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Waters Abstracts, Pendleton, SC, 1790-1806 and connection to Collinson Waters, d. Hall Co., GA, betw 1820-1830

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Waters Abstracts, Pendleton, SC, 1790-1806 and connection to Collinson Waters, d. Hall Co., GA, betw 1820-1830

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Surnames: Waters, Castleberry, Benton, Warren
I'm posting WATERS information, with some notes added, for all researchers. I am searching for possible connections to Mathew, Thomas and Collinson WATERS in GA.

Pendleton District, SC, Deeds, 1790-1806
Compiled by Betty Willie
Southern Historical Press
Greenville, SC
ISBN: #0-89308-246-5

p. 7-8
Bk A, p. 116-119
14 Oct 1788. Patrick Forbis, planter, of Abbeville Co. to JAMES MOORE, of same, for L10 sterling, 200 acres in Ninety-Six District, above the Ancient Boundary Line on waters of Hencoop, waters of Great Rocky Creek, granted to Forbis for being a soldier in the Continental Line, 5 Mar 1787.
Wit: Patrick BUCHANAN, Robert STEVENSON, PHILMON WATERS. Patrick Buchanan made oath 18 Jul 1789.

p. 26
Bk B, p. 10-12
30 dec 1792. FRANCIS MILLER, farmer, and JANE, his wife, to RICHARD WALTERS, JR and THOMAS WALTERS, minors, for L20, 300 acres on Conneross Creek, a branch of Goodland Creek, bd. By Richard Brooke ROBERTS, Benjamin HOWARD on NW, granted Miller by William Moultrie, Esq., 6 Mar 1786. Rec. Bk TTTT, p. 38.

p. 28
Bk B, p. 38-39
28 Jun 1768. In the 8th year of His Majesty’s reign, Arnold RUSSELL of Long Cane Settlement, Greenville Co., Province of SC, planter, sold to Samuel TAYLOR, farmer, of same co…150 acres in Greenville Co., on Savannah River, bd. On S where not navigable, all sides vacant, gr. 13 Oct 1759, by his Excellency, William Henry Lyttleton, Esq., Capt. General and Gov in Chief of Provice of SC, to Arnold Russell in Long Cane Settlement.
Signed: Arnold (A) Russell, Margaret (+) Russell.
Wit: T. WALTERS Charles (mark) Williams…on 21 Jan. 1768 before Fredrick Winter, Esq., one of his Majesty’s Justices for Greenville Co., THOMAS WALTERS and Charles WILLIAMS, both of sd. Co. made oath to above deed.
Rec: 25 Jun 1792 (Pendleton Co.)

p. 29
Bk B, p. 40-41
5 Oct. 1791. DAVID WATERS, of Abbeville Co. to Joseph Whitner of Pendleton Co. by deed 17 Jan. 1787. Wit. By James LOMAX, Andrew PORTER and Adam BURNEY, for L60, 200 a. in 96 Dist. Above ancient boundary line on 18 Mile Creek, branch of the Savannah River, granted to Charles Steele on the Bounty.
Signed: David (O) Waters.
Wit.: Charles GATES, Gedion CLARK. Charles Gates made oath to Gabriel Moffett, J.P., 22 Aug 1792.
Rec: 30 Aug 1792.

NOTE: One David WATERS wit. a deed for Collinson WATERS in Jackson Co., GA, 1819. Is he the David Waters who died in Jasper Co., GA, 1844 at age 105, listed in HH of Wiley HENDERSON.

p. 59
Bk B, p. 231-232
28 Jul 1786. Thomas Entrikin, of Lawrence Co., SC, yeoman, to William WARREN, of Newberry Co., SC, for L40 stg for 200 acres in Abbeville Co. on branches of BIG BEAVER DAM on N side of SAVANNAH River, granted 3 Apr 1786.
Wit: Josiah East, John Entrikin, Jno. Dalrumple. John Dalrumple made oath to Jno. B. Earle, JP, of Pendleton Co., 4 Jan 1794. Rec 25 Jan 1794.

