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Theophilus Morgan Will, Iredell (formerly Rowan) Co., NC 1807

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Re: Theophilus Morgan Will, Iredell (formerly Rowan) Co., NC 1807

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Surnames: Owen Morgan
Hi! Thanks for contacting me. I haven't looked at your line for some time, but this is what I collected when I did. The numbers indicate the generation; sorry the indenting wasn't preserved. Do you recognize anyone in your family?

If you'd like a pdf, send your email address and I'll forward it to you with the formatting preserved.
Happy Hunting!

Descendants of Ruth Owen
Page 1
8 Sep 2012
1. Ruth Owen (b.Abt 1764;d.Aft 1796)
sp: Theophilus Morgan Jr. (b.Abt 1755-,,NC;m.Abt 6 Aug 1784;d.18 Aug 1844-,DeSoto,MS)
2. William M. Morgan (b.1791-,,NC;d.Aft 1861/1869)
sp: Mary Gordon (b.1793-,,SC;m.Abt 1816;d.Bef 1860-,Henderson,TN)
3. Sophia Morgan (b.27 Mar 1817-TN;d.11 Aug 1877-Henderson Co.,TN)
sp: Thomas Alexander Noell (b.5 Jan 1812-Davidson Co.,TN;m.19 Sep 1837;d.5 Mar 1868-Madison Co.,TN)
4. Mary Eliza Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Harriet Elizabeth Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Edmund Francis Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Laura Frances Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Susan Tamyra Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. William Priestly Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Thomas Jefferson Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. James Alexander Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Robert McKamey Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Benjamin Franklin Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Sarah Virginia Noell (b.Aft 1837)
4. Albert Lafayette Noell (b.Aft 1837)
3. Elijah Morgan (b.1822-Henderson Co.,TN)
3. Alfred Morgan (b.3 Jan 1827-Henderson Co.,TN;d.30 Nov 1913-Madison Co.,TN)
sp: Rianna Gooch (b.3 Dec 1832;m.18 Dec 1850;d.28 Jul 1901-Madison Co.,TN)
4. Ann Morgan (b.Aft 1850)
4. William Morgan (b.Aft 1850)
4. Mary Morgan (b.Aft 1850)
4. Cora Morgan (b.Aft 1850)
4. Clarence Morgan (b.Aft 1850)
4. Rufus Morgan (b.Aft 1850)
3. Lafayette Morgan (b.1829-Henderson Co.,TN;d.1863)
sp: Martha J. Taylor (b.20 Apr 1832-TN;m.Aft 1850)
4. l. T. Morgan (b.Aft 1850)
3. William N. Morgan (b.1833-Henderson Co.,TN)
3. Mary E. Morgan (b.1837-Henderson Co.,TN)
2. Thomas Morgan I (b.Abt 1790-,,NC (prob);d.Abt 1823)
3. Charles Morgan (b.Abt 1810)
sp: Minerva C. Morgan (b.9 Nov 1820)
2. Jonathan Oliver Morgan Sr. (b.25 Mar 1796-,Iredell,NC;d.1860-,Carroll,TN)
sp: Martha Gordon (b.1797;m.Abt 1819;d.1844)
3. Minerva C. Morgan (b.9 Nov 1820)
sp: Charles Morgan (b.Abt 1810)
3. Alexander G. Morgan (b.1822-TN)
3. Calvin J. Morgan (b.1824-TN)
sp: Mary Martha Stanford (b.Abt 1834-TN;m.3 Jul 1853)
4. John Morgan (b.1855)

