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I think you as well as most of those that complain were nothing but pansy If you were there nobody wanted you or
you wouldnt have been there. If I were there with you the
least of your worries would have been the staff. What a bunch of whiners Maybe you should have been sent to SC schools for
girls.Damn they do shit to you in boot camp that would have
made you cry and give up.I would put my word up against yours any day and let people decide who is the better your word or MINE I think you went in a whimp and came out a whimp
What would you have done with seven 0r eight counting SAS
Cottages with preteen and teenagers . Maybe they should have
put us around camp fires and we could all sing songs and let
others work for us because the court put us there because we were all angels
My stomach turns when I think they were wasting time and space on people who didnt know how to handle it and people who could handle it DEALT WITH IT.I was there twice ran away six times stole cars broke into staff houses
yes HOUSES more than one pushed staff and stole they re wallet left and went and bought booze and brought it back and sold it
They never did anything to me OH dig a ditch big deal I told them to give me two shovels so I could get through faster cause I had plans What A whiner Some people are
If you cant take the medicine then don,t open your mouth
Don,t get me wrong I did not bully nor did I bother anyone
except staff I was not a big guy but If you bothered anyone who was smaller or weaker Then I would step in. I always chose the guys who were shy for my team.I gave candy and cigs to the under kid and if I heard you took something from a weaker kid I would go up to your ass in the mess hall
or in front of anyone it didnt matter We were all the same and I made sure of that.I hated snitches whimps and someone who thought they could pick on someone because they were smaller or weaker Oh and by the way a whimp was someone who
couldnt deal with the hand he was dealt not just weaker in size or the kid that was afraid to stick up for himself.If
YOU would have stood up against the staff they would have come back and then you would have come back and soon the better man would have won and dont you know it would have been you because you had youth and they would have only been making you tougher and tougher till they relize if they came up against you or some of the weaker boys they would have trouble I would have ask if I could show them my ass in the day room or maybe I just would have shown my ass
Or if some weaker kid was there I would join him and I bet you they would have told us to sit.Wake me up to mop yea put me in the box and Im going back to sleep while you mop the place Hell Im not comming out of the box because I dont feel like working come back tomorrow All of this I say from experence DID IT LIVED IT AND REGRET NONE OF IT. BUT WHEN I LOOK BACK ON IT THEY ( THE STAFF ) NEVER DEALT WITH ME
but they just took it from me
Everyone goes into Kershaw till they decide what cottage
you go to. I stayed three days and ran away by knocking down the night man. Brought me back two months latter straight to SAS after two days in SAS i was made sergeant
after ninty days I was put in Marion with Mr Vause anyway
the building sargent gave me shit clothing from the clothing room I told Mr Vause someone was calling down the hall from the day room when he went to check I pushed the guy back in the clothing room and closed the door. When Mr
Vause opened the door his sergeant was bleeding over everything. Next day I was made building sergeant.I went back and forth from Marion to SAS and each time I was building sargent the same day I got there. Then I got sent to Hampton when I was sent back the second time but first they took me to Sas the first day saying no use for you to go to Kershaw Then when I got out they put me in Hampton
The sergeant there was a big guy looked like he was 21 and a weight lifter.HE said I heard about you from Mr Lewis the house man and told me to go inside the clothing room and pick out some cloths. Everybody in Hampton was scared of him anyway I pulled a lot of cloths out to find the ones that fit me right and he came to the door and told me to pick them up and put them back on the shelf. I told him to come on inside and close the door that we had to get something straight. His eyes got big and he said don,t worry the clothing room guy would do it. The next day at breakfast Mr Lewis said for me to step out of line and count the guys. I was a sergeant And just for the record the big guy
left with three teeth less about two week later and I had one swollen blue/black eye but he gave back the cigs to this kid that had gotten them on visiting day. I also took all the stuff he had in his locker including the lock off his locker. Mr Lewis told me that he had it coming for a long time but no one would stand up to him. I use to scrub the floors with the guys that were punished and we would bet who could slide the futherest or do the most spins. No body ever shyed away from me I was just another guy.I hated mean and I hated for someone to be left out.They probably have a file three foot thick file on me but I could care less now I did not care then I damn sure don,t care now. To you I say nothing cause you got nothing to say.

I make six digits a year and dont have time to listen to someone whine.You should bend over til I call (no way )
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