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Few items Jan. - April 1898 Henrietta Independent

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Few items Jan. - April 1898 Henrietta Independent

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The Henrietta Independent
Henrietta, Clay County, Texas

Friday, January 28, 1898

ED JAMES, once a resident of Henrietta, and a son of Dr. JAMES, one of the early settlers, died suddenly last Friday at the farm of NORVELL DOUGLAS, 18 miles of Ardmore, Indian Territory. He and DOUGLASS were sawing wood and he made a remark to Douglass that he was turning blind and expired almost instantly. It is said he had, years ago, suffered with rheumatism of the heart.

Local Paragraphs
H. F. WELDON returned from Montague where he was granted license to practice law by the district court of that county.
F.M. FINLEY has the grip.
Prof. A. J. SMITH of Thornberry was in town, suffering with paralysis of the right side of his face.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. S. K. AUDRAIN is very sick with typhoid fever.
BEN TOBOLOWSKY had his arm cut by a lamp chimney breaking on it.

Personal Notes
JNO. H. BELCHER of Twohig was in town.
S. W. WYNN of Prospect was in town.
H. R. CREWS of Jolly was here.
Mrs. J. A. COUCH returned from visiting her children in Stonewall County.
GENE POWERS of Ryan, I. T., was here.
Mr. and Mrs. H. BROOKS of Wichita Falls were here as guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. LIPPINCOTT.
Revs. T. C. SWOFFORD, N. W. STEEL and Judge EMMETT PATTON are at the Baptist 5th Sunday meeting at Benvanue.
Prof. J. K. WESTER of Bellevue was in town.
R. W. WATKINS returned from a visit at Palestine where he was called by the illness of his brother S. B. WATKINS who died Dec. 27.

Marriage licenses: O. E. WELL and Miss JOHNAM BROOK; J. W. WRIGHT and Miss VINNIE NEWTON.

Young Miss MARY MCDONALD celebrated her 11th birthday by giving a party to her young friends at the residence of her mother, Mrs. SUSIE MCDONALD, corner of Omega and Clay streets. Part of the entertainment was a play wedding with the hostess as the bride, ROY DENNING as the groom and JOHN YOUNG as the irate father.

EDWARD JONES, paperhanger and decorator, can be found at D. C. PATTON’S furniture store. All work strictly first class.

Brenham, Texas, Jan. 28: A man named WILL CLARKE was run over by a northbound train on the Santa Fe near here. He was picked up by the trainmen and taken to Caldwell. Clarke was riding on the drawheads between two of the cars….mangled him terribly… He can not recover. He says his home is Maine.

Beeville, Texas, Jan. 25: Smallpox has developed four miles from this town and WILLIAM LING, prosperous farmer, is the patient, now under guard.

Dallas, Jan. 22: W. M. FALK, a cotton buyer, died here Friday from cholera morbus. He was sick only a few hours and 40 years old, well known.

Guthrie, Okla. Terr., Jan. 21: JOSEPH KOPKA, a Bohemian, age 40, committed suicide.

El Paso, Jan. 22: JOHN LEMONS was shot and killed at Marathon over a game of cards. Lemons was shot three times and in turn shot at his assailant five times, who is unhurt. Deceased was a saloon man of Marathon and leaves a family. BAYLOR WALTON is under arrest.

News in Brief
TOM WRIGHT and FRANK LESLIE, charged with the murder of constable JOHN ADAMS at Dublin, Texas, were jailed without bail at Stephenville, Texas.
G. W. WHATLEY was given a life sentence for murder at Jefferson, Texas.
EUGENE WHITE shot and killed his wife at Decatur, Texas then suicided. His wife had left him.
ED WOODS, colored, living on a farm near Orange, Texas, was called from his home and was assassinated.
NELSON TUCKER killed his wife and suicided near Helena, Arkansas.
M. C. HOGE of Nevada, Texas fell under a train at Fort Scott, Kansas and was cut to pieces. He had separated from his wife, and was on his way home after they had made up.

Charlie, Jan. 24: Bro. CRUTCHFIELD came for his third Sunday appointment then carried away one of our most beautiful ladies, Miss HELEN HOUSEHOLDER (married).
The school enrollment has made it necessary to hire an assistant teacher, Miss HETTIE PINKERTON.
Mr. HAMILTON returned from a visit to friends and relatives in Missouri.
Mr. BACON is here from Kentucky. He came over for sports with Mr. FLETCHER and killed a few birds.
W. R. MORGAN, also from Kentucky, is staying with Grandpa WHITTINGTON. CHARLIE WHITTINGTON is away on a visit.
We welcome LEE OAKLEY from North Carolina. He was here some time ago but returned to the old state, now back.

Friday, February 4, 1898

Marriage license to J. R. GROVE and LILLY M. M. KINNAN.

Gatesville, Texas, Feb. 2: SAM PICKETT, colored, was sentenced to the state reformatory for two years for burglary.

A reward of $50 has been offered for the capture of JIM DILLARD, who murdered BUD PULLIAM at Ardmore, Indian Territory.

Next Sunday afternoon, county clerk H. V. BIRD and Miss ELLA JACKSON, daughter of commissioner and Mrs. J. F. JACKSON of Bellevue, will be married at the residence of the bride’s parents.

