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Book-of-the-Dead Holland's

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Have fun. See for reference number cemetery names.

049, HOLLAND, A.M., b.02-20-1824, d.01-04-1887, w. margaret sherard
093, HOLLAND, Aaron E., b.06-03-1915, d.03-27-1942
124, HOLLAND, Alberta M., b.01-14-1872, d.03-15-1938, h. dr. robert george
162, HOLLAND, Andy, b.11-24-1873, d.10-06-1921, w. dena willingham
112, HOLLAND, Annie, b.04-20-1877, d.04-23-1928, h. john holland
030, HOLLAND, Annie M., b.10-18-1809, d.07-09-1880, h. john poore
164, HOLLAND, B.H., b.01-29-1849, d.08-29-1928, father of mrs. arthur garrison
093, HOLLAND, Brownlee, b.07-12-1869, d.04-05-1890
112, HOLLAND, Clara, b.07-25-1896, d.10-23-1918, h. clarence c. galloway
093, HOLLAND, D. Carroll, b.02-27-1856, d.10-21-1948, w. christiana mccoy
129, HOLLAND, Eliza T., b.11-21-1871, d.12-11-1946, h. joseph b. williams
011, HOLLAND, Ella, b.03-10-1897, d.04-02-1917, h. j.t. holland d/o u.h. & m.c.
136, HOLLAND, Fannie, b.05-20-1868, d.05-21-1910, h. j.m. maritt
093, HOLLAND, Frances, b.04-14-1794, d.07-15-1873, h. rev. robert king d/o rev.
moses holland
120, HOLLAND, George Franklin, b.12-08-1918, d.07-14-1960, s/o emma holland
034, HOLLAND, H. Grady, b.1891, d.1939
112, HOLLAND, Hiram Major, b.09-16-1888, d.02-28-1935
124, HOLLAND, I.N., b.1875, d.1954, w. emma n.
011, HOLLAND, J. (Sr.), b.07-05-1858, d.02-05-1928, w. francis wilson
011, HOLLAND, J/I. T, b.05-20-1885, d.11-16-1957, w. ella canfield
136, HOLLAND, James Thomas, b.06-28-1878, d.01-07-1900, s/o berry & sarah
112, HOLLAND, John I., b.01-08-1873, d.08-26-1949
011, HOLLAND, John W., b.1880, d.1952, w. ovie p.
093, HOLLAND, Joshua, b.08-14-1818, d.03-10-1896, w. rebecca trussell
112, HOLLAND, Kathleen, b.07-07-1905, d.10-28-1938, h. thomas wright
112, HOLLAND, Laura, b.12-03-1893, d.08-20-1950, h. frank a. dickson
112, HOLLAND, Lee Ragsdale, b.12-12-1888, d.05-23-1955
112, HOLLAND, Lois, b.09-12-1880, d.02-06-1943, h. abner b. whorton
093, HOLLAND, Lula G., b.05-26-1895, d.02-13-1945, h. robert lee holland
011, HOLLAND, M.A. (Mrs.), b.08-02-1856, d.03-04-1923
112, HOLLAND, M.E., b.09-29-1839, d.11-10-1925, h. c.c. walker
011, HOLLAND, M.S., b.07-05-1858, d.02-05-1928, w. frances williamson married
021, HOLLAND, Margaret J., b.03-27-1849, d.03-30-1933, h. augustus w. poore
048, HOLLAND, Margaret J., b., d.10-11-1961, age 72
112, HOLLAND, Mary E., b.03-11-1871, d.11-03-1948, h. flingman m. guest
039, HOLLAND, Mary F., b.03-12-1853, d.05-13-1902, h. thomas m. bowlan
066, HOLLAND, Minnie, b.08-24-1875, d.01-03-1944
015, HOLLAND, Moses, b.11-17-1758, d.09-08-1829, there is a marker on the place
of w.a. wilson to moses. moses was the founder of the saluda baptist asso. and
of big creek/ hopewell/ neal's creek/ friendship/barker's creek/ washington/
standing springs and perhaps twenty-six-mile creek. he was present at the
surrender of cornwallis. w. mary barton & grace king
009, HOLLAND, Neva B., b.08-10-1893, d.05-13-1937
071, HOLLAND, Nonnie, b.10-02-1888, d.09-23-1918
112, HOLLAND, Otis, b.04-04-1885, d.07-03-1915
112, HOLLAND, Pearl, b.04-18-1886, d.05-27-1962, h. frank dobbins sr.
015, HOLLAND, Rebecca, b.04-04-1811, d.09-22-1857, h. wm. holland esq.
093, HOLLAND, Robert Lee, b.12-04-1869, d.11-02-1945, w. lula g.
162, HOLLAND, Robert Lee, b.1891, d.1956, w. venie hiott
112, HOLLAND, Rosa Lee, b.09-16-1898, d.04-12-1948
112, HOLLAND, S.A., b.01-04-1872, d.01-28-1928, w. martha allen
129, HOLLAND, Sarah A., b.05-17-1829, d.04-04-1916, h. john wesley major
136, HOLLAND, Sarah H., b.02-21-1833, d.05-17-1917
124, HOLLAND, Susan E., b.01-27-1853, d.06-22-1925
124, HOLLAND, Thomas J., b.09-19-1846, d.04-12-1893, w. susan e.
093, HOLLAND, W. Harrison, b.02-21-1866, d.03-26-1890
011, HOLLAND, W.A. (Mrs.), b.08-02-1856, d.03-14-1923, m. 10-08-1879 d/o w.l.
093, HOLLAND, W.P., b.08-18-1858, d.02-12-1929, w. fannie cobb
112, HOLLAND, Willia, b.10-30-1863, d.07-24-1932, h. john r. smith
021, HOLLAND, William H., b.1883, d.1964, w. gertrude elrod
093, HOLLAND, William M., b.04-02-1841, d.10-01-1861, csa fought at first
manassas died of typhoid near fairfax c.h. va.

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