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It is my intention that this ledger book information be provided to a genealogical website so that all people can look at its contents. Until that time, I will simply list the surnames mentioned by pages in the ledger book.
It would greatly appreciate the help of all the families included in the ledger. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me:
1. Where is your ancestor buried? Church and County and State.
2. Who did your ancestor marry? I find that these early families were relatives. My ancestor's neighbors were in fact kin of some sort. Therefore, I would be particularly interested in any marriages but specifically those into the:
Watters Also known as "Walters"
Arant, Aaron, Arnet, Aarant

Then, there are those that are particular interest to me:
Job Rogers and siblings
Zachariah Parker and siblings
John Osborn and family
The Stack Family
Elijah Watters "Walters"
Elias Preslar/Presley
Moses Horn
Lewis Blakeney and family

Here is my word document on the Ledger. It is really a work in progress. Forgive any errors. Many times, I wrote down the words as my ancestor spelt them.

Arant Ledger Book 1831-1890

*Please note this is a list of surnames only. The ledger has detailed purchases and church congregation rosters and many other items. I only wanted to make a list of surnames for people to inquire about. Some customer lists are extensive. Some are short. There are personal pieces contained within the ledger.
*Location of the Families mentioned: Lancaster County, SC; Chesterfield County, SC; Anson County, NC (1790-1842 Census); Union County, NC (1842-1890). If a family is listed in Anson County prior to 1842, 9 out of 10 times, they will be listed in Union County, NC after 1842. A few families still show Anson County, NC after 1842- but only a few.
Elijah Arant’s (b.1808-1881) Ledger from 1831-1848
Elijah Arant lived in Lancaster County, SC. He is buried at Spring Hill Baptist
Church in Tradesville. He islisted on census records in Wild Cat Precinct and in
the Spring Hill Precinct. In 1848, Elijah moves to Kershaw, SC. He paid $10.00 for his ledger in 1831, but when he moves to Kershaw in 1848, he sells it to John Arant for $1.50. Elijah is listed on the 1850 census in Kershaw, but he returns to
Lancaster County by the 1860 census. Elijah was a merchant and listed himself as a shoemaker in the 1850 census. He lists his birthplace as GA, but for the
rest of his life, he says South Carolina.
John Arant’s (b.1825-1890) Ledger from 1848-1890
John Arant continues the Arant tradition and runs a merchant store. He also
knows how to make shoes for his customers. He also is the postmaster for the
Zoar SC community and the postmaster stamps still exists today. He lives five minutes from Tradesville, SC off of Landsford Road. He owns land that straddles the NC/SC stateline. From 1850 to 1870, he is listed in Chesterfield County, SC, but in 1870, his land is listed in Union County, NC. Even after his death in 1890, this land will change addresses from Union County back to Chesterfield County until finally, it is listed in Union County by 1980. He is buried at Zoar Methodist Church on the NC/SC stateline on Dudley road. This is
only three minutes from Spring Hill Baptist Church where Elijah is buried. John’s children list his birthplace as NC and SC. John lists his birthplace as
SC and his father as SC and his mother as NC.
There are missing pages in the ledger book. The actual number of pages is 130 pages. However, someone cut out pieces of the book probably because the ledger served as a diary and legal accounting. By looking at the spine, I suspect that there are 50-70 missing pages.

(There are two pages of the journal on one piece of 11 x 14 copy paper. Therefore, I have 65 pages of 11x 14 paper. Because of this, I will list surnames by pages 1-65. I have samples of both of these men’s writing. If there is not a date listed for a customer, then I will tell you who wrote it…Elijah or John. Always remember to look at the date listed and be aware of the time period of ledger ownership.)

John Arant’s Book
Lewis Blakeney owes J. Arant $75.00 for a Mill Dome
(E. Arant) Laney Funderburk

E. Arant’s Book
1836 David A. Baker working
1840 Calvin Laney paid cash
(J.Arant) Thames Husty or Hudy was owed $3.37 by John Arant for valere?

1836 Stephen L. Sweat working
(J. A.)1848 Peter Baker…lent money to Peter Baker
(J.A.) 1849 D M Carpenter…J.A. delivered 49 cotton to D. M. C.
1835 David “Davie” Baker working
1837 H. Holden
1841 John Hunter working
1849 John Arant delivered to E. Arant
One Book
Balance of Hogs
Hoeing Corn 4 days
Hoeing for Calvin Massey
Rendered on account $4.20 which leaves $2.00
1850 (J.A.) Delivered to Thomas Hudy, Haney, Hasty, Huey?

