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Mormons in Erie County: Biographical Sketches of Converts: Quincy - Spencer

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Mormons in Erie County: Biographical Sketches of Converts: Quincy - Spencer

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Surnames: Quincy, Read, Roundy, Rudd, Sagers, Sanford, Sawdey, Soddy, Simmons, Solsbery, Spencer

As Researched by

Cheryl Harmon Bean & Pamela Call Johnson

John Quincy

Born 24 Aug 1800 in New York--son of Benjamin Quincy and Sallie/Sarah Hammond. Married Keziah Hartshorn, daughter of Joseph Hartshorn at Springfield, Erie, PA. Keziah's brother, Alvin Hartshorn, also on baptismal list. John Quincy is a brother of Hannah Quincy Holembeck on this list. John Quincy is on the 1830 Census. Children of John and Keziah: Lucinda; Clarissa; Joseph H.; Horatio Harvey; Frances; William Henry; and according to 1850 Census--possibly Alonzo and Harmon/Harrison. John Quincy family settled in Richfield, Adams, Illinois and did not stay with the Church. (VAC; QFR; CEN; KK; VAC)

Brother Read

(In Springfield, Erie, PA, there is a John Reed and a Daniel Reed on the 1830 census. John Reed shows up later in Church records in Nauvoo, etc.) There is an Amos Reed in Erie County. Nauvoo 2nd ward has John Read, Lydia, and Rebecca in 1843. Amos Reed's wife, Jane, and daughter Eunice are buried in Erie County. Reeds buried in Nauvoo include Mary Read; Mary Curtis Reed; Nahum Calvin Reed; Triphena Reed; William Reed; and Joseph Reid. A John Reed married Susan Secrist and had the following children: Martin V. Reed b. abt 1836. Harriet Reed b. abt 1838, Mariah Reed b. abt 1840, and Samuel Reed b. 1843. They were living in Tomstown, Franklin, PA and members in good standing of the Union Branch. (NDB; CEN; NAV; NJ; VAC)

Shadrack Roundy

Shadrack Roundy was born 1 Jan 1789 in Rockingham, Vermont to Uriah Roundy and Lucretia Needham. Shadrack was baptized on 23 Jan 1831. He married Betsy, Lydia, Mary, and Roxena Quimby. Orson Hyde mentions visiting Shadrack Roundy's sister, by the name of Baird. He had two sisters who married Bairds. Hannah married Silas Baird and Naomi married John Baird. A brother, Daniel married Ruth Baird. (AF; OHJ; IGI) Uriah Roundy, his brother, is in Pottawattamie county, Iowa in 1850 with a family. He is 55; his wife, ... is 40. This is probably a second marriage as there is a big gap in the children's ages and the oldest son is 25--which would make her a very young mother. Children named are: Washington, Acel, Zebedee, Emma, Martha. Uriah Roundy married also Polly Lyon. Uriah later became a member of the Reorganized Church and was at Galland's Grove, Iowa where he is mentioned in the RLDS branch records. Uriah's wife, Rena died at Galland's Grove, Shelby, Iowa on 2 Nov 1880. Shadrack Roundy died in Salt Lake City in 1872. (RLDS; VAC; CEN; AF)

