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Very few items April 1938 Waurika News Democrat

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Very few items April 1938 Waurika News Democrat

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The Waurika News Democrat
Waurika, Jefferson County, Oklahoma

Friday, April 1, 1938

Mother of SAM ASH Dies at Vernon, Texas
…Mrs. HARRIET ADELINE ASH, age 80 years, died Thursday morning of last week. Mrs. Ash was at the home of her daughter, Mrs. LEE STOUT, at Vernon, Texas. EARL C. MORRIS went to Vernon for the remains and brought them here to the home of her son, SAM ASH until Friday afternoon when funeral services were held at Terral, Mrs. Ash’s old home, conducted by Rev. CRUTCHFIELD of Vernon, Rev. RHODES of Terral, Rev. CUNNINGHAM and Rev. G. LYLE SMITH of Waurika…Interment was at the Terral cemetery by the side of Mr. Ash who died in October 1927 and a son, ARTHUR ASH, who passed away in 1920.

HARRIET ADELINE PENDERGRASS was born in Hayesville, North Carolina November 17, 1857. Here she grew to young womanhood and in July 1876, was united in marriage with WILLIAM ASH. In 1883 they moved to Merkle, Texas and in 1894 they came to Terral where they lived until Mr. Ash died. After his death, Mrs. Ash broke up her housekeeping and made her home with her children where she was always a welcome guest. During the years Mr. and Mrs. Ash lived in Terral, their hotel was managed more like a home than a dwelling place for transients… Mrs. Ash was converted in early life and joined the Methodist church…Her membership had been in the Methodist church at Terral for more than 40 years. Mrs. Ash is survived by six children, SAM ASH of Terral, Mrs. A. T. KEITH and V. E. ASH of Granbury, Texas, OTTO ASH and OSCAR ASH, of Fort Worth, and Mrs. LEE STOUT of Vernon, Texas, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Mrs. L. C. QUINSEY, 76 years old, died March 19, 1938 at the home of her youngest daughter, Mrs. E. L. WATLON of Monument, New Mexico. Funeral services were at the Waurika Church of Christ March 20 and were conducted by Elder LANDON, pastor of the Healdton Church of Christ. Interment was in the family lot in the Waurika cemetery by the side of loved ones.

SUSIE ADA THACKER was born March 12, 1872 at Nashville, Tennessee. The family later moved to Waco, Texas… leaving there, the family moved to Indian Territory where there were plenty of room for change and expansion…They located in the tent camp of what is now Ardmore. These were the days of horse thieves, cattle rustlers and the real bad men. Here SUSIE ADA THACKER met and married L.C. QUINSEY on March 5, 1892. They established a home at Overbrook where they lived for a number of years. Later they moved to Marietta… they went to Michigan then back to Texas and arrived again at their starting point, Love County.

In late summer of 1912 Mr. and Mrs. QUINSEY purchased a farm northeast of Waurika and spent several years there. In 19209 they moved to Arizona. Twice more they left to return. Broken in health, Mr. and Mrs. Quinsey returned to Waurika four years ago for their last move together. On March 20, 1936, Mr. Quinsey passed away and since that time Mrs. Quinsey made her home with her children where she was a welcome and honored guest. Of a naturally religious nature, Mrs. Quinsey was converted in 1911 and became a member of the Church of Christ… The last few months of her life were spent in the home of her younger daughter, Mrs. E. L. WATSON of Monument, New Mexico where she made many true and lasting friends…The beautiful flowers sent by the Hobbs and Monument churches as final farewell…

There are only six of the eleven children born to Mr. and Mrs. Quinsey surviving and all were at the funeral: EARL QUINSEY of Plainview, Texas; Mrs. C. H. EDWARDS of Waurika; Mrs. ROY BANNISTER of Oklahoma City; Mrs. F. H. RUTLEDGE of Waurika; Mrs. E. L. WATSON of Monument, N. M.; and EDWARD QUINSEY of Hobbs, New Mexico. There are 14 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. ..

