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INQUIRY : Ebenezer Hulse of Brookhaven, N.Y.

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hulse family

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suffolk co connection? "HULSE" IMMIGRANTS TO AMERICA


This Part lists those immigrant families which have grown to considerable size. These bear a single identifying letter.

England. Immigrated before 1867.

This family is unique in that it has both an English and an American Family Recorder. Unfortunately, as far as we presently can determine, the male lines in the
American branch have died out, and there is no present record of any other immigration other than the one listed below.


The English Recorder has traced the ancestors of James, the American immigrant, back to John Hulse and Mary Nichols. John was born about 1720. Only one child
has been located, and that was a Thomas Hulse. He was baptized in 1740 and married twice. His first wife, who Thomas married in 1760, was Mary Ellison. She
may have died shortly after their marriage, as no children are recorded and in 1761 John married second a Phoebe Stephen, and by her had five children. Of these
only their son Stephen has been traced. He also married twice. By his first wife Elizabeth he had seven children, and by his second wife Sarah, he had one child,
Josiah Hulse (B04/008/002), baptized in 1808, and died in 1887. Josiah also married twice. His first wife was Sarah Oakley, and his second wife was Lucy Birch.
All three lived and died in England. Josiah had eleven children, but only James (B05/003/008), Josiah and Sarah's third child, and second son, immigrated that we
presently know of. The rest of their children presumably lived and died in England.

First Generation in America

James Hulse (B05/003/008) was born in Wolverhampton, England on 22 August 1835, and died in Archer, Madison, Idaho, on 21 October 1903. He married
three times. His first wife was Ellen Tame. They were married in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 9 November 1867. Ellen, born in Birmigham, England on 2 September
1837, later died in Archer, Idaho, 21 November 1908. James next married Caroline Davis, and then for the third time married Mary Anne Tame. By Caroline and
Ellen James had thirteen children. The first five were born in England. The last eight in Utah.

Children by Caroline Davis

Thomas Josiah Hulse, B06/001/003, born 1858, died in 1864 in England; James Henry Hulse, B06/002/003, see below; Albert Alexander Hulse, B06/003/003,
born 1861, died in 1864 in England; William George Hulse, B06/004/003, born 1863, died in 1864 in England; Caroline Matilda Hulse, B06/005/003, born 1865,
married William G. Blunt. She died in 1955. Probably in Utah. No children have presently been recorded by this marriage;

Children by Ellen Tame

Mary Ellen Hulse, B06/006/003, the first of James' children born in Utah. She was born in 1868 and died in 1869; Frank Tame Hulse, B06/007/003, born 1869,
and died in 1888 in Utah; Arthur Pierce Hulse, B06/008/003, (a twin of Walter), see below; Walter Hulse, B06/009/003, (twin to Arthur), born 1870, died 1876;
Fredrich Hulse, B06/010/003, born 1872, died in 1888; Pamela Fannie Hulse, B06/011/003, was born on 30 June 1875, in Salt Lake City. She married Robert
McIntire on 12 November 1902. They had children; Stephen Hulse, B06/012/003, see below; Charles Oakley, B06/013/003, born 1880, died in 1888.

Second Generation in America

James Henry Hulse, B06/002/003, born 1860 in England, died 1944 in Utah. He married Emily Jane Wilson and had two children: Garner J. Hulse, B07/005/002,
born in Utah in 1888, died in Utah in 1948. Garner was married in 1916 to Ella Leva Cobbley. No issue; Harold Grant Hulse, B07/006/002, born 1902, died
1947. Harold was married in 1927 to Myrtle Donna Larsen. One child, Millicent Jeneal Hulse B08/001/006.

Arthur Tame Hulse (also listed as Arthur Pierce Hulse) B06/008/003, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on 2 September 1870, and died in Fruitvale, Adams Co.,
Idaho on 4 November 1925. He married Mary E. Burt on 22 February 1905, in Twin Groves, Freemont Co., Idaho. They had four children: Ellen Eunice Hulse,
B07/001/008, born 5 January 1906, married Ralph James Finn; Ester May Hulse, B07/002/008, born 29 February 1908, married 1st James Ray Boren (divorced),
married 2nd Tommy Cordova; Frederick Arthur Hulse, B07/003/008, born 8 January 1912 in Chester, Fremont Co., Idaho, died 4 October 1918; Edna Pearl
Hulse, B07/004/008, born 2 November 1914, married Henry Lorn Rice.