Mrs. FANNIE GROGAN, wife of R. W. GROGAN, died last Wednesday at the homestead in Benvanue. The funeral took place yesterday and interment was in the Benvanue cemetery.

Dr. W. F. WEAR / WARE of Joy died Wednesday from the effects of the cancer on his neck. He was buried in the neighborhood cemetery yesterday.

Personal Notes
J. H. WOLFE of Jolly was in town.
W. E. KNIGHT of Denison was here.
R. B. LILES went to Fort Worth.
G. W. MCDANIEL was here from Shannon.
Mr. and Mrs. A.W. RAHT of Myrtle were here.
W. G. EUSTIS returned from the north.
W.J. BELCHER and family and Miss MARY ARNOLD of Blue Grove were in town.
Miss MATTIE SPIVEY of Bellevue visited her sister Mrs. C. L.FORD.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. MARTIN returned from Gainesville.
J. B. HENSON ordered the Independent sent to his father in Georgia.
Mrs. M. S. DOUGLAS, formerly of Henrietta, now at Bowie, passed through on her way to Wilbarger County.
J. O. GOAD of Joy was here. The cancerous growth on his face is healing.
R. J. BROWN of Joy loaded a car of fine mules for the Mississippi market.
W. H. GOLDMAN and family arrived from Hillsboro and will occupy the MINTON residence on Archer and San Jacinto streets.
D. E. MORELAND and little son FERN left for Murphrysboro, Illinois where he will run a boarding house. Mrs. Moreland went there a month ago.
JOHN NAIL of Jolly was in town and reported on the wheat crop looking well.
JOHN H. BELCHER of San Antonio and Twohig was in town. He states that he purchased from Mr. RAHT his handsome residence on Pecan street and his family will return here. The reason for retuning is that Mrs. Belcher has had no health at San Antonio and he will continue to operate his ranch at Twohig.

Local Paragraphs
J. W. WILEY moved his stock of goods from Bellevue to Jack County.
Uncle JEFF BELCHER is riding in a fine new buggy, a gift from his grandson, W. J. BELCHER.
On Monday TOM FIELDS of Blue Grove sold to DOCK HILL at McKinney 100 steers, $28 per head.
Mrs. CARRIE MORGAN’S little daughter WOODIE is recovering from typhoid pneumonia.
SID WEBB of Bellevue and his little daughter are very sick with pneumonia at Terrell.
Myrtle, Feb. 1: Justice MCLAUGHLIN, Mr. CURTSINGER, W. LATHAM and A. BELL had business at Henrietta.
ALEXANDER BELL sold his interest in the T. J. WILLIAMS place to his son ALONZO BELL.
T. W. AUTRY moved to the ANDY MCMURTRY place. Dr. LINDSAY moved to the house vacated by Mr. Autry. SAM AUTRY will move to the house vacated by the doctor.
CHARLES and BILLY NORVELL, who have been sick so long, are better.
JACK BOLT and family passed through on their way back from Cedar Hill last week. They stopped to visit their daughter Mrs. N. B. DUNCAN.

Childress, Feb. 2: RANCH CHANDLER, who lives east of this place, was held up and robbed. The robbers obtained between $12 and $15. He sworn out warrants against WILL MCCRACKEN, MARVIN MARTIN and LEM SEXTON.

Brenham, Feb. 2: G. E. MITCHELL took an overdose of morphine.

Waverly, Feb. 2: HORACE HART, a boy, met a horrible death. He was hauling wood when the team ran away, entangled in the harness, he was dragged over railroad track.

Bonham, Feb. 2: Mrs. THEODOCIA CURRY, age 90, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. OSCAR PHILLIPS. The remains were sent to Louisville, Kentucky for interment.

Sweetwater, Feb. 2: JIM SANDERS, colored, killed himself and his wife.

Friday, February 18, 1898

Charlie, Feb. 17: About half of the gin is here. WILL GLASGOW, JOHN SIMMONS and BEN DODSON have gone to Newport to bring the remainder.
JAMES DUNN, brother of the postmaster, returned from Virginia.
Mr. GALLANT and CHARLIE PINKERTON are hauling wheat to Wichita Falls.
Our school closed on Friday, the 4th. The teacher and none of the patrons knew anything about it until the institute on Saturday. Mr. PERKINS returned and made the matter known…money exhausted.

Personal Notes
J. W. SLAGLE of North Carolina is visiting his cousin, Mrs. E. L. SLAGLE.
Mr. and Mrs. DAN SMITH, late of Waxahachie, have returned. The Lone Star Cigar Co. will be moved here.
W. D. BENTLEY of Thornberry was here.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A MINTON and son EARL, accompanied by Mrs. Minton’s brother, CYRUS HARRIS, left for Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Mrs. JAMES WESNER of Vashti visited Mrs. VIRGIL SKIPWITH.
W. B. STICKNEY of St. Louis is here recovering from an opration.
Miss MYRA IKARD returned from east Texas where she taught music.
Miss ANNA BRODIE is visiting her grandmother at Bowie.
R. B. LILES left to visit Memphis, Tennessee.
Mrs. M. J. WILLIAMS and Mrs. MAGGIE GILBERT of Decatur and Mrs. MATTIE THOMPSON of Indian Territory, attended the funeral of Miss JIMMIE THOMPSON.
Mr. M. C. THOMPSON is visiting her son, J. G. THOMPSON.
Mrs. M. M DONLEY of Calvert is visiting her daughters.
Miss NETTIE HARTER is visiting friends at Wichita Falls.