1849 Thomas Husany, Husty, Hurany
William Griffin b.1831
Margaret Brigman b.9-19-1816
Nancy Carpenter b.2-1829
Phillip A. Otts, Fayette County, AL
(E. A.)
1836 Cull Parker? Cull?
1838 Robert Hegler

1837 Alexander Arant…to Taller
1842 David A. Baker…working
to James Funderburk
to cradling at B. Funderburk
James Perry delivered to E. Arant cash on John Hinson
To cash paid at the bar
1838 Load Funderburk
1839 Johnathan Chester

1840 Jessie Williams
to dollars at Deason sail
whiskey at Ingrams
Zelphy Lawers
David Taler
A. Laney
Luis Underwood
James Perry
A Fergason
James Perry
Isac Gardner
J.B. Fogle
Tyre Robson
John M. Kinser
David Baker
Jacob Funderburk
Willaim Hayse
Jermiah Vail
John Robson
Fedrick Plyer
Andy Belk
Elijah Hinson
James Perry
Isac Gardner
William Robson
John Arant working on new house 1868

1835 Davie Baker
Jasup Baker
1835 DavieBaker

1836 David Baker
1837 D M Carpenter
to order at R C Nelson
(J.A.) Mr. Lewis Blakeney

1838 Cull Funderburk
1838 D M Carpenter and James Locus Qur
working in the shop

1852 Henry Funderburk
(E. A.)
1839 John Denis/Deniz?
1839 Phillip Watters
1839 John Arant a gun
1839 John Dennis/Denniz
1839 John Snips
1839 Sarah Sweat

1840 Stephen L. Sweat
1840 Wm. Funderburk
to Huey
1849 Lewis Blakeney to John for helping to build Laney Funderburk’s house
Andrew blek
Elijah Hinson
Jacob Funderburk
Wm. Hayse
J.B. Fogle
Tyre Roberson
A Laney
Luis Underwood
Moses White
Peter Baker
James Perry
Alex Fergasar
John Roberson
Fedrick Plyler
Samuel McManus
Matthew West
John Mckenzer
David Baker, Sr.
J.D. Clark
Robert Phillips
Zelfy Lanes
Davie Toler
A Laney
Henry Belk
James Perry
Burrel Bradley

1840 George Sweat
1841 George Sweat…rendered pymt by working

1841 Alesander Brake
1841 Gib Locus
1842 the airs of Peter Arant, Sr. deceased…letter from Lancaster to Chesterfield; letter
from Tasahaw to Chesterfield; to do the same

PAGE 13:
1867 Robert Brigman
PAGE 14:
1842 Stephen L. Sweat
1841 John Hunter
1841 Rachel Hunter
1841 Barby Funderburk
1841 William Funderburk

PAGE 15:
1841 John W. ker.
1842 J.W. Ker
1842 Elijah Laney delivered to E. Arants…nails by John W. ker.

PAGE 16:
1843 Littleton Pige
1843 Jessie Williams
1844 Seborn Davis

Page 17:
1844 John Snipes
to work by Sollaman
to cash paid to Jasuph Stern

Page 18:
1844 D M Carpenter

Page 19:
1844 George Sweat Shoes
1844 Stephen L. Sweat

Page 20:
1844 Solloman Puser
1844 Paid Henry Stephens…for 2 months borde
Patty Adams
J. Threat
1849 Lewis Blakeney
J.C. Funderburk
1855 Richard Arant
R. J. Dandlesson

Pgae 21:
1845 Rack Wright
1845 E. Arant delivered to Alvin Massey
James Threat
D M Carpenter
Uriah Lawery
R. Wright

Page 22:
1845 Sambaw Roberson
1845 Alven Massey
1846 Samuel McManus
1851 Robert McManus..delivered to Jonas $5 in bute of swaping horses with David
Jonas Courtney
David Carnes
1854 Hirem Threatt
B.A. Starnes

Page 23:
1845 Sambaw Roberson
1845 Alvin Massey
1846 Samuel McManus
Alvin Massey
1852 Jones Coatney
Lewis Blakeney
Aron Blakeney
Henry Funderburk
Wm Funderburk
James M. Gill
John Funderburk
Calop Dees
Aron H. Blakeney
John Plyler
John Funderburk
Alex Arant
Sam Threatt
J. C. Funderburk
Jones Coatney
John Arant
1860 John Funderburk

Page 24:
1854 Richard Arant
Emmelina Threatt
1853 Henry Funderburk
1854 Samill Page

Page 25:
1854 Nancy Watters
1847 John Coatney
(E. A.)
William Hough
Mikel West
Richard Arant
Margaret Page
Samill McManus

Page 26:
1853 Aron Blakeney…John work with Aron

Page 27:
1847 Eavin Threatt
1847 Peter Baker

Page 28:
1847 Joshua Watters
(J.A.) Richard Arant
1872 D. Deason

Page 29:
German..Peter dies…so writes the second born

Page 30:
1860 Henry Funderburk
1859 James Arant detr to John Arant (See Neal Cadieu’s notes on this page)
1858 Henry Funderburk