Cloa Rudd

Born Chloe Hills on 14 Mar 1759, at Goshen, Litchfield, CT. I originally thought she was the daughter of Billious Hills. However, a descendant of that Chloe sent me evidence that she is not Chloe Rudd. There is a Humphrey A. Hills in Conneaut township. He was elected Commissioner 1847-1850. Is he a brother of Chloe? Our Chloe was married Sep 1778, in Bennington, VT to John Rudd--son of Joseph Rudd and Sarah Mosely. Children : John Jr.; Lois; Cyphian; Amanda; Seanthe; Phebe; Anson; Tryphosa; Erastus; Rosanna. A John Rudd Jr. and a John Rudd, Sr. were on the list of early settlers of Springfield township. The son came in 1802 and his father arrived two years later. A history of the county states: "John Rudd moved to Erie Co., Pa in Aug 1805 from Otsego, NY with a large family. His son, John, having preceded him several years and commenced a distillery. He took up 350 acres of land along the lake front on the Moravian tract. John Rudd Sr. d. 1830 aged 82. His widow and her children becoming infatuated with the Mormon cause abt the year 1839 joined the sect and went west. Thus ended one of Erie's Pioneer families." In 1823, John Rudd Sr. paid taxes on Tract B 150 acres; a horse; and 3 cows in Springfield. Others of his family who also paid taxes in 1823 in Springfield were: Cyprian, John Jr., Anson, Erastus, and David Rudd. A John Rudd of Springfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania (this would be John Jr.) signed the minutes of a conference attesting to Joseph Smith's innocence of Zion's Camp charges. The conference was assembled in Kirtland, August 23, 1834. John Rudd also paid fifty cents to the Prophet in Kirtland in an hour of need, for which the Prophet was very grateful. John Rudd is probably the Brother Rudd the missionaries refer to in the earliest days of their mission. The obituary of Chloe Rudd was in Early Church Vital Records, Utah Genealogical Magazine Vol XXVII January 1936. She died at Independence, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio on 9 Aug 1836. Aged 78 years and 8 months. "She had been a member of the Church of Latter-day Saints more than three years. She has gone down to the grave in a good old age like a shock of corn fully ripe." Census 1830 finds the following Rudd's in Erie County: Ephriam age 70-80; Hanson Rudd age 40-50; John Rudd Sr. 50-60; (Even though it says Sr.--it would have been Jr. because John Sr. was 82; John Jr. would have been 51--and John Jr. probably named a son John also.), Cyprian Rudd, and Erastus Rudd. Erastus Rudd blessed in Kirtland for working on Temple. Erastus was a member of Zion's Camp. Erastus Rudd is a son-in-law of Randall and Experience Alden Wheeler who are on this list. He married their daughter, Experience. They had 15 children with 4 sets of twins plus children from her previous marriage! On the Zion Camp march, Erastus Rudd fell victim to cholera and was buried near Liberty in Clay Co., Missouri with other cholera victims. Experience was left a widow with a large family, and on 22 Mar 1835, in Kirtland, Ohio, she married a family friend, Joseph Hancock. By him she had another daughter, Amy Experience. Erastus and Experience's oldest son, Erastus Harper Rudd, was in Farmington, Davis, UT in 1860, and lists occupation as cabinet maker. Erastus Harper Rudd owned land in Missouri and was driven out. He, his wife, and children signed the Scroll Petition for redress. Two of Erastus' brothers, John Randall Rudd and Amander Franklin Rudd remained in Iowa and became active members of the Reorganized Church and moved to Dow City, Iowa. Brothers Osro Wheeler Rudd and Orlando Francisco Rudd stayed for a short time in Clay County, MO; they both participated in the Mexican War; then Orlando went to California and worked in gold mines the rest of his life--never being married; Osro returned to Clay Co, MO after the war. Lorenzo Dow Rudd went west with the pioneers and settled in Ogden, UT. His sister, Fanny Spencer settled in Placerville, CA. Erastus' mother, Experience Wheeler Hobart Rudd Hancock weakened from the trials and hardships incident to pioneer life, took sick and died near Provo 28 Oct 1851. (VAC; HEC; CTP; HC; PKO; LIM; MRP; CEN; AF; EHR)