Marriage licenses to: ELMER C. SKINNER and Miss PEARL CLARK; G. W. WELLS and Miss ZEPHIA MAY STEPHENS.

ELMER C. SKINNER of Henrietta and Miss PEARL CLARK of Plano were married at the residence of the bride’s parents at Plano Tuesday. After their arrival here, they were met at the depot by the band, of which Mr. Skinner is a member, and escorted to the residence of the his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. SKINNER. ..the groom is a pharmacist with the City Drug Store.

A Grove of the Woodmen circle was organized, an auxiliary of the Woodmen of the World. Officers: Mesdames A. L. ALEXANDER, SUSIE MCDONALD, CYRUS COLEMAN, I. H. HURD, C. E. HOLLOWAY, E. A. JOHNSON, E.A JOHNSTON.

Desperate Duel
Bonham, Feb. 12: Two men are dead and two officers shot, one in serious condition, is the result of the attempt of the officers to arrest two men east of here on Red River Thursday evening. For several months, some people in the vicinity of Mulberry have been selling whisky and carrying pistols. Numbers of horses and cattle have been missing. It has been nearly impossible to find the people, as they frequently eluded the officers and crossed over to Indian Territory.

Information was brought here Wednesday to the officers that some of the men wanted in were at Mulberry and had been for several days. Late in the afternoon, constable T. E MILSTEAD, deputies DAILEY PARISH, JUNE RIDDLING and CHARLES BRIDGE left here for Mulberry to arrest two men charged with selling whiskey and carrying pistols. The officers, hearing that the men were at WILL GREEN’S house, went there yesterday morning. Milstead and Bridge went to the door and rapped on it. Will Green answered within, asking the officers what they wanted… Will Green opened the door and the constable told him he had a warrant, Green drew his pistol, striking Milstead and wounding him in the face. Milstead drew his pistol and pressed into the house, facing bullets and firing as he went, followed by Bridge.

In the house, the fight continued and Milstead succeeded in killing Green and a hand to hand struggle ensued between HUNTER and Milstead, but the constable, weak from loss of blood, was thrown on the bed, and Hunter was trying to shoot him, when CHARLEY BRIDGE came to the rescue and shot Hunter dead, he himself being previously wounded in the stomach.

Constable Milstead is not expected to live and the extent of Charley Bridge’s injuries can not be determined as he was shot in the bowels.

Bonham, Feb. 16: T. E MILSTEAD died Monday at his house in the western part of the city.

Miss LATTIE TAYLOR died last night at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. TAYLOR, on Red River street. Her death was from quick consumption. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. T. C. SWOFFORD at the Baptist church Sunday evening. Miss Taylor was about 16 years old.

LAURA MAY WATROUS, age 3 years 1 month 1day, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. WATROUS, died Sunday. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. H. HUDSON at the residence on Archer street Monday evening.

Card of thanks from Mr. and Mrs. J. G. THOMPSON … long illness and death of their daughter JIMMIE.


The Candidates
P. T. BURKS of Shannon, candidate for county commissioner of precinct 3,.. has lived in Texas for the past 28 years, and since 1892, lived in Clay County..

March 4, 1898

Article “History of Clay County” by J. P. Earle…Chapter XVIII

County Court
J. W. WILEY vs J. P. GAY, debt
GEORGE MAYERS/MEYERS vs Fire Insurance Co.

Vashti and Lone Star
Vashti, Feb. 24: Mr. and Mrs. MATTHEW PYLE are happy over a a new son.
Rev. BIDDIE will visit his daughter Mrs. WAYMAN BROWN near Enid, Okla. Terr.
Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM HEARNE ‘s three year old daughter died.

Marriage licenses to: W. H. ADAMS and ROSA A. FLEMING.

The Candidates
JESSE COLE of Pleasant Valley, candidate for commissioner of precinct 4, native of Alabama, lived in Clay County the past 19 years.
W. B. BLANTON, candidate for city marshal and tax assessor and collector, lived in Henrietta for 7 years.

Myrtle, March 1: AUTRY & GATES of Shannon are building a new store building.

Charlie, March 3: The meeting closed Feb. 27. Bros. MILLER and Bro. THOMAS were assisted by Bro. CLARK. Bro. Miller was called to preach here for this year.
JAMES DODSON has a new baby daughter.
A.H. BEVERING shipped two car loads of cattle.
The gin man, J. M. LOVING, is getting the gin in shape.
Grandpa WHITTINGTON will soon leave.
FRANKIE BEVERING got his leg cut.
The little son of Mr. WILLIAMS died suddenly last week. He was buried at Thornberry.

Bellevue, March 3: J. W. WILEY attended court at Henrietta.
L.D. MAJORS and A. W. MELTON went to visit their ranch in Foard County.
S. B. HARBISON has been sick.
J. P. JACKSON went to Claude as an attached witness for court.
C. L. FORD and wife are visiting relatives here.
R. W. WATKINS of Henrietta visited friends here.
Mr. GROCE / GROSS left for the Klondike. We wish him success in the gold fields.
Major W. W. SMITH and Uncle BILLIE WRIGHT, two of our oldest and best citizens, have been sick.
Bellevue has a flourishing debating society with W.W. KING as president and WALTER MELTON as secretary.
W. T. MCNEIL of Montague county was here with a view of building a flour mill.
The citizens held a meeting to take steps to get a roller mill here. A committee of A. W. MELTON, W. F MANNING and J. B. FORD, report $1000 subscribed.

