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Israel, Cromwell, Ambrose Clark, Wilson, Peter Harbourt Harbert

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Israel, Cromwell, Ambrose Clark, Wilson, Peter Harbourt Harbert

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Surnames: Harbourt Harbert Speer McClain
I have been trying to track my husband's gggrandfather, Israel Harbourt, for a number of years. I have a great deal of circumstantial evidence to indicate that he may be a son of Peter Harbert/Harbourt of Jefferson Co OH and brother of John Harbourt, Cromwell Orrick Harbourt, Ambrose Clark Harbourt and Wilson Harbourt. If you have any information at all that may help me in my search, please let me know. Here is everything I know:

My husband's grandfather was John Leslie Harbourt b. 1884 in Daviess Co., Ky. John Leslie Harbourt was the son of Cyrus Oscar Harbourt who was b. 1851 in Green Twp., Harrison Co. OH, near Cadiz. Cyrus was the 4th and last child of Israel Harbourt and Elizabeth Speer. Their first 3 children were: John William Harbourt b. abt 1845, Albert Wilson Harbourt b. 1847, and Mary "Martha" Jane Harbourt b. 1849. Israel, Elizabeth and their first three children were on the 1850 US Census of Harrison Co. Ohio. Israel was born 1818 or 1819 in Virginia. His wife, Elizabeth Speer was born in Coatesville, Chester Co., PA .

Cromwell Orrick Harbourt, potential brother of Israel, is describedwas in a History of the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church in Jefferson Co. OH at this website: According to that history, he was b. 1823. It also states that Cromwell was reported to be the 7th son of the 7th son. The 7th son part is consistent with census records showing his father. His father was Peter Harbourt, Jr. b. abt 1783 in then Berkeley Co VA. That later became Morgan Co VA [and then later, West Virginia]

On the 1820 census of Morgan Co. VA, there was a Peter Harbert age 26-45 wife same, an older female 45+, and 5 males age 0-10. [Note: within a couple of families either side of his name are his brother Thomas who had one son [Dr. Wilson W. Harbert] and one daughter [Mary Harbert who later married Amos Hall, and the families of Ambrose Clark and Joshua Clark, close by is Nicholas Orrick whose wife was Susana or Hannah Cromwell]

On the 1830 US Census, Peter Harbert was 40-50 [b. 1780-1790] wife same age, with 3 males age 15-20, 2 males age 5-10 and 1 male age 0-5 [Cromwell maybe as one of the older brothers may have moved away from home by then] Thomas Harbert age 40-50 with his son and daughter are still next door.

On the 1840 Census, Peter Harbert was 50-60, wife same, in Knox Twp, Jefferson Co., OH with one male 15-20 and 1 male 20-30 [I'm not sure where the others were by then]

On the 1850 US Census, Jefferson Co OH; Peter Harbet 60, Catherine 58 [incorrect - they were both more like 67 or 68 as they were married at least by 1802 when they were both named in the will of Peter Jr.'s father, Peter Harbourt Sr. probated in Winchester VA 1802.] It also lists sons Wilson 25 and Ambrose 23 [however from later census records and gravestone, it appears that Ambrose was b. 1817 or 1818, but this would have him as b. 1827 all dates look almost 10 years off]. Peter's other known sons, John Harbourt is living in Island Creek Twp with his wife Rachel [McClain] and Cromwell Orrick is living across the river in Hancock Co WVA with his wife Patience [McClain].

The written records confirm that Peter Harbourt Jr. and Catherine ? were born between 1780 and 1790, were married by 1802, had 5 sons by 1820 and had at least 6 sons living with them in 1830. The known sons from documentation are: John b. 1814 [more about him below], Ambrose Clark [b. 1817/1818], Cromwell Orrick [b. 1823], and Wilson [may have been b. either 1815 or 1825 - only record is that one 1850 census that I can find so far.]

More background on Peter Harbourt Jr. He was named in his father's will in 1802. An extract of the will may be found under the Harbourt/Winters link at
His parents were Peter Harbourt Sr. [aka Herbert and Harbert] and Mary unknown. Peter Harbourt Sr. named the following children in his will: Thomas, John, Paul and his wife Margaret [Kinister/Kenester/Kanester]; Peter and his wife Catherine, and "late" Mary Harbourt wife of John Helms. He also named his wife Mary in the will. Peter Harbourt/Herbert Sr. was b. 1744 in Monmouth Co., NJ and was the son of either Paul Herbert [wife unknown] who was b. 1715 in Monmouth NJ or the son of Timothy Herbert, Paul's brother, who was b. abt 1720 NJ. Both Timothy and Paul Herbert were sons of Dr. Walter Herbert and his second wife, Sarah Tilton. Dr. Walter Herbert left a will in 1750 in Monmouth NJ naming the children of his son Paul - viz. John, Peter and Rebecca, and the children of his son Timothy viz Jemime, Levina, Peter, Timothy and Edward. [He also named several of his living daughters and other grandchildren] [His sons Paul and Timothy did not directly inherit, so it is uncertaine whether they were still alive by then, or whether he just passed them over to give directly to his grandsons.] Dr. Walter Herbert was the son of Walter Herbert and Bridget unknown or Mary Barnes. The original family was Baptist, emigrating from Wales to Long Island, then to New Jersey. However, Dr. Walter Herbert apparently became Quaker either before or upon marriage to Sarah Tilton. Some of his many children stayed devout Quakers, others became Baptist again.

