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Idlewilde Cemetery Burials

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Re: Idlewilde Cemetery Burials

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Surnames: Fukui, Hayashi, Hirata, Hori, Hozake, Inukai, Ishizaka, Kajita, Matsumoto, Morioka, Munemoto, Nishioka, Shiba, Schibata, Tamishima, Wakamatsu
Information from Oregon State Archives, Salem, Oregon,
death certificates for Hood River:

Fukui, Hiroshi, b.1918, d. 8/9/1920
(male, Japenese)
Birth: April 3, 1918, Dee, Oregon
Death: August 9, 1920, 11pm. , Cottage Hospital, Hood River
Cause of Death: basilar meningitis, contributory cause: cholera infantum
Father: Y. Fukui, birthplace Japan
Mother: Misao Okumura, birthplace Japan

Hayashi, Shinkichi, d. 5/17/1913
(male, Japenese, married)
Occupation: railroad laborer, employed by Stern R. R.
Born: December 20, 1874, birthplace Okayama Ken. Japan
Death: May 17, 1913, 9 pm, Hood River (living at Number 14, Oak St.)
Cause of death: angina pectoris
Father: M. Hayashi, birthplace Japan
Mother: “unknown”, birthplace Japan

Hirata, Masako, d.4/3/1928
Born: January 12, 1927 Hood River
Died: April 3, 1928, Hood River Hospital
Cause of death: Acute meningitis, complicated by pneumonia and otitis media
Father: K. Hirata, birthplace: Japan
Mother: K. Inukai, birthplace: Japan

Hori, Mary, b. 1925, d. 9/13/1926
Born: Feb. 14, 1925, Hood River
Died: September 13, 1926, Summit District, Hood River
Cause of Death: Convulsions attending high fever probably due to intestinal toxemia
Father: C. Hori, birthplace Japan
Mother: C. Kusacui, birthplace Japan

Hozake, Y Zake, d. 1/24/1911
{name listed on death certificate: Y. Hozake}
Born: December 1, 1910, Hood River, Oregon
Died: January 24, 1911, Hood River
Cause of death: Pulmonary edema, probable defect in heart congenital
Father: T. Hozake, birthplace Fukuoka, Japan
Mother: S. Hosake, birthplace Fukuoka, Japan

Inukai, Kaiko, d. 10/5/1926
Born : August 20, 1926, Dee, Oregon
Died: October 5, 1926, at 3 am, Dee, Oregon
Cause of death: debility due to premature birth
Father: Kazno Inukai, birthplace Japan
Mother: I. Ikegami, birthplace Japan

Ishizaka, Infant Male, b.3/31/1926, d. 3/31/1926
Living at Belmont District, near Hood River
Born and died March 31, 1926, lived 7 hours and 45 minutes
Cause of death: Congenital debility, mother suffering from nephritis
Father: S. Ishizaka, birthplace: Japan
Mother: name not filled in on death certificate, birthplace listed as Japan

Kajita, Shidsue, b. 1917, d. 10/26/1917
(female, Japenese) (name spelled “Shidzue Kajita” on death certificate)
Birth: February 15, 1917, Hood River
Death: October 26, 1917, 5 miles south of Hood River
Cause of Death: “the physician gave it as his opinion the child died from suffocation when turning over on its face, was found dead”
Father: Shiramarru Kajita, birthplace Japan
Mother: Umeno Marigaki, birthplace Japan

Matsumoto, Hitoshi, b. 1918, d. 1/11/1919
(male, Japenese)
Birth: December 29, 1918, Hood River
Death: January 11, 1919, at 8:30 am., Cottage Hospital, Hood River
Cause of Death: debility due to premature birth
Father: T. Matsumoto, birthplace Japan
Mother: T. Toyama, birthplace Japan

Morioka, Tadashi, d. 9/10/1916
(female, Japenese)
Birth: July 12, 1916, Oregon
Death: September 10, 1916, at 11pm., No. 37, State Street, Hood River
Cause of death: bronchopneumonia
Father: Takaji Marioka, birthplace Japan
Mother: Masue Kawamoto, birthplace Japan

Morioka, Miyeko, b. 1917, d. 1/9/1918
(female, Japenese)
Birth: November 6, 1917, Hood River
Death: January 9, 1918, 5 am., No. 37, State Street, Hood River
Cause of death: convulsions in acute ileo-colitis
Father: Takaji Marioka, birthplace Japan
Mother: Masue Kawamoto, birthplace Japan

Munemoto, Itsuki, b. 2/1917, d. 3/10/1917
(male, Japenese)
Birth: December 25, 1916, one half mile east of the city of Hood River
Death: March 10, 1917, 2 months, 15 days, at 8 am
Cause of Death: "capillary bronchitis"
Father: K. Munemoto, birthplace Japan
Mother: Momo Niikawa, birthplace Japan

Nagai, Z, d. 9/30/1908
{Searched for and did not find this death certificate or any name resembling this in Hood River death certificates for 1908}

Niguma, Shizu, b. 1910, d. 11/19/1911
{Searched for and did not find this death certificate in Hood River for 1911}

Nishioka, Joekichi, b. 1918, d. 6/9/1918
POSSIBLY this death certificate:
Name on death certificate: Roy Nishioka
(male, Japenese)
Born: (date of birth not listed but age listed at 6 months, 15 days), birthplace: Hood River
Death: June 9, 1918, at 6 am., 4 miles south-west of Hood River
Cause of death: gastroenteritis
Father: Yokichi Nishioka, birthplace Japan
Mother: Shimayo Yamanaka, birthplace Japan

Shiba, K, d. 1911
POSSIBLY this Death certificate:
K. Schibata
(female, Japanese)
Born March 11, 1911, Tacoma, Washington
Died September 26, 1911, Hood River
Cause of death: “no physician called, said to be inflamation of the bowels”
Father: T. Schibata, birthplace Japan
Mother: M. Tamahi, birthplace, Japan

Soga, Kentaro, b. 1922, d. 10/17/1922- {I did not get time to check for this record today.}

Tamishima, Noboro, b. 1920, d. 1920
(male, Japenese)
Born: October 15, 1920, Dee, Oregon
Death: November 9, 1920, 9:15 pm., Cottage Hospital, Hood River, Oregon
Cause of Death: marasmus and enteritis, contributory cause: malnutrition
Father: Yakichi Tomishima, birthplace Japan
Mother: Matsuo Kuroda, birthplace Japan

Wakamatsu, Infant, b. 1925, d. 4/11/1926
Born: December 9, 1925 Hood River
Died: April 11, 1926, Hood River
Cause of Death: “unknown, sudden death”
Father: Eitaro Wakamatsu, birthplace Japan
Mother: Hisa Tusiji, birthplace Japan

Hope this helps fill in some blanks. Your information on Idlewilde Cemetery has been a help for me in the past as my grandparents, father and uncle are buried there.

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