Stephen Hulse, B06/012/003, was born on 15 June 1877, in Salt Lake City. He married Margaret Rider on 4 December 1915. No further information known.
(Reportedly had three daughters.)

The Recorder for this family:

Beverly Allen
367 South 700 East
Centerville, UT 84014

England. Children immigrated 1847 and 1854


Job Hulse, C01/001/000, reportedly the son of George Hulse of Lancaster, England, was born 27 December 1785, in Manchester, England, and died 4 November
1832, also in England. He married Frances Webb in 1809. Of the five of their eleven children who lived to adulthood (Henry Edward C02/001/001, Sarah Ann
C02/002/001, Charles Wesley C02/003/001, Job Ebenezer C02/004/001, and Martha Eliza C02/005/001), only three are reported to have immigrated to

First Generation in America

Charles Wesley Hulse, C02/003/001, was born on 1 October 1822 in Manchester, England, and died 7 January 1882, in Millville, Utah. He married Ann Smith in
England in 1845. According to family tradition Charles came to America in 1849. He was going to Australia, but instead came to America. He first stopped in New
York state, and stayed a week with a cousin (name not recorded). He was listed in Tiverton, Rhode Island, in 1851 and 1853; in Fall River, Massachusetts, in July
of 1855; in Franklin, Pennsylvania, 1858 through 1860; near Deer Creek, Nebraska in 1862; and in Millville, Utah in 1864. He joined the Mormon Church, and
later returned to England as a missionary for the Church. Charles and Ann had thirteen children of which nine survived:

Henry Edward Hulse, C03/001/003, born 6 April 1846, in Manchester, England, and died in 1922 in Logan, Utah. He married Mary Jane Weaver, in

Millville, Utah in 1870. Their fourteen children were: Henry Franklin C04/001/001; Alma Evertt C04/001X/001; Charles Edward C04/002/001;

Hyrum Emanuel C04/003/001; Martha Ann C04/004/001; James Wesley C04/004X/001; George Weaver C04/005/001; Horace Elmer

C04/006/001; Ephram LeRoy C04/007/001; Christna May C04/007X/001; Susie Maud C04/008/001; Joseph Ernest C04/008X/001; Jessie Rainner

C04/008Y/001; and Wiliam Jenning Bryant C04/009/001;

Mary Ann Hulse, C03/002/003, born 26 November 1848, in Manchester, England, and died in 1934 in Hyrum, Utah. In 1866 she married Joseph

Grafton Hovey. Twelve children are recorded;

Charles Emanuel Hulse, C03/002X/003, born 1851, at Tiverton, Newport Co., Rhode Island, and died in 1866 at Millville, Utah;

Hyrum Smith Hulse, C03/003/003, born 28 May 1853, at Tiverton, Rhode Island, and died in 1937 at Millville, Utah. He married 1st Johanna

Dorthea Hjorth in 1873 at Fairview, San Pete Co., Utah. He married 2nd Mary Elizabeth Yeates, in 1902 at Logan, Utah. By his two wives they had

nine children: Hyrum Emanuel C04/010/003; Anna May C04/011/003; George William C04/012/003;Dorthea Anzina C04/012X/003; Herman

C04/013/003; Hermanette C04/013X/003; and Charles Hjyorth C04/013Y/003 (all by Annie Hijyorth); and Selwyn Hyrum C04/033/003; and Alvor

Smith C04/034/003 (by Mary Yeates);

Lorenzo Moroni Hulse, C03/004/003, born 24 July 1855, at Fall River, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, and died in 1916 Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah. He

was married in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1878 to Elizabeth Muir Riley. They had nine children: John Charles C04/014/004; Lorenzo Moroni

C04/014X/004; Sylvia Elizabeth C04/015/004; Edmund Virile C04/015X/004; Jessie May C04/016/004; Enoch Joshua C04/017/004; Donald

C04/018/004; Hugh C04/018X/004; and Camilla C04/018Y/004;

Frances Eliza Hulse, C03/004X/003, born 1858, Frankford, Phila Co., Pennsylvania, died in Frankford in 1861;

Amelia Emma Hulse, C03/004Y/003, born 1860 in Frankford, and died in 1862, possibly in Wyoming, or while on the trip there;