Peter Harbourt/Herbert Sr. came from NJ to Loudoun Co VA in abt 1772 and is on the tax records there through the 1780's. Also on the tax records were his relatives, Thomas Herbert and his wife Hannah Winters, along with their son Josiah Herbert b. 1755. There were also a John and a William Herbert that appeared at the same time. The relationship of Peter Sr. to these others is not yet definitevely known. However, records of the North Fork Batptist Church in Loudoun show that Peter Sr. and Josiah belonged to the same church. Further, Peter's daughter Mary Joanna, married John Helm Jr. and Josiah married John's sister or 1st cousin Margaret Helm. Josiah later became a Baptist preacher and moved to KY.

Peter Sr. bought 2 tracts of land in Berkeley Co VA in 1794 (surveyed in 1798 and recorded 1799). The first is described as 91.5 acres on Brush Run of Back Creek on Sleepy Creek Mt.. The second is described as - described as being 458 acres on the west side of the Third Hill Mountain and drains of Sleepy Creek. This is in the Library of Virginia, Northern Neck land grants. Here is a link if you are interested: This land is in the present day Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area in Morgan Co WVA.

Peter Sr.'s daughter, Mary Joanna Helm b. abt 1770-75, moved with her husband, John Helm Jr. to the Shelby/Jefferson Co. Ky in abt 1802 [likely right after her father died]. I think when her father referred to her as "late" Mary Harbourt, he meant that she had recently married and changed names to Helm, not that she had died. Mary Joanna Harbourt Helm had a number of children: Peter Helm, John Helm III, Merideth Helm, Mary "Polly", Thomas Helm, Zylpha, Delpha and Samuel [twins], and Joanna. More about them later in circumstantial evidence, below.

Peter Sr.'s son John appeared on the 1810 census in Berkeley Co VA, and he signed the marriage bond for the marriage of a female Moreland in that county around 1814. I have not been able to track him further. His brother Paul married Margaret Kinister and her brother Henry Kinister married Elizabeth Moreland. Paul and Margaret moved to Jefferson Co Ky and were living near his sister Mary Joanna Helm in the 1820 US cEnsus. Paul bought land in Jefferson Co KY in the early 1820's with his brother in law Henry Kinister, and Joanna's sons, Peter and Meredith were witnesses to the deed along with her son in law, William Bartlett [then married to her daughter Zylpha]. Paul and Margaret and their children moved to Johnson Co., IN in abt 1827 to found the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church there along with about 25 other people. They stayed in that area. All of their children are accounted for, so my Israel Harbourt is not one of Paul's sons.

Circumstantial evidence linking Israel Harbourt to being the son of Peter Harbourt Jr. [thus, a brother to John, Ambrose Clark, Wilson, and Cromwell Orrick]

1. Israel lived near them in Ohio, as Green Twp., Harrison Co. is just across the county line from Jefferson Co. OH

2. Israel was b. 1818 or 1819 in Virginia. Peter Harbourt Jr. had a son of that age who is yet unidentified [actually there are at least 2 sons of that age yet unidentified]

3. Israel named a son John William. Several of the Peter Harbourt Jr. sons also had sons named John William. John B. had a son named John William, Cromwell had a son of that name as did his brother Ambrose. [maybe this was Peter Jr.'s brother's name - or perhaps a maternal grandfather name]

3. Israel named a son Albert Wilson. Peter Jr had a son named Wilson. Peter Jr.'s brother, Thomas, had a son named Wilson. Peter Jr.'s son Cromwell had a son named Albert Way Harbourt who died as an infant.

4. Israel's son Albert named one of his sons Ambrose and another son Walter. Israel's son Cyrus Oscar named one of his sons William Clark. Israel's daughter Martha Jane named one of her sons Martin Leslie and he named a son Oscar Wilson.

