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Posting Vital Statistics from old newspapers 1885 - 1886

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Posting Vital Statistics from old newspapers 1885 - 1886

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Douglas County Chronicle newspaper vital statistics

Microfilm roll # 11486 available through interlibrary loan from the South Dakota Historical Society.

Dates: 01/20/1885 – 10/14/1886. Missing issues: 2/17/1885. 9/10 through 12/31/1885. 1/17/1886. 4/1/1886.

These newspapers were first printed for these dates in Grand View, Dakota Territory, until the new town of Armour was platted in 1886. Publisher T. B. Roberts began printing the Douglas County Chronicle in Armour on July 22, 1886.

Several papers were in part illegible. Volume and issue numbers were not always sequential. Names and dates are given as written with an honest attempt to be accurate; all information in the article was included in this transcription.

The towns of Grand View, Schatzville and Maitland are now defunct.

1/20, 1885 Vol. 3 No. 41 Mr. Malloy, of Montrose, died the other day, age 87.

1/27, 1885 Vol. 3 No. 42 A father of the Williams boys, ? and John, died at their home.
An Englishman, name unknown, was found frozen in his cabin near Milltown, a result of the recent blizzard.
John S. Scott of Garfield Township is the new father of a 13 lb boy.

2/3, 1885 Vol. 3 No. 43 C. Penner of Mt. Lake died in California.
Miss Beatrice Burns of Deadwood was fatally burned by a lamp explosion.
The bodies of A. N. Smith and his hired man were found near Deadwood, frozen stiff. They were lost in the storm of Dec. 28.
Charles Slott was found dead east of Yankton of heart disease.
John C. Frantz has taken unto himself a wife.
Ollie Parmeke wed.
H. L. Brown of Houston married Mrs. Mary Brown, sister of Hon. Charles Huston.

2/10, 1885 H. P. Halingson, of Alice, Ransom County, was killed by a falling tree while cutting wood.
Poland: Mrs. Leaman’s little boy was fatally burned.
Earnest Spear, 18, and Alma Lincoln, 15, eloped from Canton.
William J. Williams, age 31 years, 4 months, 1 day, died January 26, 1885, at the home of his mother, 6 ½ miles south of Grand View.
A. J. Brown of Mt. Vernon committed suicide at the Keeton House hotel.

2/24, 1885 Vol. ? no. 64 W. T. Courtney of T 98 – R 62 is a new father.
Married: N. R. Wetlauffer and E. J. Coggins.
August Bertram of Plainview married a few weeks ago.
Henry Geidel and wife of Plainview have a new daughter.

3/3, 1885 James Brydon has a new daughter.
Jos. Baumgart, Plainview, has a new son.
Hutchinson County: On February 23, John Nugebauer, age 41 years, died. Disabled in the German army, Mr. Nugebauer suffered many years.

3/10, 1885 Vol. 1 No. 66 Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Dillman celebrated their silver wedding anniversary.

3/17, 1885 Vol. 1 No. 67 Granville Woolman and wife have a new son.
Married by John Summers at his residence on March 10: Mr. W. D. Hiner and Miss Annie, daughter of Dr. John Momsen.

3/31, 1885 Vol. 1 No. 69 Mr. John France of Douglas married Miss Gertrude Bushnell in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on January 20.

4/14, 1885 Vol 1 No 4-2 Obituary: Died April 8th, Joseph J. Devy. Born in Watertown, NY, sometime in 1837. When a child, his parents moved to Canada. As a teen he moved to Wisconsin then Minnesota, finally landed in Firesteel, Dakota Territory. One of the first settlers in the town of Mitchell, D. T. He conceived of the idea to begin the town of Grand View. He began the first store in Douglas County. He married Miss Mary Brown on Janauary 1, 1884.
Mr. Wm. Duffe and Miss Mary Tobin, both of Grand View, married in Mitchell on April 13.

4/23, 1885 Vol 1 No 4-3 Dr. Stewart received news from Iowa of the death of his oldest child.
Mr. Dillon, the White Stage driver, from Mitchell, is the father of a baby boy.
Married on April 15 at the residence of the groom’s father: Edgar W. Cline and Fannie Henderson.
Married at the residence of the bride’s father, S. Simpson, on Thursday, April 16: Miss Kate Simpson and Mr. James H. Hotham, both of Grand View.

4/30, 1885 Vol. 4 No 4 Schatzville: baby boy born to Frank Derringer and wife.

5/21, 1885 Vol. 4 No 7 Dr. Tatman, the banker of Mt. Vernon, married Miss L. Raymond of Rockford, Illinois on May 13. The bride is the sister of Mrs. Frank. Camman of Mitchell.
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Williams have a new daughter.