Descendants of Ruth Owen
Page 2
8 Sep 2012
4. Jesse Morgan (b.1858)
4. William H. Morgan (b.1860)
3. Rufus K. Morgan (b.9 Nov 1825;d.1841-John Morgan Family Cemetery,nr Jumbo,Carroll,TN)
3. William Wilson Morgan (b.21 Oct 1827;d.1845-John Morgan Family Cemetery,nr Jumbo,Carroll,TN)
3. Dewit Clinton Morgan (b.21 Oct 1827)
sp: Patience Elizabeth Ross (b.20 Aug 1842;d.1875)
4. Martha Ann Morgan (b.21 Jun 1861-Calhoun Co.,MS;d.20 Dec 1940)
sp: William Randolph Byars (b.29 Oct 1858;d.29 Apr 1940)
5. Ivy Lee Byars (b.26 Sep 1892;d.26 Jun 1986)
sp: Victor Hugo Ellard Sr. (b.1 Aug 1886;d.9 Sep 1947)
6. John Edward Ellard
6. Victor Hugo Ellard Jr. (b.24 Sep 1923)
sp: Sydnette Boyette (b.21 Mar 1926;d.Abt 1985)
6. Carl Bruce Ellard (b.20 May 1927)
sp: Alford
3. Albert G. Morgan (b.7 Feb 1832;d.20 May 1902)
sp: Rachel Pernervie Shaver (m.31 Dec 1856)
4. Matilda Morgan
sp: William G.. Smith (m.25 Jan 1880)
5. Minnie Lee Smith (b.19 May 1880-Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: George Henderson Ledsinger (b.30 Dec 1871-Carroll Co.,TN;m.21 Jan 1898)
6. John Alfred Ledsinger (b.12 Nov 1898-Carroll Co.,TN;d.7 Jul 1954-Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: Verna Virginia McDaniel (b.3 Mar 1907;m.19 Dec 1925)
7. Virginia Lee Ledsinger (b.18 Jun 1927-Clarksburg,Carroll Co.,TN)
7. Larry Ledsinger (b.5 Apr 1930-Bargerton,Henderson Co.,TN;d.9 May 1995-Huntingdon,Carroll Co.,TN)
7. Ledsinger
6. Algee Lee Ledsinger (b.26 Sep 1901-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. Alfred Shaver Smith (b.18 Oct 1889;d.15 Apr 1962-Bruceton,Carroll,TN)
sp: Non Mai Ledsinger (b.May 1898)
6. William Jasper Smith (b.26 Feb 1916-Carroll Co.,TN;d.21 Jul 1995-Huntingdon,Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: Edna Helen Jackson (b.12 Sep 1919;m.2 Oct 1939)
7. Smith
7. Smith
6. Smith
6. Willie Viola Smith (b.1919)
sp: Addie Anna French
6. Julie Smith (b.24 Nov 1922-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. Frances Smith
5. Louise Smith
sp: Dyer Coggins
4. Martha Manerva Morgan (b.1858;d.1914)
sp: Fant Roy Roberts
5. William Henry Roberts (b.9 Jun 1881)
5. John Albert Roberts (b.27 Mar 1883;d.30 Jun 1927)

Descendants of Ruth Owen
Page 3
8 Sep 2012
sp: Lena Allen
4. Sarah Elizabeth Morgan (b.1860)
4. Leona F. Morgan (b.27 Sep 1867;d.30 Aug 1953)
sp: Nathan Eldridge Laycook
5. Birdie Laycook (b.25 Dec 1900-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. William Jessie Laycook (b.29 Nov 1902-Huntingdon,Carroll Co.,TN;d.5 Oct 1994-Paris,Henry,TN)
sp: Mary Christine Haddock
5. Laycook
5. Laycook
4. Willie Ann Morgan (b.9 Nov 1868)
4. Andrew Jackson Morgan (b.25 Sep 1869;d.9 Nov 1949)
sp: Sarah Jane Tate
5. Elbert Elisha Morgan (b.19 Jun 1897-Carroll Co.,TN;d.5 Oct 1983)
sp: Mintie Erin Forbess (m.26 Oct 1927)
sp: Peterson
5. Albert Elijah Morgan (b.19 Jun 1897)
5. Bessie Gertrude Morgan (b.1 Sep 1895;d.23 Mar 1930)
sp: Horace Lacy
6. James H. Lacy
6. Ruby Ann Lacy (b.18 Feb 1913-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. Ollie Mae Morgan (b.3 Oct 1900)
5. Dolla Belle Morgan (b.6 Mar 1902;d.13 Nov 1990)
sp: Harmon H. Wilson
6. Wilson
6. Clara Wilson (b.18 Feb 1924-Carroll Co.,TN)
6. Wilson
6. Wilson
6. Wilson
6. Raymond Wilson (b.11 Nov 1922-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. Morgan
5. Morgan
5. Morgan
5. Morgan
4. Margaret E. Morgan (b.1873)
4. Minnie E. Morgan (b.23 Mar 1874;d.1936-Palmer Shelter Cemetery,Carroll,TN)
sp: Samuel Franklin Smith (m.17 Aug 1899)
5. Estress Lee Smith (b.1901;d.27 Mar 1969-Huntingdon,Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: Kim Dewey Dill
6. Dill
6. Minnie Vonell Dill (b.24 Dec 1928-Carroll Co.,TN;d.19 Mar 1995)
sp: Robert Smothers
sp: Kee
6. Dill
6. Dill

