
Certificate: 61966

Name: John A Yandell
Date of Birth: 18 Nov 1920
Birth County: Motley
Certificate Number: 62587

Name: Lee Yandell
Date of Birth: 5 Jun 1921
Birth County: Motley
Certificate Number: 36633

Name: Burton Yandell
Date of Birth: 19 Sep 1922
Birth County: Motley
Certificate Number: 54378

Name: Glenda Jeannette Yandell
Date of Birth: 21 Apr 1936
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Irvin R Yandell - born abt 1898 AR, unknown relationship
Mother's name: Clara Garvin

Name: Rose Mary Yandell
Date of Birth: 21 Jan 1937
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Leonard L Yandell
Mother's name: Gertrude Mortin [may be Martin]

29 Nov 1911 - 25 Dec 1989
85534 Duncan, Greenlee, AZ

Date of Birth: 26 Mar 1918
Birth County: Jones
Father's name: David Yandell
Certificate Number: 14466

Name: Barnie Ray Woods
Date of Birth: 24 May 1934
Gender: Male
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Willard Woods
Mother's name: Jane Yandell

Name: Bobby Lee Woods
Date of Birth: 16 Aug 1935
Gender: Male
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Willard D Woods
Mother's name: Laura Jane Yandell

Date of Birth: 27 May 1934
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Raymond Yandell
Mother's name: Lovelle Martin

Name: Margaret Joan Andrews
Date of Birth: 28 Aug 1942
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Fred Ellis Andrews
Mother's name: Dorothy Marie Yandell

Name: Peggy Marie Andrews
Date of Birth: 10 Apr 1944
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Fred Ellis Andrews
Mother's name: Dorotht Marie Yandell

Name: Wanda Sue Andrews
Date of Birth: 19 Jun 1946
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Fred Ellis Andrews
Mother's name: Dorothy Marie Yandell

Name: Bonnie Joyce Combs
Date of Birth: 5 Dec 1929
Gender: Female
Birth County: Motley
Father's name: Alva M Combs
Mother's name: Dora Yandell

Margaret Joan Andrews & Earl Levoy McCuiston Jr:
Daniel Levoy McCuiston 9 Aug 1962 Terry Co

Wanda Sue Andrews & Gary Wilson Brazil:
Chad Lynn Brazil 17 Feb 1969 Dallas
Carrie Denise Brazil 22 Jul 1970 Terry

Name: Hubert Neal Garrison
Date of Birth: 2 Jun 1932
Gender: Male
Birth County: Callahan
Mother's name: Donnie Lee Garrison

Donnie Lee Garrison & Herbert Love:
Sylvia Janett Love 13 Nov 1934 Motley
Neaoma Gail Love 10 Apr 1937 Llano
Melba Rae Love 1 Aug 1940 Dickens
Jerry Dan Love 22 Jun 1944 Dickens

Sylvia Janett Love & Charles Russell Byrd:
Donna Sue Byrd 27 May 1953 Lubbock
David Russell Byrd 14 Jul 1955 Lubbock

Melba Rae Love & Richard Wilson Hamby:
Perri Kathleen Hamby 24 Dec 1961 Webb

07 Nov 1914 - Apr 1990
last residence 76201 Denton, Denton, TX

WW I Draft Registration cards, 1917-1918

Name: David Lunsphard Yandell
Age 30
Address: Ganton ?
County: Roosevelt
State: New Mexico
Birthplace: Waldron, Arkansas;United States of America
Birth Date: 1 Dec 1886
Race: Caucasian (White)
Roll: 1711806
DraftBoard: 0
farmer & stock raiser
wife/4 children, does not give name.
tall, slender, blue eyes, black hair
dated: 5 June 1917

Name: Andrew Jackson Yondell
Address: Roaring Springs
County: Motley
State: Texas
Birth Date: 2 Mar 1883
Race: White
Roll: 1983493
DraftBoard: 0

Name: Albert Ross Yondell
Address: Roaring Springs
County: Motley
State: Texas
Birth Date: 24 Jul 1877
Race: White
Roll: 1983493
DraftBoard: 0
wife was Minnie Yandell

Name: George Washington Yandell
Address: Roarings Springs
County: Dickens
State: Texas
Birth Date: 3 May 1881 ..year off by one from the 1900 census for Geo W Yandell
Race: White
Roll: 1953189
DraftBoard: 0
wife Mary Yandell

Yandell, Lesley
1916 38 St
Lubbock, TX 79412
...may be son of David L and Della, born abt 1922, Pearly's brother.

1880; Census Place: Hickman, Scott, Arkansas; Roll: T9_56; Family History Film: 1254056; Page: 401.4000; Enumeration District: 171; Image: 0487
Andrew Yandell 29 1851 AR parents KY
Betsy A. Yandell 25 1855 AR parents ---
James R. Yandell 8 1872 AR
Lucy Yandell 5 1875 AR
Albert R. Yandell 2 1878 AR
George W. Yandell 1M 1880 AR

WW II Veterans from Motley Co -

David Yandell Jr
Jesse Yandell
Lesley Yandell
Wesley Yandell
Marion R Yandell
Drexel Yandell

Dora Combs
6 June 1908 - Apr 1975
73537 Eldorado, Jackson, OK
SS issued OK

09 Oct 1905 - 24 Dec 1991
last residence not known, ss issued OK

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