Joseph William Hulse, C03/006/003, born 22 September 1862, Willow Springs, Goshen, Wyoming, while his family was crossing the plains. He died

in Hyrum, Utah in 1949. He married Eliza Ann Buckley in 1882 in Logan, Utah. They had eleven children: Amy Maud C04/019/006; Joseph William

Jr. C04/020/006; Warren Wesley C04/021/006; Edmund Virile C04/022/006; Eliza Ethel C04/023/006; Emma Pearl C04/023X/006; Alice Ann

C04/025/006; George LeRoy C04/025X/006; Clarence LaVon C04/026/006; Jennie Legetha C04/027/006; and, Kenneth Grant C04/028/006;

George Alma Hulse, C03/007/003, born 1 December 1864, in Millville, Cache Co., Utah. No further infor- mation. May have died young;

Elizabeth Ann Hulse, C03/008/003, born 14 September 1867, in Millville, Utah, and died in 1947 at Logan, Utah. She married 1st John Garr in 1890

in Logan, and later married 2nd John Peter Anderson. Seven children are recorder for both marriages.

Sarah Frances Hulse, C03/009/003, born 17 August 1869, in Millville, Utah, and died in 1958. She married Johnathan Hunt in 1898 at Logan, Utah.

Six children are recorded.

John Wesley Hulse, C03/009X/003, born and died in 1872, at Millville, Utah;

Edna Violet Hulse, C03/010/003, born 8 February 1874, Millville, Utah, and died in 1962. In 1893 she married Samuel Alonzo Whitney. Ten children

are recorded.

Job Ebenezer Hulse, C02/004/001, was born on 17 January 1826, in Manchester, England, and died 15 December 1892, possibly in Kansas. (Family history
stated that he was born 14 August 1831, and died 2 March 1898 in Coffee Co., Kansas.) He reportedly married twice. From the little that is know about him, he
apparently immigrated first to Canada in 1854, and then later moved to Sandy Lake Twp., Pennsylvania about 1860. (His brother was in Franklin, Pennsylvania at
the same time). Job's first wife was Jane Peers. As she was reported to have died in 1902, he may have divorced, or abandoned her, and the children, and then
went on to Kansas where he reportedly re-married a Margaret Perkins. They were supposed to have had several children, but only two children have been
recorded by his first marriage, and none by his second.

Children by Jane Peers

Henry Thomas Hulse, C03/011/004, born 17 March 1857, in East Oxford, Canada West. Reported to have died in 1909. The place not recorded.

Who he married is not known, but two children have been recorded: Henry Milton C04/029/011; and, Ella E. C04/030/001;

John S. Hulse, C03/012/004, born 20 November 1857, also in East Oxford, Canada West. His wife is also not recorded, but we also have two

children listed: Leah C04/031/012; and, Ethel C04/032/012.

Martha Eliza Hulse, C02/005/001, born in 1831 in Manchester, England. She was the third child of Job and Frances that reportedly immigrated to America. She is
supposed to have married William A. Raeburn, and to have died in 1896 somewhere in the U.S.

The recorder for Clan C is:

Clarice C. Cox
4306 South Valiant Ct.
Annandale, VA 22003

Holland. Immigrated 1685.

WARNING NOTE: This family is presently becoming un-glued, and as such, some of the branches may be transferred to other clans.


Of Flemish ancestry, Johannes Holsaert, D01/001/000, was born approximately 1640 in Holland. On 4 April 1666, he was admitted by certificate to the Dutch
Reformed Church of Sluys, Holland. Listed as the widower of Suzanna (last name unknown), he was married 7 January 1672, in Sluys to Johanna Havens. This
family immigrated to New York in the summer of 1685. Johannes died approximately 1689 in Flatlands, Long Island, New York. He may have had as many as six
children, though only five are known. After Johannes' death Johanna married Dirck Stoffelson of Long Island in 1691. They had no children. The five known children
of Johannes (by which wife is not proven, except for Gerardus) were Johannes D02/001/001J, Anthony D02/002/001A, Margarita (Cretie) D02/003/001,
Benjamin D02/004/001B, and Gerardus D02/005/001.