Lexington, Okla. Terr., March 1: In a general row at the saloon here, town marshal LEE HARDWICK was seriously stabbed while attempting to preserve peace. R. T. MODDRELL was shot in both arms and now in county jail.

Wichita Falls, March 2: J. D MOGLIN was shot and killed on a arm about three miles south of the town. He leaves a wife and two children. MIKE BUSH came in and surrendered to the sheriff.

Ennis, Texas, March 2; R. H. SLOCUM, who lives seven miles west of Waxahachie, has a freak of nature, two fully developed kittens with one head.

Both Were Innocent
Guthrie, Okla. Terr., March 1: Ever since the burning of two Indians for the murder of Mrs. LAIRD at Maud, Ind. Terr., it has been asserted that LINCOLN MCGEIZEY, the younger of the two, was innocent and all evidence brought out at the hearings has served to corroborate this assertion. Now special government agents have found evidence of a complete alibi for SAMPSON, the other victim, proving he was 40 miles from the Laird home at the time of the murder.

News in Brief
J. W. BERRY Sr., prominent citizen of Sweet Springs, Misouri, died, age 58 years.
Near Clifton, Okla. Terr., GEORGE SAWYER, age 17, was killed by the accidental discharge of a gun in his brother’s hands.
At Guthrie, Okla., Terr., March 1: Mrs. JOHN HARRIS, living north of Chandler, was fatally burned by her clothes igniting from a cook stove.

Old Landmark Gone
Gonzales, Texas, Feb. 20: WILLIAM B. SAYERS died here Thursday age of 65 years.

Personal Notes
R. S CLARK of Vashti was here.
A.R. MANTON of Vashti was in town.
Miss NETTIE HARTER returned to Wichita Falls.
Mrs. SAM DAVIDSON of Fort Worth is visiting friends here.
J. A. TEMPLETON of Sherman is at the county court.
S.M. SEARS and family moved to Dallas.
Rev. I. B. KIMBROUGH returned from Whitney in Hill County.
Mrs. A. L. ALEXANDER is looking after real estate interests in Foard County.
W. S. MCCONNELL of Post Oak, formerly of Bellevue, was in town.
Miss LEVA JACKSON of Bellevue visited her sister Mrs. H. V. BIRD.
B. TOBOLOWSKY returned from Dallas where his family had an attack of fever.
Rev. J. O. GREEN of San Antonio was here.
Mrs. W. L.MOBERLY of Arapaho, Okla. Terr., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. DONLEY of Cambridge and her brother, J. J. DONLEY of Henrietta.
R. B. LILES returned from a visit to his old home at Humboldt and Memphis, Tennessee. He was accompanied by his brother, H. A. LILES, who accepted a position wit him.
F. E. SQUIRES, M. G. WINNING, N. SNEARLEY, T. F. BERNER and W. E. EDWARDS are at Peck City to attend a directors meeting of the Gulf and Brazos Valley RR.
J. G. THOMPSON returned from his ranch in Indian Territory and reports his stock doing fine.

F. P. NEVILLE of Blue Grove moved here and is occupying the DENSON residence on Omega St.

Friday, March 18, 1898

Myrtle, March 15: Mr. and Mrs. M. S. PRICE, formerly of Myrtle, returned from Clarendon.

A man, named WALTER L. SPARKS, according to papers on his person, and from Waco, was found unconscious near the MAYFIELD lumber yard Wednesday morning by BABE COBB. Dr. DICE was summoned and found his disease an affliction of the spinal column. He had a certificate signed by a doctor, stating that he had two attacks of brain fever and was subject to seizures. He was taken to the city hall in a semi-comatose condition and JOHN HUGGINS was employed to care for him. Sparks came here over the railroad and has a trunk at the Missouri House. Sparks had no money but had stated at the Missouri House that he had a rich uncle at Waco.

Personal Notes
BEN F. DENSON of Kansas City is here.
FRANK FORD returned from Rockwall.
FRANK HARTER of Gainesville was here.
Rev. J. M. NEWMAN of Chillicothe was here.
Miss CALLIE GIRARD of Vashti is visiting her sick aunt, Mrs. TOM SKIPWORTH.
Mrs. CYRUS COLEMAN and son CLAY were at Nocona.
N.B. KING of Indian Territory is visiting his daughter Mrs. TIM SKIPWORTH.
Mrs. J. W. BORUM left for Gainesville.
W. J. HARTER of Childress is visiting his mother Mrs. S.E. HARTER.
H. T. DAVIS of Chicago is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. ISHAM DAVIS.
Dr. E. A. JOHNSTON went to Weatherford to attend Mrs. V. C. BOTSFORD, who is in a dying condition.
Mrs. A. L. ALEXANDER went to Dallas to spend two weeks in wholesale millinery.