Ryan News by Miss AUDRA STEWART
Mrs. C. N. NORMAN returned from Chickasha where she had been called to be with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. MORRIS, who are recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. ROLAND SHARP of Grandfield visited relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. JONES BARRETT are sick.
Mrs. W. M. STEWART visited Mr. and Mrs. GILLIE MCGEE at McKenney.
Mr. and Mrs. CLAUDE SHARP, Mr. and Mrs. BUD REED, and Mr. and Mrs. E. J. SHIELDS went to Wichita Falls.
Miss NEVADA HOUSTON had business at Dallas.
Mrs. C. N. NORMAN, Mrs. MARY KIETH, Mrs. A. H. BARTLING, and Mrs. GRADY EPPERSON shopped in Wichita Falls. BETTY NORMAN, who attends school there, returned with them for the weekend.
Mrs. FRANK ARNER and son THOMAS EARL returned from a visit to Monahans, Pecos and other points in Old Mexico.
Dr. ANDY made a business trip to Wichita Falls.
BRUCE BURNETT and JIM DODD recovered from the throat trouble.
Mr. and Mrs. MCGROUDER were here from Earlsboro to visit Mr. and Mrs. JIM GREENE.
Mr. and Mrs. EARL MCCLOUD of Duncan visited the ROTHA MANNIN family.
Mrs. CLOYD EDENS of Waurika visited her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. BILL WEST of Wichita Falls visited the JOHN GUEST family.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. GILCHRIST visited at Terral.
Mrs. JOE YOUNG and Miss VERMONT BEAVERS were in Wichita Falls.
CARL HATCHER and O. B. GARRISON had business at Duncan.
JOE CARIKER visited here. He has been in Enid.
J. D. BURGE of Duncan visited the SAM KEPLER family.
LAMBUTH HILLERY of Waurika was here.
JOHNNIE and MAVIS BAKER were at Chickasha.
Mrs. STANLEY BOND and son GILL attended the singing convention at Bowie, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. LESTER DUNCAN were in a near serious car accident on the highway just north of Ryan when their car ran into a Model A Ford driven by some people from Tishomingo.
Ryan mourns the loss of its oldest citizen Mrs. CARRIE WILLIS who passed away Thursday afternoon of last week. Mrs. Willis was born at Sparter, Tennessee in 1839 and was 98 years 6 months, and a few days old at her death. At the age of 20 she married Mr. DODSON and located at Mount Vernon, Illinois. Mr. Dodson died and she was married with Mr. Willis. Mr. and Mrs. Willis moved to Burkburnett 55 years ago and resided there 20 years, then moved to Ryan where the family has been for 35 years. Mr. Willis died in 1925. Mrs. Willis made her home with Mrs. CASSIE BROWN for the past few years. She was sick only a few hours and passed on suddenly with a heart attack. Mrs. Willis was converted at age 20 and joined the Methodist church, later joined the Nazarine church at Ryan. Her life was long, happy and useful. Funeral services were conducted from the Nazarine Church in Ryan Friday by the pastor, Rev. BURTON, assisted by Rev. DABNEY of the Methodist church. Relatives attended the funeral from Burkburnett and Wichita Falls. The only surviving relative at Ryan is a nephew, ANDREW WILLIS.

Addington News by ALBERT HUFFER
TRUMAN MURPHY and family are visiting Dr. G. W. MURPHY and Miss MABEL.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. LIGHT returned from visiting relatives at Drumright.
CLAUD JAY of Olney, Texas, formerly from here, visited here.
Addington school news
JACKIE LEE MAYBEN had the highest average for the last month in the third, DOROTHY HAWKINS in the 4th, followed by HENRY BERRY.
Fifth and Sixth Grades: MARY HUTCHINSON had the only perfect grades in spelling last week. ALMA WYCKOFF, MARY HUTCHINSON, and LEROY WHITFIELD will represent the sixth grade in the county academic contests and GLADYS ARMSTRONG, EFFIE ANDERSON and LOAL JEAN PACE, fifth.
Seventh and Eighth Grades; BOBBY GENE SMITH celebrated his 11th birthday Thursday and HOWARD REEDER his 14th Monday. GEORGE SMITH got 8 cents a pound for his calf he entered at the Chickasha and Oklahoma City stock show.

