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Very few iems early 1906 Bokchito Success

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Very few iems early 1906 Bokchito Success

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The Bokchito Success
Bokchito, Blue County, Indian Territory
Now Bryan County, Oklahoma

Thursday, January 11, 1906

Fair Restaurant, J. A. BRANHAM, prop.

Marshal Wilcox Injured
On Saturday, U. S. marshals WILCOX and CRISSWELL left Atoka driving a double team, when the team became unmanageable and ran, throwing Wilcox and Crisswell out of the buggy. Mr. Wilcox’s right left was broken. Mr. Crisswell escaped with bruises.

J. B. CHASTAIN & Sons, hardware, stoves, implements, vehicles.

J. M. MOORE, old reliable barber and hairdresser.

City Barber Shop.
Star Grocery.
W. C. CANDILL, attorney at law.
Dr. E. H. BARKSDALE, dentist in the Pope Building.

W. D. STANLEY says it’s too cold to pick cotton, so the boys are pulling the bolls and taking them in the house to pick the cotton out.
Dr. J. A. MORGAN, former dentist of Bokchito, moved to Antlers.
Our friend JESS SCOTT doesn’t miss many days bringing some good wood to town.
J. C. WILDER moved his stock of groceries to the furniture building with O. Q. MOON where he will be manager of MOON Furniture Co. now.
The Knights of Modern Maccabees organized here: JOHN H. WOODS as D.G.C, assisted by G. L. BRIDGE. W. H. KELLING of Fort Worth did the floor work.
AMOS K. BASS was over from Caddo looking after his business here. Mr. Bass let the contract for another brick building 50 x 80 with an opera house above.

E. W. MAPLES spent New Year with his parents at Wolf City, Texas, attending their golden wedding anniversary, E. J. and F. C. MAPLES, his parents. The following brothers and sisters were present for the occasion: J. B. MAPLES, Mrs. JENNIE SANDERS, Mrs. E. J. DUNHAM, T. J. MAPLES, Mrs. H. HEMKINS, T. A. MAPLES and E. W. MAPLES.

January 18, 1906

The Bokchito National Bank; S. T. BENTLEY, pres.; A. C. RISNER, vice-pres., and T. H. DAVIS, cashier.

RIDDLE Bros. Livery, Feed and Sales Stables.

J. M. JACKSON of Caddo was here on business.
Mr. SCOTT of Durant had business here.
J. B. CHASTAIN & Sons will put in an extensive line of implements in the old D. G. WILSON building.
Mrs. W. W. EUBANK of Hugo visited relatives here.
J. S. COLMAN/COLEMAN of the SMITH MCCORY Dry Goods. Co of Kansas City was doing business here.
Miss MATTYE WILKINSON accompanied her sister Mrs. EUBANK to Hugo.
A crowd of boys and girls went fishing: Misses PEARL BAXTER, FLORENCE BROCK, ANNA STINSON, and LOVIE HASTINGS, and Messrs. WALTER BENTLEY and CLAIR COLWELL.

Last Tuesday night, the death angel visited the home of Mr. ALBRIGHT and took from his side, his beloved companion, Mrs. MOLLIE ALBRIGHT, who had been an invalid for many years.

Called Home
J. M. RODGERS, who has been very low for some time, was called to cross the river of death last Tuesday morning. Mr. Rodgers leaves a family to mourn his loss.

Arrested in Durant
On Monday a deputy sheriff and constable of Grayson County, Texas came to Durant with the necessary papers and turned over to them to chief BLEDSOE for the arrest of Mrs. O’DELL and ROUTE. The women broke into a hotel at Whitewright, Texas conducted by a Mrs. PAYNE, and carried away some chinaware, silverware, linens and other articles. They were living in a cottage in East Durant when arrested.

February 8, 1906

Eyes tested and fitted. W. W. STEAKLEY.

Item about Bokchito with 16 brick and stone buildings…

Honor Roll of Mrs. SPARKS’ Room

Mrs. ASR HOMER of Jackson died at her home last Monday and was laid to rest Tuesday.