District Court
Myers Bros. Drug Co. vs L.J. BARBER
Mrs. BELLE DAWSON vs Myers Bros. Drug Co.
Mrs. E. J. JACOBS et al vs Mrs. MARY WELBORNE
E. B. CARVER vs Katy RR
J. C. CHESNUTT, admr. vs PRESTON heirs
Attorneys from other towns: J.A. TEMPLETON of Sherman; R. E. TAYLOR of Archer City; JOHN C. KAY of Graham; Mr. ELDRIDGE of Gainesville, A. H. CARRIGAN of Wichita Falls, S. P. HUFF of Vernon.

The Baptist Ladies Aid Society gave a tea at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. L. CRUTCHER. The sum of $7.50 was taken.

B. D. BINGHAM received a letter the first of the week stating his mother was dead, but later received another stating that she was still alive, the supposed death was a sinking spell. The town, where she lives, Pineville, Kentucky, is quarantined on account of smallpox, and Mr. Bingham can not get there.

Denison, Texas, March 16: The boiler of COOK & NOTHALF’S mill at Lehigh, Indian Territory, blew up and killed the fireman, a man named PORTER.


LOGAN CHUMLEY and Miss DAISY SEWELL were married by judge PATTON in the county clerk’s office Wednesday. They were elopers from Wise County ..they had failed to get a license at Decatur, then went to Gainesville where they had no success for a license, then to Montague, finally to Clay County where county clerk BIRD had no legal reason to refuse them a license, so he made them happy. The entire trip was made in a two horse wagon.

Charlie, March 14: A. H. BEVERING is smiling this week, it’s a baby girl.
Mr. BINKE is visiting his sister Mrs. Dr. AMASON.
Grandpa WHITTINGTON left for Greer.
Mrs. SNELL has moved here.

Post Oak, March 16; Grandma NICHOLS and Mrs. BECK have been sick, now improving. Mrs. MCWILLIAMS is low with consumption.
H. T. DERRICK of Bellevue was here.
JAMES PEARSON of Seymour has been here.
Miss BLANCHE STEED, who attended school here this winter, returned to her home near Seymour.
ED KIRK and family and DEAN KIRK of Bowie visited their mother, Mrs. J. P. KIRK.
Mr. J. M. NICHOLS of Bellevue is visiting relatives here.
ANDERSON TAYLOR will leave for Bowie where he accepted a position in a dry goods store.

Friday, March 25, 1898

Pardons Granted
S. M. SATTERFIELD and WILL BATEMAN, convicted of violating option laws, were pardoned by the government.

J. C. INMAN, who lives in the southwest part of the county, was brought before judge Patton for lunacy and adjudged insane. Mr. Inman is an unmarried man, about 39 years old. His insanity takes the form of requiring two men to keep him quiet. He was sent to the asylum from Denton County several years ago and discharged as cured. His property is considerable, 640 acres of land and 150 head of steers one and two years of age.

Local Option Arrests

Charlie, March 23: Mr. LEACH returned to Limestone County.
Bro. CRUTCHFIELD preached here and at the Valentine school house. He married a couple at Benvanue.

Mr. DICK of Liberty, known as Uncle Dick, died last Tuesday. He was a man of advanced age.

Hurnville, March 22: Mrs. STEELE is sick with pneumonia. ROBERT MURRELL is sick.
Miss MAY RASOM has been sick.
JIM TAYLOR has his residence west of Hurnville ready for occupancy.
Mrs. CURTIS of Memphis is visiting her mother Mrs. TEEL.
BOB STRATTON of Riverland is here.
Miss LUCY SPENCER of Henrietta is visiting here.
Mrs. FORD of Henrietta visited her son O. S. FORD.
The school is progressing nicely under the management of Miss ESTELLE BARKER.

Court Case
LULA MARSHALL vs H. W. MARSHALL, divorce granted.

Mineola, Texas, March 23: T.N. BRISCOE, a brakeman on the Texas & Pacific RR, was killed while switching in the yards here.

Judge F. E. DYCUS of Fort Worth is here.
M. L. SULLIVAN, late manager of the PARLIN & ORENDORFF Co., is here.
Mrs. Dr. HENDRICKS of Wichita Falls visited Mrs. E. S. WELDON.
Mr. I. L. BROWN of Riverland returned from visiting her parents in Indian Territory.
J. R. DUNCAN, who has lived at Joy for many years, is now at Bowie, working for the Dixie Dry Goods Co.
Commissioner C. J. SHUMAKE was accompanied to court with his wife who will visit Mrs. H. V. BIRD and Mrs. C. L. FORD.
Mr. and Mrs. H. UTT accompanied by their daughter Miss HANTIE of Nocona visited their daughter Mrs. A. L. BEAR.
Evangelist J. M. NEWMAN passed through to Childress to hold a meeting.

Mr. Sparks, the epileptic, whose serious attack was reported last week, was sent to El Reno where the people he came here to find, now reside.
JOE FORD of Bellevue delivered 50 head to H. BODDY.
The medal contest at the Christian Church last night was attended by 250 people. The medal was won by Miss LIZA JORDAN. The second price was won by Miss LIZZIE WATKINS.
J. M. WHITE has a letter from his son, RICHARD WHITE, who went to Alaska, states that he is fat and stands the cold climate well. He, DUNN, and CALDWELL are still there. Dunn is working in a store for $100 per month, and the others are chopping wood at $5 per cord. They intend to start for the gold fields next fall.