There are three other "Holsaerts" in New York during this same time frame. The first is a Tomes Holsaert who died 25 December 1691, "on the church". There is
speculation that he may have been somehow related to Johannes, because Dirck Stoffelsen paid alms for him. The second is a Gerrit Hollaert who married a Susan
Thomas on 10 December 1681, at the Dutch Reformed Church, Flatlands. As this date pre-dates the arrival of Johannes the relationship is only speculative, as no
documentation shows any connection to any member of Johannes' family. He and Susan had several sons and one daughter. All of the sons seem to have died
young. Only his daughter, Maijken, is mentioned in his will. The third was a David Hoesaert, who was recorded in the New York City, North Ward census for 1703
between the ages of 16-60, with one female, two male children under 16, and one female child. Nothing further is known about him, or his children. Any connection
to Johannes would also be speculative.

From the many descendants of Johannes Holsaert comes modern surnames Hulse, Huls, Hults, Hultz, Hulsart, Hulseheart, and other variations. The number of
descendants presently located are in excess of 3,000.

Second Generation

Johannes Holsaert, D02/001/001J, was born about 1658, probably by Johannes, Sr.'s first wife. He married Debby Blake in New York City on 11 October 1686.
In 1687 he was living in Jamaica, Queens Co., New York. This branch presently uses Hulse, and Huls as a surname. He and Debby had at least four children:

Johannes Holsaert, D03/001/001J, born about 1699 in Jamaica, New York, married Ann Waldron. They possibly had as many as five children, but

some of these are presently in doubt: Elisha D04/001/001J; James D04/002/001J; Daniel D04/003/001J; and two daughters whose names are not


Joseph Holsaert, D03/002/001J, born about 1700, probably also in Jamaica, married Sarah Haff or Hoff. They had at least four children: Sarah

D04/006/002J; Lawrence D04/007/002J; Joseph D04/008/002J; and Jonas D04/009/002J;

A son who died young;

Ann Holsaert, D03/003/001J, born around 1700, who married John Cooper. One child reported.

Anthony Holsaert, D02/002/001A, was born about 1678 in Holland, and died about 1723/4, probably in Kings Co., New York. He was a shoemaker in New
Utrecht in 1723. He married Rachel (last name unknown), and only one child has been recorded. This branch presently uses Hulse as a surname.

John Holsaert, D03/004/002A, born about 1705, probably in Brooklin, who married Femmetje Bennet. Only two children have been recorded:

Anthony D04/010/004A; and Barbara D04/011/004A;

Margarita (Cretie) Holsaert, D02/003/001, born about 1670 in Holland, and died after 1738, probably in Flatlands, New York City. She was married on 31 March
1694 to Abraham Williams van Westervelt. They had no children of record. She and her husband died on the church, and left the ten documents that have given us
most of our knowledge about her father and mother.

Benjamin Holsaert, D02/004/001B, born about 1675 in Holland, and died about 1732/33 in Marlborough, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. He married Johanna
(Hanneke) Luyster. This branch presently uses Huls, Hulse, Hulsart, Hulshart, Hulst, Hults, and Hultz as surnames. Benjamin and Johanna reportedly had ten

Johannes/John Holsaert, D03/005/004B, born about 1711 in New Utrecht, New York. He married Altji/Aeltje Covenhaven/Covenhove. Three

children are reported: Pieter D04/012/005B; William D04/013/005B; and possibly Yan or Jan D04/014/005B;

Cornelius Holsaert, D03/006/004B, born around 1712 in New York, married Sarah Selovers. Three children reported: Maria D04/015/006B; Johana

D04/016/006B; and Cornelius D04/017/006B;

Phebe Holsaert, D03/007/004B, born about 1715 in New York, married William Van Nest/Vanness. No issue reported by this marriage;

Matthias/Matthew "Tice" Holsaert, D03/008/004B, born about 1717, married Anne/Antje Matthews/Martae. Three children reported: Antje

D04/018/008B; David D04/019/008B; and, Mathias D04/020/008B;

Anthony Holsaert, D03/009/004B, born 15 March 1719, Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, married Maria/Marytje Van Barkelo. Three

children: Benjamin D04/021/009B; James (Jacques) D04/022/009B; and possibly Matthais D04/023/009B;

Aelke/Altie Holsaert, D03/010/004B, baptized 15 January 1721, in Freehold, married Daniel Emmons. Eleven children reported;

Cornelia Holsaert, D03/011/004B, born 2 August 1724, Freehold, married Cornelius Emmons. Seven children reported;

Thomas Huls/Hulse, D03/012/004B (presumed son) report- edly born 21 August 1727, Freehold, married Deborah Johnston on 31 Dec 1750 at

Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Four children reported: Anthony D04/024/012B; Eylvanus D04/025/012B; Ezekiel D04/026/012B; and, Zilpha


Richard Huls/Hulse, D03/013/004B, (presumed son), possibly born before 1730 as assumed over 21 at time of marriage. He died in 1770 in

Frederick Co., Virginia. He married Mary Williams on 27 May 1751 in Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Seven children reported: William

D04/032/013B; James D04/033/013B; Joseph (or Isaac) D04/034/013B; Susanna D04/035/013B; Catharine D04/036/013B; Hester or Esther

D04/037/013B; and Mary D04/038/013B;

Gerrit Holsaert, D04/014/004B, born 8 August 1731 in Freehold, married Hannah Clayton. Four children reported: John G. D04/028/014B; Margaret

D04/029/014B; David D04/030/014B; and, Edward C. D04/031/014B.

Gerardus Holsaert, D02/005/001, the last known child of Johannes Holsaert and Johanna Havens, was baptized 5 September 1685, in the Dutch Reformed Church,
Flatlands, New York City. This was shortly after the family arriving in New York from Holland. He may have died young as he was not mentioned in the Wanshaer
deed of 1698.

Clan D has three family recorders depending on which of the three surviving sons of Johannes a person descends.

Anthony : Granvyl G. Hulse, Jr.

Johannes: Sylvia G. Hulce

Benjamin: Deborah Wafford

Germany. Immigrated 1883.

First Generation

Ernest Hulse, E01/001/000, was born 6 September 1835 in Estdorf/Esdort, Germany. All of his children were born in Estdorf/Esdort, and immigrated with their
parents to the United States in 1883, proceeding on to Clarence, Iowa. Ernest died 17 November 1902 in Clarence. He married Louise Marie Debner (born 23
January 1838, Esdort, Germany, died 17 February 1892 in Lowden, Iowa). They had four children: Detrich E02/001/001, Henry E02/002/001, Lena
E02/003/001, and Louise E02/004/001.

Second Generation (all born in Estdorf, Germany)

Detrich Hulse, E02/001/001, born 2 March 1870, died 27 May 1912, in Clarence, Iowa. He married Ann Margaret Stroh, on 10 March 1898, in Clarence. They
had four children (all born Clarence, Iowa):

Selma Margaret Hulse, E03/001/001, born 28 April 1899, married Elmore William Ruther. Two children;

Ernest Christian Hulse, E03/002/001, born 9 December 1900, married Philamema Mary King. Four children: George Richard E04/003/002; Mary

Margaret E04/004/002; Helen Jean E04/005/002; and Donna Ann E04/006/002;

Richard Ernest Hulse, E03/003/001, born 19 May 1902, married Eleanor H. Boettcher. Two children: Merlin Dietrich E04/001/003; and, Irma

Lorraine E04/002/003;

Herbert Henry Hulse, E03/004/001, born 24 March 1904, married Alma Dorothea Ruther. Two children: Herbert Henry, Jr. E04/007/004; and,

Margaret Ann E04/008/004.

Henry Hulse, E02/002/001, born 14 September 1857, died 2 June 1941 in Clarence. He married Lena S. Meyer, on 2 March 1900 in Lowden, Iowa. They had
one daughter:

Louise Margaret Hulse, E03/005/002. born 18 February 1901, in Clarence, married Fred Henry Miller. They had three children.

Lena Hulse, E02/003/001, born 21 March 1863, died 16 October 1943. She married Paul Hasselbush, and had five children: Paul, Ernest, Louise, Martin, and
Wilfred Hasselbush.

Louise Hulse, E02/004/001, born 23 March 1866, died 15 March 1959 in Lowden, Iowa. She married Henry C. Ernsting, 3 March 1898 in Lowden. The
Ernstings had four daughters: Matilda Caroline, Alma Margerat, Louise Caroline, and Lillian Louise Ernsting.

The recorder for this family is: George "Dick" Hulse

Holland. Immigrated about 1765.

Introduction to the First Generation in America

In the 1894 publication of the book "Memorial Record of Butler County, Ohio", it gives the biography of David Hulse. We are presuming that David knew what he
was talking about when he stated that his grandfather, William Hulse, G01/001/000, was born in Holland in 1742, and came to America as a young man. His
grandfather was still alive (he died in Ohio in 1828) when David was born, and though both his grandfather and father died when he was relatively young, there is no
reason to believe that his grandfather's origin was improperly passed on. This family, formerly Family Unit #31, is very large, but is still only partially researched.
There are eleven children known of the immigrant William, and his wife Rebecca (Vanderwater ?)