Fanny Mariah Rudd

Born 9 Feb 1819 in Springfield, Erie, PA; daughter of Erastus and Experience Wheeler Rudd-- granddaughter of Chloe Rudd. Also granddaughter of Randall and Experience Wheeler who were baptized. She was 15 when her father died in Zion's Camp. She married Lorenzo Spencer. Fanny's siblings were also active participants in the early days of the Church. Her half-sister, Phebe Hobart Thompson, is on baptismal list. Other siblings are: William Hobart; Eliza Hobart; Erastus Harper Rudd Jr.; Salenia Rudd; Ozro Wheeler Rudd; Lorenzo Dow Rudd; Evaline Rudd; Amander Franklin Rudd; Orlando Francisco Rudd; Alma Sophia Rudd; Paulus Emilus Rudd; John Randall Rudd; Eliza Amanda Rudd; Sidney Rigdon Rudd; Mortimer Wilson Rudd and Cecilia Aranintha Rudd; and a half- sister, Amy Experience Hancock. Fanny's mother had four sets of twins and a total of 19 children. Fanny and Lorenzo Spencer are on the 1850 Census in Bloomfield, Davis, Iowa. Lorenzo was a blacksmith. They moved to Placerville, El Dorado, California before the 1860 Census. They had at least six children: Oscar F, Francis N, Mary Jane, Louisa M, Hattie, and Cyrus E. Fanny died in Placerville on 17 Apr 1887, and is buried in the Union Cemetery on Bee Street. She was 68 years, 2 months, and 11 days. Her husband died 26 Feb 1889 and is buried beside Fanny. Amander F. Rudd, brother of Fanny, was born 26 Dec 1824 in Erie County and was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 15 Jul 1860, by John A. McIntosh. He was confirmed by Uriah Roundy. Another Rudd: John R., born 16 Dec 1829 in Erie County married Serelda Jordan in Shelby Co., Iowa in 1853. He was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 15 Jul 1860, also by the same person as Amander and also confirmed by U. Roundy. He was ordained an elder at the October 1861 Conference. He also served in the Civil War. His wife, Serelda was also a member and was confirmed in part by an Eli Clothier. A Sidney Rudd also became a member of the RLDS church. He was born 22 Jun 1833 in Erie County. (VAC; AF; EHR; CEN; RLDS)

Amanda Sagers

Amanda Melvina Sagers, the youngest child of John Sagers and Amy Sweet, was born 5 May 1821 in Hanover, NY. When she was 12 years old, she was living in Elk Creek, Erie, Pennsylvania where she was baptized 28 Mar 1833. The family moved to Kirtland for two years--Amanda going with her mother, Amy, who was divorced from her father and had married second, Ira Clothier. When her sister, Mariah Sagers Fisk, moved to Missouri in 1835, Amanda was probably in the same wagon train with the rest of the family. They moved to Far West in 1838 where Amanda met and married Lysander Gee on 5 Sep 1838. He was born in 1818 to Salmon Gee and Sarah Watson Crane in Ashtubula, Ohio. His father, Salmon Gee was born in 1792 in Lyme, New London, CT. to Zopher Gee and Esther. Zopher was born in 1763, in New London, CT. Less than two months after her marriage, Governor Boggs issued the exterminating order which ordered the Mormons to leave Missouri or be killed. Amanda and Lysander went to Quincy, Adams, IL where their first child was born on 12 Dec 1839. They are in the Bear Creek branch at Hancock IL on 1 Dec 1840. Amanda and Lysander had 3 children: Orlander Lysander Gee b. 1839; Mary Gee b. 1840; and Rozelia Gee b. 1848. Little Mary died in 1850. Amanda received her endowments and was sealed to Lysander on 4 Feb 1846. The Gees went to St. Louis, MO where Amanda died. Amanda either died in childbirth with Rozelia or soon after her birth as her death is recorded as 22 Oct 1848. The Journal History reports that on 4 Jul 1849, Lysander Gee, wife, Theresa, and son, Orlando and daughter, Rosilia, left the Missouri River in George A. Smith's Fourth company for the west. They arrived in the Valley Oct 27, 1849. They remained in Salt Lake about six years. In 1855, moved to Tooele. Lysander Gee is on the 1860 Census in Tooele City, Tooele, UT with 12 year old Rozelia; his second wife, Thersa and their 10 children. Lysander apparently stayed close to the Sagers family through the years as they also lived in Tooele. Lysander participated in polygamy. (VAC; NAV; COR; AF; CEN; NJ; SAG)