Friday, April 8, 1938

Addington News by ALBERT HUFFER
Miss ESTHER HEADRICK visited at Bowie.
HARRY BAKER from Duncan was here on business.
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. MCGINNIS of Terral visited here.
Misses RUTH and MARY ARNOLD visited at Duncan.
FRANK HARTZOG of Hobart visited the B. F. GARRETSON family here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. KEITH and Mrs. J. S. PRICE were at Duncan.
M. D. FRANKLIN went to Duncan.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. WHITE went to Duncan.
Miss JOY JEAN WEBB, who attends school at Bowie, spent the weekend with homefolks.
Mrs. M. D. FRANKLIN was in Duncan where she met her daughter MARY JO who attends O.C.W. and came home for the weekend and Miss DOROTHY MCMILLAND of Chickasha to visit the Franklin home.
Rev. and Mrs. M. W. PRESTIEGE visited in Woodward then Shamrock, Texas.
K. A. HARRIS and WALTER LIGHT were in Comanche.
Rev. STEWARD DICKEY preached at the Holiness church.
Mrs. CHARLIE CAMPBELL was in Waurika.
CARL SIMON came home from the hospital.
Miss RUTH PARKER had a minor operation at the hospital at Duncan.
Mr. and Mrs. CULLUS HEADRICK and little CHARLES HENRY visited Mr. and Mrs. HENRY BOWLES.
Mrs. R. MCKINNEY and Mrs. E. M. MONSON and DICKEY visited Mrs. DAVE BRYAN.
Mr. and Mrs. ROY VELEAU and Mr. and Mrs. M. A. RISLEY of Hastings visited Mr. and Mrs. JAMES PHIPPS.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. SUTHERLAND and daughters Misses FLORENCE and JUHREE visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. R. R. FORSYTHE at Corum.
J. W. FOSTER visited his parents at Rush Springs.
Miss ELIZABETH EDGAR from Duncan visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. C. EDGAR and family.
Mrs. GRACE FORGEY visited in Waurika.
Mrs. JENNIE C. HALLUM visited relatives at Minneapolis, Minnesota.
In Duncan, Miss DELIA DIMERY was installed as worthy high priestess …at Masonic temple.
School news
Third and Fourth grades
JACKIE LEE MAYBEN and ALLIE SUE WEBB were the only perfect spellers.
Seniors and sophomores in county academic meet: FLORINE SUTHERLAND, ESTES MITCHELL, 12th; BILLY BRYAN and JOHN SMITH, 10th.

The death of JOHN W. MCKENNEY, pioneer citizen of Addington community, occurred at his farm home northwest of Addington March 23 after an illness extending over a period of five or more years. He bore his affliction patiently and was always cheerful.. Mr. McKenney was in his active days one of the county’s most useful citizens… He engaged in business at Addington for a number of years until sickness forced his retirement. JOHN W. MCKENNEY was born in Oregon, Illinois in 1865 and died at Addington March 23, 1938, age 73 years. As a young man he located in business at Chicago but heard the call of the Southwest in 1901 and came to Oklahoma, located at Addington. He was first married to Miss PINKEY W. DRAKE, to this union, one son RICHARD MCKENNEY was born. She died soon after the son’s birth and the son died several years ago. In 1896 he married Mrs. ALICE GALBRAITH, who has been his faithful wife and companion. She and her son WILLIAM GALBRAITH, also of Addington, are the only surviving relatives of the immediate family. Mrs. JOHNSTON, a sister of Mrs. McKenney, came from Kansas City to attend the funeral. Funeral services were conducted from the family home Friday by Rev. W. A. ROACH, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Waurika. …Interment was at Addington cemetery.

Posted: The HENRY L. HUBER farm 3 miles northeast of Terral is posted against hunters and trespassers.

Chapel Hill
The DAVID CLAYTON family visited the J. B. CLAYTON family.
The J. O. SLOAN family of the Beam community visited the W. C. LONDON family.
Mrs. WILL ISENBURG and Mrs. SARAH MCKELROY of the Madden Grove community and Mrs. LOLLA BROWN of Addington spent Friday with the A. L. MCKELROY family.
The C. E. JONES family spent Sunday with the GEORGE WOODS family of Foster.
The H. M. MARNEY family visited the J. B. CLAYTON family.
Mr. and Mrs. DAVID ROCHELL and Mr. and Mrs. BOB ROCHELL visited Mr. and Mrs. R. D. ROCHELL and CLIFTON ROCHELL and got acquainted with the new baby.
Mr. and Mrs. CLYDE EDWARDS of Waurika and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. BROOKS and daughters, and Mrs. E. B. BROOKS visited Mr. and Mrs. G. A. EDWARDS.
Mrs. ELLEN RICHARDSON and son DEWEY of Sugden, Mrs. ANNIE BOYD and children of Waurika, and JURHEE, BILLY, and ELWOOD LONDON visited the SOMMIE THOMPSON family.
School Notes
We are proud of the boys and girls who entered the county contest last week. We won the cup for fine arts by the following: story telling by NATHANIEL FOWLER, first; reading for 3 to 5 by JOYCE LEE JONES, first; piano solo by IMA ANITA JONES, first; and boy’s oration by ARNELY STROUD, first.
We took the cup for academics: JACK GILLIAM first in 3rd grade; RUTH BROOKS first in 4th grade; JOYCE LEE JONES first in 5th grade; IMA ANITA JONES first in 6th grade; JURHEE LONDON second in 7th grade; MARY BROOKS first in 8th grade.
Mrs. GRACE FOWLER and daughter ANN visited the school.
ANN GILLIAM visited the school.
We took six weeks tests last week. Those making the highest were RUTH BROOKS, JACK GILLIAM and PETE PHARISS in primary room; in the higher grades were MARY BOOKS, IMA ANITA JONES, and JOYCE LEE JONES.