Second Generation - (all possibly born in New Jersey)

John Hulse, G02/002/001, was born 15 March 1772, no further information.

Jerusha Hulse, G02/002/001, born 27 August 1774, no further information.

James Hulse, G02/003/001, born 1777. Married first Mary Johnson, and second Jane Compton. By both wives he had eight children:

Children by Mary Johnson

William Hulse, G03/001/003, born in New Jersey in 1804, married Margaret Reed in Ohio in 1825. They had eleven children: Charles G04/020/001;

Sydney Ann G04/021/001; Andrew J. G04/022/001; Catharine G04/023/001; James W. G04/024/001; Nancy G04/025/001; Joseph G04/026/001;

Emily A. G04/027/001; Hannah R. G04/028/001; Margaret E. G04/029/001; and. Jane Eliza G04/030/001;

Peter Hulse, G03/002/003, born in New Jersey in 1806, died in Indiana in 1880. He married twice. Maria Bailey in Ohio in 1829, and Marsha A.

Compton in Ohio in 1845. Five children by Maria: James G04/015/002; Sarah Ann G04/016/002; John G04/017/002; George G04/018/002; and,

Elizabeth Jane G04/019/002;

Maria Hulse, G03/003/003, born in New Jersey in 1810, died in 1859. Married John Stibbs in Ohio in 1827. They had eleven children;

Rebecca Hulse, G03/004/003, Born in New Jersey around 1815. Married William Sloan in Ohio in 1835. No children yet recorded;

David Hulse, G03/005/003, born in Ohio in 1818, died in Indiana in 1890. He married first Lydia L. Scott in Ohio in 1839, and then Jerusha Sutton in

Indiana in 1853. (Five children by Lydia Scott): Zimri J. G04/001/005; Thomas J. G04/002/005; Amos G04/003/005; Jason G04/004/005; and,

Henry G04/005/005. (Nine children by Jerusha Sutton): Lydia Jane G04/006/005; Andrew Jackson G04/007/005; Joseph Allen G04/008/005; Mary

Rebecca G04/009/005; Elenora or Elvera G04/010/005; Rose Anna G04/011/005; Albert or Delbert G04/012/005; Cora or Clara Bell

G04/013/005; and, John G04/014/005;

Children by Jane Compton

Robert Hulse, G03/006/003, born in Ohio about 1823, married Hila Ann Sutton in Indiana in 1850. Six children reported: Henry G04/031/006; Alfred

Z. "Fred" G04/032/006; Mary Lynn G04/033/006; Emma or Anna G04/034/006; Amanda G04/035/006; and, Bessie G04/036/006;

Jane Hulse, G03/007/003, born in Ohio about 1827, married William Sutton in Indiana in 1848. Five children reported; Catherine Hulse,

G03/008/003, born in Ohio about 1835. No further information.

William Hulse, G02/004/001, born 1779. Died young.

Mary Hulse, G02/005/001, born 1781, no further information.

William Hulse, 2nd, (or possibly Tom William), G02/006/001,born 1783. He married twice. His first wife was Catherine Lutz and his second Hannah C. Lloyd. By
both wives he had eleven children:

Children by Catherine Lutz

Susan Hulse, G03/008/006, born about 1800 in New Jersey. Married James Cassel in Ohio in 1828;

Joseph Hanson Hulse, G03/009/006, born in New Jersey in 1802, died in Illinois in 1866. He married Amanda M. O'Kenneday in Indiana in 1833.

Eleven children are known: Mary G04/045/009; William G04/046/009; Andrew G04/047/009; Louisa G04/048/009; Martha Jane G04/049/009;

Amos G04/050/009; Sarah Ann G04/051/009; Charles Francis G04/052/009; Joseph Hanson, Jr. G04/053/009; Eliza Matilda G04/054/009; and,

Malvina G04/055/009;

Jane Hulse, G03/010/006, born in New Jersey about 1804. Possibly died young;

Mary Hulse, G03/011/006, born in New Jersey about 1806. Possibly also died young;

Elizabeth Hulse, G03/012/006, born in New Jersey around 1810. Married James Van Nise in 1840;

David Hulse, G03/013/006, born in Ohio in 1819, married Ernestine N. Krouskopf in Ohio in 1839. Eight children are listed: Odelia Jane

G04/037/013; Loretta Emeline G04/038/013; Lewis Albert G04/039/013; William Francis G04/040/013; Hulda Amanda G04/041/013; David

Charles G04/042/013; Ernest Eugene G04/043/013; and, Davis A. G04/044/013;

Emeline Hulse, G03/014/006, born in Ohio around 1820 and died there in 1827;

Eliza Hulse, G03/015/006, born in Ohio in 1821, and died the next year;

Children by Hannah C. Lloyd.