NOTE: William WARREN, Collinson WATERS, David CASTLEBERRY, William BLEAKE (?Blake), were (among others) in 1809 Jackson Co., GA, tax list.

p. 62
Bk B, 254-255
20 Aug 1793. John HUGGINS to John ADAIR for L100 stg. For 350 acres in Washington Dist., on N & S of 12 Mile River.
Wit.: JAMES WALTERS, Robt. WAUGH, John GURLEY. Robt. WAUGH made oath to Joseph Reed, JP, 31 Apr 1794.
Rec: 21 Apr 1794.

p. 69
Bk B, p. 304-305
8 Feb 1794, Jean CLATON, of Fairfield Co., SC, to William Asherat, of Pennington Co., SC, for L90 for 300 acres granted FRANCIS WAFER, by Thomas Pinckney, 7 May 1787, conveyed from Francis FAFER to Jean Claton, Nov. 1788, in 96 Dist on DODY’s Creek of SALUDA River, bd on SW by James FLEMIN.
/s/ Jean (+) CLEATON.
Wit: Isham Cleaton, John (mark) WATSON, William (mark) Cleaton…Isham CLAYTON made oath to Gabriel Moffett, 11 Feb 1794.
Rec: 25 Jul 1794.

NOTE: Is this WAFER or should it be WATER (WATERS)?

p. 70
Bk B, p. 311-313
Abbeville Co., SC, 16 Jan 1787.
Charles Steele to DAVID WATERS, for L53 stg. For 200 a. in 96 Dist. Above ancient boundary line on 18 Mile Creek, branch of Savannah or Keowee River, granted 4 July 1785, by Wm. Moultrie.
Wit.: James LOMAX, Adam PORTER, Adam BURNEY…Abbeville Co., Andrew PORTER made oath to Hugh Wardlaw, JP, 29 Aug 1793…I do hereby sign over my right and title to within release to Joseph WHITNER, or his heirs this 5 Oct 1792.
Signed: DAVID (his mark) WATERS.
Wit.: Charles GATES, Gideon CLARK.
Rec. 15 Sep 1794

p. 156
Bk B, p. 367-368
19 Mar 1796. Phillip HOLCOMB, of Union Co., SC, to John TIPPEN of Pendleton Co. for L70 stg. For 200 acres surveyed by David Hopkins, granted to Thomas Henry 1784, conveyed to JAMES MARTIN, then to Phillip HOLCOMB, on Mountain Creek, of Big Generostee of the Savannah River, bd. By James STEVENSON, Stephen WHITMIRE, MARK CASTLEBERRY, WILLIAM CASTLEBERRY.
Wit: Jonathan GIBBS, Rachel (x) HOLCOMB. Jonathan Gibbs made oath to Joshua Saxon, JP, 10 Nov 1797.
Rec: 28 Dec 1797.

p. 171
Bk C-D, p. 407
28 Mar 1797. George THOMPSON to Wm. Thompson for L25 for 180 acres on fork of 12-MILE River, surveyed by David Hopkins, D.S. for William THOMAS, part of tract granted by William THOMAS to George THOMPSON.
Wit: James Jett, THOMAS WAFER. James Jett made oath to G. W. Earle, DCC, 25 Jun 1798.
Rec 26 Jun 1798.

p. 201
Bk C-D, p. 481
5 Feb 1799, John THOMAS, of Richland Co., SC, to David LEWIS, of Pendleton Co. for L500 for 140 ac on N side of KEOWEE River.
Wit: Wm. HOPKINS, Mary (+) Hopkins, THOS. WAFER. Thomas WAFER made oath to Henry Burch, JP, 12 Apr 1799. Rec 11 May 1799.

p. 202
Bk D, p. 483
4 Nov 1793. FRANCIS WHELCHEL to Dennis BARNES for L60 stg for 140 acres, part of 240 acres granted by Charles Pinckney, 4 Jan 179_, on (torn off) da (SALUDA(?) River, bd. By Wm. Bruce.
Wit: Francis Whelchel, JR, John Whelchel, Joel (x) OWENBY. Joel Owenby made oath to (torn off, as was rec. date)

p. 204
Bk D, p. 490
I, RICHARD WALTER, planter, am bound to Elijah STEVENSON for L100 stg., 12 Aug 1789….cons. to make sufficient title to 150 ac on Seneca River, bd. On NW by
Benjn. LAURENCE, SE by Col. ANDERSON, then above obligation is null and void.
Wit: Robert ANDERSON, Wm. McCALEB…14 Dec 1790. I assign over my right and title to within bond to Samuel ROBINSON for value rec’d.
Signed: Elijah STINSON.
Teste: Tho. LOFTON Capt. William McCaleb made oath to G. W. Earle D.C.C. 22 May 1799.
Rec: 24 Jun 1799.