Cambridge, March 23: G.W. CAMPBELL was here from his farm north of Jolly.
C. A. SPANGLER has a new buggy.
Miss ADA KELLER is staying at Hazel.
T. L.CHISM of Jacksboro was here.
There was a singing at Rev. J. THEDFORD’S.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T YOUNG of Riverside, Arkansas are here.
J. P. KELLER and DOSS MAZE passed through here en route to a party at Mr. FARMER’S at Hazel.

April 1, 1898

L. L. WELLS has a letter from W. F. DUNN at Dyes, Alaska in which he says that Alaska is a hot country and that he has a job that pays $100 per month.

B. D BINGHAM received a letter from his old home in Pineville, Kentucky about the death of his mother who died March 16.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. MARTIN have twins born the 26th, a boy and a girl.

Brownwood, Texas, March 26: Sheriff CHARLES BELL went to the Singer Hotel Thursday evening to arrest GEORGE YARBER on a petty offense, when Yarber opened fire on CHARLES BELL, and deputy GEORGE BATTON, shooting bell twice. After having been shot twice, Bell opened fired on Yarber and killed him. Bell is not expected to live.

Ballinger, Texas, March 30: About five miles west of Paint Rock late Sunday night, a man named LEE, his wife and baby were murdered and a little four year old girl badly hurt. The murders are supposed to have been done by two men, middle age, with an ax and club. A man living nearly the Lee house heard a noise at the Lee house and went to ascertain the trouble when two men were seen to leave the place. He went into the house, struck a match and found the bodies. Sixteen dollars is reported missing. Mr. and Mrs. Lee had moved to Concho County from Coleman recently. Later, a telephone message from Paint Rock says the man who reported the murders cut his own throat and the child is still alive.

District Court

Personal Notes
Miss ROSA WEAVER is at Gainesville.
H. G. BENTS of Benvanue was here.
F. M. BURNETT of Buffalo Springs is here attending court.
Miss MYRTA IKARD is visiting relatives at Waxahachie.
Mr. W. H. IRVINE of Fort Worth is visiting her cousin Mrs. O. J. WATROUS.
Mrs. W. T ALLEN returned from south Texas.
Dr. R. J. WILSON was here as a witness in the TATE case.
E. B. CARVER went south to get the cows he bought from SCOTT & HAROLD.
Mrs. PALMYRA WILSON of Bellevue visited Mrs. IDA FORD.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. SPENCER of Amarillo were here. He is a witness in the WARREN case.
Mrs. HORACE WOOD of Hot Springs, Arkansas is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. HUTCHESON.
Mr. and Mrs. CHARLIE BERNS / BURNS of Denison were called to the bedside of Mrs. ZASTRO / CASTRO who is sick.
R. J. BROWN and one of his boys are here from Loop. Mr. Brown returned from Mississippi and has been confined with a broken ankle.

T. A. MINTER is increasing the capacity of his cheese factory.
Mrs. LEE L.WELLS has been ill.
C. C. KINSEY of Vashti states that before the late freeze he had corn large enough to plow.

District Court
CARROLL Land & Cattle Co. vs FRANK O’NEAL
G. H. GOWAN vs J. E. GEORGE, tax collector
State vs LEM TATE, murder, not guilty
State vs R. B. WARREN, theft of cattle dismissed
State vs LEM TATE, assault to murder, on trial.

Friday, April 8, 1898

Grandma Burkett Gone
The beloved companion of Rev. J. Q. BURNETT died here on Wednesday last, at the home of her son, ROBERT M. BURNETT, age 70 years, 7 month, 17 days…She had been a sufferer for years, but for the past three months, had been confined to bed at her home at Buffalo Springs, Clay County. Having expressed a desire to come to Bowie, her son on the 16th brought her from her home to his. She lived just one week after arriving. At her request, her pastor, Rev. G. H. BIDDIE / BIDDY of Clay County, preached the funeral. He was assisted by Rev. J. A. HENDRICKS at the services held Thursday at the Baptist church. From the Bowie Cross Timbers, March 25.

Myrtle, April 6: IRAN and EUGENE CURTSINGER were pleasant callers at the school.
S. R. MELUGIN completely his fence inclosing his possession in our vicinity.
The teachers of Myrtle school attended the institute last week. Some of the students rendered short entertainment. The following repeated some poetry selections: BLANCHE DEFORE, GOLDIE BROWNFIELD, ANNIE SUTTLE, THERESA CONRAD, ELLA CANTERBERRY.

Prospect, April 5: Our school is progressing nicely. There will be two more weeks. Our teacher, N. S. KILGORE, has given general satisfaction.
S. T. WYNN and FRANK LEE were at Henrietta.
Mr. COLLEY and JOHN SLAUGHTER were at the court.
Mrs. MORRIS purchased the GRAHAM residence.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. TIPTON have a new son born the 28th.
L. A. WYNN and family of Joy were here.
W. T. FROST of Joy was here.
Grandpa DAVIS departed this live two weeks ago. He was one of the first settlers of Star Ridge and it was once called. He leaves his aged companion and several children.

Guthrie, Okla. Terr., April 4: Miss JULIA ANDERSON, living east of here, was burned to death by her clothes igniting from burning grass in a field which was being burned off to kill chinch bugs.

Article about Brann-Taylor episode at Waco.

MARTIN PUTTY is a candidate for district clerk.. native Texas, lived in Clay county for 15 years… in the dry goods business at Henrietta for four years, now farming a few miles from town.