Elizabeth Hulse, G03/016/006, born in Ohio about 1824. No further information.

Hannah Hulse, G03/017/006, born in Ohio about 1826. No further information.

Jane Hulse, G03/018/006, born in Ohio about 1828. No further information.

Benjamin Hulse, G02/007/001, born 1786 in New Jersey, and apparently died in New Jersey. He married Theodosia Cubberly. They had seven children all born in
New Jersey:

Elizabeth Hulse, G03/019/007, born about 1810. She married John Howell. Four children;

Hannah Hulse, G03/020/007, born in 1815. No further information;

William Hulse, G03/021/007, born about 1816. He married Elizabeth or Lydia Robbins in 1841 in New Jersey. Three children reported: Evans

G04/056/021; Elizabeth G04/057/021; and, Levina G04/058/021;

Amos Hulse, G03/022/007, born 1820. Married Hannah Robbins. Three children listed: John C. G04/059/022; Theodosia G04/060/022; and,

Charles Robbins G04/061/022;

Benjamin Hulse, G03/023/007. born 1822, married Mary Ann Cubberly. Six children are listed: Emma G04/062/023; Sarah G04/063/023; Frank

G04/064/023; Harry or Harvey G04/065/023; Charles S. G04/066/023; and, Benjamin Franklin G04/067/023;

Isabella "Belle" Hulse, G03/024/007, born 1828, married Stephen B. Ford. Two children listed;

Sarah A. Hulse, G03/025/007, born 1830, married Rafe Rogers. One child listed;

George Washington Hulse, G03/026/007, born about 1833, married Emeline Cubberly in 1863. Three children listed: John C. G04/068/026; William

D. or V. G04/069/026; and, Elizabeth C. G04/070/026.

Amos Hulse, G02/008/001, born 7 September 1788, no further information.

Wilson Hulse, G02/009/001, born 3 October 1791, no further information.

David Hulse, G02/010/001, born 21 March 1794, reportedly married an Ann Decken or Decker in Ohio in 1819. They are said to have had children, but none
have been traced.

Isaiah Hulse, G02/011/001, born 25 August 1796, no further information.

The family recorder is:

Meadena Binsfield

England. Immigrated 1794.

First Generation

Matthew Hulse, M01/001/000, was born about 1763 in England, and died about 1797 in Baltimore, Maryland. The name of his wife is not recorded. Matthew, with
several others from the Baptist Church in Leicester, England, emigrated in 1794, hoping to form a religious community in the United States. They arrived in New
York on the 25 October, and Matthew, with his wife and two children, Dorothy and John, moved on to Baltimore in February 1795.

Second Generation

John Hulse, M02/001/001, born around 1784/87 in England, was married 11 October 1817, in Baltimore, Maryland, to Elizabeth Anne Barton. John served as a
3rd Corporal in the Sharp Shooters of the First Rifle Battalion of Maryland Militia, which saw action at North Point and Fort Henry, 12 September 1814. The eight
children of John and Elizabeth were:

John Hulse, M03/001/001, date of birth presumed to be around 1820, place of birth, possibly Baltimore, Maryland. He was married (his wife's name

is not known), and had three children. Ella M04/005/001; Frank Wilson M04/006/001; and, Katherine M04/007/001;

William B. Hulse, M03/002/001, born about 1820, married Emeline Weedon. There were four children of record. William oliver M04/001/002; Edgar

Judson M04/002/002; John Melvin M04/003/002; and, Florence Clinton M04/004/002.

(there is no further information on the next six children of John and Elizabeth)

Isabelle M03/003/001; Sarah M03/004/001; Henry M03/005/001; James M03/006/001; George M03/007/001; and, Emma or Emily M03/008/001.

Dorothy Hulse, M02/002/001, date of birth unknown, married a (first name unk
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