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Departing soldiers receive gifts, Onondaga Co., Civil War, 1862

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Departing soldiers receive gifts, Onondaga Co., Civil War, 1862

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PRESENTATION TO LIEUT. ECKLE [ECKEL]. - The members of Empire Fire Co. No. 4, of which Lieut. Eckle, of Co. B, 149th regiment, has been the foreman for many years, have presented their esteemed chief with a sword, sash, belt and other military insignia. The presentation took place at Camp White, yesterday afternoon, and was attended by Empire Fire Company in full numbers, who marched to the camp headed by Samsel’s Band, and also by Capt. Grumbach’s full company. The presentation address was made by L. W. Hall, Esq., in neat and appropriate terms, to which R. H. Gardner, Esq., in behalf of Lieut. Eckle, made a fitting response. The affair was witnessed by a large gathering of citizens. The compliment to Lieut. Eckle is richly deserved. (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 9/9/62)

SWORD PRESENTATION. - First Lieutenant Samuel Bronner, of Co. A, 149th Regiment, was presented with a handsome sword, sash and belt, by his friends, on Saturday last. The presentation took place at the residence of Mr. Kraft, on Cedar Street. We have a full report of the interesting ceremony, which is unavoidably crowded out this morning, but will appear in our next issue. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/16/62)

SWORD PRESENTATION. - The friends of Mr. Samuel Bronner, First Lieutenant of Co. A, Fourth Onondaga Regiment, assembled yesterday afternoon at the house of Mr. Kraft, on Cedar street, and presented to him a sword, sash and belt. The presentation in behalf of Mr. Bronner’s friends was made by August Falker, with the following remarks ; MR. BRONNER : It is with the greatest pleasure that I appear before you to perform a pleasing duty, with which I have been entrusted or rather honored to perform, by a number of your friends at the present time, when our Union is in danger of being overthrown, when the laws of our government are disobeyed, and when the stars and stripes are dishonored, not by an invading foreign foe, but by our own citizens; at such a crisis, when our country calls for the best of her men to come to its rescue, you have nobly responded, and tendered your service and your life to that most glorious cause, the defence of our country. In taking leave of you, as one who resided in this city and among us, our regards shall follow you wherever you may be, and rest assured that we, as much as yourself, shall take a deep interest in your future career. My friend, out of esteem to you as one of our friends while in this city leading a social life, we saw fit in parting with you to present you with these small presents - this sword, sash and belt - which you will please to accept from us as a small token of remembrance. My friend, should in the future course of your life despair ever befall you upon the tented field, or in thickest of battle, behold that sword, look at it and remember the many friends you left behind you, and when at a future day you’ll return and with you that sword, let it be ever so much worn and scarred we are confident it will nevertheless not be dishonored, but crowned with victory and glory. At the close of Mr. Falker’s remarks Mr. Bronner responded as follows : MY FRIENDS : I hardly know what to say in reply to this token of friendship so generously given. We have fallen upon evil times, and in my judgment it is the duty of every man enjoying the benefits of our Government, the fruit of the labor of the best, of the good, should show his loyalty by repelling the aggressions of the wretch who would dare to pluck one star from the galaxy of our National emblem. I take this memorial of your esteem to bring it back to you in the same purity you gave it, and if it should be my lot to fall in its protection, my wish and my desire shall be that no stain on its blade shall record my dishonor or your humility. And if I fall that my back shall be to the mother earth and my face to the enemy of our country, and in the language of the poet let me conscientiously say “In the long vista of the years to roll, Let me not see my country’s honor fade; Oh ! let me see our land retain its soul. Her guide in freedom and not freedom’s shade.” Again thanking you for your beautiful tribute of respect, I hope I will soon return to you to greet you with the happy tidings that we are once more ourselves again, a home to the friendless, a father to the fatherless; and that we have taught them to realize the old but truthful saying : “Tis not all of life to live, Nor all of death to die.” (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/17/62)

PRESENTATION TO CAPT. GRUMBACH. - On Saturday evening Capt. Nicholas Grumbach was made the recipient of a sword, sash and belt, a present from his fellow members of the Board of Supervisors. The presentation took place at the Mayor’s room in the City Hall, and was attended by the members of the Board residing in the city, a number of Capt. Grumbach’s company and several citizens. Jason S. Hoyt, Esq. was called to preside, and after a few remarks introduced Peter Burns, Esq. who in behalf of the Supervisors presented Capt. Grumbach with the above named articles, in a neat and appropriate speech. He regretted the necessity which called for such an occasion, and thought the conduct of Capt. Grumbach, who at no inconsiderable sacrifice had enlisted in the service of his country, was worthy of all praise. He referred to the high esteem in which the Captain was held by his associates in the Board, and expressed a wish that he might return from the war in safety and with honor. Capt. Grumbach replied feelingly, and thanked the Supervisors for the testimonial they had conferred upon him. His associations with the members of the Board of Supervisors were of the most friendly character, but he had had no expectation of being so kindly remembered. He would look back on this occasion as one of the proudest in his life, and should ever cherish as sacred the gifts with which he was presented. Short addresses were made by P. Corbett, Wm. Baumgras and James Bonner, Esqs.- The party then adjourned to the Plymouth Rock, where the very pleasant meeting was concluded with refreshments. (SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER AND UNION 9/22/62)

PRESENTS TO OFFICERS - The officers of no regiment were ever better provided with serviceable testimonials of the esteem and regard of their friends, than are those of the 149th . Nearly all the field, staff and line officers, and many of the non-commissioned officers, have been the recipients of presents of weapons or other useful gifts. On Saturday evening, Lieutenant-Colonel Strong was presented with a fine horse, valued at $200, by his friends in Onondaga,- the ceremony taking place at Col. Eaton’s hotel at Onondaga Hill; P.H. Gardner, Esq., making the address in behalf of the donors, and the Lieutenant Colonel responding.- These addresses were both good, and several other gentlemen also made pertinent remarks. Quartermaster Summers was this forenoon presented with a fine horse, valued at $170, by some of his personal friends. The ceremony was brief and interesting. Mr. Samuel Rooney made the presentation, and Lieut. Summers responded. Capt. James Lynch has been presented with a sword by Mr. M.E. Lynch, and Lieut. E.D. Murray with a sword by Judge Pratt. Capt. Grumbach has received a sword from members of the Board of Supervisors. A splendid sword is to be given to Col. Barnum, and Major Cook has already received one. The late employees of Capt. Wilkinson, on the Syracuse and Utica section of the Central road, have had prepared an elaborately finished sword, which will be formally presented to him before he joins the regiment. (SYRACUSE DAILY JOURNAL 9/22/62)


I have been given kind permission to post the above, which appears, along with many more Civil War-era newspaper reports, on Dan Houde's excellent website on the 149th Regiment, New York State Volunteers (The Salt Point Rangers; "The Fourth Onondaga Regiment"), a Civil War regimental history/re-enactors' site at:
See the "From the Archives" page, Steve Houde, Archivist

For more info on the Germans, see my website,
German Immigrant Ancestors in Syracuse & Onondaga Co., NY:

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