p. 205
Bk E, p. 3-4
I, George HEAD for $80 sold to Amos Atkinson 25 ½ acres, part of 640 acres granted Samuel Ridgway, 5 Jun 1786, on BRUSHY Creek. Date: Dec 1797.
/s/ Geo. (x) Head.
Wit: Wm. FARRIS, Richard HEAD. Richard Head made oath to Robert Bowen, JP, 15 Jun 1799. Rec 24 Jun 1799.

NOTE: That James, Peter & John HEAD witnessed deeds for CHARLES WATERS in Pendleton Dist. What WATERS family does Charles belong to?

p. 216
Bk E, p. 126-127
I, John HEAD for $100 paid by CHARLES WATERS and sold to CHARLES WATERS’ daughter, Fanny WATERS, 76 acres laid out to Alexander Mahan, conveyed from Mahan to CHARLES WATERS and from WATERS to John HEAD, part of tract laid out to Robert Samuel Brashers and conveyed to Col. MAXWELL and from Maxwell to John HEAD, granted by Thos. Pinckney in 1789 “the sd WATERS to have peaceful possession during his and his wife, MARY WATERS, lifetime.”
Date: 5 May 1799.
Wit: James Head, Peter (x) Head. Peter Head made oath to William Edmondson, JP, 7 Aug 1799.
Rec: 21 Dec 1799.

p. 216
Bk E, p. 127-128
I, Mary LEBOON (?) for $100, paid by CHARLES WATERS, sold to Fanny WATERS, daughter of sd. Charles Waters, 2 horses, 11 head of cattle, 16 hogs, featherbed and furniture.
Date: 4 May 1799.
Wit.: James HEAD, Peter (+) Head. Peter Head made oath to William Edmondson, JP, Aug 1799.
Rec. 21 Dec 1799.

p. 230
Bk F, p. 16-17
29 Sep 1795, CHARLES WATERS to Peter LEBOON, SR, for L24 for 200 acres granted 5 Jan’y 178 by Thos. Pinckney to Alex(?) Mahen, in Washington Dist. On branch of Saluda River, bd. By Robert Samuel Brasher(?). Rec. Bk. YYYY, p. 333.
Signed: Charles (W) Waters.
Wit.: Jas. Head, John Head, Jas. (W) Satterfield. James Head made oath to Robert McCann, JP, 25 Jun 1800.
R. 25 Jun 1800.

p. 234
Bk F, p. 67-69
I, John CANNON(?) for $80 sold to ____
Date: 7 Dec 1799.
Signed: John Cannon.
Wit: JAMES WATERS, John GILLIAM. John Gilliam made oath to John Baylis EARLE, C.P.D.
Date: ___
Rec: 7 Nov 1800.

p. 235
Bk F, p. 81-83
I, MARK CASTLEBERRY for ?, sold to John Holcom 130 acres including whole improvement where I now live, part of 2 tracts joining together; one surveyed by Thomas Finley for Robert Bog 1785, granted Robert MAXWELL 1788 for 42 acres; the other, 88 acres, part of tract surveyed by John C. Kilpatirck for Richard York, 3 Feb 1787, granted John TALLANT, 21 Nov 1789.
Date: 2 Dec 1797.
Wit.: Jonathan Gibbs, Adam Davis. Jonathan Gibbs made oath to John Varner, JP, 25 Dec 1797
Rec 24 Oct 1800

p. 238
Bk F, p. 101
I, JOAB MAULDIN for $450 sold to James Shirly 120 acres on 26 Mile Creek, bd. By Calhaon? (Calhoun?), Robert Dickeson, John TURNER, part of 288 acres granted EDWARD KEMP by Wm. Moultrie, 7 Aug 1786, conveyed by Kemp to Jacob Capehart.
Wit: JAMES WATERS, James WOOD. James Wood made oath to (no JP) 23 Dec 1800.
Rec. 20 Dec 1800.