5. Paul Harbourt, brother of Peter Jr. named a son Henry Dallas. Israel's daughter, Martha Jane named a son Dallas.

5. Israel and Elizabeth Harbourt both died within 10 days of each other in 1854 when their children ranged in age from 9 to 3. Although they are buried in the Bethel Methodist Church cemetery in Harrison Co OH and although both Harbourt and Speers lived nearby, their children all ended up in Daviess Co., Ky living with the in-laws of a Thomas Harbourt b. 1812 or 1813 in Virginia. I believe this Thomas is Israel's older brother, but not confirmed. Thomas Harbourt was married to Reuhama Marietta Narcissa Hawkins d/o Aaron Hawkins and Elizabeth Maddox. Aaron and Elizabeth were both at least part Indian [Aaron whole or part Cherokee and Elizabeth part Melungeon and possibly an older Virginia tribe] By the 1860 US Census, Israel's oldest son, John William was on his own in Daviess Ky. His youngest 2 children, Cyrus and Martha Jane were living with Thomas Harbourt's father and mother in law, Aaron and Elizabeth Hawkins. Israel's second son, Albert, was living in Posey Co. with Mahala Hawkins McCray and her husband James McCray and their children. Mahala was Reuhama's sister. James McCray was active in the underground railroad, helping slaves to escape KY and into Indiana. James was arrested when he was only 15 for helping a slave escape, but was not sent to jail. Later, just after the Civil War, James was murdered in Indiana for helping to hid a black woman who was being beaten by her white "employer". Note the KKK was very active in southern Indiana.

[This could be an important connection, as John Harbourt, Cromwell's brother in Ohio was also active in the underground railroad according to the biography of his son, Thomas Cook Harbourt as posted on
An excerpt of that bio states:

"[Thomas C. Harbourt's] earlier years were spent in Ohio. His people were of German stock, lived in old Virginia some years, and afterwards identified themselves with the abolition movement in Ohio. Thomas C. Harbourt was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, September 25, 1849. His grandfather Peter Harbourt was born in Germany in 1783, came to this country when a young man, lived in old Virginia for some years and about 1840 established his home in Jefferson County, Ohio. [Maureen Harbourt note: I don't believe that the part about his gfather being b. in Germany is true given other evidence that indicates that he was from VA , although his grandmother could have been from Germany. All of his sons indicated that their father was from VA on census records. Peter himself said he was born in maryland on the census of 1850. The area of VA where they lived was right on the border with Maryland] He served all through the war with Mexico, but his chief pursuit was as a farmer. Of his children the only one now living is Cromwell O., who is a retired oil producer and operator in Harrison County, Ohio. Mr. Harbourt's grandfather in the maternal line was Samuel McClain, who was born and married in Scotland, and soon after his marriage emigrated to America, becoming a farmer, and afterwards moving to Jefferson County, Ohio, where he died before Thomas C. Harbourt was born.

John B. Harbourt, father of Thomas C., was born near Hot Springs [Maureen Harbourt note: actually the town was Bath, in present day Morgan Co WVA - not Hot Springs, but there were hot springs there which is how the town got its name], Virginia, in 1814. He grew up in that locality, but in 1839 moved out of Virginia across the Ohio River into the rugged country west of Wheeling in Jefferson County. He remained there and conducted his farm until his death in 1892. Like many of the people living in the hills west of the Ohio River in Jefferson County he was an ardent abolitionist, and his house was one of the stations on the underground railway whereby many a fugitive slave from the South found refuge until his progress toward freedom in Canada could be advanced. John B. Harbourt was an intimate friend of Alexander Clark, editor of the Pittsburg Christian Advocate. He voted for Harrison, the whig candidate, in 1840 and afterwards became a republican. He filled a number of local offices, was a member of the state militia, and was a very devout Methodist and class leader in the church. John B. Harbourt married Rachel McClain, who was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1817 and died in Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1898. Their children were: Catherine, who died in Jefferson County, Ohio, at the age of thirty-nine; Thomas C.; George H., a farmer in Columbiana County, Ohio; Mary E., wife of Samuel Watt, a farmer in Jefferson County, Ohio; John W., a railroad man connected with the Wellsville and Cleveland Railroad, with home at Wellsville; Thursa E., wife of John Swickard, a farmer of Jefferson County; W. W. Harbourt, who has been a farmer and now lives in Columbiana County, Ohio; Ida M., wife of John Miler, of Hammondsville, Ohio; and the ninth and youngest, a daughter died in infancy."