Electric Lights
WALTER BENTLEY and CLAIR CALDWELL will install an electric light plant here.

Thursday, February 15, 1906

WILLIE MARTIN died at the home of his sister, Mrs. J. M. RODGERS, last week. This is the second time, the death angel has entered this home.

Thursday, March 8, 1906

Please return to the Success office one iron post hold digger that was taken from the LEWIS & GOODE Dry Goods store. It belongs to the NESBITT Telephone Co. and they are in need of it. J. N. NESBITT, pres.

At the home of the bride’s parents, Miss ADA DAVIS and GEORGE MARTIN were married Thursday, March 1, by Rev. L. P. HAMILTON.

New School Building
Last Monday mayor HAMILTON called a meeting of the citizens of the town to build a new brick school for the town.

Matoy is a beautiful little village stationed 12 miles north of Bokchito and 18 miles from Caddo. There are two general merchandise stores, one blacksmith shop ran by two first class smiths, TOM ANDERSON and JIM FATTY. There are 150 students in school with Prof. DRAKE as teacher. For preaching, Rev. WATKINS, Baptist preacher; Rev. LLOYD, Presbyterian. There are 20 members of the W. O. W. lodge. Two doctors, Dr. W. S. WORKS and Dr. GEE. Gin and sawmill owned and operated by WILL YEATES/ YATES.
ALBERT MATOY is fencing his bottom farm.
Prof. DRAKE attended court at Durant last week.
F. BRESHEARS sold his interest in the Matoy Merchantile to his former partners.
One of L. L. ROBERTSON’S children has been sick.

The Bee Hive, article written about the Bokchito school. WILKIE HAMMETT entered school from Durant. Miss DOVIE WILKINSON quit school when her parents moved out of town. Written by MATTIE RIDDLE and HEW DAVIS.

Honor Roll
6th grade: NANNIE LOGAN.

Palace Pharmacy, F. A. MCALEER, prop.
Wood orders, E. W. FREY.
Insurance, R. L. TURNBULL.
Dr. E.SAWYER, M. D., physician and surgeon.

Thursday, April 26, 1906

The death of Mrs. ARA BELLE GARDNER, which occurred April 12, has brought sadness and sorrow to the hearts of her acquaintances and friends. She had lived in Bokchito for 4 years and was known and loved by all. She was born March 1847 and died April 12, 1906, making her 57 years old. She joined the old Bennington church years ago… She was a faithful member of the Ladies Aid Society of the Bokchito Presbyterian Church…

May 28, 1906

Porter Man Missing
Tulsa, I. T., May 15: Mrs. S. A. DUNCAN and daughter and little children of Porter have been here two days in search of CHESTER WARD, a son of Mrs. Duncan, who sent them word to meet him at the Frisco station in Tulsa Sunday. Ward is a carpenter, 34 years old, and has been working here but apparently disappeared. The carpenters’ union has been notifed.

Boy Drowns in Caddo
Ardmore, May 22: CLAUDE HATHAWAY, age about 17, whose home is said to be at Oswalt, drowned at Brown’s crossing on Caddo this morning about 9 o’clock. The young and another boy from Oswalt attempted to swim the stream but Hathaway gave out and was carried under by the current.

Last Tuesday night, the death angel visited the home of GEORGE WILLIAMS and carried about a daughter of 12 years .

Thanks to the Methodist Ladies for their kindness in assisting the Old Maids convention in the interest of the Christian church. ELLA RIDDLE and MAUD STINSON.

Thursday, May 31, 1906

Fire at McAlester: mill building of McAlester Mill and Gin Co. a total loss…

Struck by Lightning
HORACE RICE, a single man, 27 years of age, oldest son of Mr. RICE living on W. L. MITCHELL’S place 2 ½ miles north of Sterrett, was struck by lightning and killed during the electrical storm yesterday afternoon. While standing between a window and flue, he struck in the right ear by the lightning coming down the flue… A man who had stopped in out of the rain was standing near the deceased while his father and brother were in an adjoining room. All the others were shocked but unharmed.