NOTE: From another WATERS researcher: "The land where the Waters Cem. is located (Hall Co., GA) was deeded to COLLINSON WATERS from MARK CASTLEBERRY Jan 2, 1818 - 418 acres for $160.00. At one time, the property was owned by Collinson Waters' son, Mathew Johnson Waters, who gave 6 acres of land for a graveyard and it was on record at the Hall Co. Courthouse until destroyed by the storm of 1936."

p. 256
Bk F, p. 393-394
I, James BLACK for divers causes appoint DAVID WATTERS(?) my lawful attorney to collect sums of money due me (rest unreadable) …..
Date: 4 Jan 1802. (No witnesses recorded). Thos. BLACK made oath to John Taylor, JP, 11 Jan 1802.

p. 271
Bk G, p. 41-42
John and Violet HOOD for $100 sold to JOHN WATERS, JR, 50 acres on both sides of Buck Creek of the Saluda River, part of 2 tracts….one of 300 acres granted Peter Thompson Feb. 1790 and the other one granted Amos FREEMAN, bd. By Freeman.
Date: 28 Aug 1801.
Signed: John (x) Hood, Violet (x) Hood.
Wit: JOHN WATERS, Thomas Hood, Isaac JAMES. JOHN WATERS made oath to Robert Bowen, JP, 29 Nov 1801.
Rec: 22 Mar 1801. (1802?)

p. 277
Bk G, p. 86-87
William GILHAM to William WARREN ……granted Arthur McDow 21 Jan 1785(?).
Wit: J. A. Kilpatrick, John SIMPSON(?). Alexander Kilpatrick made oath to John Wilson, JW, 19 Apr 180_. JANE GILHAM, w/o William Gilham, released dower to John Wilson, JQ, 19 Apr 1802.
Rec 19 Apr 1802.

p. 277-278
Bk G, p. 91-92
William GILHAM for $100 sold to JAMES WATERS 222 acres, part of 2 tracts; one granted William Gilham, the other granted Arthur McDow. Date: 10 Apr 1802.
Wit: James WOOD, A. Kilpatrick. JANE (x) Gilham released dower to John Wilson, JW, 19 Apr 1802. Alexander Kilpatrick made oath to John Wilson ___ 1802.
Rec: __ Apr 1802.

Bk G, p. 158-159
31 Jan 1801, William ASHER to George Keith for $450 for 300 acres on DODDY’s Creek of the SALUDA River, bd. By Samuel LOOPER, Enoch SMITH and William CRANE, granted 19 Aug ’86 (sic) to FRANCIS WAFER.
/s/ William ASHERST.
Wit: J. MACKEY, Samuel Looper, Wm. CRAIN. Samuel Looper made oath to Colin Campbell, JP, 11 Oct 1802. R- (same)

NOTE: Is Francis WAFER really Francis WATERS?

p. 303
Bk G, p. 291-292
8 Sep 1795, Anselm ROE, planter, to JAMES WATSON, planter, for natural love and affection I bear JAMES WATTERS, 150 acres in 96 Dist. On 12 Mile River, E side of Keowee River, recorded Pendleton Co., Bk B, p. 21, 25 Jun 1792, by JOHN MILLER, now in possession of JAMES WATERS.
Wit: William GILHAM, John HUGGINS, SAMUEL WATERS, Samuel Watters made oath to John Taylor, JW, 21 Apr 1803.