City election results:
BUCK MILLER as marshal and assessor and collector of taxes; ROSS DUBOIS as city secretary; A. SNEARLY as alderman; L. J. BARBER as treasurer; FRANK J. FORD as attoney; J. A. FRAZAR as alderman.

All members of the Henrietta High School Alumni are requested to be present at a meeting in the St. Elmo parlors on Tuesday, April 12. Invitation committee: Misses ILA FORD, CARRIE KOETHE, BETTIE JOHNSON. Program committee: Mrs. H. B. PATTERSON, Misses SINE KOETHE, BULA WRIGHT; executive committee: L. H. SQUIRES, Misses LILLIAN CRUTCHER, LULU JOHNSON, ALICE SNEARLY; banquet committee: H. B. PATTERSON, Mrs. CARRIE MORGAN; Misses LELIA JORDAN, KATE PATTERSON.

J. R. FLAMSON of Wichita Falls took charge of the Katy RR business as station agent, similar position he held at Wichita Falls which was assumed by W. N. KING.

LEM TATE was found guilty of assault to murder and sentenced to two years.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Y. HARRIS of Goodland, Indian Territory, have a new daughter born March 31.

Last Saturday night, the residence of W.A SQUIRES, corner of Omega and Angelina streets, caught fire.
The residence of Mrs. GRAHAM on Ikard and Archer streets caught fire.

Mrs. HOWELL HARRIS of Ringgold is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. G. WINNING.
Mrs. W. J. BELCHER returned from San Antonio.
Miss LEILA HORTON of Dallas is visiting friends.
Miss LANDYS of Iowa Park is visiting a cousin, Mr. WALLIS, the American express agent.
Miss EULA NICHOLSON of Whitesboro, is visiting her cousin, Mrs. A. L. ALEXANDER.
Professors A. J. EDWARD of Blue Grove, late of Jolly, I. E. FRAZIER of Riverland, G. W. LUMPKIN of Newport attended the teacher institute.
Mrs. ELLSWORTH and two children of Gainesville are visiting her mother Mrs. J. S. MARTIN.

Friday, April 15, 1898

Bellevue, April 14: L. S. SPIVEY is on crutches as a result of a horse falling on his foot.
ED FORD was thrown from a horse at Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and there were hopes of a complete recovery.
J. C. FLYNN moved from Iowa Park and is at work on the mill with a good force of men.
On the 8th, the four months old infant of mr. and Mrs. W. D. SHAVER died.
J. P. KERR, one of our oldest and best citizens, got his ankle broken.
Married on Sunday afternoon at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. BAVNHAM, near town, their daughter Miss DAISY to BALTUS MCCRARY by Rev. W. J. WALKER of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. VIRGIL HARBISON and Miss IEVA HIGHT, BLAKE POWERS and Miss FANNIE NICHOLS were the attendants.

Mrs. BARRINGTON, an aged lady, died suddenly at Rice, Texas.
W. E. HARTLEY, a fireman on the Santa Fe RR, was struck by an iron bar at Sealy, Texas and his skull fracture.
GEORGE W. BILLUPS, a brakeman, was killed in the Southern Pacific yards at San Antonio.

Post Oak, April 13: Mrs. KIRK and daughter Miss RUBY are visiting ED KIRK at Bowie, then they will move to Amarillo. Mrs. Kirk was one of Post Oak’s earliest inhabitants.
Rev. R. O. MILLER and Rev. VAUGHN of Bellevue were guests of Rev. J. E. KERR.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. WHITE visited relatives at Bellevue.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. COOK of Chico are visiting their son W. D. COOK.
Miss OLA BAXTER of Bowie is visiting Miss ZEE FULINGIN.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. WILEY spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. S. MCCONNELL.
Rev. J. A. KERR and family are visiting Mrs. Kerr’s parents near Henrietta.
CHARLES DAVENPORT of Stoneburg and LEE BAILEY of Antelope are visiting here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E MILLLER were called home by the illness of their little son CLESS. Mr. Miller is pleased with the Cheyenne country.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. COOK have a new son born on the 9th.
Mr. and Mrs. SIMP WALKER have a new son born on the 12th.

Benvanue, April 12: STINE bros., B. DUNALD and JOHN GROGAN threw in together and bunched their cattle, about 1200 to 1500 head, and started for the Kiowa and Caddo country.
CHARLES HARGIS is getting a new buggy.. might get married?
Prof. J. D. FOOTE has gone to enlist in Uncle Sam’s Army and fight for Cuban independence.
Miss BARKER, who is teaching at Hurnville, visited her sister and brothers here.
A.C. SHERICK, a prominent cattleman of Indian Territory, is a frequent visitor here of late. ARCH is a business man and his visits mean something.
J. R. HARRIS sold a couple of car loads of wheat and is loading it at Sugden, Ind. Ter.
Mrs. BRENTS and children are visiting at Henrietta.

J. C. INMAN, who was judged insane recently in county court and ordered to the asylum, has recovered and returned to his home in the south part of the county.

For the fire department officers: L H. KOETHE, JNO. F. CONN, L. J. BARBER, L. L. WELLS.

Mrs. A. E. PETERS is visiting her parents Dr. and Mrs. W. J. ROGERS at Belcherville.