Waurika Local
Tuesday afternoon at Comanche, Miss NETTIE LONG of Hastings and ROY PALMER of Hastings were united in marriage by Rev. HARRY HAMBLIN of the Baptist Church. They were accompanied by Mrs. T. O. PALMER, sister of the bride. They will make their home at the T. O. PALMER house until they establish their own home.

April 15, 1938

JOHN PLEAS STORY, father of JOE STORY of Lawton, died in the home of Joe Story Thursday of last week. He was 76 years old and had been ill for more than a month. Funeral services were at the Rangley Funeral chapel at Duncan Friday with interment in the Duncan cemetery. Mr. Story had been a patient at a Duncan hospital for some time before he was taken to Lawton. Mrs. Story had died at Mexia, Texas more than two years ago. Mr. Story came to Oklahoma from Texas many years ago. He settled at Hugo where he was in the mercantile business and was one of the first city’s commissioners. He is survived by several children, JOE of Lawton; CLYDE of Duncan; CLAUDE of Cameron, Texas; HOMER of Van, Texas; WILBUR of Waco, Texas; Mrs. JEFF DAVIS of Cisne, Illinois, and Mrs. LYNN DAVIS of Mexia, Texas. Mr. Storey was born February 22, 1862. He had lived at Waurika with Joe and his family for some time and was a well loved person.

Five Years for Stealing Chickens
JOHNIE GUNTER was sentenced to five years by Judge JONES Tuesday on a plea of guilty to stealing chickens. ..he had already served four penitentiary sentences and had been jailed on several minor offenses… Mrs. MAY COLEMAN, his accomplice, was given one year in the penitentiary. Gunter and Coleman were arrested two weeks by deputy ALLEN on the highway between Ringling and Waurika, had two sacks of chickens, a rain coat stolen from HARRY VELEAU near Hastings, an auto tire and rim stolen from MART RISLEY at the Veleau place, part of the chickens were stolen from the J. B. CLARK place near Hastings.

