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Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds by Pauline Young

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Re: Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds by Pauline Young

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I have listed all Samples first, then all abstracts containing Alexr. and/or Robt. Samples in some capacity. Hope this helps you find those family connections.

SAMPLE, Alexander - Box 85, Pack 2071:
Est. admnr. Sept. 19, 1825 by John N., Jas. SAMPLE, Wm. S. Campbell, Alexr. Stuart bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $40,000.00 Dec. 11, 1827 paid Isaac SAMPLE $111.10. Paid Washington SAMPLE $335.68 3/4. Dec. 7, 1827 Recd. of Permelea SAMPLE $107.00

SAMPLE, Robert - Box 85, Pack 2067:
Will dated Oct. 6, 1813 in Abbeville Dist. Rec. Feb. 3, 1817. Exrs: Wife, Barbary SAMPLE. Bro. Alexr. SAMPLE. Son, John SAMPLE. Wit: Joel Lipscomb, Benjamin Gaines, Geo. Heard. Chn: Polley Pulliam, John, Permelia, Catharine, Jamimie SAMPLE. Expend: June 9, 1823 paid Permelia Calbert legatee $453.00. Nov. 29, 1822 paid Wm. SAMPLE legatee $453.00. Dec. 29, 1819 paid Daniel SAMPLE legatee $453.00. Jan. 14, 1820 paid Saml. Davice for Mary Davice legatee $53.00. Nov. 9, 1829 paid Jemimah Ellis formerly Jemimah SAMPLE $453.00. Mar. 14, 1832 Henry Johnson recd. $500.00 in right of his deed. wife late Pamela SAMPLE. Jemimah married Robt. N. Ellis.

SAMPLE, Washington - Box 83, Pack 2045:
Est. admnr. Oct. 15, 1834 by John N., Isaac SAMPLE, Walter Anderson bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abeeville Dist. sum $10,000.00. Cit. pub. at Siloam Church. Nov. 4, 1835 paid John N. SAMPLE $604.18 1/2. Paid Francis SAMPLE $740.18 3/4. Sept 20, 1836 paid Daniel B. SAMPLE $25.50. Sale, Nov. 4, 1834. Byrs: John N., Fanny, Isaac, Jas. SAMPLE, etc.

SAMPLE, John B. - Box 83, Pack 2050:
Est. admnr. Jan. 7, 1833 by John N., Jas. SAMPLE, Downs Calhoun bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $20,000.00 Dec. 21, 1833 paid Barbary SAMPLE $92.22. Jan. 21, 1834 paid Susannah C. SAMPLE $2,078.15 3/4. Cit. pub. at Providence Church.

SAMPLE, William - Box 85, Pack 2079:
Est. admnr. Sept. 3, 1832 by John B., John N. SAMPLE, Saml. Davis bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $3,000.00. Cit. pub. at Siloam Church. Inv. made Sept. 18, 1832 by John N. SAMPLE, Jonathan, Henry Johnson.

SAMPLE, Minors - Box 88, Pack 2178:
On June 5, 1837 Thos. B. Byrd, Robt. Turner, Ephraim R. Calhoun bound unto Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $20,000.00. Thos. B. Byrd gdn. of Louisa, Sarah, Mellisa, John B. SAMPLE minors. Sarah married Isaac Logan, Louisa married John Wilson. Expend: July 20, 1851 Recd. from est. of Barbara SAMPLE $168.75. Chn. of Susannah C. SAMPLE.

SAMPLE, William - Box 110, Pack 3150:
Est. admnr. Feb. 4, 1833 by Saml. Davis, Robt. Turner, Thos. B. Boyd bound unto Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $4,000.00. Cit. pub. at Rocky Creek Church.

Busby, Stephen -- Box 10, Pack 190:
Est. admnr. Mar. 7, 1812 by Wm. Smith, Alexr. SAMPLE bound to Taliaferro Livingston Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $1,000.00. Sale, Mar. 24, 1812. Byers: Elizabeth Busby, Jno. SAMPLE Sr., Obediah Wilson, etc.

Cox, Margareet - Box 21, Pack 467:
Est. admnr. Feb. 11, 1822 by Jas., Robt. Young, Alexr. Adams bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $3,000.00. Inv. made Mar. 11, 1822 by Thos. Edwards, Alexr. SAMPLE, Robt. Young. Wid. of Wm. Cox.

Houston William - Box 48, Pack 1101:
Est. admnr. Jan. 7 1822 by Nathan Downs, Wm. Calhoun, David Stewart bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $10,000.00. Cit. pub. at Providence Church. Inv. made Jan 28, 1822 by Jas. Frankliin, Alexr. SAMPLE, Alexr. Stuart, Jesse, Wm. Beasley.