A phone message received from Bokchito this morning states that H. B. GAHRNER, a middle aged man, unmarried, while riding into Bokchito yesterday evening, was struck by lightning and he and his horse were both killed. He had moved from Petty, Texas and was living 5 ½ miles northwest of Bokchito.

June 14, 1906

Albany Items
Albany is situated about 12 miles south of Bokchito and 3 miles north of Red River, a population of about 500, five stores, two blacksmith shops, a gin corn mill and others. Prof. EATON closed his school here and will go to Texas. TOM METCALF just opened his ice cream parlor and barber shop. Miss CORA CASTLEBERRY who has been attending school at Fulton, Missouri the past months is visiting her parents.

At the home of F. A. MCALEER, MYRTLE LOUISE, age 3 years 9 months 5 days, died Tuesday then ARILDA CLEO, age 6 months 27 days, died Wednesday. They were sick a short time with whooping cough. Death has occurred three times in the McAleer family in six months.

Tragedy on Street
Marietta, June 7: At Holder, a village 15 miles east of here Wednesday, Dr. SAM A. GRAHAM, a prominent physician, was shot and killed at the corner of FARNEY KELLER’S drug store in the presence of ten or twelve bystanders. BEN STEWART, living at Holder, well known Chickasaw citizen, left Holder today to give up. Both are of prominent families. Dr. Graham’s mother, two sisters and brothers live at Osage, Texas and he leaves a widow and two little girls. Stewart is a single man.

W. S. GARDNER went to Bennington.
E. R. GOODE went to Poteau.
R. L. TURNBULL went to Jackson on business.
JAKE SIMS of Durant was here.
Miss IVA CLEMMONS is working in the telephone office this week.
AMOS K. BASS was here from Caddo.
JIM YARBROUGH of Durant was here.
N. A. SIMS of Durant was here.
Mrs. J. K. BENTLEY went to Bennington.
Miss DONA MARSHALL is visiting her sister at Fort Towson.
H. N. WILSON of the Farmers National Bank of Durant was here.
WATLER BENTLEY returned to Durant where he is working at the depot.
Miss IVA JOHNSON visited her grandmother at Bennington.
Mrs. PETE HERRINGTON and family moved to Texas.
L. P. HAMILTON and T. H. GOLDSBERRY went to Antlers to help organize a Maccabee lodge there.
ROBERT TREADWELL, formerly of here, lately in Texas, was here.
Uncle JACK DENSMORE, formerly of here now at Durant, visited here.
J. B. CHASTAIN and C. L. SAWYER had business in the country.

Thursday, June 28, 1906

SAMMY SEVERS, 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. SAM B. SEVERS of Muskogee, was killed by a freight train near Pilot Grove, Missouri and his parents were notified of it Sunday morning by the principal of the school at Boonville, MO, where he had been the past year. The remains had been buried at Boonville, but will be taken up and brought to Muskogee for burial.

DAN WALKER went to Caddo.
Miss ELLA RIDDLE went to Bennington.
FAY HAMILTON went to Caddo.
JOHN REEVES of Hugo was here.
HENRY WADE was here from Durant.
LON ALLEN went to Durant.
J. N. NESBITT went to Matoy.
JOE TADLOCK went to Caddo.
Miss LETHA WEARE was in Durant.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. SHAW’S son and daughter are visiting them.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. BENTLEY visited this office.
M. M. SMITH and family were in Caddo.
BRIT LEMONS was in Caddo.
W. E. EUBANK and lady of Hugo were in town.
Dr. J. N. HAMILTON was in Caddo.
T. H. GOLDSBERRY was doing business at the Academy.
W. C. CAUDILL took in the sights at Caddo.
BOB KNIGHT of Bennington was here.
BUD STACY left for Springfield, Missouri to work again on the road.
T. E. NELSON and J. B. LLOYD returned from New Mexico.
J. N. NESBITT and family returned from visiting relatives in Texas.
Miss BESSIE GARDNER was in Bennington.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. BENTLEY, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. BENTLEY and Miss IVA JOHNSON and SAM DAWSON were fishing.
T. H. DAVIS went to Durant and returned with his grandmother.
THEO ROBB of St. Louis, Missouri is stopping at the Whitson Hotel. He is a graduate of the St. Louis Dental College.
Mrs. MATTIE HOOSER, sister of H. E. RUST, spent a few days with him ago while on her way to Tennessee to visit relatives. She will return to her home at Maypearl, Texas.