NOTE: Is this land gifted to James WATTERS or James WATSON?

p. 304
Bk G, p. 299-300
GEORGE SMITH for $230 sold to James Evett 200 acres, above where Smith lives, granted Charles Mulhering by Thos. Pinckney, 3 Sep 1789, on 12 Mile River.
Date: 12 Aug 1802.
Signed: George Smith, Charity (x) Smith.
Wit: JAMES WATTERS, Richard BLACKSTOCK. Richard Blackstock made oath to Samuel H. Dickson, JP, 13 Mar 1803.
Rec: 13 Mar 1803.

p. 305
Bk G, p. 305-306
Samuel Lofton for $150 sold to JAMES WATTERS 150 acres part of 500 acres granted to Samuel Lofton by Chas. Pinckney, 2 Apr 1798, on 12 Mile River.
Date: 31 Mar 1801.
Wit: B. Starrett, James Lofton. Benjamin Starrett made oath to John Taylor, JQ, 29 Jun 1803.
Rec.: 26 Apr 1803.

p. 320 DAVID WATERS – Thomas Willoughby Waters
Bk G, p. 441-443
THOMAS W. WATERS of Newberry Dist., SC, for $1,000 sold to George HEAD of Pendleton Dist., 800 acres on both sides of the BRUSHY CREEK of which 100 acres now belong to Andrew HUGHES, the balance intended to be conveyed to Head, granted by Wm. Moultrie for 640 acres, bd. By Andrew HUGHES, Saml. PEG, Wm. PEG, Nat ADAMS, James HEAD, ADKERSON and John WILSON.
Date: 26 Mar 1796.
Wit: DAVID WATERS, John HEAD…Newberry Dist., FANNY WATERS, wife of THOMAS WILLOUGHBY WATERS, released dower to Benjamin Long, J.Q. 7 Apr 1803.
DAVID WATERS made oath to Benj. Long, 7 Apr 1803…Pendleton Dist., John HEAD made oath to Wm. Edmondson, Q.U., 9 Aug 1803.
Rec: 10 Aug 1803.

p. 322 Richard WALTERS
Bk G, p. 454-455
RICHARD WALTER of Polusky (sic) Co., KY, for $160 sold to Joseph Griffin of Pendleton Dist., ½ of tract granted to FRANCIS MILLER, 6 Mar 1786 by Wm. Moultrie on CONNEROSS and GOODLAND Creeks, bd. NW by land laid out for RICHARD BROOKS ROBERTS and land laid out for Benj. Howard.
Date: 18 May 1801.
Wit: Josiah FOSTER, Alexander RAMSEY, James FERGUSON. Josiah Foster made oath to John Barton, JP, 12 Oct. 1802.
Rec: 16 Mar 1803.

p. 332 Thomas WATERS
Bk H, p. 11-12
John TODD of Pendleton Dist., to William Tylor of Abbeville Dist., 100 acres on ROCKY River of the SAVANNAH River, bd. By James ASKENS, THOMAS WATERS, Adam TODD, part of 200 acres surveyed for Patrick Forbes by William Lesley, D.S., 1 Sep 1786, granted by Thomas Pinckney, conveyed from Forbes to JAMES MOORE and from him to Todd…..
Date: 14 Jan 1804.
Wit: John AALEXANDER, Adam Todd. John Alexander made oath to E. Browne, Q.U., 18 Mar 1804. Lucinda (x) Todd, wife of John Todd, released dower to Elijah Browne, 13 Mar 1804.

p. 408
Bk G, p. 401-401
Ebenezer SMITH for $100 sold to Simon GRIST(?) 92 acres on 5 Mile Branch of 18 Mile Creek of the Savannah River, part of tract granted to Samuel Lofton, Sr.
Date: 1 Aug 1804.
Signed: Ebr. Smith and MARGARET (x) SMITH.
Wit: JAMES WATTERS and JOHN WATTERS. JAMES WATTERS made oath to M. Hammond, D.C., 13 Oct 1806 Rec: 16 Oct 1806.

South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1783-1788
Books I-5 through Z-5
Abstracted by Brent H. Holcomb

p. 318 - Daniel Walters
V-5,360: 14 Dec 1784, Richard BROOK of Ninety Six Dist., SC, to John Gary JR of same dist., farmer, for L205 SC money, 200 a. in Berkley Co., waters of Indian Creek adj. land of Charles McBride, James Wilson, granted to Richard BROOKS 31 Aug 1774. Richard BROOKS (R) (LS), LUCRESY BROOKS (x) (LS).
Wit.: John Lofton, DANIEL WALTER, JOHN WALTER. Proved 26 June 1785 bef John Lindsay, JP in Ninety Six Dist., by oath of John Lofton. Rec. 3 Nov 1786.

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