Brother J. Sagers

John Sagers was possibly born 1 Feb 1782, at Ashford, Windham, CT to John Sager and Sarah Robins. (There are discrepancies on the AF concerning who his parents are and also his date of birth.) He could have been born 5 Nov 1788 to Johannes Sagers and Sarah Pangburn. Hosea Stout, author of Sagers, Fisk, and Stout families, feels the latter is the better choice as Sagers, Sweets, and Sangburns lived in the same area. Johannes Sagers and Asa Sweet were neighbors in Albany County, NY. John married Amy Sweet abt 1808. (See Amy Clothier) John and Amy had the following children: Minerva; Maria; Desdamonia; William Henry Harrison Sagers; and Amanda Melvina. A man named Abel French from Denmark came to Herkimer Co., NY in 1802-03 and persuaded people to purchase land in Jefferson County, NY. Twenty-two men and families did so. Among them were Asa Sweet, John Sagers and William Sagers. After Amanda's birth, John and Amy were divorced; and Amy married a close friend and neighbor, Ira Clothier. The Sagers and Clothiers and their married daughters are on the 1830 census living next to each other. They were baptized by Evan M. Greene. A month after John's baptism, on 21 Mar 1833, the Elk Creek, Erie Co., PA branch was organized with John Sagers appointed a Deacon and told to watch over the church. Robert Dimsey was appointed Priest and Stephen Winchester appointed Teacher in the Priesthood. There is a Seagertown in Crawford Co, PA which borders Erie Co. John probably went to Kirtland; and then to Missouri; and later, Illinois. The Journal History for October 4 and Dec 28, 1838, announces that a "meeting was held in the home of John Sagers at Rockford, Caldwell County, Missouri." Owning land in Missouri were John Sagers, Sarah, William Henry Clothier, A.J. and Ira Clothier; Harrison Sagers and wife Lucinda Madison. John and Sarah Sagers were members of the Nashville Branch which was organized 7 Aug 1839. Nashville was located at Montrose, Lee, Iowa. John settled in McDonough County while the Clothiers were in the adjoining county of Hancock. John Sagers died in Nauvoo in November 1843. Sarah Sagers took out her endowments in the Nauvoo Temple. Sarah Sagers is possibly a Martin. (VAC; CEN; AF; HEC; NAV; SAG; NJ)

Desdimony Sagers

Born 1816 at Leroy, Genesee, NY--daughter of John and Amy. Desdomona married 16 Oct 1836 at Clay, Mo. to Horace Cowan. Desdamonia died in 1842 in Nauvoo, IL. Horace Cowan was a member of Zion's Camp. (VAC; HC; AML; ZC; PKO; AF; JH)

Sery Sagers

Although the previous people who have copied the list of names from Evan Greene's missionary journal give this person the name Lery, I saw the original list. With my familiarity of early hand-writing claim the name is Sary and not Lery. John Sagers married Sarah for his second wife and I believe this person is that wife. Sarah Sagers was born 16 Feb 1789. No maiden name or birthplace is given in Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register. Sarah received her endowments at Nauvoo on 29 Jan 1846. John and Sarah owned land in MO; they were members of the Nashville Branch in Montrose, Lee, IA. John died in Nauvoo in Nov 1843. Some believe Sarah may be a Martin. I have no proof. (See John Sagers)(VAC; AF; SAG; NTR)