Page 31:
Henry Funderburk

Page 32:
1860 Henry Funderburk
J.C. Funderburk’s wife
1858 Lewis Blakeney

Page 33:
1864 James M. Rogers
J. A. Belk
M. Hares
J. Davis
Z. Parker
F. Threatt
S Mangum
J. Brigman
S. Maddox
S. Griffen
To others

E. Mangum
A. Funderburk
D. Eubanks
D. Jenkins
J. Hops
E. Blakeney
M. Deas
E. Jenkins
E. Brigman
Ann Lee/Gill
M. Carnes
V. Arant or N. or M.
J. Rolens 1863

Leanders Lowey or Louey 1860
Sarah Massey or Mapsey
Calop Deas
John Carrens
James Abeller
Robert Hares
Briten Parker
Evin Threatt

Page 34:
1866 Mary Parker
1866 Sarah Stack
Males: A. A. Smith
Alven Parker
Parson Deas
Josher Osborn
John E. Parker
Elizabeth West
Sarah Rollings
Vise E. Walters
Elizer Jenkins
Charlotte Stack
Clarand Eliott
Trissa Osborn
Elizar Osborn
Franko Phillips

Page 35:
1869 J W Threatt
Five Forks…Taxahaw
Cotton to Davie
Cotton to Deas
H. H. Rasill Hinchen
D. W. Mangum…deliver tin ware

Page 36:
John W. Threatt
Nancy Isabelle Starnes
Thamos Deas

Page 37:
John W. Threatt
Canda Deas
Jasper Baret
Marshil Rige, Pige, Page,
Thomas Eubanks, ?

Page 38:
Aron H.Blakeney
William Coattney
Thomas Arant June 19, 1869 “Just in time”
J W Threatt

Page 39:
Birth of John’s family

Page 40:
Newet Dees
Peter Baker
Elizabeth Brigman
Elizabeth Ollott or Ellott
Willis Jenkins
David Desson
John Parker
Elijha Philman
Angis Dees
Robert Brigman
Zelfa Rolings
Clarey Deese
Elid Craferd or Elid
Christopher Dees
Jesse Beaver
Samuel Threatt
Canday Dees
Clorz H. ??

Page 41:
Emmelina Threatt
Margaret Arant
Nancy I Arant
Charlott Stack
Manda Stack
Mary Parker
Margaret Parker
Elizer Jenkins
Elizabeth Beaver
Elmer Threatt
F.B. Rogers
Silpha Rollings
Rody Am Deas
Emelina Threatt
John W. Threatt
Martin Deas
Seals Parker
Zelpher Griffin?
J Griffen
J C Walden?? H
Samill Maddox
? Stephen Moss William Dees?
Sarah Stack
Rachel Stack
Elizabeth Jane Elender
Polly Sarah Martha Zest or West

Page 42: Church Roster…(from Zoar Methodist??? Unknown)
Mary Parker
John Arant
Robert Phillips
Robert Brigman
E. J. Parker
Z Parker
William Deas
William Smith
Alexander Smith
James P Griffin
J W or G W Walden
Elias Taylor
Henry Phillips
Marron Maddox
John W. Phillips
John Phillips
Thomas Yarben or Garlen or Yarlen
Leander Osborn
Fosher or Fosler or Foster Osborn
John Osborn
J W Threatt
John E Parker
Alven Parker
Ammos Parker
John Walters
Moses Horon or Horn
Alexander Osborn
John W Parker
Isiak or Isich Maddox or Jsich
Lieu or Leu or Eeu or Liu Smith
James Smith
Seals Parker
William Walden
Horson Dees
John W. Walden
Moses Walters
Columbus Blakeney
Geeroary or Gregory Hellem
Stephen Maps or Moss or Mass or Mops
Morten Dees
Fisher Griffin
Thorlow Greger or Thoreau Gregeor
James Stack
George Walters
Zach Smith
John Walden
Samill Maddox

Page 43:
Mary Parker
Martha Parker
Margret Arant
Emmlina Threatt
Nancy Outten
Mary Anderson
Zina Deas
Martha Phillips
Visa Walters
Zempy M Parker
Susan Smith
Tressa Parker
Elizabeth Griffin
Vina Elliott
Emlina Deas
Elva Osborn
Mary J Parker
Elizabeth Osborn
Martha Osborn
Silpha Rollings or Rollins
Christin Smith
Mary Philips
Sarah Handcock
Emlina Tayler
Elizabeth Osborn
Nancy Funderburk
Nancy I Arant
Srah Osborn
Sarah Horon or Horn
Elizabeth Outten
Randy or Roady Deas
Rachill Maddox
Elizabeth Beaver
Menerva Deas
Octova Walters
Nelley Maddox
F D Roggers
Polley Phillips
Seala Funderburk
Franky Phillips
Charlott Stack
Elizer Osborn
Tressa Osborn
Rassa or Rosa Maddox
Elizabeth West
Elizer Jenkins
Vasa Walters
Jane Mangum
John Arant
Robert Phillips
Robert Brigman
E J Parker
Zechariah Parker
William Deas
William Smith
James P Griffin
J W Walden
Elias Tayler
Henry Phillips
John Phillips
Thomas Garlen
Marren Maddox
Leander Osborn
John Osborn
Foster Osborn
J W Threatt
John E Parker
Alven parker
Amos Parker