Thursday, July 5, 1906

Killed in Runaway
EZRA JENNINGS, who formerly lived near Mead, later moved near Barwick, was kicked to death by a horse last Saturday and was buried at Mead yesterday. Mr. Jennings was riding on a load of oats when his team ran away and when the team was stopped by neighbors, Mr. Jennings fell from the wagon between the horses, when one horse kicked him to death. Mr. Jennings was a son-in-law of W. P. C. COFFEY of Mead and was well known and respected. From the Durant News.

Store Robbed
Last week thieves entered M. WAGGONER’S store at Atoka and robbed.

Death of a Former Texan
Eufaula, July 3: JAMES T. CRANE, cashier of the First National Bank of the place, and one of the highly respected citizens, died here this afternoon after an illness of nearly two months. Mr. Crane is well known in Texas, being a son of the late Dr. WILLIAM CAREY CRANE, at one time president of Baylor University.

Thursday, July 13, 1906

Kills His Wife
Higbee, July 4: GEORGE WHEELER, age 26, today shot and killed his wife, age 15, and after seriously wounding Mrs. BATHENA STURGEON of Kansas City, turned the weapon on himself and died. The shooting grew out of Mrs. Wheeler’s desire to remain at the home of her sister-in-law, who is ill, and nurse her. Young Wheeler objected and during the quarrel, drew his revolved and began firing. Mrs. Sturgeon had been visiting the sick woman and was struck by a stray bullet. From the Muskogee Phoenix.

A Killing Near Kemp
U. C. DILLINGHAM, a prominent citizen of Kemp, was shot and killed late last Wednesday evening while standing in his yard, by DAN PRICE, an ex-U. S. marshal. Price claims he fired in self-defense as Dillingham fired at him twice before he drew his gun. He fired one shot with a 45 caliber Colt. .. U. S. marshal WILCOX arrived on the scene this morning and took Price to Durant. Price was employed on the farm by Dillingham and some trouble was known to exist between the men. Price was at the home of Dillingham and the men were alone. Mrs. Dillingham was at the home of a neighbor…. Price shot and killed ORA TAYLOR two years ago. Dillingham was married with no children.

City Drug Store, W. MARMACK, prop.

Dr. E. WILDER, physician and surgeon.

From the South McAlester News: NOLLE KARNEY, the Choctaw Indian who was reported shot and killed by JOHN MCBRIDE at the McBride home south of town Friday, is still in the land of the living but bears the marks of several blows dealt by McBride. John McBride came into possession of a keg of Choctaw beer and invited his neighbor Nolles Karney to join the feast… heavy drinking and trouble began…

Thursday, August 23, 1906

For a premium to the man with the first bale of cotton of his own raising: SMITH 7 STINSON, Bokchito Mercantile, CHESTNUT & GARNETT, J. W. HOWARD, BASS Grocery, Farmers Trading Co., First National Bank, Bokchito National Bank, The Bokchito Success, J. B. LLOYD, J. B. CHASTAIN & Son, City Drug Store, HUGH W. DAVIS, B. W. MARTIN, O. Q. MOON, Dr. S. E. SAWYER, Sawyer Drug Store, J. N. NESBITT, O. B. EDWARD, O. WILLIAMS, Z. T. FINLEY, J. W. FINLEY, C. W. EDENS, J. T. RIDDLE, J. B. AVANT. Awarding committee are W. A. LEWIS, L. L. BEARD, L. HOLLINGSWORTH.

In the home of Mr. and Mrs. JOHN GRAHAM of Wade, August 9, 1906, death angel took their son ELMER, age kind and loving boy, age 13…. Written by MABEL GARNETT.