6/11, 1885 Vol. 4 No 10 George Musselman dropped dead Friday last while boarding an east-bound train at Mitchell.

7/23, 1885 Vol. 4 No 16 A young man named Conrad, formerly of Winona, Minnesota, committed suicide at Casselton on Saturday.
Married July 14, Miss Emma Meyer of S. Bend and Thos. B. Roberts of Grand View, at the residence of her father, Mr. Godfrey Meyer. Attending the wedding were the groom’s mother from Grand View and his sister Mrs. Dr. Carder of Chicago.

8/6, 1885 Vol. 4 No 18 Andreas Bair, his hired man, and the horse, were killed by lightening last Thursday evening.
Henry Altig has a baby girl

8/13, 1885 Vol. 4 No 19 Isaac Manbeck, living about 4 miles south of Grand View, was killed by lightening last Friday evening about 10 o’clock. He had just retired for the night when the bolt struck him. It being ¾ of a mile to the nearest neighbors, his wife was obliged to brood over her sorrow alone, until morning.
John H. Bently is a father of a son.

8/20, 1885 Vol. 4 No 20 Ed Waldron and wife have their first baby.

8/27, 1885 Vol. 4 No 21 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Adams have a 10 lb. son.
Died: Mary Ann Knight Dietz, wife of John L. Dietz, on August 23, age 59 years. Born in Pennsylvania, she married John in 1884, moved to Illinois, then Dakota. Buried on the family farm.

9/3, 1885 Vol. 4 No 22 Mr. and Mr. T. H. White lost their baby.
Simon Gimbel and wife have a new son.
A relative of Wm. Wonder was buried last week.

1/14, 1886 Vol. 4 No 41 W. C. Thomson died Saturday morning. He came to Grand View from Pennsylvania.

1/21, 1886 Vol. 4 No 42 John Herman of Schatzville lost a little boy a few days old.

1/28, 1886 Vol. 4 No 43 Black Horse, a young Indian of the Lower Brule Agency, committed suicide.
Mr. and Mrs. Scheiten lost a baby.
Died on January 22, Mrs. Mary Duffe/Duff. Born Mary Tobin near Baltimore, Maryland, her father died when she was young. She came to Douglas County with her mother and brother Frank in 1883. She married William Duff last April. Buried in Maryland.

2/11, 1886 Vol. 4 No 45 A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. F. Schrieter Monday.

2/25, 1886 Vol. 4 No 47 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hammond lost their oldest child Monday evening.

3/11, 1886 Vol. 4 No 49 Wm. Duff returned from Baltimore, Maryland, where he took the bodies of his wife and child.

3/18, 1886 Vol. 4 No 50 Dell Marvin had a 10 lb. boy on March 14th.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Smith had a boy on March 17th.

3/25, 1886 Vol. 4 No 51 Mr. Truman Patten and Miss Melvina Daboll of Olivet, Dakota, were married March 14th.
Henry Fobair of Schatzville had a baby boy.
H. Kinyon of Schatzville had a baby girl.

4/8, 1886 Vol. 5 No 1 Married on April 7, at the home of the groom: Mr. Geo Ames and Miss Neta Henderson

4/22, 1886 Vol. 5 No 3 Married at the bride’s parents’ residence on April 14: Mr. Charles A. Keith and Miss Hortense J. Summers.
Charles Dierling of Schatzville returned from Chicago with a new wife.

5/20, 1886 Vol. 5 No 7 Geo Hahn has a 10 lb. boy.
Married on May 2, Katy Engelland and Henry ?? (Reff? Ruff?) at the bride’s brother’s residence, Mr. Jacob Engelland.

5/27, 1886 Vol. 5 No 8 News comes that John Veber married July 4, 1885; he had a son in the past year.

6/3, 1886 Vol. 5 No 9 Postmaster Hall of White Swan married.

6/10, 1886 Vol. 5 No 10 Michael Hermuth has a son.

7/1, 1886 Vol. 5 No ? The first child was born in Armour on June 28th: a boy to Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Warner. [note: the according to the 75th Anniversary book of Armour, this was actually a baby girl named Myrtle Armour Warner, born June 27, 1886]

7/8, 1886 Vol. 5 No 14 A. P. Pierce has a new son.
Died at the home of her sister, B. W. Padley, on July 3, of consumption: Miss Sarah A. Padley, aged 36 ? years.

7/15, 1886 Vol. 5 No 15 Mr. and Mrs. Robinson of north of Grand View have a new son.

8/26, 1886 Vol. 5 No 21 Geo A. Sampson, father of Mrs. Geo Culver of Harrison, died.

10/7, 1886 Page missing Married in the Catholic Church in Alexander, Dakota Territory, on October 4: Mr. J. E. Andrus of Armour, and Miss Mary A. Riley of Alexander.

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