Descendants of Ruth Owen
Page 4
8 Sep 2012
6. Kim Dewey Dill Jr.
5. John Lois Smith (b.16 Mar 1903-Carroll Co.,TN;d.19 Sep 1992)
sp: Ruby Oatsvall
6. Dwayne L. Smith (b.1927)
6. Smith
5. Ben White Smith (d.1983)
sp: Garrett
5. Zelma A. Smith (b.1912;d.8 Mar 1990)
sp: James Otha Forbess
4. Mary Morgan (b.26 Oct 1876;d.17 Jan 1961/1962)
sp: Richard Albert Crider (m.Feb 1899)
5. Mae Crider (b.17 Jun 1901;d.30 Jun 1983)
sp: White
6. William Ray White (b.11 Jan 1926)
6. White
6. White
5. Graydon Carmack Crider (b.13 Sep 1903;d.8 Dec 1959)
sp: Rowland
6. James Albert Crider (b.12 May 1928)
5. Crider
sp: Wyatt
5. Ida Crider (b.24 Sep 1909)
5. Lillian Crider (b.24 Jul 1914;d.1 Mar 1995)
sp: Holland
sp: Day
6. Patricia Day (b.10 Jul 1935)
5. Roy Albert Crider (b.21 May 1921;d.23 May 1980)
sp: McAlpine
4. Evie J. Morgan (b.23 Jan 1880)
3. Elbert W. Morgan (b.7 Feb 1832)
3. Martha Lee Morgan (b.20 Aug 1834)
3. John Oliver Morgan Jr. (b.1 Nov 1836-TN;d.26 Feb 1914)
sp: Martha Paralee Shaver (m.8 Nov 1855)
4. Nancy Catherine Morgan (b.18 Oct 1856-Carroll Co.,TN;d.19 Jul 1941-Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: John William Rosser (b.26 Jul 1851-Carroll Co.,TN;m.2 Nov 1876)
5. W. J. Rosser (b.25 Aug 1877-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. Eddie Lonzo Rosser (b.21 Sep 1878-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. William W. Rosser (b.23 Apr 1881)
5. Eugene Voul Vird Rosser (b.29 Oct 1883-Carroll Co.,TN;d.1963-Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: Mary Letha Ross (b.Mar 1887-Carroll Co.,TN)
6. Homer Alton Rosser (b.Jun 1906)
6. Rosser
5. Geter Grover Cleveland Rosser (b.10 Nov 1886-Carroll Co.,TN;d.1968-Carroll Co.,TN)

Descendants of Ruth Owen
Page 5
8 Sep 2012
sp: Hattie Mae Pendergrass (b.1889-Carroll Co.,TN)
6. Rosser
6. Johnny Owens Rosser (b.1912-Carroll Co.,TN;d.1975)
5. Arthur Hubbard Rosser (b.8 Apr 1889-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. Rufus Ollen Rosser (b.6 May 1891-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. John Samuel Rosser (b.26 Sep 1893-Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: Nova Ledsinger (b.7 May 1896-TN)
sp: Marie Twyman (b.1908)
5. James Norwood Rosser (b.25 Dec 1895-Carroll Co.,TN)
4. William Rufus Morgan (b.17 Dec 1858-TN;d.14 Mar 1890)
sp: Armeilia Jane Kirby (b.5 Mar 1856-Carroll Co.,TN)
5. Henry E. Morgan (b.1873;d.1951)
sp: Lela (b.1878)
6. Morgan
6. Morgan
6. Bill Morgan (b.3 Apr 1914)
6. Morgan
6. Morgan
6. Morgan
5. John W. Morgan (b.10 Jun 1884;d.10 Apr 1972)
sp: Flossie Ethel Belew (b.23 Nov 1888;m.14 Apr 1914)
6. Thelma K. Morgan (b.9 Mar 1919)
5. Mary Elizabeth Morgan (b.12 Jul 1886-Carroll Co.,TN;d.11 Apr 1967)
sp: Henry Alfred Ledsinger (b.20 Mar 1888-Carroll Co.,TN;m.9 Aug 1905)
6. Betty Agnes Ledsinger (b.2 Jun 1909;d.19 Oct 1989)
sp: William Wiley (b.11 Dec 1898)
6. Ledsinger
6. Ledsinger
6. Virgie Mae Ledsinger (b.10 Aug 1915-Cedar Grove,Carroll,Tn;d.15 Nov 1999-Huntingdon,Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: R. B. Vinson (b.22 Dec 1911;m.22 Sep 1945)
6. Gladys Ledsinger (b.25 Jan 1918-Carroll Co.,TN;d.3 Apr 1997-Huntingdon,Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: Chandler
6. Ledsinger
6. Ledsinger
6. Ledsinger
6. Thomas Jasper Ledsinger (b.7 Jul 1926-Carroll Co.,TN;d.30 Sep 1998-Huntingdon,Carroll Co.,TN)
sp: Floye Nell Dill (b.21 Feb 1929-Christian Chapel Cemetery,Carroll,TN;m.8 Dec 1945)
7. Dennis Durand Ledsinger (b.20 Jan 1947)
7. Ledsinger
7. Ledsinger
7. Ledsinger
7. Ledsinger
6. Ledsinger
5. Jacob J. Morgan (b.1888)

Descendants of Ruth Owen
Page 6
8 Sep 2012
5. Jim B. Morgan (b.1889)
5. Rufus Jane Morgan (b.1 Sep 1890)
4. Isaiah Morgan (b.1862)
3. Sarah E. Morgan (b.1840)
sp: Catherine (d.Aft 1860)
3. David C. Morgan (d.Aft 1868)
2. Emily Morgan (b.Bef 1813)
sp: William Wesley Gordon (b.1801-,Robertson,TN;m.Abt 1834)
2. Elijah Morgan (b.Abt 1800-,,NC)
sp: Malinda Murphy
2. Hannah Morgan
sp: Thoma Johnson
2. Theophilus III Morgan (b.Abt 1804-,,NC)
sp: Elizabeth Hughey
2. Child EightA Morgan
2. Child NineA Morgan
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