The Oldest Resident
Mrs. MINA AROWN of Ardmore claims to be the oldest person in the new state. Her next birthday will be in October and she will be 104 years old. She lives with son-in-law, W. H. PHILLIPS, a negro shoemaker, who has the distinction of being the only negro Democrat in Ardmore. He went through the Civil War with his master, JOHN S. SMITH, under General PAGE and was wounded three times at Fort Page, Alabama. He still has his master’s old army rifle and carries it in all the parades of Confederate veterans.

Subscribing funds to repair the Brackett Bridge over Blue: Bokchito National Bank, First National Bank, Bokchito Mercantile Co., Farmers Trading Co., Bass Grocery, Smith & Stinson, J. B. Chastain & Son, D. G. WILSON, J. W. HOWARD, City Drug Store, Dr. R. E. SAWYER, JOHN DABBS, O. Q. MOON, T. M. LITTLE, T. H. GOLDSBERRY, L. L. BEARD, R. S. KELLEY, J. B. AVANT.

Thursday, September 20, 1906

Killed in Mine
WOODY MOORE, a miner, age 22, was killed in Mine No. 8 at Hartshorne Friday afternoon by a runaway trip car. Moore had sent his tools to the surface and was preparing to leave the mine. He was sitting alongside the track in the slope talking to several comrades when a runaway trip was seen coming down the slope. Moore jumped the right side, his comrade to the left. When the car was a few feet from Moore, it jumped the track and leaped to the right side, hitting Moore and breaking his neck. Moore had only worked in the mine three days and was preparing to leave for another position at Haileyville. The remains were sent to Saginaw, Texas in the afternoon by his GENE MIZE. Mr. Moore was a first cousin of Mrs. EUGENE MIZE, and his sister, Mrs. HENRY WALKER resided at Hartshorne. His parents live at Saginaw, Texas. From the South McAlester News.

November 1, 1907

From Albany
School is progressing nicely under the management of Prof. MILLER, principal teacher, and Mrs. MARY MOORE, assistant.
Miss RUBY PLATT of Duplex, Texas was the guest of Miss VERA CAIN.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. REASOR accompanied by Miss CARRIE BUTLER were in Bokchito.
Mr. and Mrs. CROW of Caddo were called to the bedside of her mother who is very ill.
Mr. and Mrs. MILLER of Selfs, Texas were here.
FRANK CROSS of Hillsboro, Texas visited the SAM MCKINZIE/ MCKENZIE family.
Mr. and Mrs. LOWREY went to Wade.
The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. GRAY Saturday night and claimed his mother, grandma GRAY, who was 80 years old. She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church for 60 years.
WARNER METCALLF of Garvin is visiting home folks.

From Matoy
FRANK HULL went to Caddo.
J. M. RUSHING of Linn visited H. J. WOOD.
W. H. YEATS went to the Dallas Fair.
JOE MILLER went to Bokchito.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. BATIEST / BATTIEST went to the Dallas Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. CLIFTON have a new baby boy.
M. F. BRESHERS is sick.
Misses BELL TUCKER and MAGGIE DUTTON went to Bentley.
H. J. WOODS and J. M. RUSHING went to Bentley.
HARVE HULL and HAZEL GRAY were at the Dallas Fair.
Mr. MEADOWS went to Bokchito.
PORT BERTRUM went to Caddo.
Mr. CLEMENTS will go to west Texas after his crops are gathered.
TOM HULL and TIP HULL went to Caddo.

From Blue
ED GILBERT, JIM HICKEY and CHARLES ADAMS went to the Dallas fair.
DEWET ROBERSON returned from Manitou.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. MATHIS of Caney are visiting their son, T. W. MATHIS.
Mrs. CLINTON THORNTON of Bokchito visited home folks.
T. W. MATHIS had business at Bokchito.
W. H. SWINNEY left for Texas where he will work.
THEODORE RICE of Durant was here.
Mrs. W. B. SIMMONS is sick.
BEN RUST moved to Oklahoma Territory.
Mr. and Mrs. EUGENE DIEUS have a new daughter.

Call 58 for Mrs. J. K. BENTLEY when you want dress making.

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