CLIFF EASLEY returned from the Creek Nation, Ind. Terr., where he has been feeding cattle for H. H. HALSELL.

Miss LEILA WELBORNE returned from Montrose, Colorado where she has been with her aunt Mrs. C. B. IKARD.

Judge CHESNUTT’S father died at Ennis.


April 22, 1898

J. P. EARL is organizing a company to join the Cuban war.

Cambridge, April 19: BILLY MOORE passed through.
JIM CAMPBELL was home for a visit.
S. P. WHALIN went to Wichita Falls.
R. J. WEBB of Henrietta was here.
BELL WHITEHEAD and A. D. HIRLINGER gave an entertainment at the church then left for HUGGINS ranch.
A physician was called to C. W. BAIRD’S.
B. D. BINGHAM of Henrietta was here.

Marriage licenses: JOSEPH H. COLE and MOLLIE BROWN.

P M. MCKINNEY has his hand in a sling.
Rev. T. C. SWOFFORD bought and moved to the ADDINGTON residence on San Jacinto and Fannin Streets.
W. W. KING is very sick.
E. B. CARVER had several trains of cattle through from south Texas and unloaded at Dundee.
J. H. STROUD received a letter from his son DICK at Brownwood saying he is doing as well as expected, getting three square meals a day.
T. A MINTER is building a cheese factory on the block south and adjoining the DECRORY property. It was selected because the hill is convenient for burrowing out a cellar.
R. B. LILES leased the entire JACOBS building on south Main. A large safe, 4000 pounds in weight, has been put in.
A little child of Mr. and Mrs. HUB STINE slipped on a wet floor and sustained a knock.

Bellevue, April 21: Married on Wednesday afternoon, April 20, at the residence of the bride’s father, W. M. BROWN, his daughter Miss MOLLIE BROWN to J. H. COLE. Rev. T. F. COE of Ryan, Indian Territory, performed the ceremony. Only relatives and a few friends were present. After the ceremony, they drove to Bowie for an elegant supper at the National Hotel. Attending were W. M. BROWN, Rev. COE, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. COLE, E. E. GRAVES and Miss LENA WEEKS, O. G. ORTON and Miss EMMA COLE, R. J. BROWN and Miss MAGGIE BROWN, VIRGIL HARBISON and Miss BULA WEEKS, J. B. FORD and Miss ROXIE BROWN. Mr. and Mrs. Cole went to Galveston then will be at home at Bellevue. He is a prominent and wealthy cattleman of this place.

Friday, April 29, 1898

Post Oak, April 27: J. E MILLER and family moved to Cheyenne country. JOHN WHITE and P. H. FULLENGIN accompanied them to say for a short time.
Mr. and Mrs. JOE WHITE visited relatives at Henrietta.
Rev. S. STOWE of Peaster, Parker County, visited his uncle W. A. NICHOLS.
J. K. GAULT of Bellevue and P M. STINE of Henrietta were here trying to rustle votes.
Mrs. W. M. MCDONALD returned from visiting relatives at Dallas.
CLES, nine year old son of J. E. MILLER, died the 15th of pneumonia.

Prospect, April 27: WESLEY COLLIE’S baby is sick. Mr. S. T. WYNN and Mrs. FRANK HAMILTON are on the sick list.
DICK WORSHAM says all candidates ought to make up the army and go to Cuba to fight.

Marriage license: W. F. BALDWIN and Mrs. EVA GOODSON.

Benvanue, April 27: JOHN DUNN is here from his ranch in Cheyenne and while here, he and his uncle J. H. DUNN are having about 200 head of cattle vaccinated to protect them from ‘black leg.’
Mrs. E. W. GROGAN and children visited relatives at Willow Springs and Henrietta.
Rev. J. W. BELL filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church.

The residence of ADOPH BURRY on north Main burned Tuesday.
Feud in Arkansas
Little Rock, April 27: A bloody chapter in the EAGLE-BOONE feud was enacted at Lonoke in which the BOONE faction was almost wiped out of existence.

GEORGE EPPSTEIN, a young horse trader, was drowned while crossing East Barnard Creek in Wharton County, Texas.

JAKE GILLESPIE fell from an oil derrick at Corsicana, Texas and sustained serious injuries.

At Irish Ridge, Texas, nine miles west of Terrell, MARTIN LAYDEN’S little daughter was run over by a horse and seriously injured.

W. W. KING died at his home North Street Monday afternoon of congestion of the brain. He was taken sick abut the 14th but did not go to bed until the 17th when he became unconscious. Around his beside were family and brother from Wilbarger County, and neighbors. His family consists of his wife and fur children, oldest 11 years and the youngest an infant. Mr. King came to Texas from Arkansas, settling in Henrietta 9 years ago. For 25 years he has been a member of the Methodist church and a steward at the time of his death. He was a teamster. Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday afternoon by Rev. L. S. BARTON.

Lieut. FRANK J. FORD departed on the south bound train to join his company for service against the Spanish in Cuba. He is a prominent young lawyer.

HENRY SAUNDERS of Grapevine was a guest of E. S. WELDON.

Miss ALICE SNEARLY returned from Wichita Falls.

R. W. WATKINS surveyed in the Wichita county this week.

SAM BAYLESS of Denton was here.

J. M. MARTIN is moving to Ryan, Indian Territory.

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