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Lexington District Petition Circa 1824

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Lexington District Petition Circa 1824

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Surnames: Arthur/Friday/Chupp/Wessinger/Mets/Derick and many others
Several years ago I requested a copy of a petition executed around 1824 from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. While I was interested in it for my own family (Wessinger)research, I think the signatures, about a 100 of them, might be helpful to others looking for ancestors during that time period. The following is a transcript of that document, a copy of the original. Some of it was faded and signatures aren't always easy to read under the best circumstances:

From SC Department of Archives and History, Petition 3313:

Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of Lexington District Praying they may not be injured in their fisheries in Saluda River (Circa 1824)

To the Honourable the President and the members of the Senate of the State of South Carolina
The petition of a number of inhabitants of Lexington District is intended to show your Honourable Body that a petition is about to be presented to you to open the Saluda River that fish may pass up the said River; and also to remove all obstructions in said river; by which we understand all obstructions below the Public Dam. Your Petitioners beg leave to state to your Honourable Body that a number of them have erected fish traps for several years since in said River below the Public Dam and would think it extremely hard if they were compelled to remove them merely to gratify a few individuals.
Your Petitioners have no objection for a sufficient slope, or for as much of the Public Dam to be removed as your wisdom may think proper.
We also pray your Honourable Body not to grant the prayer of the aforementioned petition, as it will do manifest injury to your petitioners by taking away the privilege of fishing and granting it to others.
Your petitioners further pray your Honorable Body to appoint commissioners to superintend the opening the said River that have no interest on the said River should you think proper to grant the prayer. We your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

Jacob Chupp
Friday Arthur
M. Hook
Jacob Wessinger
John Matthias
James Matthias
Reuben Friday
John J. Swicard
Jacob Nunnimaker
Michael Lorick
Samuel Leaphart
John Mets
Jacob Mets
Joseph Chupp
Frederick Derick
Godfrey Derick
Frederic Derick (sic)
David L. Lauderman
Jacob Stark
Abraham Stark
George Likes
John Smith
Uriah Carter
David Senn
David Hook
Martin Hook(Sr.?)
Daniel Shull
Nicklas Hook
David Cromer
David Shull
Henry Shull
David Bough
Elijha Daniel (?)
H. Hook
Wm. Baughman
Michael Leaphart
Jacob Nunnimaker
William Daniel
Wm. Coogler
(Illegible signature,
Possibly Abraham)
Jacob Souter
A. Gibson
S. Loman
(Illegible Signature)
B. F. Harris
(Illegible) Marshall
H. Siebler
(Illegible initials) Hanlon
A. Bell
Isom Clark
John Miller
Martin Daniel
Adam Cromer (?)
Joseph Champaigne
Joseph Arehart
Samuel Likes
Robert Butler
Benjamin Roof
Daniel Roof
John Roof
John Riamick (?)
John Wessinger
John Caugh(man?)
Henry Shull
Andrew Cromer
William Kinsler
David Addison
Samuel Huffman
Phillip Altry (?)
Henry (Illegible)
John Shull
Joseph Percy(?)
Jonathan Tayler
Grigory Clark
Matthias Wessinger
Colly Sauter (?)
Henry Miller
David Riamick(Initial Amick?)
Isom Clark (Senior or Junior)
(illegible) Sharp
Dennis Chupp
William Senn
Jacob Senn
Uriah Senn
Jacob Chupp
Emanuel Senn
John Pruitt (?)
James Clark
David Boozer
Daniel Rall
Jacob Berry
John Berry
David Kyzer
Samuel Friday
John W. Berry
Wm. Hall
Vicolas Hall
Nathen Hall
Alex (?) Taylor
Samuel Archer
John (illegible)
George Leaphart

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