6. In Daviess Co KY besides Thomas Harbourt b. 1812/1813 in VA & his wife Reuhama, several children and grandchildren of Mary Joanna Harbourt Helm were living there. On the 1850 US Census, Mary Joanna's daughter, Zylpha is living in Daviess Co with her husband William Bartlett and their 2 youngest children: Sarah and Helm Bartlett. Mary Joanna Harbourt Helm's son, Peter Helm 61 b. VA is living in Ohio County KY, just on the border with Daviess Co and very close to where the Hawkins and Harbourt families lived. Note that he had a daughter who married in KY but who moved to Muskingam Co OH, so maybe he visited there? One of Mary Joanna's granddaughters, Sarah Bartlett, daughter of Zylpha, later married one of Aaron and Elizabeth Hawkins sons, Upton Wilson Hawkins. [I have no idea whether there may be a common Wilson ancestor in the Harbourt and Hawkins lines].

Summary: There is likely to be some connection between the Peter Harbourt Jr. line from Morgan Co VA who moved to Jefferson Co OH, the Israel Harbourt b. 1818/1819 in VA who lived just on the border of Harrison/Jefferson Co OH and whose children ended up in Daviess Co KY, and the Thomas Harbourt b. 1812/1813 VA who lived in Daviess Co KY and whose in-laws raised the children of Israel Harbourt after he died.

Issues to Resolve:
A. There is some evidence that the Thomas Harbourt b. 1812/1813, husband of Reuhama, may have been the son of a Thomas Harbert who was b. abt 1780-90 rather than being the son of Peter Harbourt Jr. b. 1783. There was a Thomas Harbert who was on the 1830 and 1840 census in Daviess Co KY of that age. He died in 1845/46. He did not leave a will, but there were legal proceedings to settle his debts and sell his property. The Thomas Harbourt b. 1812/1813 signed off on those papers, but his wife Reuhama did not.

On the deed conveying the land, the following signed [info in brackets are my notes, not on deed]: Elizabeth Harbert [wife];Byrd Wall and Eliza Jane [Harbert] Wall; Jno. Lashbrooks and Ellen [Harbert] Lashbrooks; William T. Harbert [son]; Thomas Harbert[likely son, but he was married to Reuhama Hawkins Harbert at the time and she did not sign]; Arena Harbert [dau]; Obediah Harbert [son]; and Francis Harbert [son]; Sally Ann Harbert [dau]. Note: After death of Thomas Harbert, his widow Eliz. moves to Louisiville to live w/ dau. Ellen Lashbrooks and with her invalid son, Francis Harbert. Arena Harbert marries Ebenezer Evans s/o Jordan Evans and Delila Whitecloud and dies just a few years after. Sarah Ann marries Andrew Ferguson [Daviess marriage records]. Obediah moves to Kansas and then Washington. William T. -not sure where after.

This Thomas Harbert b. 1780-1790 is NOT the one who lived next to Peter Harbert Jr. on the 1820 and 1830 census of Morgan Co VA. That Thomas Harbert was also b. 1780-1790, but only had 1 son and 1 daughter. He is almost certainly the one living by his older sister, Joanna Harbourt Helm in Shelby Co KY by the 1840 and 1850 census. His son was Dr. Wilson W. Harbert and his daughter was Mary Harbourt who married Amos Hall. All of these lived in Shelby Co KY. The Thomas Harbert in Daviess in 1830 and 1840 may be a son of the John Herbert, potential brother of Peter Herbert Sr. [not Peter Jr.], discussed below.

B. As noted above, Peter Harbourt Sr. [then Herbert or Harbert on census] lived in Loudoun Co VA during the 1770's and 1780's. There was also a John Herbert and a William Herbert there about the same time. The John could be Peter Sr.'s brother John as their grandfather Walter's will named both a John and a Peter as being sons of his son Paul. I have not tracked all of their descendents, but there was a John Herbert on the 1810 census of Loudoun Co who had a son, William living next door. William married Mary "Elizabeth "Wood in Loudoun in 1807. William is on the 1820 census in Loudoun as well along with a John Herbert age who may be his brother. There was a John Herbert who married a Lettice Hutchinson in Loudoun abt 1809 as I recall from Loudoun marriage records. William moved to Gurnsey Co OH. In 1830, William had died, but his widow Elizabeth and children are living there, with a John Herbert almost next door with his wife/children. From other postings, not that I have independently verified, Elizabeth and one of her sons, John, moved from Ohio to Missouri in the 1840's. The John Herbert who lived in Guernsey stayed there. His wife apparently died and he remarried a younger woman, Susan Cullen, b. Ireland, and had more children with her. There are several sons of both this William Herbert and his likely brother John of Gurensey, who were born between 1810 and 1820 . It is possible that Israel is one of their sons rather than Peter's son. I'm still working on this. However, they almost always used "Herbert" whereas the sons of Peter almost always used Harbert or Harbourt.

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