Jackson, James - Box 50, Pack 1154:
Est. Admnr. Sept. 12, 1791 by Elizabeth Jackson wid., Capt. Jno. Calhoun, Nathan Sims bound to Judges of Abbeville County sum 500 lbs. Sale Oct. 7, 1791. Byrs: Elizabeth Jackson, Jno. Calhoun, Jno. Williams, Jno. Logan, Wm. Miller, Alexr. SAMPLE, Wm. Logan, Andrew Porter, Peter Green, Wm. Heard.

Long, John Read -- Box 53, Pack 1254:
Will dated Jan. 12, 1819 in Abbeville Dist. Filed Mar. 15, 1819. Exrs: Wife, Sarah Long, Son, Reuben Long, Joel Lipscomb, Esq. Wit: Jno. Pulliam, Robt. Young, Alexr. SAMPLE. Chn: Harrison, Reuben, Nicholas Long, Elizabeth Shirley, Lucy Swanzy, decd., Nancy Greenlee, Alcey SAMPLE. Aug. 31, 1822, paid Jno. N. SAMPLE $100.00. Joshus Shirley, $678.25. Lewis W. Greenlee, $1,000.37 1/2.

Neely, William - Box 70, Pack 1716:
Will dated Sept. 6, 1821. Prov. Feb. 4, 1822. Exrs: Wife, Polly Neely, sons, Chas., Wm. L. Neely. Wit: Jas. Frankllin, Alexr. SAMPLE, Robt. Bartrim. Wife, Polly Neely. Chn: Jubelous, Sanders, Beauford, Oswell, Judah, Chas., Wm. L. Neely. "Sally Samuels shall have bed and furniture."

Poole, Robert - Box 73, Pack 1793:
Est. aadmnr. Dec. 30, 1821 by Nancy Poole, Jas. SAMPLE, Alexr. SAMPLE, Alexr. Stuart, bound to Moses Taggart Ord., sum $2,500.00. Cit. Pub. at Providence Ch.

Pulliam, Benjamin - Box 75, Pack 1824:
Est. Admnr. Oct. 16, 1816 by Mary Pulliam, Alexr., Robt. SAMPLE, Pleasant Wright. All of Abbeville Dist., sum $10,000.00 bound to Taliaferro Livingston Ord. Cit. pub. at Providence Ch. Inc. made Oct. 19, 1816 by Jas. Franklin for tuition of Wyly, Willis Pulliam $15.00. Saml., Mary Davis the gdns. of 3 chn. of deed.

Swanzey, Robert - Box 87, Pack 2120:
Will dated June 20, 1795. Rec. June 13, 1796. Exrs: Wife, Rosannah Swanzey, Son, Saml Swanzey. Wit: Mcmn. Walker, Alexr. Welch, Jacob Ege, Thos., Daniel Gratton. chn: Jenn, John, Saml. Swanzey. (At a Court held for Greenbrier Co. in VA Sept. 27, 1795. The last will and testament of Robt. Swanzey was proved by John STuart. Clerk of Court.) Inv. made July 30, 1796 by Alexr. SAMPLE, Walter Anderson, Nathan Sims.

Sims, Nathan - Box 87, Pack 2150:
Will dated Dec. 15, 1802 in Abbeville Dist. Rec. Jan. 20, 1803. Exrs: Sons, Martha, John, Leonard Sims. Wit: John Sims, SamlSwanzy, Z. Rice. Wife, Mary Sims, Chn: Pamelia Griffin, Leorana Calhoun, Sarah Smith, Susannah Bond, Agness Smith, Downs, Martin, John, Geo., Starling, Leonard, Wm. Sims. Inv. made Feb. 12, 1803 by Alexr. Sammple, John Pulliam, John R. Long.

Wilson, Thomas - Box 97, Pack 2388:
Est. admnr. Dec. 13, 1807 by Joel Lipscomb, Carr McGehee, Reuben Chiles unto Andrew Hamilton Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $5,000.00 Inv. made April 5, 1808 by Robt. White, Alexr. SAMPLE, John Caldwell. Expend: April 1, 1809 paid Wm. Wilson $16.64. Oct. 21, paid Martin Wilson $18.37 1/4. June 7, 1813 paid John Wilson legatee $4.00. Drury Wilson legatee $9.39. Nov. 21 paid John Davis legatee $5.16. Jan. 21, 1818 paid Jeconias Wilson legatee $501.00. Paid Elizabeth Wilson the wid. $575.27 1/2. Paid Mathew Watson legatee $96.55. Paid Susanna Wilson legatee $102.87 1/2. Feb. 20, 1811 paid Obadih Wilson $55.14. Paid Saml. Wilson $270.24.