Friday, April 22, 1938

Oscar Oiler
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. DYE and Mr. and Mrs. EARL HOSLER of Ryan were in Norman over the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. LONNIE EICHOR and daughters LAWANDA and SHERRIENE were at Wichita Falls.
The D. V. STONE family were guests of the DAVE INGLEDALE family.
Mr. and Mrs. CALVIN PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. JOHN PHILLIPS and BILL PRIBBLE and Miss DORRIS SMITH enjoyed an outing Sunday.
Mr. COURTS and GARRET MAYES are drilling a new water well for Mr. BARRETT who is having a new home built north of Oscar.
Mrs. CLIFF ROBISON and Mrs. JAKE MAYES enjoyed fishing Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. HENRY STARR attended the wedding of a friend at Wellington, Kansas.
Miss BERNICE KENNEDY spent Easter with her parents in Ryan.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. ODOM shopped in Waurika, then were accompanied home by Miss VERDA WELLER.
Mr. and Mrs. BILL PARR visited relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. VOLNEY EMBREE and boys BILLY WAYNE and TOMMY were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. FULLER of Bowie, Texas.
The CLAUD TOW family attended the singing at Orr.
Mr. and Mrs. ARCHIE TAYLOR and son PERCY were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. JONES.
TOM SUTTLES, who got his leg run over by a truck last week, is showing some improvement, walking with a cane.
Mr. and Mrs. BOYCE BAKER were Easter Sunday visitors of relatives and friends at Nocona.
Mr. and Mrs. BILL GIBSON were guests in the JESSE SKINNER home.
Mr. and Mrs. JOHN LEONARD and BILLIE DALE visited relatives at Nocona, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. PERCY SPENCER visited the LYNE PARKILL family at Wilson. The Parkhills are former Oscar residents.
Mr. and Mrs. AVERT of Duncan visited her sister Mrs. PERCY SPENCER and Mr. Spencer.
Mrs. KINNMAN from Fleetwood visited the C. T. TOW family.
The families of ROSE ROMINES, MAY ROMINES and C. H. ROMINES enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.
Mrs. DEWEY CLINE and BILLY visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. TOM EMBREE at Ryan.
Mr. and Mrs. JACK TERRY and son H. J., and Mr. and Mrs. A. B. CALVERY and boys EUGENE and DERRAL had a picnic Sunday.
Mrs. R. L. EMBREE visited her mother and other relatives at Norman.
Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM GIBSON of Decatur, Texas visited the J. V. SKINNER family.
The JIMMY HAYS family visited relatives at Archer City, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. CARLOS MONTANDON and children JENNY LYNN and CARLOS Jr. visited the families of PERCY SPENCER, M. E. STORY and CLIFF ROBISON.
Several men here plant to help WILMER SEAY with branding. Wilmer plans a barbecue for them.
Mr. and Mrs. DULEY of the Gypsy Oil Co. are expecting their son and his wife to visit them. Their son is finishing at the University of Oklahoma law school.
Mr. and Mrs. JOE COOPER visited her parents at the Woodrow community.
Rev. BURTON of Ryan will hold a revival here.
Next Sunday Rev. G. N. STONE of Nocona will preach here.
The 7th and 8th grades took the state examination last week which determines whether or not the student shall be promoted. Those taking the test were: LUCILLE SKINNER, JACK CLAY, MYRTLE EMBREE, WANDA MAYES, LORENE DYE, MAUDINE DYE, ROBERT SKINNER, SHERRIENE WADE, IVA LEE STONE and ALMA FAYE STONE.
Primary: In the Easter egg hunt, JOE LEE SKINNER go the prize and HAZEL DEANE RAGLEY found the golden egg.
BETTY JANE SKIINER, BILLY EMBREE, JUNIOR and LILLIE ROMINES made 100 on an arithmetic test in the second grade. In the first grade, the following made 100: MARTHA REBECCA ODOM, JUNIOR HOGGATT, HAZEL LEANE BAGLEY, JOE LEE SKINNER and BILLY CLAY.

Mud Creek
Mr. and Mrs. CLETUS OWEN of Pauls Valley visited the PERCY FULTON family.
The families of BUD LYONS and ARTHUR LYONS visited their parents, the JIM LYONS family.
LEONARD HARRISON, CLYDE CROSS, FATE FULTON, Misses ALMA HUNT and CLAUD CROSS attended the Easter Pageant at Lawton Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. BENNIE MELTON attended church service at E. B. Ranch Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. MYERS are the proud parents of a girl born Wednesday, April 13, named MARY LOUISE.
Mr. and Mrs. BUCK STALLINGS went to Oklahoma City.
Mrs. J. T. DAVIS and children visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. AYERS at Ringling.
Mr. and Mrs. BENNIE MELTON, Mr. and Mrs. CLAUD CROSS, Mr. and Mrs. PERCY FULTON, CLYDE and RALPH CROSS, FATE, ROBERT and Miss MARY FULTON, attended the senior play at Claypool Tuesday night of last week.
School Notes
Refreshments were served to the pupils by Mesdames J. T. DAVIS, BEN MELTON, CLETUS OWENS, CARROL OWENS and VERA MAE OWENS.

J. W. DAVIS died at Agawam Sunday after a long illness. He was 48 years old, born on Easter Sunday in Indian Territory and died on another Easter Sunday. Funeral services were held at the Sugden cemetery Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev. G. LYLE SMITH of the Waurika Christian Church. Mr. Davis was a law abiding citizen.. Of his immediate family, he is survived by his Mrs. Davis and three children, a brother and two sisters. Mr. Davis lived in Jefferson County about 35 years, later moved to Rush Springs then to the Agawam community where he was known as a good neighbor and friend.

