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Description of departure of the 4th Onondaga/149th Regiment, 1862

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Description of departure of the 4th Onondaga/149th Regiment, 1862

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DEPARTURE OF THE FOURTH ONONDAGA REGIMENT.- The 149th regiment has received positive orders to leave Camp White today for the seat of war. The exact time for its departure has not come to our knowledge, but preparations were being made yesterday for the breaking up of camp at an early hour this morning. Nearly all the men were out on furlough yesterday, making a last visit to their friends, and enjoying themselves as they pleased. The regiment will go to Washington via Elmira, by the New York and Erie road. Noncommissioned officers were detailed to gather in the stragglers yesterday, and a large number were picked up in various parts of the city. The livery stables reaped a rich harvest, as everything in the shape of horse flesh was engaged by the soldiers at high prices. The soldiers having received their bounty monies were quite flush, and it changed hands rapidly. The Daguerrean artists got their share of it, while the boys exchanged daguerreotypes with their lady-loves. Groups of soldiers could be seen upon the corners of the streets, exhibiting to each other the likenesses of dear friends, wives, sweethearts, sisters and brothers. We have not seen the streets so crowded in a long while as they were on Saturday, caused by an influx to the city of the friends and relatives of the soldiers, whom they were anxious to spend a few more hours with before their departure, many of them, perhaps, never to return. Trying scenes will be enacted today when the regiment takes its departure, of such a mournful character that we should prefer not to witness. P.S. Since the above was put in type, we have later intelligence in regard to the movement of the regiment. Quarter-Master Summers returned from New York at 4 A.M. yesterday, bringing with him a full supply of haversacks, canteens, and every other needful article, which were distributed to the men at Camp White yesterday. He has been quite active and untiring in his exertions to provide the men of his regiment with a complete outfit, and this he has finally accomplished at the expense of much hard labor and considerable outlay upon his part, to the entire satisfaction of the members of the regiment. “Moses” looks “ripe peaches” in his uniform, and will make a “bully” officer. Col. Barnum is expected home early this morning, to direct the movements of his regiment. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/22/62)

LAST DAY OF THE 149TH REGIMENT.- The announcement made in the daily papers that the regiment would leave for Washington yesterday, drew a large concourse of the friends and relatives to the city, who loitered about the depot for many hours, expecting to see the regiment off and bid the boys “God speed.”- They were much disappointed at the delay, particularly upon learning that the regiment would not leave until 7 o’clock this morning. They expected to see them off at 6 o’clock last evening, but their departure was postponed until 7 A.M., today. The route is by Geneva and Seneca Lake to Elmira, and thence via Harrisburg and Baltimore to Washington. The National Colors ordered by the Salt Company, was presented to the regiment at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon at the camp grounds. The Citizens Corps acted as an escort, and Col. Barnum received the flag in behalf of his regiment, which was drawn up in line. The stand of regimental colors being prepared by the Israelite ladies of the Seventh Ward, are not yet ready, and will be formally presented the regiment through the Mayor, who will follow them on Friday next. Lieut. Savage, of Capt. Lynch’s company, was presented with a sword and pistol on the camp ground Sunday afternoon, by a party of his friends. The presentation address was made by John Molloy, Esq., in his usual felicitous style, and responded to by Robt. F. Trowbridge, Esq., on the part of Lieut. Savage. Matthew J. Dolphin was called upon, and in response made a very effective speech. Capt. Lynch, himself, was the recipient of an elegant and costly sword, a tribute of respect from Lieut. F. D. Murray, and M. E. Lynch, Esq. This was an informal presentation and done so quietly that we had no opportunity to notice it heretofore. A handsome sword, sash and belt were presented to Capt. Grumbach by the Board of Supervisors on Saturday. Col. Barnum is to receive a valuable sword before the regiment leaves, and we understand it was to be presented yesterday afternoon, at the same time with the flag presentation. A number of the friends of Quartermaster Summers presented him with a horse and equipments at the camp ground yesterday morning, at nine o’clock. The presentation was made by Mr. Samuel Rooney, to which “Moses” responded in his usual “gilt edged” style. Alexander McKinstry, ex-Inspector, now orderly Sergeant of Co. E, 149th, was on Saturday evening made the recipient of an ivory-handled, silver-mounted Colt’s Revolver and a sash, by his recent co-laborers in the Canal office. Lieut. Col. John M. Strong received the gift of a valuable war charger, on Saturday last, from his friends in Onondaga. The horse was purchased by Sanford D. Evans and Earl B. Alvord, who were appointed a committee for that purpose by a meeting of citizens, at a cost of $200. The ceremony took place at Col. Eaton’s new hotel at Onondaga Hill, when R. H. Gardner, Esq., of this city, made a neat presentation speech in behalf of the donors, to which the Lieut. Col. responded in an able and patriotic manner. Speeches were also made by Jas. Johnson and H. Case, Esq., and the occasion passed off with great eclat. Capt. J. Forman Wilkinson is to be complimented with a splendid sword, elaborately finished and appropriately engraved, before he takes his departure with the regiment. It will be the gift of his former railroad employees, which is sufficient to guarantee that it will be a costly and elegant affair. A number of the friends of Lieut. Ahio. L. Palmer, Co. H, 149th regiment, presented him with a splendid sword and sash, on Saturday evening last. The affair came off in the parlor of the Sherman House, and everything connected with it passed off in the most happy manner. Lieut. Palmer leaves with the regiment this morning, and carries with him the best wishes of all our citizens. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/23/62)

From the Standard of last evening.- DEPARTURE OF THE 149TH REGIMENT. Onondaga’s Fourth Regiment in the Field! The 149th Regiment N.Y.V., the Fourth from Onondaga county, broke camp at the Fair Grounds this morning, and started at half past eight for the seat of war, via Geneva, Seneca Lake, Elmira, Harrisburg and Baltimore. The companies were formed at 6 o’clock, and shortly after seven the regiment started from camp under command of Lieut. Col. Strong, and marched down Salina street to the cars. Most of the baggage &c., was loaded the night before, so that no difficulty or delay was experienced in starting. The men were quickly stowed in their quarters, and in less than an hour the train started. About 60 men are left behind, most of them being deserters. Col. Barnum being somewhat exhausted by his labors of the past week, and wishing to avoid as much as possible the care and fatigue of a journey with the regiment, started at about the same hour for Elmira, via the Binghamton Road. The Skaneateles Cornet Band accompanied the regiment to Washington. It is also accompanied by a superior drum and fife corps. Capt. S. E. Thompson accompanies the regiment as drill master. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/24/62)


I have been given kind permission to post the above, which appears, along with many more Civil War-era newspaper reports, on Dan Houde's excellent website on the 149th Regiment, New York State Volunteers (The Salt Point Rangers; "The Fourth Onondaga Regiment"), a Civil War regimental history/re-enactors' site at:
See the "From the Archives" page, Steve Houde, Archivist

For more info on the Germans, see my website,
German Immigrant Ancestors in Syracuse & Onondaga Co., NY:

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