William H. H. Sagers

William Henry Harrison Sagers was born 1815 in Leroy, Genesee, NY. Son of John and Amy Sweet. Wm H. H. Sagers ordained to the lesser priesthood on 15 Jan 1834. The next day he baptized Henrietta Sanford and Emily Harmon. Was a member of the Elk Creek, PA branch. Served several missions for the Church; marched in Zion's Camp; served on the High Council at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, owned land in Missouri and filed a redress petition against the state of Missouri. Harrison Sagers was a member of Nauvoo 3rd ward in 1843. He was a high priest on 1 Jan 1846 when he took out his endowments in the Nauvoo Temple with Olive Amanda Wheaton, his wife. Olive was born 26 Jan 1813 at Greenfield, Saratoga, NY. Harrison came to Utah Crossing the plains in the Fifth Company with Captain Edward Hunter and arrived 31 Dec 1850. This conflicts a bit with the fact that Harrison in on the 1850 Census in Tooele County, UT unless you realize that the 1850 Census of Utah was not completed until sometime in 1852. In 1850, Harrison is 35--occupation is Painter. He is also on the 1856 Census in Tooele. At this time, Amy Clothier, his mother, is with him. Harrison is also on the 1860 Census in Tooele. Had several wives and a large posterity. (VAC; MRP; JHC; HC; CC; PKO; FFU; AML; ZC; CEN; AF; NJ)

Henrietta Sanford

No identifying information. There are lots of Sanfords in 1830 in Erie county. Could she be the first wife of Jahaziel Sanford? (VAC; CEN)

Jahaziel Sanford

A J. A. Sanford age 20-30 and wife are on 1840 census of Girard. Jahaziel Sanford was the son of William Hicks Sanford and Priscilla Sawdey. Jahaziel was born 8 May 1812 at Madison, NY. He married Cordelia DeWolf in 1852. She was 20 years his junior--born in 1832 in Springfield, Erie, PA and died 1878. According to the 1840 census, she was probably his second wife. (Could Henrietta have been his first wife?) Jahaziel and Cordelia had five children: Polly Elizabeth; William Joseph; Ernest Alphonso; Cordelia Eveline; and James Henry. The children were all born in Wisconsin. (VAC: IGI; AF)

Patience Sanford

Patience Sawdey married William Hicks Sanford. Patience is the daughter of John Sawdey who was also baptized. She married William Sanford after the death of her sister, Priscilla--who was his first wife. In 1830, Patience is age 30-40. William and Patience are living by Oliver Harmon. The Harmons and Sanfords intermarried and these are probably relatives. William Sanford is buried in Girard, Erie, PA. He died 7 Sep 1874 aged 84 years, 9 months, 15 days. Patience, his wife, died 10 Aug 1870 aged 76 years, 3 months, 25 days. (VAC; CEM; CEN; AF)

William Sanford

In 1830, William is age 40-50. He is on the 1820 and 1840 Census in Erie County. The 1850 Census lists: Wm H. Sanford age 62, a farmer, born In Rhode Island. His wife is Patience, 53, b. RI. A 19 year old daughter, Hannah, and son, Isaac, 15, are with them; In the same household is another family--a married son, Alvin, 22, and wife, S.J. 21. Land transaction in Erie county in 1841--William H. Sanford. William is the son-in-law of John Sawdey also on this list. William married 1. Priscilla Sawdey and 2. Patience Sawdey. William had land transactions with his father-in-law, John Sawdey in Sangerfield, New York in 1814 and 1815. (See John Sawdey) (VAC; CEM; CEN; AF; LAN; JSW)