Page 44:
Cullen Parker
Z Parker
John Elliott
W S Osborn
Collop Deas
J L Deas
Mary Anderson
Manina Anderson
John Griffin
Robert Brigman

Page 45:
F. D. Roggers
Eliza Blakeney
Mary Anderson
Morron Maddox
Aron Plyer
Thomas Winchester
Thomas D Winchester

Page 46:
John Hollom
Peter Threatt
Julius Belk
W. B. Jones
E. J. Funderburk
D. A. Funderburk
Aron Dees
F. D. Rogers
Martha Parker

Page 47:
Ritt Scarborough
Britton Parker
E. J. Funderburk
Peter Parker
Robert Brigman
John Arant
John W . Threatt
Henry Phillips
J. P. Griffin
A. A. Smith

Page 48:
John Osborn
Martha Dees
Jackson Griffin
Jesse Threatt
E. J. Parker
Willson Elliott
Leory Hilton or Hinton
Z Parker

Page 49:
August 9, 1868..John Arant chased deserters. He was a lieut. For the South. This rhyme is repeated in three different handwritings. I can make no sense of it. But, I feel sure that it refers to people.
1. There Ringwood and Seamer. Gillaflower Gamester.
2. Canlis and Bonalafs ( or Borlofs) and Froner
3. There Maywell and Wonder; Beman and Plander. Parte of the Dogs that wood find him.
4. Risco and Noler and Payler and Toler (Taylor)
5. Markwell and Damcel and Cryer
6. Himba and Cumbo and Cumlaps was there. Cumlafs or Cumlaps never look behind him. Com and See

Page 50:
Aron H Blakeney
Z Parker
Leerory Hilton or Helton
John W. Threatt…….Road Hands are listed below
Henry Funderburk
Leander Osborn
Alexander Osborn
Alvin parker
Amos Parker
John Phillips
Pleasant Deese
James P. Griffin
John Walden
Henry Doster
Nead Stack
Joel Cuton or Outen…overseer

Page 51:
Same verse as above

Page 52:
Thomas Winchester

Page 53:
James P Griffin
Wilson Deas
Birel Threatt
Thomas Deas
Jacob Stack
John Arant
Thomas D. Winchester

Page 54:
W. S. Osborn
Benjamin John Arant Arant
John John Arant Arant
John Arant
Cullen Parker
John Parker
Alvin OUten
J.J. Griffen

Page 55:
Candado Dees
George Wombel
George Wimbel

Page 56:
Heuy O Funderburk
Elizabeth Beaver
Elizabeth Plyler
Nancy Walters
Nancy Blakeney
Hugh Massey
Issom Plyler
Peter Eur

Page 57:
Marthay Funderburk
Issom Plyler
Samill Page
Elizabeth Beaver
Aron H Blakeney
William Cotney
Mr. Green Threatt

Page 58:
Samill Paggs or Pgae
Canda Deas
Richard Arant
William Funderburk

Page 59:
Henry Funderburk

Page 60:
Palesstene Blakeney
Norah Blakeney
Aron H. Blakeney

Page 61:
Jones Coatney
Jackson Coatney
David Seal
Thomas Deas
Richard Arant
Amos Caler or Coler

Page 62:
Richard Arant
Robert Hegler
Lewis Blakeney
Z Parker

Page 63:
1845 Magarry got drowned on the 21st of January in the year 1845 in Lynches Creek at Roberson Forde….Pays for coffin, carry coffin, iron,
Peter Baker
Henry Funderburk
My Dear Brother letter….
Page 64:
1849 Richard Arant
1849 Lewis Blakeney
1853 Samill Boggs
Aaron H. Blakeney
Lewis Blakeney
John Arant
John Arant sener

Page 65:
Peter Baker
Henry Baker
Benjamin Reeder
Jack Walcock
Thomas Harret
Hugh Rollins
Leavy Knight
Robert Dunlap
John Gant
Jackson Griffin
Laney Funderburk
Richard Arant
Since man to man has been, so just I do not know what man to trust. Pay to day and I will trust tomorrow. April 7,??? 1834 or 1833 or 1534 or 1533

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