News of Terral by Mrs. J. H. PEALOR
Mr. and Mrs. V. I. MCPHERSON of Dallas, Texas, BRYAN and GUY MCPHERSON of Alice, Texas; Mrs. JOSIE GRONNOW of Montague, Texas, Mrs. BEULAH NEALS of Crescent, Mr. and Mrs. ALLEN CRAIN and son BILLY of Sasakwa, Mrs. E. J. MCGOULDRICK and sons JACK and JAMES of Dallas, and Mr. and Mrs. STERLING MCPHERSON and daughter, Mrs. BONNIE BUSSEY of Fort Worth have been at Terral, called here by the illness of their father, Dr. J. W. MCPHERSON.

Friday, April 29, 1938

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. TRIPP were called to Abilene, Texas to attend the funeral of his father, W. H. TRIPP, who was almost 98 years old. Mr. Tripp and his wife, who is 82 years old, came to Abilene 66 years ago and had resided there since that time. He was one of the old grand pioneers… Mr. Tripp was a carpenter and many are the buildings in Abilene that speak of his ability and good workmanship. Mr. Tripp was a charter member of the Christian Church in Abilene and his membership was in the same church at his death. Funeral services were Saturday and interment was in the family lot at Abilene. Mr. Tripp is survived by his wife, and three children, L. J. TRIPP of Waurika, Mrs. C. Y. HUGHES of Oklahoma City, the only daughter, and D. F. TRIPP of Abilene with whom the aged couple made their home. Mr. Tripp had been confined to his bed following a fall a year ago. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. TRIPP were accompanied by Mrs. Hughes to Abilene and it was the first time in 20 years that all three children of the family had been together.

Mrs. E. D. FORSHEE, mother of BEN F. FORSHEE of Waurika, and sister of T. L. MCMENAMY of Waurika, died suddenly while seated at the supper table in his home at McKinney, Texas, Saturday morning, April 23. Mr. and Mrs. MCMENAMY, who had gone to McKinney to visit Mrs. Forshee and two other sisters who live there, were in the home at the time of Mrs. Forshee’s passing. Mrs. Forshee was a pioneer citizen of Texas and had lived at McKinney for over 25 years. She would have been 78 years of age on her next birthday, October 8. She was a member of the Christian Church and funeral services were conducted from this church at McKinney Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Forshee and R. E. MCMENAMY, another brother at Elk City, attended the funeral.

L. T. WELLS, for 13 years a resident of this community, died Monday after an illness of more than a year. He was 75 years one month 14 days old. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Christian Church conducted by Rev. G. LYLE SMITH, with interment at Waurika cemetery. Mr. Wells was born in Illinois March 11, 1868. He moved to Texas when a young man and came to Oklahoma 50 years ago. He came here from Lindsay. Mrs. Wells died four years ago and since that time, he lived alone. He is survived by five children; HENRY of Oklahoma City; HERSHEL of Los Angeles, California; FREDDIE of Texas; HERMAN of Jacksonville, Florida and Mrs. DAISY WELCH of Lawton, the only daughter. Henry was the only member of the family to attend his father’s funeral.

With her baby son, GEORE MICHAEL, sleeping quietly in her arms, as she had dreamed so many months that he might do, Mrs. MAX THOMAS, nee Miss ALTA EDWARDS, came home Thursday afternoon. Together in a flower covered casket, they were left to sleep on a sunny sloped in the Waurika cemetery until time shall be no more. Joint funeral services were held at the Waurika Methodist church Thursday afternoon conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. D. CUNNINGHAM… Mrs. ERNEST JEFFREY, nee Miss FANNIE CASHION, a close girlhood friend of Alta, sang “Face to Face.”…

ALTA REA EDWARDS, the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. EDWARDS of the Irving community, was born at the old home place July 24, 1910. She grew to young womanhood, attending the Waurika high school, graduating in 1938. The following year she attended business college at Wichita Falls and after finishing there, was bookkeeper for the MACK TAYLOR Drug co. of that city for four years. September 1, 1935, Alta was united in marriage with MAX OTHOEL THOMS and they established their home at Comanche later moving to Duncan where they have since lived.

Alta was taken terribly ill Wednesday night and on Saturday, a Caesarian operation with little Michael stillborn. Alta seemed to rally but …She is survived by her husband, her parents, and the following brothers and sisters, HOMER EDWARDS of Temple, GLENN of Ardmore, FRANKLIN CANADA of Tutwiler, Mississippi; Mrs. R. C. WILLIS of Newton, Kansas; and Mrs. HAROLD NICHOLS of Woodland, California. Alta was converted at a young age and her membership was at her home church.

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