John Soddy/Sawdey

Some records record the S of John's surname as an L. It should read "S." In 1820, names are spelled Soddy and in 1830 Sawdey. John Sawdey is the son of Samuel Sawdey. He came to Conneaut, Erie, PA in 1820 with his father and brothers Job and Daniel from New Bedford, MA. Two other brothers, David and Benjamin preceded the rest of the family and came in 1818 with an Isaac Pomeroy. There is a John Sawdey living next door to Benjamin Wilcox in Elk Creek in 1830---close to Sagers, Clothiers, Joles, Turners. John Sawdy is on the 1840 Census of Elk Creek. He is 50-60. On the same page is a Hiram Sawdy age 30-40--probably a son. Neighbors include William and Samuel Sanford. (See Sanford); Molly (Polly) Harmon, daughter of Selah Harmon and Rhoda Dewey md. 1st Nathan Carr and had two children; then married John Sawdey in Erie County. Selah is Martin Harmon's brother. In 1850, John Sawdey, 76, b. RI and Polly, 59, b. VT are on the census in Elk Creek with Carr children. (Polly and Molly are the same person.) Living with them are: Sarah Alby 45; J. N. Alby 8m; Calvin Carr 32m; Sophia Carr 26f; Lester Carr 11m; Polly Carr 7f; Abigail Carr 5f; John Carr 2m; James Carr 8/12m. (See Almira Carr) A Eunice Snoddy married Benjamin Wells. There are no Snoddys in Erie County. Her correct name is Soddy/Sawdey. (See Eunice Wells) Since this was first published, I have found the will of John Sawdey. He names among his children two daughters who are also on this baptismal list: Eunice Wells and Patience Sanford. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol CXLVIII July 1994 identifies John as son of Samuel Sawdy and Elizabeth. He was born about 1774 and died in Erie Co., PA on 28 Jun 1851--aged 77 years. He is buried in the Lockport (Platea) Cemetery with his second wife. His first wife is unknown at this point. He married second Polly (Molly) Harmon before 1843. In 1800 John was living in Tiverton, Rhode Island next to his father. At that time there was one boy and four girls under ten. John was living in Sanderfield, NY by 25 Mar 1814 when he and his son-in-law, William Sanford, who was at that time married to his daughter Priscilla, bought a farm with John. The next year John sold his share to William and in 1819 went to Erie county, PA. In Elk Creek, Erie, PA in 1843, John and Polly sold land to Justin Loomis. He was on the 1850 Census as mentioned above. In 1851, he deeded land for the Lockport Burying Ground. His will was dated 30 Dec 1850 and witnessed by John Bonestel and Jeremiah Davis. The will was proved 6 Jul 1851. In his will, John named his wife, Polly, and her son, Calvin Carr, and Calvin's wife Sophia. He also named his granddaughter Elizabeth Hatch and Lester P. Carr. Upon Polly's death he leaves his estate to his children: Priscilla Sanford (who was already dead); Polly King; Patience Sanford; Eunice Wells; Hiram Sawdy; and Betsy McCumber AND to all their heirs. (His intent naming Priscilla seemed to be to have her heirs included.) Because of my previous research, I was able to further identify his daughters. Eunice is married to Benjamin Wells--both on this list; there is a Jesse McCumber (age 30- 40) in Elk Creek living next door to my Harmon ancestors who live next to Benjamin Wells. Next to Benjamin is William H. Sanford. On the same page of the census with John and Hiram Sawdey is Anthony King. These McCumber and King possibilities are good possibilities for John's sons-in-law. (VAC; CEN; IGI; JSW; ECP)