White, Francis - Box 97, Pack 2395:
Est. admnr. May 8, 1822 by Jas. Franklin, Thos. Edwards, Alexr. SAMPLE unto Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $10,000.00 Cit. pub. at Providence Church. Expend: 1825 paid Daily L. White $1,471.58. Sale, Dec. 19, 1822. Byrs: Daily White, Joel Lipscomb, Wm. Beasley, John P. Gaines, Wm. Smith, Nathan Calhoun, Wm. Turner, etc. Inv. made May 20, 1822 by Alexr. SAMPLE, Wm. Beasley, Jas. Smith, Robt. Young.

Swanzy, Minors - Box 110, Pack 3146:
On Feb. 2, 1818 John R. Long, Alexr. SAMPLE, Wm. Grubbs bound unto Taliaferro Livingston Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $15,000.00. John R. Long made gdn. of Rosanna, Eliza Caroline, Mary Martha, Louiza Lucy Swanzy minors under 14 yrs. Sarah Ann, Robts. W. Swanzy minors over 14 yrs. Minors of Dr. S. Swanzy.

Shotwell, John - Box 110, Pack 3155:
Will dated Apr. 1, 1816 in Abbeville Dist. Rec. Aug. 1, 1818. Exrs: Capt. Geo. Shotwell, Jared E. Groce. Wit: Richard STephens, Wm. Wier, Nancy White. Sis., Susannah Shotwell. Mother, Hannah Shotwell. Other bros., sis. ment. no names given. Est. admnr. Mar. 15, 1819 by John Burdine, Alexr. SAMPLE, Saml. L. Watt unto Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $20,000.00. Cit. pub. Aug. 1, 1818 ment John Shotwell decd. was late of the Ala. Territory. Geo. Shotwell of Greenville Dist. refused to act as Exr.

Green, Sion - Box 39, Pack 855:
Est. admnr. Jan. 27, 1802 by Elizabeth Green, Nimrod Overbey, Robt. SAMPLE, Jno. Wilson bound to Andrew Hamilton Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $10,000.00. Sale, Feb. 17, 1802. Byrs: Elisha Weatherford, Daniel Mitchel, Elizabeth Green, Wm. Meek, Jas. Chiles, etc.

Green, Peter - Box 40, Pack 879:
Will dated Dec. 16, 1794 in Abbeville Dist. Rec. Mar. 27, 1797. Exrs: Sons, Sion, Philemon Green. Wit: Thos Anderson, Jno. Bell, Jr. Wife, Thamar Green. Chn: Philemon, Wm., Sion Green, Sarah, Polly Bell Martha Moore, Rebecca Eddins, Inv. made Sept. 8, 1797 by Jas., Nimord Chiles, Robt. SAMPLE.

Mitchell, Tanner - Box 63, Pack 1514:
Will dated Jan. 12, 1791 in Abbeville Dist. Proved June 10 1793. Exrs: Sons, Solomon, Jno. Mitchell. Wit: Zeri Rice, Stephen Buzbee, Lewis Mitchell. Chn: Solomon, Lewis, Mason, Jno., Morris, Robt., Rebecca, Thos. Mitchell. Gr. chn: Jas. Griffin, Jno., son of Thos. Mitchell. Inv. made Oct. 26, 1793 by Levi Rice, Robt. SAMPLE, Micajah Stevens.

Sims, Lewis B. - Box 87, Pack 2149:
Est. admnr. Dec. 7, 1807 by Lucy L. Sims, Pleasant Wright, John Hodges, Saml. Thompson unto Andrew Hamilton Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $5,000.00 Inv. made Dec. 18, 1807 by John Sims, Eli Bowie, Thos. Davis. Sale, Jan. 2, 1808. Byrs: Wm. Sims, Pleasant Wright, Daniel Ward, Smith Bolin, Robt. White, Nicholas Overbey, Robt. SAMPLE, Jas. Campbell, Jack Sims, Lucy L. Sims wid., Wm. Neely, Wm. Campbell, David Brown, Jack Pulliam Jr., Stephen Busbee.

Watkins, William - Box 100, Pack 2470:
Will dated Octs. 22, 1805. Rec. Nob. 18, 1805. Exrs: Wife, Sarah Watkins, John Watkins. Wit: John Ball Elisha Weatherford, Micajah Stevens. Chn: Willis, Henry, Ester Watkins. Inv. made Dec. 10, 1805 by John Ball, Jas. Campbell, Wm. Grubs. Byrs: Henry Johnson, John Crafford, John Ball, John Calhoun, Robt. White, Micajah Pool, John Watkins, Micajah Stephens, Jas. Campbell, Geo. Heard, John Gooshe, Jas. Eddins, Robt. SAMPLE.

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