Elder Simmons

The most likely candidate for our convert is Horace T. Simmons who lived in the midst of the Wheeler Clan who were baptized. Other Simmons in the area were: Isaac Jr., John, George, and Sarah. However, living near Horace T. Simmons (age 30-40); in 1830 are: Andrew McAdams, Cyprian Rudd, Erastus Rudd, Benjamin Spencer, Randall Wheeler. Not too far away are: Nathaniel W. Battles, James Battles and John Battles, David Thompson, Stephen Thompson and Medad Thompson. Isaac Simmons Jr.(age 70-80). is also living in Springfield in 1830 near the Coultons and Hartshorns. Horace T. Simmons was son-in-law of Randall Wheeler. He is identified as a Clergyman in Randall Wheeler's pension papers. This leads to the conclusion that we have identified the Christian preacher who was converted. (See Page 2) Horace married Randall's daughter, Fanny, and they had a large family. (See Randall Wheeler). He was a Brother-in-law to Benjamin Spencer and Erastus Rudd. In Feb 1832, Elder Hyde and Smith ordained Brother Simmons an Elder in Springfield and instructed him in the knowledge of the kingdom and church and had him copy the laws. In April/May 1832, Jared Carter came to Springfield and found Elder Simmons and two others had fallen away from the Church and was able to reclaim two of them. In Horace's own words copied from a letter he wrote to his brother- in-law, Gideon Brownell, Dear Brother and Sister: I write to let you know that we are all comfortable state of health. Fanny has a boy one month old tonight. She is smart. I have not much to write. I live on a farm on the Morovian grant a half mile west of where Erastus lived. The lease runs three years from last April. My rent is almost paid. I am working my farm and paint a little now and then. It is hard times here now. Provisions is very high and since wheat is sold for $2.00 and corn ten or twelve shillings a bushel when it can be found but I don't know of a bushel in town for sale. Oats are 6 or 7 shillings, potatoes from 6 to 8 shillings, flour is selling at the harbor for $11 per bushel. Is thought there has been a thousand bushels sold there in three weeks and not never enough to supply the ... The corn here is about big enough to view, wheat is just heading out. I have never had the western fever much. I have some times had the symptoms a little, but I am so situated that it is difficult for me to move any where for present. If you feel a pretty liberal spirit and want to make the old folks a present you may ship tow or three barrels of flower aboard the Steam Boat for Conneaut as bought for Randil Wheeler with insurance and I guess they will get it. They must have help and we should be glad if you would do a little. It is not likely they will want our help a great while. Religion is a glorious treasure. It fills our hearts with joy and peace. Write again soon, Your friend H. C. Symonds. I think it is significant that he did not condemn the Mormon religion as an apostate may have done. A note on the same letter which was written by his mother-in-law says: Fanny Symonds lives ten miles from here. Please direct your letters to Conneaut, Ashtabula, Ohio. The following is taken from the pension papers of Randall Wheeler: We, Horace C. Simins, a clergyman residing in the township of Springfield County of Erie and Erastus Rudd residing in the same township hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Randal Wheeler who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration; that we believe him to be seventy-four years of age; that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier in the revolution and that we concur in that opinion. H. C. Symonds Erastus Rudd

Sworn and subscribed this day and year
aforesaid. (7 Nov 1832)
Edwin I. Kelso, Clerk of Court of Common Pleas (VAC; CEN; RWL)

David Solsbery

Befriended Elders John F. Boynton and Zebedee Coltrin while they were on their missions in Nov. 1832. David Salsbury age 40-50 was living in Conneaut twp. Erie County in 1830 between John Salsbury and Abijah Barnes. Abijah and Abi Barnes buried in Solsbery cemetery. (See Anna Barnes Harmon) (VAC; CEN; CEM)

John Solsbery

Befriended John F. Boynton and Zebedee Coltrin while they were on their missions in Nov. 1832. John was living next door to David Salsbery in 1830 age 50-60. (VAC; CEN)

Abigail Spencer

This is Abigail Wheeler, daughter of Randall Wheeler, married Benjamin Franklin Spencer. The 1830 Census of Springfield, Erie, PA shows Benjamin Spencer age 40-50; wife 20-30--living next to Horace T. Simmons, Randall Wheeler and the Rudds. Baptized at same time as her parents, the Wheelers. Abigail's sister, Experience Wheeler, married 1. Edmund Hobart and 2. Erastus Rudd; 3. Joseph Hancock. Abigail is an Aunt to Phebe Thompson on this list. Almeda Vaughn, daughter of Jedediah married D.S. Spencer as his 3rd wife in Wayne twp, Erie, PA. Is there a connection? Spencers buried in Nauvoo include: Catherine, Chloe, Daniel, Eliza, Isabella, Kathryn. (VAC; HEC; NDB; CEN; AF)

Horace Spencer

Samuel H. Smith mentions baptizing Horace Spencer and his brother, "Two young men" on 27 Feb 1832 in Springfield. Are they children of Abigail? I think there is a connection, as the same day the boys were confirmed, Brother Simmons was ordained an Elder. Horace Simmons would have been their Uncle if they were Abigail's children.

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